opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees



  1. Dadakis
    1. Introduction 25 November 2011 JOHN D DADAKIS 1951-10-09 Scarsdale NY JOHN D DADAKIS 1951-10-09 Harrison NY JOHN D DADAKIS 1951-10-09 Delray Beach Palm Beach County, FL
    2. Address JOHN D DADAKIS Born OCT 1951 35 SMITH FARM RD SCARSDALE, NY 10583 (914) 722-0212 JOHN D DADAKIS Born OCT 1951 491 HARRISON AVE HARRISON, NY 10528 (914) 799-5952 JOHN D DADAKIS Born OCT 1951 200 PARK AVE NEW YORK, NY 10166 JOHN D DADAKIS Born OCT 1951 35 SMITH FARM RD BEDFORD, NY 10506 234-4483 JOHN D DADAKIS Born OCT 1951 332 HEATHCOTE RD SCARSDALE, NY 10583 (914) 472-7125
    3. Court Officer NYS Attorney Registration Number: 1097179 JOHN D. DADAKIS HOLLAND & KNIGHT 31 W 52ND ST NEW YORK, NY 10019-6118 United States (212) 513-3354 Year Admitted in NY: 1977 Appellate Division Department of Admission: 2 Law School: FORDHAM UNIVERSITY Registration Status: Currently registered Next Registration: Oct 2012
    4. NYPD Counter-Terrorism Foundation, Inc. Did a client of Dadakis contribute to NYPD Counter-Terrorism Foundation, Inc.? The Foundation's address is or was: C/O John D. Dadakis, Schiff Hardin LLP 623 Fifth Avenue New York, New York, 10022 Has anyone paid Dadakis for his Foundation-related work (for example, as a Foundation officer)?


    Dr. Susan DiMonda, Associate Dean and Director of Student Life at SUNY Stony Brook. Susan DiMonda, Dean of Healt. Dimonda,susan, Asst prof, 12 MO, campus Recreation, 1088001.

    SUNY College at Oneonta. Class of 1982. Susan DiMonda, Director of Campus Recreation at Stony Brook University, is completing a Doctorate in Educational Administration, Leadership and Technology from Dowling College. Oneonta, Otsego County, New York 13820. Dowling College is on Long Island, NY. She may have been born in about 1960.

    SUSAN DIMONDA, 1960-03-11, Brentwood, NY. Brentwood, Town of Islip, Suffolk County, New York 11717.

    Susan Dimonda, East Islip, NY, occasionally has run. She may have been born in about 1960.

    Maybe DIMONDA, 17 GARDEN WAY, EAST ISLIP, NY 11730, (631) 277-2540.

