opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

Columbia Broadcsting System radio broadcastVIACOM AND CBS LEADERS' HOME ADDRESSES (RESIDENCES)

This website provides publicly available information about some recent Viacom (old Viacom and New Viacom) and CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) executives, leaders, directors, reporters, and anchors (and addresses at which they may possibly have lived). Our main publicity page discusses CBS publicity about this website. By 1 January 2006, Viacom had split into two corporations: CBS Corporation (NYSE: CBS) and New Viacom Inc. (NYSE VIA.B). The predecesssor corporation sometimes is called old Viacom or former Viacom. Sumner M. Redstone has been active in all three corporations (old Viacom, New Viacom, and CBS) in various capacities; for example, director, officer, and indirect stockholder (through National Amusements).

  1. Anthony G. Ambrosio; executive vice president for human pesources and administration of CBS Corporation. 2006may24.

    ANTHONY G AMBROSIO, 107 TUTTLE AVE (about a block west of the Atlantic Ocean), SPRING LAKE, NJ 07762-1535, Monmouth County, (732) 974-0460.

    Recent Tuttle neighbors may have included Ms. Catherine Crowley (Civil Service, Monmouth City; 19 Saint Clair Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762; 40.15796, -74.02102) and MS. KIM CROWLEY (CLERK, COUNTY OF MONMOUTH; 19 SAINT CLAIR Ave, SPRING LAKE, NJ 07762; 40.15796, -74.02102).

    ANTHONY G AMBROSIO, 65 BERNADETTE RD (03/12/2002), MORGANVILLE, NJ 07751 Monmouth County (732) 591-9702


    2005 April 25, Jeff Berardelli produces the weather news.
    JEFFREY R BERARDELLI, age 29, 12 W 72ND ST, NEW YORK NY 10023, (212).

    BERARDELLI, JEFFREY R; 12 WEST 72ND STREET (a cooperative in Lincoln Square neighborhood), UNIT 6J; NEW YORK NY 10023. He may owe money to CITIMORTGAGE, INC.; 1000 TECHNOLOGY DRIVE, MS#832; O'FALLON, MO, 63304. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1124, lot 42; ENTIRE LOT; SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT.

    Recent neighbors of Berardelli may have included Susan Goldfarb (Time Inc., Advertising; 15 W 72nd, New York, NY 10023; 40.77634, -73.97637), Mr. Edward Stiker (Banker, Morgan Stanley; 15 W 72Nd St, New York, NY 10023; -73.97648), Elizabeth Roistacher (Professor, Queens College; 15 W 72nd St; 40.77641, -73.97648), Robert Maksudian (Educator, NYC DOE; 15 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023; 40.77641, -73.97648).

    Berardelli lives diagonally across 72nd street from the Dakota ("THE DAKOTA APARTMENTS" building), which is at 1 West 72nd Street. Lauren Bacall, Leonard Bernstein, Connie Chung, Roberta Flack, Judy Garland, William Inge, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Rex Reed have lived in the Dakota.

  3. BLUMHAGEN 2006jun28

    Blumhagen, Larry; 8/28/2003 $500.00; Portland, OR 97201; Infinity Broadcasting/Sales; DEAN FOR AMERICA

    LARRY E BLUMHAGEN Born Jan 1962, 2622 CHELMSFORD AVE, PORTLAND, OR 97201, (503) 220-4135

    LARRY E BLUMHAGEN Born Jan 1962, 2635 BUCKINGHAM AVE, 04/15/2001, PORTLAND, OR 97201, (503) 220-4135.


    2005 April 25, Mario Bosquez, reporter and anchor, was anchor of a Fox news show at WNYW-TV, which is part of Rupert Murdoch's communications media system.
    MARIO A. BOSQUEZ, age 49, P.O. BOX 975, NEW YORK NY 10021, (212).

  5. Louis J. Briskman, EVP and general counsel of CBS; court officer (attoreny at law); politically generous before he worked for CBS; 2006may5.

    Age 57.

    LOUIS BRISKMAN, 1 HILLS END LN (near Michaels Way, 03/12/2002), WESTON, CT 06883-1340, Fairfield County, (203) 226-2214, (203) 226-6326.


    2005 April 25, Duke Castiglione, sports anchor:
    DUKE CASTIGLIONE, 500 W 56TH ST (near Amsteerdam Avenue), NEW YORK NY 10019-3583, (212).

    Recent neighbors may include MS. JODIE M WELKES (FINANCE, DUN & BRADSTREET; 500 W 56TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10019; 40.76842, -73.9891), Colette Vallot (Executive, Viacom; 500 W 56th St, NY, NY 10019; 40.76842, -73.9891), Peilin Chou (VICE PRESIDENT, ORIGINAL SERIES, SPIKE TV (VIACOM; 457 W 57th, New York, NY 10019; 40.76853, -73.98744).

  7. DAUMAN, CBS and old Viacom. 2006may19

    PHILIPPE P. DAUMAN, age 50 before November 2004, is a CBS director (and was a director of old Viacom and maybe also National Amusements). He was an old Viacom officer. He was born in March 1954.


