opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


We provide information about the DN (New York Daily News) and USNWR (U.S.News & World Report), both owned by Mortimer B. Zuckerman. (By the way, notice that there is no blank space before the N in U.S.News & World Report.) This website's main publicity page discusses DN publicity about this website. The above words, "NEW YORK DAILY NUDES" (not New York Daily News), are humor and parody.

  1. Bazinet 2006nov22

    He worked as a staff writer for the DN in 2004. On 22 November 2006, he may write for the Merc (San Jose Mercury News). He seems to work in the District of Columbia area. His year of birth may be listed in his entry in the San Jose Mercury News article, which is on one of our California pages.

    KENNETH R. BAZINET may be KENNETH R BAZINET, 7719 GARLAND AVE, TAKOMA PARK, Montgomery county, MD 20912-7711, (301) 270-2605. Near Carroll Avenue and Long Branch Park.

    Account Identifier: District - 13 Account Number - 01064382
    Owner Information
    Owner Name: BAZINET, KENNETH R & other
    Principal Residence: YES
    Mailing Address: 7719 GARLAND AVENUE, TAKOMA PARK MD 20912
    Location & Structure Information
    block 101, lot P9
    Tax Class 74
    Primary Structure Built 1923 (an old house)
    enclosed area 1,479 SF
    property land area 8,994.00 SF
    1.5 stories, basement, standard unit, frame exterior
    Transfer Information
    Seller: PAUL L & M H IRVIN, Date: 02/14/1994, Price: $210,000, Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH, Deed1: /12321/ 488,
    Seller: , Date: 10/29/1987, Price: $130,000, Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH , Deed1: / 7992/ 624
    A rectangular parcel on the northeast side of Garland Avenue.

    Recent enighbors may include:

    1. Carol Schatz, Education Analyst, Montgomery County Public Schools; John Kerry $2,000; 7310 Hilton Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912; 38.98125, -76.99411
    2. Thomas Perez, Law Professor/Elected Official, U of Maryland and Montgomery Cou; 7230 Minter Pl, Takoma Park, MD 20912; 38.98371, -76.99296
    3. Dana Lesemann, Attorney, Federal Trade Commission; 1016 Heather Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912; 38.9797, -76.9938.
  2. 26 August 2004
    Staff writer Maki Becker, age 32, may have lived north of 90th Street, in Manhattan NY.
  3. 2005 April 15
    Veronika Belenkaya writer:
    VERONIKA BELENKAYA, age 24, 1502 52ND ST, BROOKLYN NY 11219, (718).
  4. 16 October 2004
    New York Daily News reporter Russ Buettner may possibly be RUSSELL A. BUETTNER, 23 OAKVIEW AVE, MAPLEWOOD NJ 07040, (973).
  5. August 2004
    Leslie Casimir is a Daily News staff writer. She may possibly be LESLIE P. CASIMIR, age 33, 173 GARFIELD PL, BROOKLYN NY 11215, (718) 832-3103.
  6. 2005 April 18, Colangelo
    Lisa L. Colangelo, age 40, 240 JARED SPARKS RD, WILLINGTON CT 06279, (860) 429-1210.
  7. Stanley Crouch, DN columnist 2008jun22

    born CROUCH STANLEY L 12/14/1945 MALE, mother FORD, county LOS ANGELES.

    STANLEY L CROUCH born 1945-12-14 lived in New York NY 10014.

    CROUCH, STANLEY; 271 W 11TH ST, APT 3A-B, NEW YORK, NY 10014-2425 USA. He may live in a multi-family house in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood, four stories, built in 1910, 6,740 square feet on a 2,800-square-foot lot.

  8. DeFRANK

    2005 July 28, D.N. WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF THOMAS may possibly be:
    THOMAS M. DEFRANK, born 1945, 608 SOUTH CAROLINA AVE SE., Capitol Hill neighborhood, WASHINGTON DC 20003-2701, (202) 547-5329. The house is worth about $521,840, realty parcel number SSL 0875 0038. A 03/31/2005 real estate tax of $1,504.52 was paid.

  9. DRASNER 2005

    According to ex-URL, Fred Drasner is co-publisher of the DN, and CEO of U.S. News and World Report (another Zuckerman publication). Also, Drasner seems to have been a partner with Zuckerman in NEC (New Elmira Company), Zuckeman owning 99 percent and Drasner owning 1 percent.

