opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


Warner Brothers Co., New York City. Theater, to stage, 1964.
Warner Brothers Co.
New York City 1964
Theater to Stage
Photographer Samuel Herman Gottscho
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  1. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Gary Anthony Ramsay


    MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1179, lot 1008, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT, 165 WEST END AVENUE (near west 65th Street), 12E, 10023-5503. This West End address seems to be near NY1 police reporter Solana Pyne's possible address of 236 W 64TH ST. By the way, other TWX people who may have been on West End Avenue are Michael J. "Mike" Klingensmith and DEBORAH C. WRIGHT.

    RAMSAY, GARY A; 20-55 42ND STREET, APT. 2, ASTORIA NY 11102 US.

    He may have owed to WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. (5325 SPECTRUM DRIVE, FREDERICK MD 21701 US).

    (718) 204-2843

  2. John Redpath, general counsel of Time, Inc.; 2006mar29

    He is a court officer (attorney at law). He generously makes political contributions.

    JOHN S REDPATH, Born 1961, 331 E 83RD ST (on a westbound street near 2nd Avenue, 10/06/2004), NEW YORK, NY 10028-4221. He happens to live near Daily News sports writer Anthony McCarron's east 83rd Street home. REDPATH, JOHN S, JR. (331 E, 83RD ST, NY NY) may have owed money to UNITED STATES TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK (111 BROADWAY, NY NY10006) in about 1992-1994.

    MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1546, lot 19, 331 EAST 83 STREET).

  3. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Josh Robin

    politics reporter

    Recent neighbors may include:

    1. Arthur Forsta; Educators, Nyc Dept Of Educatio; John Kerry $1,000; 279 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn, NY 11215; 40.65989, -73.98014
    2. Hillary Weisman; Attorney, State of New York; 13 Howard Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215; 40.65897, -73.98002
    3. Michael Aronson/kimmel; professor, State U. of New york; 487 13th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215; 40.66253, -73.98097
    4. Kathleen Axen; Professor, Brooklyn College; 170 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn, NY 11215; 40.66283, -73.9779
  4. Edward A. Romano, executive vice president and CFO of WBE, TWX, 2006apr29

    EDWARD A ROMANO, Born 1943, 14 TOLUCA ESTATES DR (on the east side of a [private?] dead end street, in the west of LAKESIDE GOLF CLUB), NORTH HOLLYWOOD (Toluca Lake), Los Angeles county, CA 91602. This house, and the street it's on, may possibly be on a golf club's private property. The house is near WBE's studios.

    Assessor's Id. Number 2424-041-003
    Site Address 14 TOLUCA ESTATES DR
    LOS ANGELES CA 91602
    Property Type Single Family Residence
    Region / Cluster 03 / 03163
    Tax Rate Area (TRA) 00013
    2005 Roll Values Recording Date 07/16/2002
    Land $1,669,354
    Improvements $1,229,736
    Homeowners' Exemption $7,000 (Owner claims to live there.)
    Fixture Exemption $0
    Building Description(s) Improvement 1 Square Footage 9,068
    Year Built / Effective Year Built 1934 / 1965
    Bedrooms / Bathrooms 6 / 8 (8 bathrooms)
    Units 1

    Recent neighbors may have included Deborah Del Hoyo (Delhoyo, actress, self), Linda Vasilovich (Entertainment, Self employed), Dr. David Bright (Optometrist, Dept Of Veterans Aff; 10453 Woodbridge St, Toluca Lake, CA 91602; 34.1487, -118.35712), and MRS. MICHELE STABILE (FILM PRODUCER, 20TH CENTURY FOX; 10317 WHIPPLE St, TOLUCA LAKE, CA 91602).

  5. Barry Rosenblum, executive vice president for operations of TWC; TWX; 2006apr25. He is politically generous.

    We don't know if he's related to Bruce Rosenblum, president of Warner Bros. Television Group of WBE.

    BARRY S. ROSENBLUM, 60 BLUEBERRY DR (12/17/2003), STAMFORD, CT 06902. (203) 323-0639.

  6. Bruce Rosenblum, president of Warner Bros. Television Group of WBE, TWX, 2006apr29.

    We don't know if he's related to Barry Rosenblum, executive vice president for operations of TWC (Time Warner Cable).