    PHILIPPE P. DAUMAN, age 50 before November 2004, 35 DUNEMERE LN, EAST HAMPTON NY 11937, (631) 329-1014.

    PHILIPPE P. DAUMAN, age 50 before November 2004, 121 E 65TH ST (near Lexington Avenue and Hunter College), NEW YORK city, New York county, NY 10021-7006, (212) 737-9496.

    PHILIPPE P DAUMAN, 655 PARK AVE (08/12/2003), NEW YORK, NY 10021. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1400, lot 10. He may have owed money to J. P. MORGAN DELAWARE, 902 MARKET STREET, WILMINGTON, DE, 19801.

  8. 3 November 2004, DOLGER, old Viacom

    Old Viacom's entertainment chief was Jonathan Dolgen: JONATHAN L. DOLGEN, age 59, 16079 ROYAL OAK RD, ENCINO CA 91436, (818). He will resign soon (written in 2004).

  9. Carl D Folta. CBS Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman. 2006may9.

    Age 48

    Folta, Carl; 4/4/2003 $5,000.00; Croton On Hudson, NY 10520; Viacom/SVP Corporate Relations, VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.

    CARL D. FOLTA, Born Aug 1957, 22 SUNSET DR (west of Croton River, 04/01/2005), CROTON ON HUDSON, NY 10520-2821, Westchester County, (914) 271-9610.

    Recent neighbors may have included Mr. John P Spring (Un Administrator, Unicef; DNC, $200; 19 Observatory Dr, Croton On Hudson, NY 10520; 41.20191, -73.87715).

  10. Martin D Franks, CBS Executive Vice President for Planning, Policy and Government Relations. lobbyist? 2006may9

    Age 55

    MARTIN D FRANKS, 1750 K ST NW (03/12/2002), WASHINGTON, DC 20006. This seems to be a work address, according to our understanding of's article, "D.C.'s 1750 K St. Fetches $47M", 5 August 2004, by Neil Weilheimer.

    MARTIN D. FRANKS, 3300 RITTENHOUSE ST NW (east of Broad Branch Road), WASHINGTON, DC 20015-1672, (202) 537-7395.

    Martin Franks, 3300 Rittenhouse St, NW, Washington DC 20015-1672. CBS Inc, Executive Vice President. Batch number 0331030257. Transaction amount $500.00. Transaction date 03/31/2003. Match amount $250.00. Amount submitted $250.00. District of Columbia.

    Address: 3300 RITTENHOUSE ST NW
    SSL: 2010 0064
    Neighborhood: CHEVY CHASE Sub-Neighborhood: C
    Use Code: 12 - Class 3 Exception: No
    Tax Type: TX - Tax Class: 001 -
    Homestead Status: **
    Currently receiving the Homestead Deduction*.
    Assessor: CAROLYN MONK
    Gross Building Area: Ward: 4
    Land Area: 16,029
    Triennial Group: 3
    Owner Name: MARTIN D FRANKS
    Mailing Address: 3300 RITTENHOUSE ST NW; WASHINGTON DC20015-1672
    Tax Year 2007 Preliminary Assessment Roll
    Current Value Proposed New Value (2007)
    Land: $444,000 $460,030
    Improvements: $1,195,110 $1,404,760
    Total Value: $1,639,110 $1,864,790
    Taxable Assessment: * $1,108,291 $1,219,120

    Recent neighbors may have included Jan Solomon (pol anlisit, us dept ed; 3302 Rittenhouse St NW, Washington, DC 20015; 38.96961, -77.06402), Alfred D Samuelson (Chief of Staff, US House of Reps; 6208 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20015; 38.96941, -77.06348), Ms. Maureen T Casey (Attorney, Us Department Of Jus' 3310 Stephenson Pl NW, Washington, DC 20015; 38.97111, -77.06466), Daniel H Claman (Attorney, US Dept of Justice; 6135 30th St NW, Washington, DC 20015; 38.96926, -77.06219), Dennis Smyth (Economic Development Consultant, IBM; John Kerry, $2,000; 5912 32nd St, Washington, DC 20015; 38.96775; -77.06391), ROB NICHOLS (ASSISTANT SECRETARY, THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT; George W. Bush, $1,000; 6229 30TH ST NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20015; 38.96899, -77.06209), Martha Edwards (Interpreter/Translator, US Department of State; 6135 Utah Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015; 38.9681, -77.06253), Larry Gilstrap (Physician, Federal Govertment; 3101 Rittenhouse St NW, Washington, DC 20015; 38.96961, -77.06171).

  11. Kathleen FRESTON, old Viacom, 2006may8.

    Kathleen Freston (Writer and Executive; Viacons; Wesley Clark, $2,000; 57 E 66th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.76843, -73.97067). (about 2004).

    She may be married to old Viacom executive Thomas "Tom" Freston.

  12. Tom FRESTON, old Viacom, 2006may8

    Viacom officer (before November 2004) THOMAS E. "Tom" FRESTON may be: THOMAS E. FRESTON, 57 E. 66TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10021, (212) 717-8704. He may previously have lived at FRESTON, THOMAS 90 W BROADWAY, NY NY 10007. He may have owed money to BOSTON SAFE DEPOSITTRUST COMPANY.