    Drasner's weekend home may be FRED DRASNER, DUELL RD, STANFORDVILLE NY 12581, (845) 868-7434. Other information about Drasner's housing is discussed on our publicity page.

  10. 15 October 2004
    DANIEL DUNAIEF, DAILY NEWS BUSINESS WRITER, may possibly be DANIEL H. DUNAIEF, age 36, Manhattan NY, zip code 100nn, phone area code (212).
  11. Illustrator Randall ENOS 2006oct16

    He has illustrated for USNWR, Time, and Fortune.

    RANDALL ENOS, 402 PARK AVE, EASTON, CT 06612. (203) 445-8374. This may be a farm.

  12. Gendar 2009sep22

    ALISON S GENDAR Born Sep 1964, 81 SPRUCE ST, YONKERS, NY 10701 (914) 965-4708. See contribution information below.

    ALISON S GENDAR 1964-09-21 lived in North Adams MA 01247.
    ALISON S GENDAR 1964-09-21 lived in Hillsdale NY 12529

    Friends of Vincent Demarco [discloser]
    09/12/07 [perhaps when the contribution was received]
    81 SPRUCE STREET YONKERS NY 10701 [Gendar's address]
    JAN-04-08   03:42 PM [perhaps when the government found out]
    ALISON GENDAR  [contributor]
    We guess that the recipient was Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco.
    It's interesting that a crime or police reporter contributed to a sheriff.
  13. David Richmond Gergen 2006oct15

    Born 9 May 1942. He worked for a few, American presidents. He is editor-at-large of USNWR (U.S.News & World Report). Joe Bob Briggs (whose real name is John Irving Bloom) noticed that Gergen looks like The Cat in the Hat. Furthermore, there's never been a photograph showing both Gergen and The Cat in the Hat.

    DAVID R GERGEN Born May 1942, DAVID R GERGEN, 31 ASH ST, CAMBRIDGE, MA 02138, (617) 491-4321

    DAVID R GERGEN Born 1942, 1779 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NW, 05/26/2003, WASHINGTON, DC 20036. This may have been a work address.

    DAVID R GERGEN Born May 1942, 1105 ALVORD CT, 01/28/2002, MC LEAN, VA 22102. He may have owned this address from about June 1973 to about June 2001.

  14. 15 October 2004
    Greg Gittrich may possibly be GREG C. GITTRICH, age 29, 187 BEDFORD AVE, BROOKLYN NY 11211, (718). He may have lived in Elizabeth, NJ.
  15. 26 August 2004
    DAVE GOLDINER, STAFF WRITER may possibly be DAVID A. GOLDINER, age 39, Bronx or Brooklyn NY, (718).
  16. 2007aug16, DN, MAGGIE HABERMAN

    Maybe she works for the New York Post now. There is a brief article about her on our MME (Mudoch media empire) page.

    MAGGIE L. HABERMAN, age 31, 240 E. 55TH Street, NEW YORK NY 10022, (212);
    MAGGIE L. HABERMAN, age 31, 817 W. END Avenue, NEW YORK NY 10025, (212) 678-15nn, (212) 662-01nn.

  17. 26 August 2004, DN
    writer SEAN D. HAMILL in Chicago: SEAN D HAMILL, age 37, 710 SOUTH BLVD, EVANSTON IL 60202, (847) 869-1143
  18. 7 September 2004, DN
    Long Island Bureau chief Brian Harmon may be Brian P. Harmon, age 36, who may have lived in (Shirley NY 11967, phone area code 631) or (Bethpage NY 11714, phone area code 516).

  19. Celeste KATZ 2007jun3

    1. Introduction

      DN (Daily News) staff writer Celeste Katz.

    2. 22nd Street

      MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 928, lot 1, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT, 301 EAST 22ND STREET, 12N, New York 10010-4816. She may have owed to CHARLES SCHWAB BANK, N.A.; 3000 LEADENHALL ROAD, MT. LAUREL NJ 08054. She may have moved here in early in 2007. This isn't far from Ben Widdicombe's 15th Street addresses. Other people she may live near possibly include:

      1. Casey Crawford, Director, City of NY; 235 E 22nd St New York, NY 10011.
      2. Peter Fleischman, Attorney, The Hearst Corp.; John Kerry $1,800; 205 E 22nd St New York, NY 10010.
      3. Marjorie Jelin; Director, Public Service Corp.; City of New York. 205 E 22nd St New York, NY 10010.
    3. 34th Street

      KATZ, CELESTE ; 340 EAST 34TH STREET, 15E, NEW YORK NY 10016 US.