    BRUCE A ROSENBLUM, Born 1958, 16295 DORILEE LN (dead end street north of Mulholland Drive, 01/01/2006), ENCINO, CA 91436-4201. (818) 789-5868. This is an oddly shaped parcel at the end of a dead end street. The parcel has little footage on the street but probably enough for a driveway. It may be difficult to see the house from the street.

    Assessor's Id. Number 2293-010-028
    Site Address 16295 DORILEE LN, LOS ANGELES CA 91436
    Property Type Single Family Residence
    Region / Cluster 02 / 02179
    Tax Rate Area (TRA) 00016
    Recent Sale Information Latest Sale Date Indicated Sale Price 2005 Roll Values
    Recording Date 10/20/1999
    Land $588,751
    Improvements $889,608
    Homeowners' Exemption $0 (Owner does not claim to live on the premises.)
    Legal Description *TR=28323 LOT 17
    Building Description(s) Improvement 1 Square Footage 5,796
    Year Built / Effective Year Built 1981 / 1983
    Bedrooms / Bathrooms 5 / 6 (6 bathrooms)
    Units 1

    Recent neighbors may have included Carrie Chassin (Propagandist, Winner & Associates), Daniel Crowe (President Of Cable Channel, Latv Llc), Irvving J Weintraub (CFO, William Morris Agency), Ashok Amritraj (Partner, Hyde Park Entertainment), Mr. Daniel H Blatt (Film Producer, Daniel H. Blatt Productions), Cort Casady (Executive Producer/Writer, CCE Inc), and Mr. William Blinn (writer, self).

  7. James K. "Jim" Rosenthal; president of New Line Television, TWX; 2006apr12.

    Rosenthal, James K. Mr.; 7/19/2004 $2,000.00; (322 Central Park West, apt 5C; near west 92nd Street) New York, NY 10025; New Line Cinema/President New Line; TIME WARNER POLITICAL ACTION CMTE.
    He gave the presidential $2,000.00 to the TWX PAC later than others (July 19, not in June).

    Some other tenants of his building (322 Central Park West) are Ellen Archer (Publisher, Walt Disney Co) and actress Tovah Felshuh ("As the World Turns" and others).



    He may have lived at ROSENTHAL, JAMES K.; 307 WEST 80TH STREET, NEW YORK NY 10022. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1244, lot 41.

    He may have owed to IBJ SCHRODER BANK &TRUST CO. (1 STATE ST, NEW YORK NY 10004). Other top TWX people have owed to that Japanese-owned bank, which has had more than one name.

    He may have lived at ROSENTHAL, JAMES K.; 333 WEST END AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10023). We guess that a few, other, top, TWX executives have lived on West End Avenue.

  8. Carl U.J. Rossetti, executive vice president for corporate development of TWC, TWX, 2006apr25. politically generous.

    CARL U ROSSETTI, 309 STURGES RIDGE RD (near Rolling Hills Country Club, 01/28/2002), WILTON, Fairfield county, CT 06897-2616. (203) 761-9343

  9. Richard Schickel, Time movie critic since 1972, TWX, 2006jun10.

    Born 1933 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He lives in Los Angeles county, California, has two daughters.

    RICHARD SCHICKEL, 9051 ( DICKS STREET, 12/17/2003, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA 90069-4808, L.A. County. A rectangular parcel on the north side of Dick, between Doheny Drive and North San Vicente Boulevard.

    In 1997, television series 3rd Rock from the Sun's "A Nightmare on Dick Street" episode won Emmy awards for costume design, choreography, and sound mixing. We don't know if it was Schickel's Dick Street.

    Assessor's Id. Number 4340-022-047
    Site Address 9051 DICKS ST
    WEST HOLLYWOOD CA 90069-4808
    Property Type Single Family Residence
    Region / Cluster 09 / 09162
    Tax Rate Area (TRA) 01349
    2005 Roll Values
    Recording Date 08/14/2000
    Land $224,941
    Improvements $170,732
    Homeowners' Exemption $7,000
    Legal Description TRACT # 5934 LOT 68
    Square Footage 1,834
    Year Built / Effective Year Built 1928 / 1955
    Bedrooms / Bathrooms 4 / 2
    Units 1