    Thomas Freston (CEO, MTV Networks; 57 E 66th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.76843, -73.97067).

    He may be married to old Viacom executive Kathleen Freston.

    Recent neighbors may have included Nancy G Novogrod (Publisher, American Express Publishing; 133 E 64th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.76832, -73.97078), Mr. Julian H Gingold (Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley; 136 E 64Th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.76831, -73.97079), mahmoud mamdani (Banker, Morgan Stanley, 136 E 64th St; new york, NY 10021; 40.76831, -73.97079).

  13. FRICKLAS, old Viacom before November 2004, 2006may9

    Michael Fricklas, age 44, executive VP, general counsel, and secretary of old Viacom, may be: MICHAEL D. FRICKLAS, age 44, who has lived at 60 RIVERSIDE DR, NEW YORK NY 10024, (212) 580-9497. In 2003, he may have owed money to BANK OF NEW YORK, 1 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10286. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1186, lot 52, ENTIRE LOT, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT, 60 RIVERSIDE DRIVE.

  14. GARMAN 2006jun28

    Garman, Ralph; 3/13/2004 $1,000.00; Los Angeles, CA 90036; Infinity Broadcasting Corp./On Air; JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC


    RALPH J GARMAN Born 1965, 7501 OAKWOOD AVE, 02/26/2003, LOS ANGELES, CA 90036. (323) 653-8262

  15. GARRISON 2006jun28


    JEFFREY L GARRISON Born Jun 1963, 2327 UPLAND PARK DR, 04/07/2004, SUGAR LAND, TX 77479. Fort Bend County (281) 545-9175, (281) 937-0027

  16. GIFFORD, CHARLES K. CBS Director, politically generous. 2006may19

    Gifford, Charles K; 7/20/2004 $25,000.00; Manchester, MA 01944; Bank of America/Banker. KERRY VICTORY 2004.

    CHARLES K GIFFORD, Born Nov 1942, 107 SUMMER ST (01/01/2005), MANCHESTER, MA 01944. Essex County. (978) 526-7029, (781) 228-4433.

    CHARLES K GIFFORD, Born Nov 1942, 22 RABBIT RUN RD (03/01/2006), NANTUCKET, MA 02554. Nantucket County. (508) 228-4433, (508) 325-5544. This seems to be a parcel on two sides (northwest and southeast) of Rabbit Run Road and northwest of Shawkemo Road.

    Location 22 RABBIT RUN RD
    Last Sale Date 03/18/1988
    Last Sale Price $882,439
    Book/Page C0013/ 567
    Lot Size 5.55 acres
    Land Use 1 Code 1093
    Land Use 1 Desc MULTI WF
    Land Use 1 % 100
    Land Value $8,004,900
    Building Value $1,986,400
    Out Building Value $0
    Ex. Feature Value $2,400
    Improvement Value $1,988,800
    Total Exempt $0
    Total Value $9,993,700
    Utility Well,Septic (no electricity or gas, we guess)
    Land Class R
    Zone LUG3
    Property ID 43 180

    CHARLES K. GIFFORD, Born Nov 1942, 2 AVERY ST (east of Boston Common park; 04/01/2005), BOSTON, MA 02111-1002. Suffolk County.

    CHARLES K GIFFORD, Born Nov 1942, (978) 526-7891.

    CHARLES K. GIFFORD, Born Nov 1942, 169 CHESTNUT HILL RD, CHESTNUT HILL, MA 02467. Middlesex County. (617) 232-6808.

    Recent neighbors may have included Mr. Bracebridge H Young (Investment Manager, Mariner Investment Group).

  17. GORDON, BRUCE S.; CBS Director. 2006may24.

    Born in Camden (New Jersey), NAACP head, retired Verizon telephone company executive.

    BRUCE S. GORDON Born Feb 1946, 166 DUANE ST (possibly called "DUANE PARK BUILDING", 2006), NEW YORK, NY 10013-3308, New York County (212) 965-9141, (212) 925-7170. The building is on an eastbound street near Hudson Street. .

    TWX (Time Warner Inc.) CEO Richard D. Parsons lives in the same building: 166 Duane. Parsons is described elsewhere in this website.



    He once had attorney HAJDU, ROBERT. We guess that the attorney was somehow related to Gordon's condo (for example, an executive of a condo association).

  18. Scott HERMAN. 2006jun15.

    Herman, Scott; 5/17/2005 $384.00; New Providence, NJ 07974; Infinity Broadcasting/Vice Presiden; VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.

    SCOTT H HERMAN, Born 1958, 32 DARBY CT, 01/30/2002 NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ 07974 Union County.

    Recent neighbors may include Moira Coffey (TV research, King World [related to CBS?]; 50 Murray Hill Sq, New Providence, NJ 07974; 40.69518, -74.40659).

  19. HUGHES 2006jun28

    Hughes, Todd; 8/24/2004 $243.00; Annapolis, MD 21403; Infinity Broadcasting/Promotions; AMERICA COMING TOGETHER

    TODD R HUGHES, Born 1962, 819 CHESTER AVE, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21403. Anne Arundel County, (410) 990-1067.