    4. 89th Street

      She may possibly be CELESTE N. KATZ, age 31 in 2004 (born in October 1973), formerly of 119 E. 89TH ST. (on the north side of 89th, between Park and Lexington Avenues), NEW YORK NY 10128-1577, phone (212). She seems to have lived near what may be a recent address of court officer (attorney at law) Charles PRINCE III: 2005; Prince III, Charles; 114 East 90th Street, Apt.8A (near Park Avenue), New York, NY 10128-1550.


      We guess she lived on Manhattan's 89th Street, then 34th, then 22nd Street. Brown University graduate, worked in Newport for the Providence Journal-Bulletin.

  20. NANCIE L. KATZ, DN staff writer 2006dec7

    1. NANCIE L KATZ Born 1958, 153 WARREN ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201-6113. Near Henry Street. By the way, a government officer who may recently have lived near this address is Mr. Stanley Friedman (Physician, Suny Brooklyn; DNC $1,900; 124 Pacific St Brooklyn, NY 11201; lat 40.68965, lon -73.99818).

      KATZ, NANCIE L; 330 CLINTON STREET, APT.4; BROOKLYN NY 11231 US. While at the preceding Clinton address, she may have gotten the Warren address with a $1,100,000 deed in early 2004: BROOKLYN / KINGS block 301, lot 45, DWELLING ONLY - 4 FAMILY, 153 WARREN STREET.

      She may have owed to:

      2. PENTAGON FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, 1001 NORTH FAIRFAX STREET, ALEXANDRIA VA 22314. Not anyone can belong to any fcu (federal cedit union). We guess that one has to work at the Pentagon or belong to the American military to join the Pentagon FCU. Maybe that FCU lends to non-members. However, if Katz and her co-buyer, both in New York city, didn't belong to it (Pentagon FCU, in Virginia), why did they apply to it for a loan? New York city is one of the world's financial capitals. There are a huge number of lenders in and near the city. Why would two New Yorkers apply to an FCU in Virginia to which neither belongs? Maybe one of them belongs. Her co-borrower seems to speak a Near Eastern language and have a degree from Tufts's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. We guess it's conceivable that maybe once he worked for the military.
      3. MERS, PO BOX 2026, FLINT MI 48501-2026 US. This may possibly be a service for ceditors and others, not a creditor.

    2. NANCIE L KATZ, 330 CLINTON ST, 03/01/2006, BROOKLYN, NY 11231 Kings County (718) 875-7191

      Her Clinton Street address is near what may be a recent addresses of three government officers:

      1. Court officer (attorney at law) THEODORE A. BAJO, age 61, 336 CLINTON ST., BROOKLYN NY 11231, (718) 246-13nn, (718) 624-03nn.
      2. New York city Consumer Affairs commissioner, Gretchen Dykstra age about 53, Democrat: 1nn CLINTON Street, BROOKLYN NY 11201 (718) 237-97nn.

  21. Paul J. LIM 2006oct16

    USNWR financial writer. He may possibly have lived in a residential condo on Massachusetts Avenue in both Boston and the District of Columbia.

    PAUL J LIM Born Jun 1970, 1727 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NW, 03/01/2006, WASHINGTON, DC 20036-2103, (202) 299-0985. Near N and 17th Streets. We guess he may have been a tenant in a ersidential condo.

    PAUL J LIM Born Jun 1970, 530 MASSACHUSETTS AVE, BOSTON, MA 02118-1473, (617) 266-7098, (617) 266-7645. On a southeast-bound street near Tremont and Northhampton Streets. We guess he may have been a tenant in a residential condo.

  22. Writer ADAM LISBERG, 2005 March 18, DN.
    ADAM LISBERG, age 34, 98 BERGEN Street, BROOKLYN NY 11201 (718);
    ADAM LISBERG, age 34, 21 West 86TH Street, NEW YORK NY 10024, (212) 769-28nn.
    He may have lived in BURLINGTON Vermont and reported for the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press. He may have reported for The Record in Bergen County, N.J.
  23. DN writer Errol LOUIS2007jan2

    ERROL J LOUIS (also ERROL T. LOUIS), 598 SAINT MARKS AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11216, Kings County (718) 623-9027, (718) 636-3891. BROOKLYN / KINGS block 1224, lot 31, bought in 1997. He may have owed to LONG BEACH MORTGAGE COMPANY 1400 S DOUGLASS RD STE 100, ANAHEIM CA 92806 US regarding BROOKLYN / KINGS block 1224, lot 31, DWELLING ONLY - 3 FAMILY, 598 ST MARKS AVE. That Saint Marks address may be near a recent home of Matthew Winkler, editor in chief of Bloomberg News: MATTHEW J WINKLER Born Jan 1964. 187 SAINT MARKS AVE. 03/12/2002, BROOKLYN, NY 11238.

