opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


Warner Brothers Co., New York City. Hathaway Reception Office I, 1964.
Warner Brothers Co., New York City
Hathaway Reception Office I, 1964
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  1. 8: The AOL Time Warner 8

    1. Introduction

      The SEC recently sued eight former Time Warner Inc. executives for supposedly, fraudulently inflating the business's online advertising revenue by over one billion dollars between 2000 and 2002. The federal court case is described in much publicity; for example "SEC Sues 8 Former AOL Officials: Regulator Alleges Inflation of Online Ad Revenue", by Cecilia Kang, Washington Post Staff Writer, 20 May 2008, page D01. Time Warner, which acquired AOL, agreed to pay more than five hundred million dollars to settle criminal and civil charges two years ago.

    2. Business affairs unit
      1. Former head of business affairs David M. Colburn

        JAMES M COLBURN, 2002, 2008 AMBER LEAF PL WALDORF, MD 20602

      2. Eric Keller
      3. Jay Rappaport

        JAY RAPPAPORT 1949-04-06 New York NY 10021

        JAY A RAPPAPORT Born 1949, 2004, 1 LANDFALL RD EAST HAMPTON, NY 11937 (631) 329-7612

        JAY A RAPPAPORT Born 1949, 2004, (516) 329-7612

        JAY RAPPAPORT 757 3RD AVE NEW YORK, NY 10017 (212) 593-6700

        JAY A RAPPAPORT Born Apr 1949, 330 79TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10021 (212) 249-1520. RAPPAPORT, JAY 330 E. 79TH ST, NY NY 10021 US. He may have owed to RIVER BANK AMERICA, 145 HUGUENOT ST, NEW ROCHELLE NY 10801 US. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1453, lot 37, 324 EAST 79 STREET.

    3. James MacGuidwin, controller of AOL

      (703) 734-1662, JAMES F MACGUIDWIN 7725 CROSSOVER DR MCLEAN, VA 22102 (703) 917-9680

    4. Accused 2008may20

      In the federal court case which the SEC recently began, the following defendants merely are accused.

      1. John Michael Kelly, chief financial officer of the business when it was known as AOL Time Warner;
      2. Joseph A. Ripp, formerly CFO of the AOL division

        JOSEPH RIPP born 1923-04-30, Scarsdale, Westchester County, NY 10583.

        RIPP, JOSEPH A; 15 WEST 53RD STREET, APT 21A, NEW YORK NY 10022 US. In about 2004, he may have owed to THE BANK OF NEW YORK, ONE WALL STREET, NEW YORK NY 10286 US. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1269, lot 1092, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL CONDO UNIT, 15 WEST 53 STREET, 21A.

      3. Steven Rindner, formerly senior executive in the business affairs unit

        STEVEN E RINDNER Born 1968, 2002, 11300 MORNING GATE DR, ROCKVILLE (NORTH BETHESDA), MD 20852. Maryland Account Identifier District 04, Account Number 02872540. The property was sold by RINDER, STEVEN E; 08/17/2001; for $437,700; ARMS-LENGTH sale; Deed 19561/ 632.

      4. Mark Wovsaniker, formerly head of accounting policy

        MARK WOVSANIKER 1956-01-03 New York NY 10128

        MARK WOVSANIKER (908) 354-3377. Prefix 354 is in Elizabeth, NJ.

        MARK WOVSANIKER, 2001, 1619 3RD AVE NEW YORK, NY 10128 (212) 427-6088

        MARK WOVSANIKER Born Jan 1956, 2003, 11905 CHAMPION LAKE CT HERNDON, VA 20170 (703) 437-2923.

        MARK WOVSANIKER, 2001, 11129 LAKESPRAY WAY RESTON, VA 20191 (703) 476-9409.

  2. Stephen D. Abramson. chief financial officer of New Line Cinema; TWX. 2006apr12.

    STEPHEN D. ABRAMSON, 75 PRESCOTT ST (south of Madison Avenue), DEMAREST, Bergen county, NJ 07627-1405, (201) 768-4927.

    Some high-ranking New Lines executives made political contributions in June 2004 to the TWX PAC. The contributions are briefly mentioned in the article about TWX's Camela Galano. Abramson contributed two thousand dollars (the standard New Lines presidential amount) on 23 June 2004 (the contribution day of New Line co-CEOs and Mittweg).

  3. Edward I Adler, executive vice president for corporate communications. 2006mar24.

    Age 52. He is a director of the City Parks Foundation. He contributes politically; for example: ADLER, EDWARD: 7/27/2005; $750.00; NEW YORK, NY 10021; TIME WARNER, INC./VICE PRESIDENT ($ donation) KENNEDY FOR SENATE 2006.

    EDWARD I ADLER, 420 E 72ND ST (near 1st Avenue, 02/01/2005), NEW YORK, NY 10021-1472.
    (212) 288-7220, (212) 628-9097, (212) 734-0163, (212) 734-0554, (212) 734-2754.

    EDWARD I ADLER, 21 BRUSHY NECK LN (north of South Country Road, 07/22/2004), WESTHAMPTON, NY 11977-1302, (631) 325-3519.

    ADLER, EDWARD I.; 201 EAST 79TH ST (near 3rd Avenue); NEW YORK NY 10021-0830. (2003). He used this address for at least one political contribution: Adler, Edward Mr.; 9/21/2004; $500.00; 201 East 79th Street; New York, NY 10021; Time Warner Inc./Senior Vice Presid ($ donation) TIME WARNER POLITICAL ACTION CMTE.

    He seems to live in the same building as CBS (CBS Broadcasting; CBS Corporation, Inc.) lawyer HOWARD F. JAECKEL, DR. NINA MARIE HILL (SENIOR DIRECTOR., PFIZER), Peter Zizzo (Record Dealer), and lawyer Harriet Tamen (of Hurt, Sinisi, Papadakis, Potamitis & Kotoff law firm).

  4. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Richard Aurelio

    NY1 News creator

    He started NY1 News. He has been president of New York City Cable Group, first deputy mayor under John Lindsay, and member of CUNY-TV Advisory Committee.