    Recent neighbors may include MR. CHARLES CG EVANS, JR. (DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT, MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL; George W. Bush $2,000; 527 BURNSIDE St, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21403; 38.96876, -76.48483), Mr. Douglas Wallace (Cardiortoraic Surgeon, U.S. Navy; 624 Bay Ridge Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403; 38.96921, -76.48527), MR. JUSTIN J KISCHEFSKY (ASSISTANT DIRECTOR SPORTS INFORM, U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY; 1035 NORMAN DRIVE, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21403; 38.96598, -76.48686), Richard T Jerue (Government Relations, EDMC; John Kerry $2,000; 525 5th St, Annapolis, MD 21403; 38.97135, -76.4841), and Mr John Sherwell (Chemist, State Of Md; 824 Boucher Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403; 38.97008, -76.48834).

    Account Identifier District - 06. Subdivision - 000. Account Number - 90095045.
    owners: HUGHES, TODD R and KANTNER-HUGHES, ELIZABETH. Someone named Elizabeth Hughes contributed to Architecture in Annapolis: A Field Guide.
    principal residence, lot 6.
    built 1999; enclosed area 3,072 SF; total land area 7,625.00 SF; 2 stories; basement; STANDARD UNIT; FRAME
    Seller: SHEA, KIERAN J; Date: 06/30/2003 Price: $1,075,000; Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH; Deed1: /13360/6814.

    The house was bought from Kieran J. Shea in 2003. In 2002 in that house, Shea seems to have had Feed Your Crew business.

  20. IANNIELLO, JOSEPH R. CBS Treasurer. 2006may24

    Ianniello, Joseph Mr.; 3/7/2003 $1,000.00; New York, NY 10017; Viacom/Vice President- Mergers and; VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.

    JOSEPH R IANNIELLO, 60 West 57TH ST, apt. 11H (2 blocks south of Central Park, 03/01/2005), NEW YORK, NY 10019-3909. Recent neighbors may have included Charles Chadwell (Program Manager, Us Department Of Agriculture; 101 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019; 40.76312, -73.9783), MR. REZA TALEGHANI (INVESTMENT BANKER, J.P. MORGAN SECURITIES INC.; 101 W 55TH St, NEW YORK, NY 10019; miles 40.76312, -73.9783), Sean Coleman (Graphics specialist, JPMorgan Chase; 42 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019), Carter Bays (PRODUCER, TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX; John Kerry $2,000 [see Fox's Craig Thomas below]; 125 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019; 40.76338, -73.97895), Craig Thomas (Tv Writer, 20Th Century Fox Television; John Kerry $2,000 [see Fox's Carter Bays above]; 125 W 55Th St, 8Th Flor, Ny, NY 10019; 40.76338, -73.97895), and Merryl Snow Zegar (Computer Engineer, Bloomberg LP; DNC $2,000; 150 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019; 40.76431, -73.97925), and Barry Diller and hs wife Diane Von Furstenberg.

    JOSEPH R. IANNIELLO, Born Jan 1968, 309 E 49TH ST (westbound street near 2nd Avenue, 04/07/2004), NEW YORK, NY 10017-1601, (212) 750-3914.

    MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1342, lot 1058, DWELLING ONLY - 1 FAMILY, 309 EAST 49 STREET, 12 C

    He may have owed money to BANK OF AMERICA, FSB.

    JOSEPH R IANNIELLO, Born Jan 1968, 2525 BATCHELDER ST (03/12/2002), BROOKLYN, NY 11235.

  21. LOPEZ, WCBS 2

    2005 April 25, Lynda Lopez, anchor and reporter, worked on CBS television network, and did a show for UPN stations owned by Viacom.
    LYNDA E. LOPEZ, age 33, 3801 HUDSON MANOR TER., BRONX NY 10463, (718);
    LYNDA E. LOPEZ, age 33, 155 E 31ST ST, NEW YORK NY 10016, (212);
    LYNDA LOPEZ, 401 E. 34TH ST., NEW YORK NY 10016, (212) 683-8534.

  22. MOONVES, CBS and old Viacom, 2006may5

    Leslie R. Moonves, born 1950, was co-president and co-COO of old Viacom. He is now (May 2006) president and CEO of CBS. He seems to have lived in LOS ANGELES CA, phone (323) 971-8466. He no longer lives with (ex-wife?) Nancy W. Moonves. There was a divorce case between Leslie and Nancy. There is an entry for Leslie R. Moonves elsewehre in this website. We don't know if (his ex-wife?) Mancy W. Moonves is actress Nancy Moonves.

  23. PARIKH, WCBS 2

    2005 April 25, Sapna Parikh, medical reporter:
    SAPNA M. PARIKH, 376 BROADWAY, NEW YORK NY 10013, (212) 571-4330;
    SAPNA M. PARIKH, 395 S. END AVE., NEW YORK NY 10280 (212).

  24. 2005 February 25, RATHER, CBS

    Dan Irvin Rather, Jr., born in Wharton, Texas, 31 October 1931. He may possibly have lived at: DAN RATHER, age 72, 524 W 57TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10019, (212).