  3. Dutchess County
    1. Inroduction 14 June 2011
    2. Anderson Adrian H. Anderson Sheriff ADRIAN H ANDERSON Born Jul 1948 10 WEST PAWLING, NY 12564 (845) 855-1562 ADRIAN H ANDERSON 1948-07-12 Pawling NY
    3. Grady William V. Grady, Dutchess County District Attorney District Attorney 236 Main Street Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Voice (845) 486-2300 Fax (845) 486-2324 WILLIAM V GRADY Born Feb 1942 31 BRENTWOOD POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 12603 (845) 469-7007 (845) 463-2450 NYS Attorney Registration Number: 1566009 WILLIAM V. GRADY DUTCHESS CTY DIST ATTY 236 MAIN ST POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 12601-3102 United States (914) 486-2300 Year Admitted in NY: 1970 Appellate Division Department of Admission: 2 Law School: NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL Registration Status: Currently registered Next Registration: Feb 2012
    4. Krom Lt. Colonel George Krom Jail Administrator Corrections Administrator George Krom Jr. We guess that senior may have been born in the 1920s. GEORGE R KROM Born 1945 9 TUNDRA CORNWALL, NY 12518 (845) 534-7511 (845) 534-9787 GEORGE R KROM 198 MOUNTAIN CORNWALL HDSN, NY 12520 (845) 534-8909 GEORGE R KROM 198 MOUNTAIN CORNWALL ON HUDSON, NY 12520 (845) 534-8909 GEORGE J KROM 11 MAPLE CORNWALL ON HUDSON, NY 12520 (845) 534-5455 GEORGE R KROM 1945-11-09 Cornwall on Hudson NY GEORGE R KROM 1945-11-09 Central Valley NY
  4. Freilich
    1. Bernard Freilich 9 March 2011 Satmar, Orthodox, Hasidic rabbi $100,730-a-year "special assistant" [to whom?], on the State Police payroll "community liaison" to the Hasidic Jewish community Most Hasidim lives in Brooklyn. part of the State Police under governors Pataki, Spitzer, Paterson, and Andrew Cuomo office of Rabbi Bernard Freilich inside a State Police facility at Randall's Island Harlem and East Rivers, Manhattan Borough His office is far from where most Hasidim live. Furthermore, to the extent that Hasidim in New York City deal with police, they deal with local, not state, police. Also, there is little or no need for an in-house Hasidim consultant or coordinator in the state police. His job seeems to be a sinecure. Jewish Organizations In 1999, special assistant and spiritual adviser to Superintendent James McMahon of the New York State Police The supperintendent's office was in Albany. rabbi, Bernard Freilich, 47 [in 1999], of Borough Park, Brooklyn BERNARD FREILICH 1952-01-07 Brooklyn NY
    2. political contributions FREILICH, BERNARD 1079 57TH ST BROOKLYN, NY 11219 150.00 01-AUG-06 CITIZENS FOR ANNIE RABBITT 2006 11 Pre Primary A Member of Assembly 97 N/A N/A FREILICH, BERNARD 1270 58TH ST. BROOKLYN, NY 11219 180.00 10-JUN-10 DUBOIS FOR SHERIFF 2010 July Periodic A Sheriff N/A Orange Orange FREILICH, BERNARD 1270 58TH STREET BROOKLYN, NY 11219 175.00 24-AUG-07 UNITED NEW YORK DEMOCRATIC CLUB INC. January Periodic A N/A N/A Kings Kings
    3. Address BERNARD R FREILICH Born Jan 1952 1079 57TH ST BROOKLYN, NY 11219 (718) 851-8876 BERNARD R FREILICH Born Jan 1952 1270 58TH ST BROOKLYN, NY 11219 (718) 851-8876 BERNARD FREILICH 1320 48TH ST BROOKLYN, NY 11219 (718) 633-5884 BERNARD FREILICH 5512 12TH AVE BROOKLYN, NY 11219 (718) 436-4086
    4. Work Site In 1999, he was special assistant and spiritual adviser to the state police superintendent. The superintendent's office was in Albany. According to our understanding of the state payroll, Freilich's main work location supposedly was Albany in 2009 at least. Below, we have an excerpt from a state payroll file: NY-State-Payroll-Jan-2009-all.csv. We got the file through's New York State Payroll Database January 2009 page. Notice that Freilich's location supposedly was Albany in 2009. According to a newspaper, his office is on Randall's Island. Randall's Island is in Manhattan Borough, hundreds of miiles from Albany. He doesn't seem to have a home in Albany. How did he work in Albany in 2009 without living there? Dept ID Agency Name Employee Name Title Comp Rate Pay Basis Location Orig Hire Date 01060 New York State Police FREILICH,BERNARD SPEC ASSNT 100730 ANN Albany 03/31/1995
    5. Comments Satmar are the biggest (we think), most traditional, Hasidic group. For an example of their traditionalism, they oppose Zionism. For another example, some Satmar rabbis literally suck blood directly from a freshly circumcised penis (MBP, metzitzah b'peh). If you don't believe that there is such sucking, ask, for example, Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer, a mohel in Monsey, Rockland County, NY. Hasidic sects often are named after the place where they started. The Satmar movement started in a town now named Satu Mare. It's original, Hungarian name is Szatmár. The town's Yiddish name is Satmar. According to many people with an opinion on the subject (for example, many Satma Jews), the town's name means Saint Mary. Satmars are Saint Mary Jews.
  5. office of GOVERNOR
    1. Introduction


      Some officers are listed elsewhere: by their names (for example, David Alexander Paterson is listed under "P") or other office they held (for example, Eliot Laurence Spitzer is listed under Attorney-General).