    RICHARD AURELIO -- RICHARD AURELIO 215 68TH ST -- 04/01/2005 RICHARD AURELIO -- NEW YORK, NY 10021. (212) 472-5445

  5. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep21

    Adam Balkin

    technology reporter

    ADAM D BALKIN Born May 1975. 1 GLENWOLDE PARK -- 03/01/2006 -- TARRYTOWN, NY 10591.

    ADAM D BALKIN Born May 1975. -- 309 78TH ST -- 09/01/2005 -- NEW YORK, NY 10021. (212) 737-7361. This resembles the address below.

    ADAM D BALKIN Born May 1975. -- 339 77TH ST -- 04/07/2004 -- NEW YORK, NY 10021. (212) 737-7361. This resembles the address above.

    ADAM BALKIN -- 10 DOROTHY AVE -- 01/30/2001 -- LIVINGSTON, NJ 07039. (973) 533-0nnn.

  6. BARGE, JAMES W.; Controller; 2006mar31

    BARGE, JAMES W.; 5 GRIMES ROAD (a dead end street near Greenwich Cove); OLD GREENWICH, Fairfield county, CT 06870-2007. (203) 637-9294.

  7. Kerry Bessey, senior vice president for Human Resources of Time, Inc.; 2006mar30

    The BESSEYs described below are not necessarily Time's Bessey.

    KERRY C BESSEY, 45 ELLISON AVE ( 07/22/2004), BRONXVILLE, Westchester county, NY 10708, (914) 771-8334.

    KERRY C BESSEY, 162 80TH ST (10/17/2004), NEW YORK, NY 10021 (212) 249-2216.

    Until about August 2003, BESSEY, KERRY C seems to have lived at 201 EAST 80TH STREET, APT 11A, NEW YORK NY 10021. That building may be known as THE 1411 CONDOMINIUM A/K/A THE RICHMOND.

    MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1526, lot 1061, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL CONDO UNIT, 201 EAST 80 STREET, apt. 11A.

    Bessey may have owed money to CITIMORTGAGE, INC. (12855 NORTH OUTER 40 DRIVE, ST. LOUIS MO 63141) and IBJW (IBJ WHITEHALL BANK &TRUST COMPANY, 1 STATE STREET, NEW YORK NY 10004). IBJ was a wholly owned subsidiary of a Japanese bank. We don't know if Bessey had a connection to Japan that explains her borrowing from a subsidiary of a Japaense bank. On 11/12/2002, IBJ was merged to State Mizuho Corporate Bank (USA). Incidentally, TWX's Robert Shaye owed money to IBJS (IBJ SCHRODER BANK & TRUST COMPANY), whcih seems to be closely related to IBJW until about 2004.

    Before she lived on 80th Street, she may have lived at BESSEY, KERRY C., 921 VESTAUIA WOOD DRIVE, RALEIGH NC.

    The Besssey on 80th Street is not necessarily Time's Bessey.

  8. Bewkes

    Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes, president and chief operating officer, 2006mar23

    Age 53. He is a politically generous contributor; for example:
    BEWKES, JEFFREY L.; 940 PARK AVENUE; NEW YORK, NY 10028; 5,000.00; 15-OCT-02 2002 FRIENDS OF PATAKI 11 Pre General A Governor N/A.

    JEFF Lawrence BEWKES, 940 PARK AVE (near east 81st Street, 02/01/2005), Manhattan, NEW YORK city, NY 10028-0311. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1493, lot 33, 940 PARK AVENUE.

    Some people who seem to have recently lived in his building may be:

    1. Jonathan Foster, Cypress Group;
    4. Fred Lowenfels, Attorney, Transammonia, Inc., geographic coordinates 40.7771 -73.95955;
    5. Jonathan Foster, Managing Director, The Cypress Group, geographic coordinates 40.7771 -73.95955;
    6. Mr. Marvin Pulvers;
    7. Michael C Gianturco, Writer;
    8. Rita Pulvers, designer/retired, self.

    On 8 April 1993, he may have lived at BEWKES, JEFFREY L.; 15 E. 91ST ST.; NY NY 10128. In 1998, he may have owed money to IBJ SCHRODER BANK &TRUST CO., 1 STATE STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10004.

    In 1994, he may have owed money to DIME SAVINGS BANK OF NEW YORK FSB, EAB PLAZA, UNIONDALE, NY. Incidentally in 1995, Richard D. Parsons (who once had been CEO of Dime) may have owed money to that office of Dime.

    Bewkes is a member of the American Museum of Natural History's advisory council.

  9. Director Stephen F. Bollenbach, 2006mar27

    STEPHEN F BOLLENBACH, 600 ST CLOUD RD (northeast of Bel Air Country Club), LOS ANGELES, CA 90077-3429.

    STEPHEN F BOLLENBACH, 1410 DAVIES DR (05/07/2002), BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210, (310) 860-0428.

  10. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Ruschell Boone

    Queens reporter

    formerly Ruschell West

    She may possibly have been a petitioner or litigant in a federal disrict court case.

    RUSCHELL WEST -- RUSCHELL WEST 4125 49TH ST (on a northbound street near Skillman Avenue) -- . RUSCHELL WEST -- SUNNYSIDE neighborhood, Queens, NYC, NY 11104-1210. (718) 424-7622

  11. Dawn Bridges, senior vice president for corporate communications of Time, Inc; 2006mar31

    DAWN D BRIDGES, Born 1974, 93 N. MOUNTAIN DR (on a dead end street near Ardsley Country Club, 10/14/2003), DOBBS FERRY, Westchester county, NY 10522-1207. (914) 674-8261, (914) 674-8607, (914) 693-3311, (914) 693-3979, (914) 693-4550, (914) 693-4553, (914) 693-4770.

    Some of her neighbors are MR. LYLE D MILLER, INVESTMENT BANKER, MORGAN STANLEY; Mr. Neil T Johnson, Vice President, AIG; Dr. Letty G. Lutzker, Medical Doctor, Imaging Consultants Of Essex.

  12. Glenn A. Britt, president and CEO of TWC (Time Warner Cable); TWX. 2006apr14.

    politically generous.