    He also may possibly have lived at DAN I. RATHER, 40 E. 94TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10128, (212). This may have been a short walk from the home of John C Morris (CFO, Citigroup; 15 E 93rd St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78583, -73.95757), MR. JAMES J GALLAGHER (INVESTMENT BANKER, J.P. MORGAN SECURITIES INC.; 72 E 93RD St, NEW YORK, NY 10128; 40.7861, -73.95754), and Mr. Jack D Mc Spadden, Jr. (Investment Banker, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.; 57 E 93Rd St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78553, -73.95801).

    He does not necessarily live at either address now. He did his last TV network news broadcast for CBS in March 2005. By now (28 June 2006), he seems to longer work for CBS.

    He gave a power of attorney to EISENSTEIN, MARTIN D in 1988 regarding MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1449, lot 1143, 1439 1st AVENUE. In 1997, he may have been RATHER, DAN I., TRUSTEE (address DEWEY BALLANTINE; 1301 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, NEW YORK, NY 10019) regarding MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1505, lot 1079.

    In 2002, he may have transferred property (maybe MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1492, lot 1050 (which seems to be 45 East 80th Street, Manhattan 10021-0233) to (DIR 2002 QUALIFIED PERSONAL RESIDENCE TRUST I BESSEMER TRUST COMPANY, N.A.) at 630 FIFTH AVE, NY NY 10011. The tansferred address (45 East 80th Street) seems to be east of Madison Avenue. Recent neighbors may have included Merryl Tisch (Regent, NYS Board of Regents; 9 E 79th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.77694, -73.96404), MR. FREDERICK B WHITTEMORE (INVESTMENT BANKER, MORGAN STANLEY; 136 E 79TH St, NEW YORK, NY 10021; 40.7778, -73.96395), Ms. Amanda M Burden (City Employee, Battery Park City Au; DNC $25,000; 31 E 79th St, New York, NY 10021; 0.05 miles, 40.77649 -73.96459), Anne Rudman (Attorney, NY District Attorny's Office (31 E 79TH ST, New York, NY 10021; 40.77649, -73.96459), Wendy Slote Kleinbaum (Banker Citigroup, 1035 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028; 40.77795, -73.96385), Andrea H Marsh (Teacher, NYC Brd. of Ed.; 50 E 79th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.77632, -73.9648), MR. WILLIAM F CRUGER, JR. (BANKER, J.P. MORGAN & COMPANY; 993 5th Ave; 40.7779, -73.96322), Victoria Hayden Lynford (Executive, NY City Parks Foundation; 161 E 79th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.77695, -73.96291), MS. MARI DU BOIS (EXECUTIVE, CITIGROUP; 109 E 79TH St, NEW YORK, NY 10021; 40.77818, -73.96336), and Edward M Greenberg (Banker, Morgan Stanley; 22 E 78th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.77599, -73.96483).

  25. REDSTONE, SHARI; CBS Vice Chairman. Her father Sumner is one of the world's richest people. She has been president of National Amusements. 2006may22.

    SHARI E. REDSTONE, Born Apr 1954, 7 LONGMEADOW DR (near Stevens Pond, 11/16/2004), WESTWOOD, Norfolk county, MA 02090-1080.

    Recent neighbors may have included Mr. Daniel S Gregory (Investments, Greylock Management Co.), Mr. George W Passela (Banker, Bank Of America), MR. THOMAS J MAY (CHAIRMAN, PRESIDENT & CEO; NSTAR), and Daniel T Geraci (Executive; Phoenix Ces, Inc).

    some records from Norfolk county registry of deeds:

    1. REDSTONE, SHARI (Gtee) HOWLAND, JAY LOT 34 PL.BK.433 PL.626 Deed Westwood 01-07-1999 13137-402
    2. REDSTONE, SHARI (Gtor) STEEVER, DANIEL J. &AL LOT 3 PL.BK.370 PL.805 Deed Medfield 07-08-1999 13583-80
    3. REDSTONE, SHARI (Gtor) CITIZENS MORTGAGE CORP LOT 34 PL.BK.433 PL.626 Mortgage Westwood 02-04-2000 13990-471
    4. REDSTONE, SHARI (Gtee) CITIZENS MORTGAGE CORP MTG.13990-471 Discharge ????????? 03-05-2002 16316-434
    5. REDSTONE, SHARI E (Gtor) CALUMET CORP LOT 109-A PL.48 OF 1988 Deed Dover 03-01-2006 23444-303
    6. REDSTONE, SHARI E (Gtor) CONSERVATION Certificate Dover 03-01-2006 23444-305.
  26. Sumner M. REDSTONE, 2006may5; CBS, old Viacom, New Viacom. He is the father of CBS's Shari Redstone.

    Sumner M. Redstone, about age 80, is CEO of National Amusements and was CEO (or co-CEO) of old Viacom. He has been chairman of the board of CBS and New Viacom. His addresses are provided elsewhere in this website. He indirectly owns more than ten percent of CBS.