    Recent neighbors may include Janet Hill (Senior VP, MTV Networks; 9028 Lloyd Pl, W. Hollywood, CA 90069; 34.08663, -118.38607), Norma Graziano (City Of Los Angeles; 906 N Doheny Dr, W Hollywood, CA 90069; 34.08737, -118.39001), Hernan S Lopez (sales, 20th Century Fox; John Kerry $1,000; 930 N Doheny Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069; 34.08805, -118.39001), Melissa B Melnick (Executive, Fox Group; 9053 Harland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069; 34.0829, -118.38791), Donald Foster (Writer, Warner Bros. Television; Howard Dean $1,000; 9000 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069; 34.0905, -118.38535), Alan Paul (Producer, HBO/Six Feet Productions; Howard Dean $1,250; 9255 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069; 34.08992, -118.39171), Lauren Ritchie (prod exec, newline cinema; 825 N San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069; 34.08358, -118.38267), and Jeffrey Hall (Market Research, Paramount; 1243 N Wetherly Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90069; 34.09146, -118.38898).

  10. John Arthur Schulman, executive vice president and general counsel of WBE, TWX, 2006apr29.

    Schulman, John Arthur; Active lawyer 54521; Burbank ; became a California lawyer December 1972. He has generously made political contributions to Republicans (for example, NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE and STEVENS FOR SENATE COMMITTEE) and Democrats (for example, Friends of Hillary, and LEAHY FOR U.S. SENATOR COMMITTEE).

    JOHN A SCHULMAN, Born Jun 1946, 901 N BUNDY DR, LOS ANGELES, CA 90049-1508. East of Crestwood Hills Park, west of interstate highway 405.

    JOHN A SCHULMAN, 1745 MANDEVILLE LN (a dead end street at North Mandeville Canyon Road, 04/15/2001), LOS ANGELES, CA 90049-2522. East of Topanga State Park, northeast of governor Arnold A. Schwarzenegger's house. Recent neighbors may have included Stacey Snider (Chairwoman, Universal Pictures).

  11. Russell Schwartz, president of New Line Domestic Marketing; TWX; 2006apr12. NLC president Schwartz gave the NLC presidential $2,000.00 in June 2004 to the TWX PAC. There is an NLC contribution discvussion in the article about NLC's Cam Galano.

    RUSSELL S SCHWARTZ, 1447 EL VAGO ST (near Hacienda Drive), LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, CA 91011-1750. (818) 952-0242, (818) 952-0264. January 2004.
    RUSSELL SCHWARTZ, (818) 249-4115

    Someone named Russell Schwartz, o f Culver City, has been an HBO executive. Someoen named RUSSELL S SCHWARTZ has lived at 4360 MOTOR AVE (11/16/2004), CULVER CITY, CA 90232. (310) 204-5496. HBO and New Line Cinema are both part of TWX. The HBO Schwartz never gave money to the TWX PAC. However, NLC's president Schwartz gave the NLC presidential $2,000.00 to the TWX PAC in June 2004, as mentioned above in this article. We guess that the two people are the same person.

  12. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Kristen Shaughnessy


    KRISTEN S SHAUGHNESSY Born 1968. KRISTEN S SHAUGHNESSY 336 ROLLING KNOLLS RD (on a dead end street east of Watchung Reservation) -- . KRISTEN S SHAUGHNESSY -- SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ 07076-2016. (908) 389-0273

  13. Robert K. Shaye, co-chairman and co-CEO of New Line Cinema; TWX. 2006apr1.

    He is a court officer (attorney at law) and a member of the board of the Legal Aid Society of New York. He generously makes political contributions. Born 3 March 1939 in Detroit, Michigan. He and some of his relatives (Juno, Linda, and Eva) each contributed $650.00 to politician Kollin Min of Seattle in about 2003 (as discusseded in the Benjamin Zinkin article, below).

    Robert and Eva supposedly were going to open a restaurant (at 498 Broadway, at Kearny, in San Francisco) named Glow in about December 2000 after their previous San Francisco restaurant, a Southern theme restaurant named Moonshine, failed. Glow seems to have been intended to be a gourmet restaurant. Glow supposedly was going to involve co-owner Don De Fina. Someone with that name (sometimes spelled Don DeFina) has recently been part of the movie induustry (for example, a production designer). By the way, Time magazine's Huey (also part of TWX) once ran a southern theme magazine (Southpoint?). That went out of business.