    GLENN A BRITT, 175 LONG LOTS RD (near Sprucewood Lane, 03/01/2006), WESTPORT, Fairfield county, CT 06880-4017. (203) 254-3629.

    TWC has an office at 290 Harbor Drive, Stamford, Fairfield county, CT 06902; (203) 328-0600.

    TWC's COO Hobbs, EVP Gerald Campbell, and EVP Dressler also seem to have recently lived in Fairfield county. Britt and Dressler both lived in Westport.

  13. Time magazine reporter TIMOTHY J. BURGER, 2006may12.

    1425 NASH ST (west of Iwo Jima Memorial, 03/01/2006), ARLINGTON, VA 22209, (703) 816-8881.
    1425 N Nash St, Arlington, VA 22209-3636, Arlington County.

    1425 N Nash St, Arlington, VA 22209
    parcel number 170310nn. This may be a condo.

    Recent neighbors of 1425 North Nash may have included Mr. Emanuel Rouvelas (Chairman, Preston Gates law firm; DNC $25,000; 1200 N Nash St, Arlington, VA 22209; 38.88811, -77.07219). Rouvelas was counsel to the Senate Commerce Committee. Gates is William H. Gates, Sr., father of Microsoft's Bill Gates. Other recent neighbors may have included Mr. Samuel A Bleicher (Attorney, US Dept of State; DNC $5,000; 1200 N Nash St, Arlington, VA 22209; 38.88811, -77.07219), Carmen Lomellin (Diplomat, Organization of American States; 1200 North Nash St, Arlington, VA 22209; 38.88811, -77.07219), and MR. ZEAD HADDAD (GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE, US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY; 1200 NORTH NASH ST, ARLINGTON, VA 22209; 38.88811, -77.07219).

    TIMOTHY J. BURGER, 4204 COLUMBIA PIKE (11/12/1999), ARLINGTON, VA 22204. (703) 521-4235.

  14. James E. Burtson, senior vice president for investor relations, 2006mar27

    JAMES BURTSON, 86 UNIVERSITY PL (near east 11th Street and Broadway, 08/14/2002), Manhattan, NEW YORK city, NY 10003-4549, (212) 691-3687.

  15. Time reporter MASSIMO CALABRESI, TWX. 2006may13

    MASSIMO T CALABRESI, 1710 35TH ST NW (near R Street, 01/01/2006), WASHINGTON, DC 20007-2304. (202) 965-5508.

    Address: 1710 35TH ST NW.
    SSL: 1303 0052.
    Neighborhood: BURLEITH
    Sub-Neighborhood: A
    Use Code: 12 - Class 3
    Exception: No
    Tax Type: TX - Tax Class: 001 -
    Homestead Status: ** Currently receiving the Senior Citizen Homestead Deduction*. (That deduction makes us guess that the owner of the house is an old person who claims to live there.)
    Assessor: ARLETHA FOSTER
    Ward: 2
    Land Area: 17,252
    Triennial Group: 2
    Owner and Sales Information Owner Name: W D JARMAN C/O MASSIMO CALABR W D JARMAN W D JARMAN's homestead deduction implies that he claims to live at 1704 35TH ST NW. Why isn't mail to him at that address sent directly to him? Why is mail sent to him there in care of someone else, someone who may possibly be the tenant? Nothing is necessarily wrong. We are merely curious.)
    Mailing Address: 1704 35TH ST NW; WASHINGTON DC20007-2304
    SSL: 1303 0052
    Building Type Single
    Building Style 2 Story
    Living Area 3,730
    Year Built 1930
    Bed Rooms 4
    Bath Rooms 3
    1/2 Bath Rooms 0
    Total Rooms 8
    Wall Wood Siding
    Floor Hardwood
    Heat Hot Water Rad
    Air Conditioning None ("None" is interesting. Summer in the District can be hot. We guess that the tenant supplies his own air conditioning if he wants any. This is just a guess. We could be wrong.)
    Fireplace(s) 2

    Recent neighbors may have included John Tillson (Defense Analyst, IDA; 1605 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.91074, -77.06899), Brett House (Economist, IMF (1685 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.91049, -77.06909), Martin Moe (Executive, AOL Time Warner; attorney, AOL; 1802 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.91182, -77.06919), Martin Petri (ECONOMIST, IMF; John Kerry $2,000; 1656 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.9098, -77.06907), Susan Binford (Public Relations, TWX's Turner Entertainment Networks; John Edwards $2,000; 1649 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.90972, -77.06907), and Helen Ingalls (Art Conservator, Smithsonian; 1554 34th St NW, Washington DC, DC 20007; 38.90994, -77.06766).

    Calabresi may have lived in New York city.

  16. Gerald "Gerry" Campbell, executive vice president for phone operations, TWC (Time Warner Cable), TWX, 2006apr16.

    GERALD D CAMPBELL, Born May 1953, 1687 POST RD (near Clubhouse Circle, 09/01/2005), DARIEN, Fairfield county, CT 06820-5914, (203) 655-3743. This address is about a 1.7 mile drive from an address for Lynn M. Yaeger (executive vice president for corporate affairs of TWC): LYNN M YAEGER, 17 POND LN, DARIEN, CT 06820.

    TWC's CEO Britt, COO Hobbs, and Dressler also seem to recently have lived in Fairfield county.

  17. Paul T Cappuccio; executive vice president, general counsel. 2006mar24.

    He generously politically contributes; for example: Cappuccio, Paul T Mr.; 2/15/2005; $5,000.00; Miami Beach, FL 33139; Time Warner Inc./Executive Vice Pre ($ donation) TIME WARNER POLITICAL ACTION CMTE.

    court officer (attorney at law). Age 44. Was associate deputy attorney general of the federal Department of Justice. He has a Florida homestead.

    PAUL T CAPPUCCIO, 12 W 72ND ST (near Central Park West, 02/01/2005), NEW YORK, NY 10023-4163, (212) 721-0498. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1124, lot 42, 12 WEST 72 STREET. He may have owed money to MERRILL LYNCH CREDITCORPORATION (3000 LEADENHALL ROAD, MT. LAUREL, NJ 08054) in 2002.