  27. REESE, ANN N.; CBS Director. 2006may24.

    ANN N REESE Born, Mar 1953, 1nn KIRBY LN (03/01/2005), RYE, NY 10580, Westchester County, (914) 925-01nn. The Reese on Kirby is not necessarily the Reese who's a director.

  28. Fredric G Reynolds, CFO and EVP of CBS; 2006may5.

    Age 55, politically generous.

    Reynolds, Fredric G Ms.; 4/15/2004 $25,000.00' Santa Barbara, CA 93105; Viacom/Executive; DNC SERVICES CORPORATION/DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE.

    FREDRIC G. REYNOLDS, Born Sep 1950, 32 E JUNIPERO ST ("The Meyers-Reynolds Home", near State Street; 04/01/2005), SANTA BARBARA, CA 93105-3524, Santa Barbara County (805) 682-9466, (805) 962-6205.

    Santa Barbara Properties website teaches about this house and its history. For example, Superior Court judge Alexander Bowman Bigler and his wife, Alice Heckendorf Bigler, once owned and lived in the house. Alice's mother, Jeanne, and her brother, district attorney Percy C. Heckendorf, lived with judge Alexander and Alice. The house has an unusual history. For example, "ONE OWNER DRAMATICALLY CHANGED THE CHARACTER OF THE interior by fully mirroring both sides of every door, with locks on doors between rooms. Bathrooms were completely mirrored." Much later in the house's history, "... the Federal Trade Commission brought action against the husband [not the judge or D.A.] and other persons for telemarketing fraud and other offenses, with a several million dollar settlement." The house changed much during Reynolds's tenure. For example, "A low stucco wall was added to the street perimeter of the property."

    Recent neighbors may have included Anne Flett-Giordano (Executive Producer, Paramont Pictures Co) and Lynn Montgomery (WRITER [for example, the 1994 "The Radish Cure" episode of "Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle" TV series] , Self employed).

    FREDRIC G REYNOLDS, Born Sep 1950, 256 SAINT JAMES AVE (a dead end street near Seal Island Road and a creek [Dunbar Creek?]), 08/14/2002, SAINT SIMONS ISLAND, GA 31522-2233. Glynn County (912) 634-0172. Recent enighbors may have included Robert Fisher (Division Chief, Dept Of Homeland Security; 111 Hillcrest Ct, Saint Simons Islan, GA 31522; 31.16983, -81.39793).

    FREDRIC G REYNOLDS Born Sep 1950, 1907 OCEAN VILLAGE DR, 01/25/2002 FERNANDINA BEACH, FL 32034-5743. Nassau County (904) 321-2713. This may be on a controlled-access, privately owned, dead end street slightly west of the Atlantic Ocean. Many neighbors seem to be retired.

    Reynolds, Fred; 4/24/2001 $5,000.00; (150 E. 57th St., apt. 30B?) New York, NY 10022 Viacom/EVP CFO; VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.

    FREDRIC G REYNOLDS, Born Sep 1950, 150 E 57TH ST (near Lexington Avenue), 04/15/2001, NEW YORK, NY 10022-2700 . New York County (212) 987-7801.

    He may have bought the following condo for about $3,131,118.75 in early 2004: MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1362, lot 1152, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL CONDO UNIT, 400 EAST 51 STREET (near Beekman Place and 1st Avenue), apartment 28A, Manhattan 10022-8011. Maybe the building is called GRAND BEEKMAN CONDO. Regarding his condo 28A in early 2004, he may have had attorney GIDDINS, ESQ., PAUL M. (675 THIRD AVENUE, 29TH FLOOR, NEW YORK NY 10017).

    Recent neighbors of apartment 28A may include D Paul Lawrence (Banker, JP Morgan; 208 E 51st St, New York, NY 10022; 40.75661, -73.97049), Robert Lider (VICE PRESIDENT AND REGIONAL TAX, CITIBANK; 909 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022; 40.7564, -73.97141), and MR. BRUCE ALONSO (MANAGING DIRECTOR, MORGAN STANLEY; George W. Bush $2,000; 825 3rd Ave, NEW YORK, NY 10022; 40.75629; -73.97081).

  29. 11 March 2005, SCHIEFFER, CBS

    CBS news replaced Rather with Bob Schieffer. Schieffer was born 25 February 1937 in Austin, Texas. He is the older brother of ambassador John Thomas "Tom" Schieffer, born 4 October 1947, who was a business partner of president Bush (Texas Rangers Baseball Club). Bob Schieffer may be, and have lived at:

    BOB SCHIEFFER, 2438 BELMONT RD NW (near Kalorama Circle), WASHINGTON DC 20008-1610. 1999. Recent neighbors may have included Leslie Gladstone (Library of Congress, Analyst; John Kerry, $2,000; 2468 Belmont Rd NW, Washington, DC 20008; 38.91801, -77.05409), defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld (a one-family house at 2206 KALORAMA RD NW [near Thornton Place, south of Rock Creek], Washington, DC 20008-1621), and senator Edward M. Kennedy (2416 TRACY PL NW [near 24th street and Massachusetts Avenue; 09/13/2003], WASHINGTON, DC 20008-1627).