    ERROL T LOUIS, 136 LAFAYETTE AVE, 08/14/2002, BROOKLYN, NY 11238.

    LOUIS, ERROL T; 31 HEMINGWAY AVE; NEW ROCHELLE Westchester county NY US. He may have owed to GREENPOINT BANK, 807 MANHATTAN AVE, BKLYN NY US, regarding BROOKLYN / KINGS block 1224, lot 31, which is 598 Saint Marks Avenue.

    He has lived in in Westchester county. He was born in Manhattan.

  24. DN writer MIKE LUPICA 2007jan18

    Much of his writing concerns sports.

    MIKE LUPICA Born May 1974, 55 RUNNINGBROOK LN, NEW CANAAN, Fairfield county, CT 06840

    MICHAEL T LUPICA, 270 SMITH RIDGE RD, 04/15/2001, NEW CANAAN, CT 06840


  25. 2005 April 23, DN
    writer JOHN MARZULLI may have lived on SPRUCE STREET, BLOOMFIELD NJ 07003, (973).
  26. DN writer MICHAEL McAULIFF 2007jan18

    MICHAEL MCAULIFF, 213 CARROLL ST, 04/15/2001, BROOKLYN, NY 11231 County (718) 797-4435

    MICHAEL G MCAULIFF Born Sep 1966, 22 LINCOLN PL, 03/01/2006, BROOKLYN, NY 11217, (718) 230-7797. BROOKLYN / KINGS block 950, lot 16, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT, 22 LINCOLN PLACE, apt 1R. Michael got this property with Andrea Coller McAuliff, who seems to have been the editor of NYC Inc., a project of the Center for an Urban Future. In December 2006, as nearly as we can tell, the McAuliffes may possibly have sold the property for about $560,000.00.

  27. MCCARRON, 26 August 2004

    DN sports writer Anthony McCarron may be ANTHONY P. MCCARRON, age 39, 303 E. 83RD ST, NEW YORK NY 10028, (212) 734-4607. This addrss happens to be near a recent address of John S. Redpath, general counsel of Time, Inc.

  28. 1 June 2006
    Michele McPhee, who co-wrote at least one DN (Daily News) article about this website, and was the DN's police bureau chief, was about 34 years old in 2004. She comes from east Boston. She works for the Boston Herald, (owned by Herald Media Inc.), no longer for the Daily News. Micah Le's 12 April 2005 article "Fact-Checking the Herald", which is at the Boston Independent Media Center website, criticizes two of McPhee's February 2005 articles for the Boston Herald. Her email address at the Herald may be One of her colleagues at the Boston Herald is Dave Wedge, about whom there is an article elsewhere in this website.

    She may have lived at:

    1. MICHELE R. MCPHEE, 3 BAYSIDE Street (on the east side of Bayside, slightly south of Savin Hill Avenue, near Malibu Beach), Dorchester, Suffolk county, MA 02125-1039, (617) 287-8796. Bayside Street is a dead end street off Savin Hill Avenue. Dorchester is a big neighborhood of Boston city. That Bayside house, worth about a few hundred thousand dollars, seems to be a three-family house with Boston city real estate parcel number 1302273000. Julia DOZ seems to own that house. This address is a few blocks from the Savin Hill address mentioned below.
    2. MICHELE MCPHEE, Born Apr 1970, 137 SAVIN HILL AVE, BOSTON (Dorchester), Suffolk county, MA 02125-1016. This is near the Bayside Street address mentioned above. This Savin Hill address is on the soutwest side of Savin Hill Avenue, east of interstate highway 93 and west of Savin Hill Park. This parcel has number 1302228000; 137 SAVIN HILL; owner LEPORE, ANGELO.