    PAUL T CAPPUCCIO, 45 W 67TH ST (near Central Park West, 03/01/2005), NEW YORK, NY 10023-6257 (212) 721-0498

    PAUL T CAPPUCCIO, 27 East DILIDO DR (at the south end of an island), MIAMI BEACH, Miami-Dade county, FL 33139-1225. (305) 531-1726. This house has a private waterfront on Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve.
    Folio No.: 02-3232-011-0050
    Property: 27 E DILIDO DR
    Mailing Address: PAUL T CAPPUCCIO, 27 E DILIDO DR MIAMI BEACH FL, 33139-1225
    Property Information:
    Primary Zone: 0800 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE
    Beds/Baths: 5/4
    Floors: 2
    Living Units: 1
    Adj Sq Footage: 3,588
    Lot Size: 13,408 SQ FT
    Year Built: 1936
    Legal Description: 32 53 42 DI LIDO ISLAND PB 8-36 LOT 5 & 8FT STRIP CONTIG TO SAME ON BAY BLK 1 LOT SIZE 13408 SQ FT COC 22410-4172 06 2004 1
    Sale Information:
    Sale O/R: 22410-4172
    Date of Sale to Cappuccio: 6/2004
    Sale Amount (price Cappuccio paid): $2,700,000
    Payments Applied To Cappuccio's 2005 real estate Taxes: Date Applied 12/29/2005; Register/Receipt 0031/0000411; Amount Paid $58,725.70
    Exemptions: HOMESTEAD $25,000. This implies that Cappuccio claims to permanently live on Dilido Drive.

    PAUL T CAPPUCCIO, 75 ROCKEFELLER PLZ (near 5th Avenue and west 51st Street, 03/01/2005), NEW YORK, NY 10019-6908. That address is an address of TWX. That address is an address of Tag Associates, which Richard Parsons seems to have been linked to. It's interesting that that address (not 1 Time Warner Center, which is at Columbus Circle) was used by Cappuccio.

    Cappuccio also may have lived in the District of Columbia: PAUL T CAPPUCCIO, 2915 WOODLAND DR NW (10/14/2003), WASHINGTON, DC 20008, (202) 319-8051.

    CAPPUCCIO, PAUL; 151-nn WILLETS PT. BLVD.; WHITESTONE NY. QUEENS block 4710, lot 2n.

  18. Director Frank J. Caufield, 2006mar28

    He generously makes political contributions.

    FRANK J CAUFIELD (415) 751-0105.

    FRANK J CAUFIELD, Born 1971, 2574 GREEN ST (10/05/2004), SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94123, (415) 567-7836, (415) 931-4168. He made a political contribution using that address: Caufield, Frank J.; 5/7/2003; $2,000.00; 2574 GREEN STREET, San Francisco, CA 94123; Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers/Pa ($ donation) FRIENDS OF JANE HARMAN. G. James Avery, II (self-employed Surgeon) seems to have lived nearby.


    FRANK J. CAUFIELD, SALEM AVE (01/30/2002), BELLMAWR, NJ 08031 (856), 931-5nnn.

  19. CNN's Anderson COOPER 2006sep12.

    Anderson Hays Cooper was born on 3 June 1967 and is a TV news anchor for CNN in New York.

    early 2006. COOPER, ANDERSON, 800 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, #28B, NEW YORK 10001 US.
    Recent neighbors may include

    1. Alan Yount (Teacher/Attorney NYC Board of Education, Dick Gephardt $2,000, 110 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001; 40.74457, -73.99232)
    2. Brad Raymond (Banker, Morgan Stanley; 142 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001; 40.74559, -73.99274
    3. Alan Miles; Strategy Director, Time Warner; 22 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010; 40.74422, -73.9895
    4. MR. ARA LOVITT; INVESTMENT BANKING, MORGAN STANLEY; George W. Bush $1,000; 60 W 23RD ST, NEW YORK, NY 10010; 40.74258, -73.99166.

    ANDERSON H COOPER, 47 66TH ST, 08/14/2002, NEW YORK, NY 10023.

    ANDERSON COOPER Born Jun 1967, 20 SAINT GEORGE PL , 08/17/2004, WESTHAMPTON BEACH village, Suffolk county, south shore of Long Island, NY 11978-2132. On a dead end street near Franklin Avenue and Aspatuck Creek. This is far from Manhattan. Maybe it's a weekend home.

    ANDERSON COOPER, 28 38TH ST, 03/01/2006, NEW YORK, NY 10018
    MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 839, lot 63, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT, 28 WEST 38 STREET, 3W (not 12W or 3B).
    Maybe he sold this 3W property in early 2006.

    He may have owed to NORTH FORK BANK (245 LOVE LANE, MATTITUCK, NY 11952 US) regarding MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 839, lot 63, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP, 28 WEST 38TH STREET, 3W/3B (not 12W).

    COOPER, ANDERSON; 28 WEST 38TH STREET, APT. 12W (not 3W or 3B), NEW YORK, NY 10018 US.



  20. Time magazine's former reporter Matthew COOPER, TWX 2007feb13.

    MATTHEW I. COOPER, Born Jan 1963, 1306 30TH ST NW (near N Street), WASHINGTON, DC 20007-3343. (202) 333-1319.

    Address: 1306 30TH ST NW
    SSL: 1233 0803
    Record Details
    Neighborhood: GEORGETOWN. Sub-Neighborhood: G
    Use Code: 13 - Class 3 Exception: No
    Tax Type: TX - Tax Class: 001 -
    Homestead Status: ** Currently receiving the Homestead Deduction*.
    Assessor: HAROLD BROWN
    Ward: 2
    Land Area: 1,728
    Triennial Group: 2
    Owner and Sales Information
    Owner Name: MATTHEW S COOPER
    Mailing Address: 1306 30TH ST NW; WASHINGTON DC20007-3343
    Sale Date: 05/30/2003
    Instrument No.: 66911
    The semi-annual real esate tax seems to be $4,111.25.
    SSL: 1233 0803
    Building Type Semi-Detache Building Style 2 Story
    Living Area 2,210
    Year Built 1900
    Bed Rooms 4
    Bath Rooms 1
    1/2 Bath Rooms 1
    Total Rooms 8
    Wall Common Brick
    Floor Hardwood
    Heat Warm Cool
    Air Conditioning Yes
    Fireplace(s) 1

    He is married to Mandy Grunwald. She was in Trimark studio's 1993, non-fiction movie, The War Room". Mandy Grunwald seems to have been a partner in Grunwald, Eskew, and Donilon. She may own Grunwald Communications, which seems to have the same address as her home: 1306 30TH Street NW. Her father Henry A. Grunwald was a managing editor of Time and an ambassador. She generously makes political contributions.