    Eva Shaye, in her many political contributions, often describes herself as a self-employed artist. The website of artist DANIEL FYFFE states that Eva co-owns at least one of his paintings. By the way, website has a big photograph of Robert and Eva Shaye and Michael and Ninah and Lynne.

    SHAYE, ROBERT; 12/20/2002; $1,000.00; BRIARCREST DR [not Road], BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210-3520; NEW LINE CINEMA; $ donation; FRIENDS OF BARBARA BOXER. We cannot find this address on a map.

    ROBERT SHAYE, 2405 BRIARCREST RD (a dead end street near Alto Cedro Drive and east of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, 10/05/2004), BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210-1819. This is Briacrest Road, not Drive. Neighbors include Roger S Schulman (Writer/producer, Self employed), Adam Cohen (Film Composer, Self employed), and Lisa Hansen (Producer, Self).

    ROBERT SHAYE, 9041 ALTO CEDRO DR (west of Briacrest Road, 03/12/2002), BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210-1845. Neighborhors may include Glenn Tan (Physician, General Anesthesia Partnership G), Sandra Stern (Executive VP, Lions Gate Entertainment), Andrew Scheinman (Film Producer, TWX's Castle Rock Entertainment; 9338 Hazen Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210), and Theodore Gagliano (President, 20th Century Fox; 9305 Hazen Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210). This zip code is in 90210, all of which the post office treats as being in Beverly Hills. However, the address is not in Beverly Hills city. The address seems to be in Los Angeles. The residents of that address cannot vote in Beverly Hills city elections, as far as we know. This is an oddly shaped parcel with almost no frontage on Alto Cedro Drive, we think. We guess that there's enough frontage for a driveway. We guess that it is difficult or even impossiblee to see the house from Alto Cedro Drive.
    Assessor's Id. Number 4388-016-035
    Site Address 9041 ALTO CEDRO DR, LOS ANGELES CA 90210. Notice that the assssessor-supplied address for the parcel is a Los Angeles, not Beverly Hills, address.
    Property Type Single Family Residence
    Region / Cluster 07 / 07151
    Tax Rate Area (TRA) 00067
    Recent Sale Information Recording Date 06/07/1988
    Land $1,201,563
    Improvements $340,613
    Homeowners' Exemption $7,000 (owner seemingly claims to live there)
    Real Estate Exemption $0
    Personal Property Exemption $0
    Fixture Exemption $0

    Shaye, Eva; 8/2/2002; $500.00; 2405 Briarcrest Road, Beverly Hills, CA 90210; Self/Artist; AMERICA WOMEN VOTE! 2002. She used Briarcrest Road, not Drive.

    Based on address records we found (except real estate tax assessor records), Robert Shaye's California address may possibly be 2405 Briarcreat Road, Beverly Hills 90210. However, PAIS (the Los Angeles county real estate tax assessor's website) does not seem to have such an address in its records, as well as we can tell. In a real estate tax assessment sense, 2405 Briarcrest does not seem to exist, as well as we can tell. There is a Briarcrest Road in Los Angeles near Beverly Hills city, in zip code 90210 (all of which the post office treats as Beverly Hills).

    Robert SHAYE, 353 CENTRAL PARK W (near west 95th Street, 10/06/2004), NEW YORK, NY 10025-6597. He seems at various times to have been connected to two Manhattan lots: MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1209, maybe lots 1016 and 1017, 353 CENTRAL PARK WEST. There is a satisfaction of mortgage (meaning that there is real estate which is no longer collateral for a debt) in fvor of Robert in May 2004 which seems to be recorded for lot 1019. Robert Shaye may have owed money to IBJS (IBJ SCHRODER BANK & TRUST COMPANY, which is closely related to Kerry C. Bessey's IBJ WHITEHALL BANK &TRUST COMPANY) regarding this property. IBJS is a subsudiary of a Japanese bank. We don't know if Robert has a Japanese connection apart from this one. He may also have owed money to BANK OF AMERICA (8300 NORMAN CENTER DRIVE, BLOOMINGTON MN 55437-1091). He seems in about 1998 to have gotten real estate (MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1209, lot 1017; which may possibly be a condo at 353 CENTRAL PARK WEST) from KDI (KISKA DEVELOPERS, INC.; 18-10 WHITESTONE EXPRESSWAY, WHITESTONE NY 11357), which may be a subsidiary of KiSKA Construction Corporation, a Turkish corporation.