      Ownerships as of January 1, 2005.
      Parcel ID: 1302228000
      Address: 137 SAVIN HILL AV, Boston, MA, 02125
      Property Type: Residential - Three Family
      Lot Size (sqft): 5000
      Owner Name: LEPORE ANGELO
      Residential Exemption: No
      Owner Address: 137 SAVIN HILL AVE DORCHESTER MA 02125
      Building value: $314,500.00
      Land Value: $72,700.00
      FY2006 Total Assessed Value: $387,200.00
      FY2006 Gross Tax: $4,305.66
      - Residential Exemption : $0.00
      - Personal Exemption : $0.00
      FY2006 Net Tax*: $4,305.66
      * As of January 1st, 2006. View the FY2006 Tax Bill and Payment Information for this parcel.

    3. Both of the McPhee addresses are three-family houses.

  29. 15 April 2005
    Carrie Melago is a Daily News writer. She may have lived at:
    CARRIE MELAGO, 3nn HUMPHREY ST, NEW HAVEN CT 06511, (203) 865-72nn;
    CARRIE MELAGO, 1nn FOSTER ST, NEW HAVEN CT 06511, (203) 865-72nn.
  30. DN writer SCOTT SHIFREL 2007jan18

    SCOTT SHIFREL, 21 WINDSOR PL, BROOKLYN, NY 11215-5610 Kings County (718) 832-2142. Near 7th Avenue, north of route 27, west of Prospect Park. BROOKLYN / KINGS block 1108, lot 71, DWELLING ONLY - 2 FAMILY, 21 WINDSOR PLACE. He may have owed about $299,000.00 to MERRILL LYNCH CREDIT CORP (4802 DEER LAKE DRIVE EAST, JACKSONVILLE FL US) and MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS INC/NOM (PO BOX 2026, FLINT, MI US). He may possibly own this property with Lisa SHUCHMAN. Someone by that name may possibly have been a reporter or a writer of press releases.

    SCOTT SHIFREL, 415 16TH ST, 11/27/2003, BROOKLYN, NY 11215-5801 Kings County (718) 832-2160. Near Bartel Pritchard Square, which is at Prospect Park. SHIFREL, SCOTT; 415A 16TH ST, BKLYN NY US. This may be a former address.

    SCOTT SHIFREL, 415 16TH ST, 03/12/2002, NEW YORK, NY 10011-5813, (718) 832-2142. This street number is above for a Brooklyn address. This zip code is for Manhattan but telephone prefix 832 is for Brooklyn. The Manhattan street number is between 9th and 10th Avenues.

  31. STANDORA 26 August 2004
    Staff writer Leo Standora may be LEOPOLD J. STANDORA, age 62, 41 W 36TH ST, BAYONNE NJ 07002, phone area code (201).
  32. Gossip columnist Ben Widdicombe 2007jun4

    Someone with his name is in IMDb. His 15th Street addresses below are not far from Celeste Katz's place at 301 EAST 22ND STREET, NY 10010-4816.

    (212) 675-5372 BEN WIDDICOMBE Born 1970, 237 15TH ST, 05/07/2002, NEW YORK, NY 10011 (212) 675-9864

    BEN WIDDICOMBE Born 1970, 244 5TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10003 (212) 254-6775

    BEN WIDDICOMBE, 330 15TH ST, 04/15/2001, NEW YORK, NY 10011 (212) 414-4880

  33. Writer Jess WISLOSKI 2007mar1

    JESSICA WISLOSKI, 104 ADELPHI ST, 02/01/2005, BROOKLYN, NY 11205 (718) 852-7977

    JESSICA WISLOSKI, 196 CLINTON AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11205 (347) 689-3599, (718) 852-7977. Area codes 347 and 718 both cover Brooklyn.
    By the way, former New York city HHC (Health and Hospitals Corporation) president, Benjamin K. Chu, who recently may have been Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons senior associate dean for the Columbia affiliation with Harlem Hospital Center, may have lived at 209 Clinton AVENUE, 7E, BROOKLYN NY 11205.

    JESSICA L WISLOSKI, 628 14TH ST, 10/06/2004, NEW YORK, NY 10009 (212) 477-8989

  34. Writer Oren YANIV 2007mar1

    OREN YANIV, 220 17TH ST, 03/25/2003, NEW YORK, NY 10011

    OREN YANIV, 9963 66TH AVE, 11/20/2003, REGO PARK, NY 11374, (718) 896-1820

  35. 2005 April 18, Andreas TZORTZIS might possibly live in Brooklyn 11228.


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