    BOB L. SCHIEFFER, 2700 CALVERT Street NW (west of Connecticut Avenue), WASHINGTON DC 20008-2663, (202). 2002. Recent neighbors at the same address include Mrs. Sally T Prouty (Divison Chief, Ohio Dept Natural Resources; 2701 Calvert St N W, Washington, DC 20008; 38.92307, -77.05584), Eric Pelofsky (Attorney, US Dept of State; 2701 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20008; 38.92307, -77.05584), and TWX (Time Warner) director Jessica P. Einhorn: 2006mar27; JESSICA P EINHORN, 2861 BRANDYWINE ST NW (north of Soapstone Valley Park), WASHINGTON, DC 20008-2164, (202) 244-3292. This is not necessarily Schieffer's current address.

  30. SCHWARTZ, GIL D. CBS Executive Vice President. 2006may22.

    SCHWARTZ, GIL D; 12 EAST 97TH STREET (south of Mount Sinai Medical Center), #5D, NEW YORK NY 10029-6918.


    Recent neighbors may have included Peter Bickfoul (Banker, Citigroup; 12 E 97TH St [Schwartz's building], New York, NY 10128; 40.78848, -73.95554), Anne M Mager (Budget Director, Nyc Dept Of Homeless Services; 17 E 97th St, New York, NY 10029; 40.7884, -73.95565), MRS. AMY ROGERS (RESEARCH STRATEGIST, MORGAN STANLEY; George W. Bush $2,000; 1158 5TH Ave, NEW YORK, NY 10029; 40.78851, -73.95538), Dr. BARBARA STIMMEL (PHYSICIAN, MT.SINAI MEDICAL CENTER; 1212 5th Ave, NEW YORK, NY 10029; 40.78907, -73.95572), Raymond K Cornbill (Professor, Ms Fine [Mount Sinai] Medical Center; 1212 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029; 40.78907, -73.95572), Mr. Charles H Warner (Professor, University Of Missouri; John Kerry $1,500; 126 E 95th St , New York, NY 10128; 40.78815, -73.95611), Ann Fabian (Professor, Rutgers University; John Kerry $2,000; 1165 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029; 40.789, -73.95507), Pamela Flatterty (Banker, Citigroup; John Kerry $2,000; 130 E 95th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.7881, -73.95617), CW Dupree Banker (JP Morgan Chase, 9 E 96th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78783, -73.956), Dr. Roger N Levy (Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital; 5 E 98Th St, New York, NY 10029; 40.78914, -73.955), Carmel J Cohen (Physician, Mt Sinai Hospital; 1170 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029; 40.78937, -73.95476), Maureen A Hayes (Consultant, NYC BOE; 1170 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029; 40.78937, -73.95476), Brian Lifsec (Citibank; 130 E 94th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78743, -73.95669), and Alden Y Warner, III (Banker, J P Morgan Private Bank; John Kerry $1,000; 49 E 96th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78723, -73.95677), and MICHAEL A. BRIZEL (lawyer and corporate officer, Reader's Digest Association; age 48; 1215 5TH AVENUE, NEW YORK NY 10029; 212.427-2959).

    Schwartz may have owed money to GREENPOINT MORTGAGE FUNDING, INC. (100 WOOD HOLLOW DRIVE, NOVATO, CA 94945).

  31. Martin M Shea, CBS Executive Vice President for Investor Relations. 2006may9

    Age 62

    MARTIN M SHEA, Born Aug 1943, 106 CHESTNUT ST (near Clinton Road, 2004), GARDEN CITY, NY 11530-6408, Nassau County (516) 248-0313, (516) 248-9689.

    Recent neighbors may have included MS. BARBARA T MC CUSKER (TEACHER, GARDEN CITY SCHOOL DIST.; 119 POPLAR ST, GARDEN CITY, NY 11530; 40.72422, -73.62027).

  32. Angeline C. Straka; Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, and Secretary of CBS Corporation. 2006may24. court officer (attorenya t law). She was a VA (Veterans Administration) lawyer and a special assistant U.S. Attorney.

    ANGELINE C STRAKA, Born May 1945, 220 E 72ND ST (near 3rd Avenue), NEW YORK, NY 10021-4528, NY County, (212) 717-9564. We guess that this is her main home.