    Recent neighbors may have included Franz R Drees (Sector leader, The World Bank; 1232 30th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.90306, -77.05879), Margaret Mooney (Physician, NIH; DNC $2,000; 1077 30th St, Washington, DC 20007; 38.90353, -77.05908), Alan L. Hoffman (lobbyist, Timmons and Co.; 1230 29th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.90309, -77.05769), M Batmanglij (Editor and Publisher, Mage Publishers), Joseph Firschein Sr. (Program Manager, TWX's America Online, Inc.; John Kerry $1,000; 1077 30th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.90123, -77.05869), and Dr James Cleeman (Coordinator, National Institutes of Health; Joe Lieberman $1,000; 1077 30th St NW, Washington, DC 20007; 38.90123, -77.05869).

    MATTHEW I COOPER, Born 1963, 3133 CONNECTICUT AVE NW, (the Kennedy-Warren Apartments, 11/27/2003), WASHINGTON, DC 20008. SSL (realty parcel number) 2214 0805.

  21. Gary Credle, executive vice president for administration and studio operations of TWE, TWX, 2006apr25.

    maybe GARY CREDLE, 4102 W KLING ST (03/01/2006), BURBANK, Los Angeles county, CA 91505-3300. At a curve in a road, north of route 134, near West Oak Street. There is an alley at the south end of the parcel. Neighbors seem to have included Karl Schulz (Producer, Reuters TV) and Ralph Ayers (Licensing, Aol Time Wagner Warn; 4369 W Sarah St, Burbank, CA 91505).

  22. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Bobby Cuza

    transit reporter

    ROBERT M CUZA Born 1977. ROBERT M CUZA 151 31ST ST -- 03/12/2002 ROBERT M CUZA -- NEW YORK, NY 10016. (646) 424-0393. ROBERT M CUZA

    ROBERT M CUZA Born 1977. ROBERT M CUZA 205 1ST AVE -- 07/31/2003 ROBERT M CUZA -- NEW YORK, NY 10003. ROBERT M CUZA

    ROBERT M CUZA Born 1977. ROBERT M CUZA 58 3RD ST -- 10/14/2003 ROBERT M CUZA -- NEW YORK, NY 10003. (212) 228-4651

  23. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Valarie D'Elia

    travel reporter

    VALARIE D DELIA Born 1960. VALARIE D DELIA 166 E 96TH ST (near Lexington Ave) -- 05/20/2003 VALARIE D DELIA -- NEW YORK, NY 10128-2565. (212) 534-1104


    She may have bought the coop for about $405,000.00 in about 2004.

    Recent neighbors may include:

    1. MRS. AMY ROGERS, RESEARCH STRATEGIST, MORGAN STANLEY; George W. Bush $2,000; 1158 5TH Ave, NEW YORK, NY 10029; 40.78851, -73.95538
    2. Anne M Mager; Budget Director, Nyc Dept Of Homeless Services; 17 E 97th St, New York, NY 10029; 40.7884, -73.9556
    3. CW Dupree; Banker, JP Morgan Chase; 9 E 96th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.787, -73.956
    4. Mr. Charles H Warner; Professor, University Of Missouri; John Kerry $1,500; 126 E 95th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78815, -73.95611
  24. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    John Davitt


    DAVITT, JOHN; 35-40 83RD STREET, JACKSON HEIGHTS, Queens, NY 11372 US.

    QUEENS block 1457, lot 48, 35-49 83 STREET


  25. Ned DESMOND, president of Time Inc. Interactive; 2006mar30

    People named "Ned Desmond" haved had a Bethesday (Montgomery county, Maryland) telephone number (NED DESMOND [301] 907-3nnn) and a Pennsylvania address: NED DESMOND, BEULAH RD (03/12/2004), BUTLER, Butler county, PA 16001 (724) 282-1nnn.

  26. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Lewis Dodley (Lewis E. Dodley, Jr.?)


    DODLEY, LEWIS E; 457 W 93RD APT 2B, NEW YORK NY 10128-6904 US.


    He may have owed to INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, 135 HIGH STREET, STOP 155, HARTFORD CT 06103 US.


    The NY1 anchor and the seeming IRS debtor are not necessarily the same person.

  27. Robin Rosenberg Domeniconi, president of corporate sales & marketing, Time, Inc.; 2006mar30

    In about January 2005, Frances BRITCHFORD (then at 62 WEST 62 STREET, 20A; NEW YORK NY 10023) sold a condo at that address (namely: MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1114, lot 1118, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL CONDO UNIT, 62 WEST 62 STREET, 20A) to DOMENICONI, ROBIN (then at 60 WEST 23RD STREET, APT. 1211, NEW YORK NY 10010). That 62nd Street building may be called THE ALLEGRO. We guess that Domeniconi now lives in THE ALLEGRO, which is near Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and 1 Time Warner Center. She may have owed about $1,196,000.00 to MORGAN STANLEY DEAN WITTER CREDIT CORPORATION (98 FLORAL AVENUE, STE 102, MURRAY HILL NJ 07974).

    Many of her neighbors (for example, people who live in her building) generously make political contributions.

    She made a political contribution while living at a former address: Domeniconi, Robin; 2/4/2004; $1,000.00; 60 west 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010; ($ donation) JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC.

