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Albany Boys Playing Craps

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  1. Discussion of the 2010 Master Database of New York State Pistol Permits
  2. General Lists
    1. Master Database Edited by Us

      Many lines in the pages below lack a street address or even a street name. No lines have longitude or latitude.

      1. 0-A, 807 KB
      2. B, 2.3 MB
      3. C, 2.1 MB
      4. D-E, 1.9 MB
      5. F, 1.1 MB
      6. G, 1.4 MB
      7. H, 1.5 MB
      8. I-K, 1.7 MB
      9. L, 1.3 MB
      10. M-MI, 1.9 MB
      11. MJ-MZ, 628 KB
      12. N-Q, 2.3 MB
      13. R, 1.3 MB
      14. S-Sj, 1.4 MB
      15. Sk-Sz, 1.3 MB
      16. T-V, 1.3 MB
      17. W-Z, 1.5 MB
    2. Pistol Permittees' Names and Addresses with Longitude and Latitude, 1 MB
  3. Special Lists
    1. County Gun Lists

      The two, seemingly gun-related lists below may pertain to pistol permits.

      1. Rockland 2013 1.1 MB
      2. Westchester 2013 1 MB
    2. Contributors: NYS Pistol Permittees Who May Be NYCCFB Contributors
    3. Voters: Queens Borough Pistol Permittees Who May Be Voters
    4. NYS Crime and Court Officers Who May Be Pistol Permittees

      This list, which provides possible, home addresses of many officers named in it, derives from two resources in this Web site: the January 2009 Crime and Court file listed just above, and the 2010 Pistol Permittee database.

    5. Correction NYC DoC (Department of Correction), jails

      Home addresses and concealed pistol permits of NYC DoC officers

  4. Original and Unexpurgated Master Database 7.8 MB

    This links to a download page for a compressed folder, That folder has three files two of which, old.csv and new.csv, got from someone who bought them from the Pistol Permit Bureau of the New York State Police. Cryptome put the folder on its web site in 2010 and again in late December 2013.

    Nowadays, the Pistol Permit Bureau sells expurgated, pistol permit files. The Bureau legally sold unexpurgated, pistol permit files in 2010. The two, csv (comma-separated values) files which we link to are unexpurgated.


2010 NY Pistol Permits Impropriety in USA Govt
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