    2. AIELLO

      09/07/2003, $100 check

  6. Hancock
    1. Introduction 19 January 2012 Keith Ronald Hancock, Jr. Cohoes NY age 37 on March 10, 2011 formerly a C.O. at RCCF in Troy, NY Rensselaer County Correctional Facility KEITH R HANCOCK 1973-06-11 Latham NY
    2. Addresses KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 130 MANOR AVE COHOES, NY 12047 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 45 JAMES ST COHOES, NY 12047 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 284 SARATOGA ST COHOES, NY 12047 (518) 235-9653 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 6 A LEVERSEE AVE COHOES, NY 12047 (518) 235-6210 KEITH R HANCOCK Born AUG 1950 2 MIDDLEBURGH ST TROY, NY 12180 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 165 GEORGE ST TROY, NY 12183 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 16 GEORGE #121B TROY, NY 12180 (518) 271-8952 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 54 102ND ST TROY, NY 12180 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 461 9TH AVE TROY, NY 12182 (518) 235-9653 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 23 PO BOX 209 LATHAM, NY 12110 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 209 [sic] LATHAM, NY 12110 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 127 N MAIN ST MECHANICVILLE, NY 12118 KEITH R HANCOCK Born JUN 1973 6 TALLOW WOOD CT CLIFTON PARK, NY 12065 (518) 371-5829
    1. Introduction 2013sept01 January 2009 payroll: HARMON, JOHN E JR; SECURITY HSP TRT ASNT; $44,488.00; ANN; Marcy; 29-Mar-99; 50390; Central New York Psy Ctr (Central New York Psychiatric Center) Our 2010 copy of the New York State pistol permit master database has this entry: HARMON,JOHN E. The possible permittee is not necessarily the Central New York Psychiatric Center employee.
    2. Central New York Psychiatric Center Central New York Psychiatric Center P.O. Box 300 Marcy, NY 13403-0300 Phone: (315) 765-3600 CNYPC care and treatment to prisoners in the New York State and county correctional system CNYPC is rpart of OMH, which is part of DMH. Some OMH treatment assistants, including some at CNYPC, are listed on our OMH (Office of Mental Health) page. That page is our source for the following statement about him. "Harmon, John E, Jr; gross pay $78,426; Central New York Psychiareuc Center; security hospital senior treatment assistant; annual rate of base pay $79,384"
    3. John E Harmon, Jr. Central New York Psy Ctr Agency Mental Health Sub Agency Central New York Psy Ctr Position Security Hsp Trt Assnt Year 2012 Pay Basis Annual Pay Rate [annual base pay] $56,044 Salary [gross] $64,622 SALARY John E Harmon Jr $64,622 average of Executive Employees $44,759 average of All NY Employees $49,896 Related New York Employees NAME SALARY SUB AGENCY Aaron M Beach $56,065 Div of Criminal Justice Serv
    4. John E Harmon 102 1st Ave Frankfort, NY 13340 (315) 894-5553 John E Harmon 226 Roby Ave East Syracuse, NY 13057 (315) 437-5192
  8. Hempstead


    1. Introduction

      Hempstead is in southwest Nassau County, Long Island region, New York. Address: 99 Nichols Ct, Hempstead, NY 11550-3166.