    ROBIN Rosenberg DOMENICONI, 60 w 23RD ST (04/01/2005), NEW YORK, NY 10010-5283. (212) 229-1715. This former address is near Madison Square Park, which is where Madison Square Garden once was.

    In 2002, DOMENICONI, ROBIN ROSENBERG seems to have lived at 39 E. 20TH ST., NY NY 10003. In 1988, DOMENICONI, ROBIN ROSENBRG (310 EAST 46TH STREET, NY, NY 10017) may have owed money to BOSTON SAFE DEPOSITAND TRUST COMPANY (1 BOSTON PLACE, BOSTON 02108).

  28. Fred M. Dressler, executive vice president for programming, TWC (Time Warner Cable, TWX; 2006apr16.

    He is politically generous.

    FRED M DRESSLER, Born 1941, 17 COMPO PKWY (on a dead end street near Compo Road South, 03/01/2006), WESTPORT, Fairfield county, CT 06880-6507. (203) 221-1463, (203) 221-7644.

    TWC's CEO Britt, COO Hobbs, and EVP Campbell also seem to recently have lived in Fairfield county. Britt and Dressler both lived in Westport.

  29. Director Jessica P. Einhorn, 2006mar27

    JESSICA P EINHORN, 2861 BRANDYWINE ST NW (north of Soapstone Valley Park), WASHINGTON, DC 20008-2164, (202) 244-3292.

    parcel 2256 0813, address 2861 BRANDYWINE ST NW, owner EINHORN, neighborhood FOREST HILLS, 2007 assessed value $1,080,140.00.
    Building Type Single
    Building Style 2.5 Story Fin
    Living Area 2,150
    Year Built 1941
    Bed Rooms 4
    Bath Rooms 3
    1/2 Bath Rooms 1
    Total Rooms 12
    Wall Common Brick
    Floor Hardwood
    Heat Warm Cool
    Air Conditioning Yes
    Fireplace(s) 1

    We don't know if she's related to Stephen L. Einhorn; president of TWX's New Line Home Entertainment.

  30. Stephen L. Einhorn; president of New Line Home Entertainment, TWX. 2006apr5.

    STEPHEN L EINHORN, 35 WASHINGTON SPRING RD (at a turn on a dead end street near the west bank of the Hudson River), Rockland county, PALISADES, NY 10964-1626.

    STEPHEN L EINHORN, 400 E 84TH ST (on an eastbound street near 1st Avenue, 11/27/2003), NEW YORK, NY 10028-5606. (212) 249-3226, (212) 249-3294, (212) 414-8877.

    "Seconding the First" gala dinner seemingly was at the Hammerstein Ballroom (311 west 34th Street, beween 8th and 9th Avenues, at Manhattan Center Studios) on Tuesday evening, 29 October 2002. The dinner's co-chairs included Jeff Bewkes (TWX), Maria Cuomo Cole (lives in a Stanford White-designed Westchester house, daughter of forner NY governor Mario Cuomo), Stephen L. Einhorn (TWX), and Steven Fisher (lives at 3 Hidden Oak Lane, Armonk, Westchester county, NY 10504; member of the board of governors of the Police Athletic League; vice-chairman of the board of trustees of New York city's Police Museum). We can only guess who suggested that the dinner be at Manhattan Center Studios, which has television studios and audio recording studios. By the way, Bewkes's boss (Richard D. Parsons) met Maria's father (Mario Cuomo) at least once: at Manhattan's BPG (Bryant Park Grill) one night at "Newhouse School In New York Presents: Richard D. Parsons". That implies that Mario Cuomo came to meet Richard Parsons. BPG is in Bryant Park, which used to be a cemetery. BPG and the park are where many, uniformed, intoxicated, FDNY firemen feloniously, riotously fought each other, a security guard, and NYPD officers (for example, Lawrence McDonnell), pissed in public, and went into the women's room on 3 June 1998.

    We don't know if Stephen Einhorn is related to TWX director Jessica Einhorn.

  31. Tobias "Toby" Emmerich president of New Line Productions, TWX. 2006apr6.

    He occasionally says "Hey man" or "Oh man". He has a baritone voice. Some of his clothing is casual (for example, dungarees and sneakers). He has joggged. He may have a dog.

    Toby's brother, actor Noah Emmerich, acted as Gordo Hersch in FREQUENCY, a New Line movie written by Toby.
    Noah acted as Marlon in the Truman Show movie, according to information once at URL Toby was the first person who told Noah about that movie project.

    TOBY EMMERICH, 1261 LAGO VISTA DR (west of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, 01/01/2005) BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210-2417. (310) 273-4922, (310) 274-0830. This may be near his New Line boss Shaye's house. Emmerich's recent neighbors may have included Mr. Jeffrey Godsick (20th Century Fox, Executive Vice President of Publ; 1262 Coldwater Canyon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210) and Alfred Jean (Jean Alfred?): TV writer, 20th Century Fox; 1514 SCHUYLER RD, BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210.

    Assessor's Id. Number 4350-018-023
    Site Address 1261 LAGO VISTA DR, BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210
    Property Type Single Family Residence
    Region / C luster 07 / 07152
    Tax Rate Area (TRA) 02410
    Legal Description TRACT # 13101 LOT 31
    Improvement 1
    Square Footage 7,979
    Year Built / Effective Year Built 1950 / 1986
    Bedrooms / Bathrooms 4 / 7
    (According to our understanding of the assessor information above, there are 7 bathrooms. Maybe there's a clerical error.)
    Units 1
    This is an irregularly shaped parcel west and north of a curve in a road.

    We have two, possible, Manhattan addresses for him, each with a different zip code. We guess that the east side address (zip 10128) is more likely than the west one (zip 10024). Both could be wrong.

    TOBY EMMERICH, 4 west 89TH ST (near Central Park West (04/15/2001), NEW YORK, NY 10024-2001. (212) 289-7575.

    4 east 89TH ST (near 5th Avenue, 05/20/2003), NEW YORK, NY 10128. (212) 289-7575. Some people at this address seem to have been Eric Marcus, Md (Physicians, Self), Benjamin Sadock (Physician, Self), and Brett Rosen (President; The Georgetown Group, Inc.). This address happens to be several blocks from NY state attorney general Spitzer's apartment.

