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Dawn on the Oklahoma Training Track), Saratoga Springs, New York, 1963
Dawn on the Oklahoma Training Track, Saratoga Springs 1963
Toni Frissell, Photographer


  1. Leo
    1. Introduction 2013aug
    2. LEO: Christopher Leo

      Empire State College

      Christopher Leo '08 Graduation Year: 2008 Degree: BS Major: Soc Theory Struc & Change Graduation Center: Hudson Valley Center Profile: Lobbyist for New York State Public Employees Federation Cornell Labor Studies Certificate in 2012.

    3. Linkedin Christopher Leo Government Affairs- NYS Public Employees Federation Albany, New York Area Government Relations Current Government Affairs NYS Public Employees Federation Past Statewide Legislative Director at New York State Correction Officers Police Benevolent Assoc. NYSCOPBA Correction Supervisor at NYS Department of Correctional Services political and public affairs Twenty-five years of state government service Statewide Legislative Director New York State Correction Officers Police Benevolent Assoc. NYSCOPBA April 1999 - 2011 (12 years) Correction Supervisor NYS Department of Correctional Services Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; Law Enforcement industry January 1982 - April 1999 (17 years 4 months) Corporate Trainer Train-the-Trainer- MPTC certified Trainer (Multiple subjects)
    4. Address
      1. Introduction We don't know Leo's address. Perhaps the links below can help you investigate.
      2. Albany Chris Leo 10 Tremont Dr [not 10 Tremont Street] Albany, NY 12205 (518) 862-9851 [ City: Colonie State: NY County: Albany Carrier: Verizon New York, Inc. Type: Landline]
      3. Accord and others
        1. Christopher J Leo 48 in 2013 Lagrangeville, NY [Lagrangeville: west of route 55, southeast of Poughkeepsie in zip code 12540] Known also: Chris Leo Christophe Leo Christopher John Leo Christoph J Leo Lived in: Lagrangeville, NY Kerhonkson, NY Accord, NY Kingston, NY Ossining, NY Elizaville, NY Poughkeepsie, NY Bronx, NY Olivebridge, NY New York, NY Related to Christopher Leo Christopher Leo, 48 Christopher Leo Addresses & Phones 26 Thornwood, Accord, NY 12404 [Ulster County]
          1. (845) 626-1219 [ Kerhonkson State: NY County: Ulster Carrier: Verizon New York, Inc. Type: Landline]
          2. (845) 626-1257 [ Linda M. Leo (845) 626-1257 26 Thornwood Ln Accord, NY 12404 Carrier: Landline from Verizon New York, Inc.]
          [The person described by Radaris above is not necessarily the person described by Radaris below. For example, the Accord address Leo is not necessarily the Conell education Leo.]
        2. Spokeo 26 Thornwood Ln, Accord, NY Residents Ages: 23-54 a few present or past residents C Leo L Leo .... Male: 2 Ethnicity:Caucasian Female:3 Home Value: $223k Sqft:1,568 Beds:3 Pets:Yes Lot:117,612 Baths:2 Year Built:2002
        3. MyLife [We think, perhaps wrongly, that the Leo is the same person as the Leo.] Christopher Leo, 48 Accord, NY Places Lived Accord, NY Rochester, NY Phone(845) 626-XXXX Christopher J Leo born in 1965 lives in Accord, New York Kerhonkson, NY from 2004-2011 Christopher J Leo is related to Jennifer Leo, who is 37 years old and lives in Elizaville, NY. Christopher J Leo is also related to Jennifer Leo, who is 37 years old and lives in Poughkeepsie, NY.
  2. state LEGISLATURE



  4. Mental health

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  5. METROPOLITAN Transportation Authority MTA

    1. 2005 April 15, Sandra Bloodworth, boss of Arts for Transit (a Metropolitan Transportation Authority program), is from the South, and may have lived at:
      SANDRA BLOODWORTH, 474 48TH AVE., LONG ISLAND CITY NY 11109, (718) 340-8390.
    2. 10 May 2004, DERRICO, LOUIS. home STATEN ISLAND, NY 10314. employer MTA NYC TRANSIT, 370 JAY STREET. Occupation MANAGEMENT
      political contribution 09/25/2003, $100 check

    3. Elliot G. Sander 2007mar8

      He is executive director of the MTA (Metropolitan Transportattion Authority), a state agency which, among other things, operates the subway system in New York city. He was a New York city Transportation Commissioner. He worked for many years as a high-ranking executive in several, New York state agencies; for example, he was a state Rent Commissioner. In 2004, Sander became a member of the New York State Advisory Panel on Transportation for 2025.

      ELLIOT G SANDER, 1328 208TH PL, BAYSIDE, NY 11360

      ELLIOT G SANDER, 221 HOLLYWOOD AVE, LITTLE NECK, NY 11363, (718) 225-3683

      ELLIOT G SANDER, 03/25/2003, LITTLE NECK, NY 11363 (718) 225-3683

      ELLIOT G SANDER, 360 1ST AVE, 04/15/2001, NEW YORK, NY 10010

    4. 2008mar31, Schectman

      It came to pass that Harris Schectman, then the MTA's vice president for bridges and tunnels (B&T), feloniously tried to get his daughter's boyfriend (Donald Raimondi) a great job (paying $53,000 annually) for which he was unqualified. Judy Puchalski (MTA manager of budget and administration) refused to hire him. An MTA flunkie took Raimondi's application out of a wastebasket. The NY state inspector-general's office rightly called for disciplinary measures against Schectman and his cronies. Disciplinary measures were imposed: Pulchaski (the sole heroine in this story) was denied a raise that almost everyone else on her level received. Ryder was promoted to facilities manager at MTA's Rockaway bridges. Raimondi now (in April 2000, when this article originally was written) works for the MTA Broadway headquarters (in expensive, privately owned offices at number 2 Broadway?) in Manhattan (where he eventually got an even nicer job than the one Schectman originally tried to get him). Schectman got a slap on the wrist: he lost some comp time.

      Donald Raimondi may have become a budget and research analyst of MTA B&T (Bridges and Tunnels).

      Harris Schectman may have become director of transit planning, Sam Schwartz, LLC, which may possibly be SSC: The Sam Schwartz Company, 611 Broadway, Suite 415, New York, NY 10012, US. Schectman's possible connection to the Sam Schwartz business does not mean that the business did anything wrong. Schectman may possibly have had one of the following addresses.

      2. (856) 216-1906 HARRIS L SCHECTMAN Born 1966, 1740 INDEPENDENCE LN 07/23/2004 CHERRY HILL, NJ 08003 (856) 795-2820.
  6. Murphy


    New York State District Attorneys Association; James A. Murphy, III; President; Saratoga County District Attorney.

    JAMES A MURPHY Born 1954, 10/2004, 87 LAKE HILL RD BURNT HILLS, NY 12027 (518) 399-6242

    JAMES A MURPHY 53 HIGH ST BALLSTON SPA, NY 12020 (518) 885-5516


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