    2. Dixon, Deputy Police Chief William "Willie" Dixon
    3. Hall; Mayor Wayne J. Hall, Sr.

      WAYNE J HALL Born Mar 1947, 37 WEIR ST HEMPSTEAD, NY 11550 (516) 483-6996

      (631) 385-4729 WAYNE J HALL Born Jun 1961, 158 11TH AVE, HUNTINGTON STATION, NY 11746 (631) 421-5741

      WAYNE J HALL Born Jun 1961, 35 ARROWOOD DR, SAINT JAMES, NY 11780

    4. Wing, Chief of Police Joseph B. Wing



  9. Hook: Morgan W. Hook
    1. Introduction 2013aug Do not confuse him with a similarly named athlete.
    2. Morgan Hook Senior Vice President Morgan Hook is a Vice President at SKDKnickerbocker's office in Albany, NY, which he helped open in November 2011. He has spent more than a decade working in media as both a senior communications manager in New York, and an award-winning television journalist in markets across the country. Phone: (518) ***-**** Local Address: New York, United States SKD Knickerbocker 1818 N St. NW Suite 450 Washington Dc, District of Columbia 20036 United States ... Background Employment History Vice President SKD Knickerbocker Vice President At Office SKD Knickerbocker Spokesman Spokesman State University of New York Assistant Vice Chancellor for Communications State University of New York Communications Director State University of New York Spokesman Gov Education BS , Broadcast Journalism Boston University
    3. Zabasearch Morgan Hook 24 Shelbourne Dr Clifton Park, NY 12065 (518) 630-5782
    4. WhitePages 2 Results for 518-6305782 Morgan W Hook (Age 35-39) Shelbourne Dr [see Zabasearch, above] Clifton Park, NY Michelle C Hook (Age 35-39) Almon Ave West Springfield, MA Associated people: Carolyn H Charette
    5. Twitter Morgan Hook -@MorganHook

    1. State INSURANCE Fund
      COYNE, EDWARD T. 15 May 2004. home JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY 11372. employer THE STATE INS. FUND, 199 CHURCH ST., NEW YORK, NY. Occupation is "PUBLIC INFORMATION".
    2. Sept. 2001, NYS Department of Insurance, under the supervision of the Director of Insurance Frauds Bureau, Charles DeRienzo (CHARLES D. DERIENZO, 19 PIPER PL, OLD BETHPAGE NY 11804
  11. Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

    JHMC is in New York City and therefore is listed on one of our New York City pages, the page for MediSys Health Network.

    13 October 2010

  12. Jenkins
    15 February 2011
    He is not necessarily a government officer.
    A pistol permit may have been issued to someone named:
    DAVID S JENKINS Born  Dec 1966
    ROCHESTER, NY  14616
    (585) 865-4489
    DAVID S JENKINS 1966-12-22 Rochester NY
  13. Johnson
    2010mar16 David W. Johnson
    "Paterson Aide's Quick Rise Draws Scrutiny"
    Danny Hakim and William K. Rashbaum
    February 16, 2010
    "Driving David Paterson"
    Azi Paybarah
    February 16, 2010   7:53 p.m.
    New York Observer
    loud voice 
    6'7" tall
    office:  director of executive services for governor David A. Paterson
    born about 1973
    NEW YORK, NY 10029 	99.00 	22-MAY-06 	PATERSON FOR NEW YORK 	2006 July 
    Periodic 	A 	Lt. Governor 	N/A 	N/A 	N/A
    1590 MADISON AVE
    NEW YORK, NY 10029 	5.00 	07-MAR-00 	
    Periodic 	A 	State Senator 	30 	N/A 	N/A
    The Madison Avenue address above seems to be near where  his mother may have lived.
    Bliss Pharmacy
    1590 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10029
    Afromondo Productions
    1590 Madison Avenue, Suite 3c
    10029 New York, New York
    1590 MADISON AVE	
  14. Johnstown
    1. Introduction 19 February 2010 Fulton County ZIP code 12095
    2. Horning Gregory Horning, Police Chief GREGORY M HORNING Born Jul 1955 8 EAST AVE JOHNSTOWN, NY 12095 GREGORY M HORNING 1955-07-23 Johnstown NY
    3. Slingerland Mayor Sarah J. Slingerland SARAH J SLINGERLAND Born Jan 1949 8 UNION PL JOHNSTOWN, NY 12095 (518) 762-2226 SARAH SLINGERLAND 1949-01-20 Johnstown NY
  15. Kissinger, Walter
    23 December 2010
    WALTER B KISSINGER 1924-06-21 Huntington NY
    Board of Trustees of Stony Brook Foundation  (SUNY SB is a government university.)
    Board of Trustees of Hofstra University
    Board of Directors of National Council for U.S./China Trade
    7 LOWER DR
    HUNTINGTON, Suffolk County, NY  11743
    (631) 421-5908
    former Secreatry of State Henry A. Kissinger's brother
  16. Konrad