    Recent neighbors may have included MR. MICHAEL D HESS (CONSULTANT, GIULIANI PARTNERS; 203 E 72ND St, NEW YORK, NY 10021; 40.76984, -73.9608), Dr Ruth Sidel (Professor, Hunter College; John Kerry $1,000; 325 E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021; 40.76942, -73.96124), MR. PAUL J BOISI (REAL ESTATE, DEPT. OF CITYWIDE ADMIN. SERVICE; George W. Bush $2,000; 320 E 72ND St, NEW YORK, NY 10021; 40.76924, -73.96124), MR. MICHAEL GOLDSTEIN (CHAIRMAN, TOYS R. US CHILDRENS FUND; George W. Bush $2,000; 315 E 72ND St, NEW YORK, NY 10021; 40.76921, -73.96123), MS. MEGAN E COOK (BANKING, CITIGROUP; 200 E 71ST St, NEW YORK CITY, NY 10021; 40.76919, -73.96133), Marcia D Sudolsky (Politcal Consultant, 250 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021; 40.77007, -73.96051), Anda Bloom (Systems Analyst, JPMorganChase; 345 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021; 40.7703, -73.96075), Lucinda Schultz (Translator, United Nations; John Kerry $600; 345 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021; 40.7703, -73.96075), Jane Parshall (Teacher, NYC Dept of Education; 222 E 71st St, New York, NY 10021; 40.76899, -73.9614), Mr. Stephen Sohmer (Court Reporter, Self-Employed; 225 E 73Rd St, New York, NY 10021; 40.77031, -73.96042), Ms. Susan Giblin (Professor/Dean, Sunny Downstate Med; 1104 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10021; 40.76977, -73.96199), MR. HOWARD F JAECKEL (LAWYER, C.B.S. BROADCASTING INC.; George W. Bush $2,000; 420 E 72ND St, NEW YORK, NY 10021; 40.76986, -73.95983), Mr. Anthony Calenda (Banker, Citigroup; George W. Bush $2,000; 400 E 70Th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.76926, -73.96226), and Saul Shapiro (Vice President, Nyc Economic Development Corp.; 225 E 70th St, New York, NY 10021; 40.76832, -73.96184).

    ANGELINE C STRAKA, 601 STATE ROUTE 885 (west of the Monongahela River, 09/13/2003), CLAIRTON, Allegheny county, PA 15025. Route 885 may be Clairton Road.

  33. Nancy TELLEM, president of CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group, politically generous, 2006may6.

    Mr. Arn Tellem (CEO, SFX Entertainment; DNC $25,000; 1601 San Remo Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272; -118.49991).

    Tellem, Nancy; 4/14/2004 $500.00; 1601 San Remo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049; CBS/President Entertainment, FRIENDS OF RAHM EMANUEL.
    By coincidence, Warner Brothers entertainment executive Alan F. Horn also contributed to FRIENDS OF RAHM EMANUEL at about the same time. His address is elsewhere (currently on the TWX page) in this website.

    NANCY R. TELLEM, Born 1953, 1601 SAN REMO DR (02/26/2003), PACIFIC PALISADES, CA 90272-2742, Los Angeles County. Near North Sorrento Drive, east of Topanga State Park. One of her recent neighbors may have been MADER KATHERINE, L.A. SUPERIOR COURT, JUDGE, PACIFIC PALISADES, CA 90272-2123: KATHERINE MADER, 1356 AVENIDA DE CORTEZ, PACIFIC PALISADES, CA 90272; east of Topanga State Park, near Avenida de Santa Ynez, in Los Angeles County. (310) 459-9791.
    Other recent neighbors of Tellem may have included Garrett Hart (President, Paramount Pictures Corp.; 1711 Alta Mura Rd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272; 34.06188, -118.50154) and MR. VINCENT E. SCULLY (SPORTS ANNOUNCER, Fox network's ( L.A. DODGERS; 1555 CAPRI DRIVE, PACIFIC PALISADES, CA 90272; 34.05664, -118.50221).

  34. Vallot, old Viacom, 2006may8

    Colette Vallot (Executive, Viacom; 500 W 56th St, NY, NY 10019; 40.76842, -73.9891; info true as of about 2004)

    Recent neighbors in the same building may include Duke Castiglione, sports anchor of WCBS 2: DUKE CASTIGLIONE, 500 W 56TH ST (near Amsteerdam Avenue), NEW YORK NY 10019-3583, (212).

    Other recent neighbors may include MS. JODIE M WELKES (FINANCE, DUN & BRADSTREET; 500 W 56TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10019; 40.76842, -73.9891), Peilin Chou (VICE PRESIDENT, ORIGINAL SERIES, SPIKE TV (VIACOM; 457 W 57th, New York, NY 10019; 40.76853, -73.98744).


    21 December 2005, Visser, Lesley; Sportscaster for CBS Sports; former home address 300 East 56th St.; New York, NY 10022; former work phone (212) 975-7113 ext. 13nn; email She was born 11 September in Quincy (Massachusetts) and lives in Boca Raton. She married FOX/Turner sportscaster Dick Stockton.
    LESLEY VISSER, Born 11 Sep 1953, 2519 Nw 59th St., Boca Raton, FL 33496-2224, PALM BEACH COUNTY (on a dead end street near Braken Sound Golf Glub).
    RICHARD E. STOCKTON, Born Nov 1942, 2519 59TH ST., BOCA RATON, FL, (561) 998-5540.

  36. WALTER, ROBERT D CBS Director. 2006may27.

    Robert D. Walter is a common name. We guess that CBS's Walter is Cardinal Health's (former?) CEO, who is 60.

    Cardinal Health, Inc.; 7000 Cardinal Place; Dublin, Ohio 43017; 614 757-5000.

    ROBERT D. WALTER, Born Jul 1945, 5000 DEER RUN DR (a dead end street off Dublin Road, 2003), DUBLIN, OH 43017-7621. In Delaware county near Franklin county. (614) 766-9020.


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