    Not every Tobias "Toby" Emmerich above is necessarily TWX's.

    He and some other TWX people contributed to the 2003 Seattle election campaign of Kollin Min, as briefly discussed in the article about Benjamin "Ben" Zinkin.

  32. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Sandra Endo

    politics reporter

    SANDRA ENDO -- SANDRA ENDO 355 20TH ST -- 04/15/2001 SANDRA ENDO -- NEW YORK, NY 10011

    SANDRA M ENDO, 165 CHURCH ST, 04/15/2001, NEW YORK, NY 10007

  33. Falco 2006nov19

    Randel "Randy" Falco, Chairman and Chief Executive of TWX's AOL LLC. Falco, who used to be one of NBC's top executives, has headed NBC network═s advertising sales.

    RANDEL FALCO, 125B COLUMBIA CT, 06/24/2004, YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, Westchester county, NY 10598.

    RANDEL A FALCO Born Dec 1953, 36 AUTUMN RIDGE RD, POUND RIDGE, NY 10576 Weschester County (914) 764-9227

    RANDEL A FALCO Born Dec 1953, 36 FORDHAM RIDGE RD, 10/14/2003, POUND RIDGE, NY 10576

  34. Farinacci, NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2008may25

    1. Introduction

      Amanda Farinacci, a Staten Island reporter born in Brooklyn. Her ny1 employer's website provides a photo and other information. We have address information from a few sources.
      Skeptically read this entire webiste.

    2. real estate information
      DOCUMENT ID 2007091700265001, CRFN 2007000478970, recorded September 2007
      FARINACCI, AMANDA; 34 GRAND AVENUE, STATEN ISLAND NY 10301 US. STATEN ISLAND / RICHMOND block 605, lot 38, DWELLING ONLY - 1 FAMILY, 34 GRAND AVENUE. Maybe she doesn't live there. This seeems to be on a southeast-bound street near Glenwood Avenue, east and south of Clove Lakes Park.

      By the way, many songs refer to Staten Island. For example, the word Shaolin means Staten Island in Wu-Tang Clan's songs; for example, in the line "The Shaolin Soldiers, Daddy-O and Popa Ron" in their song "Clan In Da Front". .

    3. website

      Information about her home address and phone may possibly be available from a forum of According to a February 2008 post in that forum, her address may then have been on Olivia.

      Amanda J Farinacci (Age 28)
      18 Olivia Ct
      Staten Island, NY 10310-2137.
    4. All other sources

      She may not now live at any of the addresses below.

      653 E 14th St, Manhattan, New York City, NY 10009-3107. On a westbound street between Avenue C and Stuyvesant Loop S.
      This address is in Manhattan (a crowded, highly expensive place), not Staten Island (a somewhat suburban, less expensive place). Manhattan and Staten Island are different islands. One takes a ferry from one to the other. We guess that the Staten Island reporter lives on Staten Island, not Manhattan. By the way, Joni Mitchell's "Song For Sharon" refers to the Staten Island-Manhattan ferry.

      "I went to Staten Island.
      Big boat chuggin' back with a belly full of cars...
      Because as soon as this ferry boat docks

      AMANDA J FARINACCI 177 FOREST AVE -- 01/25/2002 STATEN ISLAND, NY 10301.

      AMANDA J FARINACCI Born Mar 1979. 32 FOREST RD -- 02/26/2002 STATEN ISLAND, NY 10304. (718) 987-2nnn.

  35. James D. Fellhauer, executive vice president for operations of TWC; TWX. 2006apr16.

    politically generous

    JAMES D. FELLHAUER, Born Nov 1949, 35 WILTON ACRES (east of Danbury Road, 03/01/2006), WILTON, Fairfield county, CT 06897-4530, (203) 762-9893.

  36. Patricia Fili-Krushel, executive vice president for dministration, 2006mar26

    Age 52. Fili-Krushel is a director of the Central Park Conservancy and a member of mayor Bloomberg's Commission on Women's Issues.

    Fili Krushel, Patricia Ms.; 12/21/2004; $5,000.00; 1155 Park Avenue (Apt.8NW?); New York, NY 10128; Time Warner Inc./Executive Vice Pre ($ donation) TIME WARNER POLITICAL ACTION CMTE. Some people in her building generously make political contributions.

    In 1986-1990, FILI, PATRICIA D. (235 E 22ND ST, NY NY) may have owed money to ANCHOR SAVINGS BANK (1460 VALLEY RD, WAYNE NJ).

  37. Darren Finnie; global marketing senior vice president for divisional partnerships. 2006apr1.

    DARREN L FINNIE, 410 W 53RD ST (on a westbound street near 8th Avenue, 03/12/2002), NEW YORK, NY 10019-5622. (212) 265-5852. This is near the Time Life Building.

    He may have lived in Connecticut and New Jersey.

  38. Larry J. Fischer, president of TWC (Time Warner Cable) Media Sales; TWX. 2006apr16.

    LARRY J. FISCHER, Born Apr 1950, 1045 PARK AVE, apt. 11A, (north of 86th Street on the east side of Park Avenue), NEW YORK, NY 10028 (212) 427, (212) 427-7384.

    A few of his neighbors in 2004 seem to have been Michael S Helfer (General Counsel, Citigroup; 1049 Park Ave , New York, NY 10028) and Ricki Tigert Helfer (consultant in financial regulation, Self employed; 1049, New York, NY 10028). We guess that Citigroup owns Citibank. Michael and Ricki seem to have lived in the same apartment, which have might been 6C or 8C. We guess that they are related to each other. Ricki Tigert Helfer was chairman of the board of directors (1994-1997) and CEO of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), a government agency which regulates American banks. She was a member of the Basle (Switzerland) Committee on Banking Supervision. Early in her career, she was a lawyer in the law firm which represents the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Michael's possible, current, home address is mentioned elsewhere in this website.

    Someone named "FISCHER, LAWRENCE J" might, in about 1987-1991, have lived at 246 E. 98TH STREET, NY NY 10028. He might have owed money to FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ROCHESTER, 1 FIRST FEDERAL PLAZA, ROCHESTER NY 14614.