    Kenneth "Ken" KONRAD


    1. Introduction

      He wrote that he was in the military.

      Some allegations about Ken were made by one person in May 2002, and were (as a group) denied by Ken. That group of allegations included the following: Ken retired; Ken was with the Fifth Precinct in Elmont, NY, and with the Nassau County Police Department on Long Island for 32 years; was born on January 24th, 1942.

      He was a police officer. He was born in about 1942. Elmont, which has zip code 11003, is a neighborhood of Hempstead, southwest Nassau County, Long Island region, NY. Elmont is not far from Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens County, NY.

      The following allegations were made by one person in May 2002:
      9714 99TH AVE
      OZONE PARK, NY 11416
      (718) 843-8118
      Ken Konrad, longtime NY cop, allegedly repeatedly blew his testimony in cases with total fabrications; he was allegedly forced to become a mere "administrative assistant"; and allegedly finally getting the hint, he resigned.

      We do not know if those allegations are true.

      Telephone prefix 843 is for Ozone Park and Richmond Hill [Queens County], NY.

      He may have had email address ken4bi... AT

      There is a publicly available record stating that Kenneth A. Konrad, born in September 1961, lives at that address. That address is east of Woodhaven Boulevard and west of 98th Street. It is in QUEENS county (block 9073, lot 31, according to the acris information system of the Office of City Register of the New York City Department of Finance).
      There was a deed (DOCUMENT ID FT_4620006695062) dated 15 April 1999, recorded 1 July 1999 involving Kenneth A. Konrad and that address. That deed has REEL-PAGE 5296-1161. That deed seems to accomplish an intra-family trransfer.
      There was also a deed (DOCUMENT ID FT_4310004217831) for the same Ozone Park property (same blocka nd lot) dated 7 February 1994, recorded 6 April 1994 on REEL-PAGE 3840-1515. He may have acquired the property by that deed. For that transaction, his address is listed as 101-42 124TH ST, RICHMOND HILL, NY. He may have lived in Richmond Hill on the day that he was deeded the Ozone Park property. There is a public record stating that Kenneth A. Konrad, born in 1945 (not 1961 or 1942), lived at that Richmond Hill address; namely, 10142 124TH ST, SOUTH RICHMOND HILL, Queens County, NY 11419. Richmond Hill is near Ozone Park.
      There is a publicly available record stating: KENNETH A. KONRAD, 3 PINES TRLR CT., FORT EDWARD, NY, (518) 792-5134. We cannot find that address on a map. There is a Three Pines Trailer Court in Thayne, Wyoming. New York state's Fort Edward (near Glens Falls) has zip code 12828. Area code 518's prefix 792 serves the Glen Falls area.
      Today (3 December 2005), as nearly as we can tell, Kenneth A. Konrad is an owner of the Ozone Park property. The various Kenneth KONRADs in this website (for example: the former police officer; and the KONRADs in Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, and Fort Edward) may all be different. Investigate carefully. Get information from a variety of sources.