    People who have recently lived in his Manhattan building seem to include Barbara K Eisold (Ph.D., psychoanalyst and psychologist, NYU Medical Center) geographical coordinates 40.78861 -73.96773; and Kenneth Eisold, Ph D (psychologist and psychoanalyst, self employed).

  14. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Rebecca Spitz

    Manhattan reporter

    REBECCA E SPITZ Born Dec 1971. REBECCA E SPITZ 21 W 86TH ST -- 03/12/2002 REBECCA E SPITZ -- NEW YORK, NY 10024-3616.
    Recent neighbors may include:

    1. Elizabeth S Goldman; Attorney, SEC; DNC $4,500 (generous); 20 W 86th St, New York, NY 10024; 40.78, -73.97
    2. Donna I Dennis; Law Professor, Rutgen University School Of Law; 40 W 86th St, New York, NY 10024; 40.78574, -73.97057
    3. Joanne Jacobson, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, MTV NETWORKS -- LOGO; John Kerry $1,000; 34 W 87th St, New York, NY 10024; 40.78635, -73.96992
  15. John S. Squires, co-chief operating officer of Time, Inc.; TWX. 2006mar30

    JOHN S SQUIRES, 18 GREAT HILLS FARM RD (a dead end street northeast of Long Ridge Road), BEDFORD, Westchester county, NY 10506-2100.

  16. Peter C. Stern, executive vice president for product management of TWC, TWX, 2006apr25.

    PETER C STERN, 119 LOCKWOOD RD (northwest of Blinnet Park), RIVERSIDE, Fairfield county, CT 06878-1827, (203) 698-0105.

  17. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Roma Torre

    She may possibly be ROMA LOPEZ -- ROMA LOPEZ 1631 95TH ST -- 03/01/2006 ROMA LOPEZ -- BROOKLYN, NY 11236 . ROMA LOPEZ



  18. Time magazine reporter KAREN TUMULTY, 2006may12.

    KAREN TUMULTY, Born Dec 1955, 2913 DANIEL RD (11/12/1999), CHEVY CHASE, MD 20815-3146, Montgomery County. The parcel seems to be at a T intersection south of Rock Creek Park.

    KAREN E TUMULTY; Use: RESIDENTIAL; Principal Residence: YES; Mailing Address: 2913 DANIEL RD, CHEVY CHASE MD 20815; Deed Reference: /13892/354
    block 4, lot 1; Built 1951; enclosed area 2,934 SF; property land area 11,702.00 SF; 2 Stories; Basement; STANDARD UNIT; exterior SIDING.

    Two sales:

    1. Seller: THOMAS L & A B FRIEDMAN; Date: 01/29/1996; Price: $490,000; Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH; Deed1: /13892/ 354.
    2. Date: 09/16/1988; Price: $748,000; Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH; Deed1: / 8471/ 302.

    Tumulty (who seems to work in the District of Columbia area as a reporter for TWX's Time magazine) owns the house with Paul T. Richter, who graduated from Walter Johnson High School (Montgomery County, Marylad) in 1968. Someone named Paul T. Richter seems to work in the District of Columbia area as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. In a photo at, he (the reporter, not necessarily Tumulty's co-owner) seems to be the one who is farthest right. Tumulty and her co-owner bought the house from Thomas L. Friedman. Someone named Thomas L. Friedman worked in the District of Columbia area as a reporter for the NY Times. Friedman (previous owner of the house, not necessarily the NY Times reporter) bought the house for $748,000 in 1988, then sold it to Tumulty and Richter for only $490,000 in 1996. Based on the little we know, the house seemingly may have lost more than a third of its value in the eight years from 1988 to 1996.

    Recent neighbors may have included Mr. Alex M Azar (General Counsel, U.S. Dept. Of Health & Human Ser; George W. Bush, $2,000; 7505 Bybrook Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20815; 38.98394, -77.05871), Alice Galenson (Econimist, World Bank; John Kerry, $1,550; 2804 Daniel Rd, Chevy Chase, MD 20815; 38.9848, -77.05693), Thomas Hyde (Physician, National Institutes Of Health; Chevy Chase, MD 20815; 38.98318, -77.05767), and Paul Wade (Economist, World Bank; 7020 Greenvale St, Chevy Chase, MD 20815; 38.98290, -77.05742).

  19. Kevin Tsujihara, President of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, TWX. politically generous. 2006may9.