  39. Richard J. Fox, executive vice president for international of WBE, TWX, 2006apr26.

    RICHARD J. FOX, Born 1947, 9300 HAZEN DR (on the southeast side of Hazel, 01/01/2005), BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210-1829. East of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, near Loma Vista Drive. Recent neighbors seem to have included Theodore Gagliano (Presiden, 20th Century Fox; across the street at 9305 Hazen Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210), Andrew Scheinman (Film Producer, TWX's Castle Rock Entertainment; 9338 Hazen Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210), Sandra Stern (Executive VP, Lions Gate Entertainment), Mr. Fredric D Rosen (Executive, Key 3 Media Group), and Mr. Garth Ancier (Chairman, TWX's WB Network; 9211 Hazen Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210). WBE's Fox made a September 2005 contribution to SECUREUS using this Hazen address.

    Assessor's Id. Number 4388-019-024
    Site Address 9300 HAZEN DR, LOS ANGELES CA 90210
    Property Type Single Family Residence
    Region / Cluster 07 / 07151
    Tax Rate Area (TRA) 00067
    Recent Sale Information Latest Sale Date Indicated Sale Price 2005 Roll Values
    Recording Date 03/01/2004
    Land $1,077,936
    Improvements $793,764
    Homeowners' Exemption $7,000. The owner claims to live there.
    Building Description(s)
    Improvement 1
    Square Footage 3,084
    Year Built / Effective Year Built 1961 / 1964
    Bedrooms / Bathrooms 4 / 5
    Units 1

    RICHARD J. FOX, Born 1947, 2880 BENEDICT CANYON DR (01/01/2005), BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210. WBE's Fox made a March 2003 contribution to Kerry using this address.

  40. Camela P. "Cam" Galano; president of New Line International Releasing, Inc.; TWX; 2006apr11.

    She has worked on sales and distribution.

    Galano, Camela P Ms.; 6/4/2004 $2,000.00; (1104 Angelo Drive?; near Maybrook Drive, northwest of Los Angeles Country Club) Beverly Hills, CA 90210; New Line Cinema/President Internati; TIME WARNER POLITICAL ACTION CMTE.

    She's a New Line president who contributed $2,000.00 in June 2004 to Time Warner PAC. Rolf Mittweg (president and chief operating officer, New Line Worldwide Distribution and Marketing) also gave $2,000.00 to the same PAC in the same month (6/23/2004). Co-CEO (higher than a president) Robert Shaye gave $5000.00 to that PAC that month (6/23/2004, the same day Mittweg contributed. Co-CEO Michael Lynne gave the same amount as the other co-CEO (Shaye) on the same day (6/23/2004) to the same PAC. Lynne contributed on the east coast (New York) on the same day Shaye and Mittweg contributed on the west coast (California). Not only do great minds think alike, they do so simultaneously when thousands of miles apart. By now, you may be wondering about president Stephen Einhorn. He contributed the presidential $2,000.00 to the PAC. However, he did it on 6/3/2004 (one day before Galano contributed), not on the day that both co-CEOs and president Mittweg did (6/23/2004).

    CFO Abramson, on the east coast, contributed $2,000.00 to the PAC on 23 June 2004. NLC (New Line Cinema) president James K. Rosenthal gave the presidential $2,000.00 to the TWX PAC but he gave it on July 19, not in June. David Tuckerman gave the presidential $2,000.00 on June 4th.

    By the way, December 2001 was also a contribution month for some people who now are in TWX.

    Galano may have married a writer.

  41. NY1 News, Time Warner Cable, TWX, 2006sep22

    Kevin Garrity

    sports reporter

    KEVIN T GARRITY Born 1967. KEVIN T GARRITY 55 HIDDEN LAKE CIR -- KEVIN T GARRITY -- BARNEGAT, NJ 08005. (609) 398-2113, (609) 607-8793

    KEVIN T GARRITY Born Jan 1967. KEVIN T GARRITY 351 LAKE AVE -- 04/08/2004 KEVIN T GARRITY -- COLONIA, NJ 07067. (732) 815-1130

    KEVIN T GARRITY Born Jan 1967. KEVIN T GARRITY 99 JEFFERY RD -- 10/14/2003 KEVIN T GARRITY -- COLONIA, NJ 07067. (732) 815-1130

    KEVIN T GARRITY Born Jan 1967. KEVIN T GARRITY 415 LAKESIDE BLVD -- 11/28/2003 KEVIN T GARRITY -- HOPATCONG, NJ 07843. (973) 398-2113

  42. Director Miles R. Gilburne, 2006mar27

    He generously contributes politically.

    MILES R. GILBURNE, 3327 DENT PL NW (north of Georgetown Recreation Center, 10/14/2003), WASHINGTON, DC 20007-2713.
    parcel SSL 1290 0299. John W. Arata seems to have recently lived nearby.
    Real Property tax balance $13,597.18 as of 03/22/2006. Building Type Row End; Building Style 2.5 Story Fin; Living Area 2,938; Year Built 1900; Bed Rooms 5; Bath Rooms 4; 1/2 Bath Rooms 2; Total Rooms 12; Wall Common Brick; Floor Hardwood; Heat Warm Cool; Air Conditioning Yes; Fireplace(s) 2.

    MILES R GILBURNE, 10801 BALANTRE LN (07/25/2003), POTOMAC, MD 20854-1319, (301) 983-nnnn. This is an irregularly shaped parcel on the north side of the Lane. Account Identifier District - 10, Account Number - 01629762. Block E, lot 49.
    He does not seem to live here now. He seems to have sold this property. Seller GILBURNE, MILES R; Date: 02/07/2003; Price: $1,650,000; Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH; Deed /23032/ 698.

  43. William R. Goetz, Jr.; executive vice president for operations, TWC; TWX. politically generous. 2006apr17.

    WILLIAM R GOETZ, Born 1954, 418 CARTER ST (near Dabney Road, 03/01/2006), NEW CANAAN, Fairfield county, CT 06840-5016. (203) 966-1436.


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