    2. Konrad and Conrad

      There was a discussion of why his surname is Konrad. Supposedly he wrote that his ancestor Conrad immigrated to America, and that an immigration officer misspelled Conrad as Konrad. We don't know if that supposed contention is right. We don't know what happened but we know a little about immigration procedure at the approximate time which seems to have been involved. There was a time when few people were born in hospitals. Few people had birth certificates, a social security number, a driver license, or a bank account. A person's name was a crucial part of his identity, more important than now. Immigration officers then usually were extremely careful to correctly spell names. Most people who came to America sought economic opportunity or religious freedom. Some people came to America to escape military service, creditors, a bad marriage, or police. Some of those people adopted a new spellings of their name or a new name. Some people, especially if theya re barely literate, are not consistent in how they spell their name. In those days, many immigrants to America were barely literate. We do not know why his surname is Konrad rather than Conrad.

    3. Research in 2011
      Kenneth N. Konrad
      161 Center Lane, Levittown
      born 24 January 1941
      1. Pistol Permit, Racer 23 February 2011 A New York State pistol permit may have been issued to someone named: KONRAD, KENNETH, N, 161 CENTRAL AVE, LEVITTOWN, NY, 11756 (We think that the street is Center Lane, not Central Avenue.) Many, formere, police officers have a pistol permit, as far as we know. KENNETH N KONRAD 1941-01-24 Levittown NY He may have run in a race in Nassau County. KENNETH KONRAD, LEVITTOWN, NY M 55-59 (male between 55-59 on 25 October 1997?) OCTOBER 25, 1997 NASSAU COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER NASSAU POLICE RUNNING CLUB EISENHOWER PARK. EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK A police running club participated in the race.
      2. High Schoool Massapequa High School Massapequa, Long Island, NY Class of 1959 Member [of Memory Land?] Since: January 1970 Kenneth Konrad's other [Memory Lane?] Communities: Fort Hamilton (1963-1965) Floral Park Police (1967-1969) Nassau County Police (1969-2000)
      3. Possible Address KENNETH F KONRAD Born Jan 1941 161 CENTER LN LEVITTOWN (Hempstead, Nassau County), NY 11756 The pistol permittee's address resembles this address.
      4. Nassau County Assessor Section 51 Block 118 Lot 23 Town Hempstead Address 161 Center Ln, Levittown, 11756 School Levittown - 5 Nassau County Department of Assessment Date Photo Taken: 01/02/2000 There is a color photo at the Web site. white, shingled house porch in front white fence and pillars on porch dark, window shutters on front of house front lawn small tree in lawn near porch big tree close to sidewalk possibly gray shingles on slanted roof The house may look different now. The house seems to be on a rectangular parcel on the east side of Center Lane. Roll Year 2012-2013 Liber & Page (Deed#) 08265 0362 Land Category Residential Property Size Code Land Title One Family Year-Round Residence Property Class Code 210.01 Land Description Item Number A One Family Dwelling Constructed To Accommodate Year-Round Occupancy, I.E., Adequate Insulation, Heating, Etc. Includes Duplex Type One Halfownership And Row Type Individually Owned. Note: If Not Constructed To Accommodate Year-Round Occupancy, See Property Class Code 260. NYS School Code 282005 NYS SWIS Code 282089 Lot Grouping View Property Record Cards 1938-1985 Tax Year 2013 Card/Bldg 1 School District LEVITTOWN UFSD - 5 Acres 0.1377 Lot Square Footage 6000 Land Code PRIMARY SITE Location Living Units 1 Style CAPE Story Height 1 CDU AVERAGE Grade C Exterior Walls ALUM/VINYL Year Built 1950 Year Remodeled 2002 Fuel OIL Heat/AC CNTRL HEAT Pool No Total Living Area 1370 Full Bathrooms 1 Half Bathrooms 0 Fireplaces Number of Bedrooms Additional Fixtures 0 Attic FULL Basement Area NONE Finished Basement Living Area Recreation Room Basement Garage Attached Garage No Detached Garage No Decks/Porches YES Addition and Out-Building Structures Line Area Code Description 1 320 10 1s FR FRAME 2 160 33 MA_PT CONC/MAS PATIO 3 210 11 OFP OPEN FRAME PORCH


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