    KEVIN K TSUJIHARA, Born 1964, 5160 EARL DR (near Fairmount Avenue, 02/01/2006), LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, CA 91011-1621, Los Angeles County (818) 952-0276.
    Recent neighbors may have included Rebecca Prentice (E.V.P. / General Counsel, Paramount Pictures; John Kerry, $1,000; 5149 Alta Canyada Rd, La Canada, CA 91011; 34.21842, -118.21061) and Regina Stewart (Co-Executive Producer, 20th Century Fox Television; 1845 Fairmount Ave, La Canada Flintrid, CA 91011; 34.2229, -118.21643).

    KEVIN K. TSUJIHARA, Born Oct 1964, 4716 HILLARD AVE (near La Taza Drive), LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, CA 91011-2006. Los Angeles County (818) 952-0276.
    Recent neighbors may have included John E Kilfoyle (Vice President Morgan Stanley; John Edwards, $1,000; 1636 Torcida Dr, La Canada Flintrid, CA 91011; 34.21483, -118.21054).

  20. David Tuckerman, president of New Line Theatrical Distribution, TWX. 2006apr14.

    Tuckerman, David Mr.; 6/4/2004 $2,000.00; Beverly Hills, CA 90210; New Line Cinema/President New Line; TIME WARNER POLITICAL ACTION CMTE.
    President Tuckerman gave the persidential $2,000.00 in June 2004 to the TWX PAC. He made his contribution on June 4th. He also gave in December 2001, another popular contribution month for executives now in TWX. Others' contributions are briedfly mentioned in the Cam Galano article.

    DAVID R TUCKERMAN, 9390 LLOYDCREST DR (east of Coldwater Canyon Drive, north of Beverlycrest Drive; 09/01/2005), Los Angeles (near BEVERLY HILLS), CA 90210-2511. (310) 859-7199. He may live in the neighborhood east of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. A few, other, top executives of NLC may live in that neighborhood. The post office treats Tuckerman's property as being in Beverly Hills. The property is not in the city of Beverly Hills. We guess it's in Los Angeles. This is an irregularly shaped parcel on the south side of a curve in the road.
    Assessor's Number 4352-008-023
    Site Address 9390 LLOYDCREST DR, LOS ANGELES CA 90210
    Property Type Single Family Residence
    Region / Cluster 07 / 07151
    Tax Rate Area (TRA) 00067
    Legal Description TRACT # 10015 LOT 30
    Improvement 1
    Square Footage 2,365
    Year Built / Effective Year Built 1950 / 1959
    Bedrooms / Bathrooms 3 / 2
    Units 1
    We guess that he has recently lived here.

    DAVID TUCKERMAN, 8559 HOLLYWOOD BLVD (on a winding street near Carlton Way and Frandklin Avenue, 02/27/2002), LOS ANGELES, CA 90069, (323) 654-2826. Maybe he lived here before he lived on Lloydcrest Drive.

  21. Director Francis T. Vincent, Jr. , 2006mar27

    Francis Thomas "Fay" Vincent, Jr. (born 29 May 1938 in Waterbury, Connecticut) was the commissioner of Major League Baseball. He is a court officer (attorney at law). He generously contributes politically; for example: Vincent, Francis 12/6/2005; $1,000.00; 408 Indies Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32963; Self-employed/Investor; ($ donation) REPUBLICAN PARTY OF FLORIDA. A high proportion of his neighbors seems to be retired.

    FRANCIS T VINCENT, 408 INDIES DR (in Orchid Island Golf Club), VERO BEACH, Indian River county, FL 32963-9504, (772) 581-7497.
    Parcel Parcel ID: 31392200008000000185.0; Ownership Owner - First Name 1: FRANCIS T; Owner - Last Name: VINCENT; Mailing Address 1: 408 INDIES DR; Mailing City, State, Zip: VERO BEACH, FL 32963; Legal Description ORCHID ISLAND PLAT 15, LOT 185, PBI 15-30; Property Information Tax Code: 9; Property Use Code: 0100 - Single Family - Improved; Map ID: 10.14.

    FRANCIS T VINCENT, 105 FIELD POINT CIR. (10/14/2003), GREENWICH, Fairfield county, CT 06830, (203) 869-3287.

  22. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    George Whipple (George Carroll Whipple III)

    society reporter

    He has been a court officer (attorney at law) and movie actor.



