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This page provides information about government officers in Texas.

"The Eyes of Texas" Song Lyrics Excerpt, John Sinclair

The Eyes of Texas are upon you, All the live long day.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you, You can not get away.
Do not think you can escape them At night or early in the morn-
The Eyes of Texas are upon you 'Till Gabriel blows his horn.

  1. Officers Who Are Not Necessarily Political Contributors

    1. Government Officers
    2. Special Lists of State Government Officers
      1. Carceration: mostly correction and parole
        1. A-K 1.7M
        2. L-Z 1.7M
      2. TAMU: Texas A & M University
        1. Surnames A-L 1.5 MB
        2. Surnames M-Z 1.3 MB
  2. Political Contributors

    1. constable
    2. correctional officer
        Surnames start with:
      1. A to E
      2. F to K
      3. L to P
      4. Q to Z
    3. deputy
    4. district attorney
    5. judge
    6. law enforcement
    7. miscellaneous officers for example, attorney general
    8. Police officer
      1. surnames A-E
      2. surnames F-J
      3. surnames K-O
      4. surnames P-T
      5. surnames U-Z
    9. prosecutor
    10. sheriff
  3. Salary List for State Government

    2008 State of Texas public employee salaries
    For each officer, one gets name, agency, overtime pay alone, and total pay including overtime.


2010 NY Pistol Permits Impropriety in USA Govt
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