    GEORGE C WHIPPLE -- GEORGE C WHIPPLE 5 TUDOR CITY PL -- 03/12/2002 GEORGE C WHIPPLE -- NEW YORK, NY 10017. (212) 949-0202

  23. Sean Wilsey wrote "Why John Updike Is So Wrong About Digitized Books", which appeared on Time's website in 2006. 2006jun2.

    SEAN P WILSEY, 262 MOTT ST (on a southbound street near Prince Street), (02/26/2002), NEW YORK, NY 10012-6101, (212) 941-9241.

    In about 2003-2004, he may have made an approximately $322K agreement with "MERS" AS A NOMINEE (P. O. BOX 2026, FLINT MI ) 48501-2026) about 4 apartments in that building (which is in Manahttan block 508): apartments 202 (lot 1109), 203 (lot 1110), 204 (lot 1111), and 205 (lot 1112). Apartment 202 is a SINGLE RESIDENTIAL CONDO UNIT. Each of the other three apartments may be a CONDO UNIT WITHOUT KITCHEN (according to the mortgage document). . He may have mortgaged those four apartments for $147,057.99 with "MERS" AS A NOMINEE being the secured party (the one who can enforce the mortgage if the debt isn't paid). The owner of the building may be 262 MOTT STREET CONDOMINIUM.

    Wilsey may have bought at least some of the apartments from JOCAR REALTY CO., INC. in about 1996.

    That address (262 Mott) supposedly was built in 1955, converted in 1992 to condo, has 6 apartments and 8 floors, no doorman, no garage. It's described as being in "Chinatown/Little Italy" and Nolita neighborhoods. One condo has 927 square feet; one has 935; and one has 2338 square feet. The building may be brick. On 2 June 2006, Fodor's Destination Guide lists retail stores at 262 Mott: INA, Christopher Totman, and Mixona. Another store there is Fad.

    Recent tenants of 262 Mott may include Mr. Robert S Lee, (Musician, Self) and David Cyrus Halpert (Information Requested, Information Requested). Recent neighbors may include Mr. Robert J McLain (Banking, Jp Morgan Chase; 238 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012; 40.72075, -73.99578), William L Nussbaum (Computer Security, Morgan Stanley; 354 Broome St, New York, NY 10013; 40.72028, -73.99512), William Nussbaum (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, MORGAN STANLEY; 354 Broome St, New York, NY 10013; 40.72028, -73.99512), and Mark Parta (Physician, NYC Health and Hospitals Corp; DNC $2,000; 301 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012; 40.71973, -73.99596).

    Wilsey's Mott Street is mentioned in "Manhattan", a song by Richard Rodgers and Lorentz Hart:

      And tell me what street
      Compares with Mott Street in July
  24. Brian Wolfe; president for consumer marketing of Time, Inc.; 2006mar31

    BRIAN N WOLFE, 80 LAKE RD (east of Long Island Sound, 03/01/2005), MANHASSET, Nassau county, NY 11030-1013. (516) 365-6320.

    BRIAN D WOLFE, 80 LAKE RD ( 03/11/2004), MANHASSET, NY 11030 (516) 365-6320.

    His middle initial seems to be N or D..

  25. TWX director Deborah C. Wright, 2006mar27

    DEBORAH C WRIGHT, 825 W END AVE (near Riverside Park and west 100th Street), NEW YORK, NY 10025-5349, (212) 665-1016.

    Many people who live in her building (for example: Deborah Brown, LEGISLATIVE ATTORNEY, NEW YORK CITY COUNCIL) make political contributions. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1889, lot 1061, DWELLING ONLY - 1 FAMILY, 825 WEST END AVENUE, apt. 10-A.

    She made a $1,000,000.00 agreement (43 pages long) on about 19 May 2003 with JP MORGAN CHASE BANK (1 CHASE MANHATTAN PLAZA, NEW YORK NY 10081). That agreement was recorded about four months later (about 16 September 2003). The fee for recording the related mortgage was $12,756.92. The agreement seems to be a loan to her for which her apartment (10A) is mortgaged collateral. Time's MICHAEL J. KLINGENSMITH once lived near where she lives now. He had a million dollar mortgage from JP Morgan.

    Before she lived on West End, she may have lived at WRIGHT DEBORAH C., 31 E. 12TH ST, NY NY 10003. In November 2002, she gave a power of attorney to SPECTOR, JAMES M. ESQ.

  26. Lynn M. Yaeger, executive vice president for corporate affairs of TWC, TWX, 2006apr25. politically generous.

    LYNN M YAEGER, Born Apr 1949, 1 POND RIDGE LN (08/14/2002), NORWALK, Fairfield county, CT 06853.

    LYNN M YAEGER, 17 POND LN, DARIEN, CT 06820. (203) 662-9493. This address is about a 1.7 mile drive from Gerald "Gerry" Campbell (executive vice president for phone operations, TWC), 1687 POST RD (near Clubhouse Circle, DARIEN.

  27. Benjamin "Ben" Zinkin, senior executive vice president for business and legal affairs, NLC (New Line Cinema), TWX, 20061pr13.

    Zinkin, Ben Mr.; 6/23/2004 $2,000.00; New York, NY 10106; New Line Cinema/SVP of Business and; TIME WARNER POLITICAL ACTION CMTE.
    He made the presidential $2,000.00 contribution to the TWX PAC on 23 June 2004 (the day used by the co-CEOs and Mittweg). He described himself as a senior vice president on the contribution described just above, and his employer (NLC) describes him as an executive vice president.

    He was legal counsel for the 1981 movie, "The Burning".

    Zinkin made a political contribution as a "manager": $500 contribution by Benjamin Zinkin of New Line Cinema (Manager) to the campaign of Kollin K. Min in 2003 in Seattle. Other TWX contributors to Min's campaign were: Mittweg ($500 Rolf Mittweg : AOL Time Warner, Executive), Abramson ($250 Stephen Abramson : New-Line Cinema, CFO), Emmerich ($650 Tobias Emmerich : New Line Cinema, Pres. Production), Lynne ($650 Michael Lynne : New Line Cinema, Executive), and Rosenthal ($650 Jim Rosenthal : New Line Cinema, Executive). Robert Shaye and some of his relatives contributed to Min's campaign: $650 wife Eva Shaye : dba Eva Shaye, Artist; $650 Juno Shaye : Not Employed; $650 Linda Shaye : dba Linda Shaye, Actress; $650 Robert Shaye : New Line Cinema, Executive. Other people in the entertainment industry, people (not part of TWX) also contributed to Min's campaign. By the way, Min was on the Jeopardy! television show on 10 September 2004. We guess-remember that the show is produced by Merv Griffin, who is not part of TWX, we think. In our opinion, TWX people (and some other movie industry people) gave to the Min campaign because Min's wife is Katja Shaye, daughter of NLC's co-CEO, Robert K. Shaye. Min, who had challenged a colorfum incumbent in a city council election, lost and now works for a non-profit, conservation organization.

    BENJAMIN J ZINKIN, 32 OLD ORCHARD LN (near Ruffed Grouse Court, 03/01/2005), EAST HAMPTON, NY 11937-3911. (631) 324-0264, (631) 324-8854. This may be a weekend home for him. Mortimer Zuckerman (of Boston Properties and the New York Daily News) on Drew Lane, and PHILIPPE P. DAUMAN (CBS, Viacom, and maybe National Amusements) at 35 DUNEMERE LN, may have recently lived in East Hampton.

    By the way, a ruffed grouse is also known as birch partridge.

    BENJAMIN J ZINKIN, 54 [not 118] RIVERSIDE DR (near west 77th Street and Riverside Park), NEW YORK, NY 10024-6509. (212) 721-1626.

    ZINKIN, BENJAMIN; 118 [not 54] RIVERSIDE DRIVE, APARTMENT #11B, NEW YORK NY 10024. Zinkin got this property after he had #54.
    Zinkin seems to have bought that apartment in late 2005 from Jospeh S. Lelyveld and a trust for Joseph's benefit. There was a journalist (a former New York Times executive editor) named Joseph S. Lelyveld and an author named Joseph "Joe" Lelyveld.
    Zinkin may have owed money to APPLE BANK FOR SAVINGS, 1075 CENTRAL PARK AVENUE, SCARSDALE NY 10583.

    In about 1996, NLC's boss Robert Shaye gave Zinkin a power of attorney for MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1209, lot 1016.

    Someone named Benjamin Zinkin may have lived in MONROE, NY 10950.


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