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opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees



  1. Albany
    1. NYSCOPBA New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, Inc.
    2. Police
      1 June 2004
      1. Albany police officer
        Cmdr. Ralph Tashjian (RALPH V TASHJIAN, age 51, 44 BRICKLEY DR, ALBANY NY 12205)
      2. Chief James Turley (JAMES E TURLEY, age 47, 2 TIOGA TER, ALBANY NY 12208).
      3. Detective Kenneth Wilcox (KENNETH P. WILCOX, age 37, 20 WILKINS AVE, ALBANY NY 12206, (518) 462-0636)
  2. Office of ATTORNEY-General
    1. Spitzer 2008mar25

      When former New York state attorney general (and former governor) Eliot Laurence Spitzer is in New York City, he and his wife Silda A. Wall live in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue. Silda A. Wall works for an organization called Children for Children. Spitzer was governor after being attorney general. Spitzer's father is listed on our page for New York City's Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

      985 5TH AVE (near East 80th Street), NEW YORK NY 10021-0142. His 5th Avenue address is a few blocks north of both Mortimer B. Zuckerman's 5th Avenue address and Michael Bloomberg's east 76th Street address.

      Spitzer lives in a relatively safe neighborhood of New York City. New York attorneys-general traditionally live in safe neighborhoods to show their solidarity with people whose low income requires that they live in high-crime neighborhoods. :-)

      Elliot Laurence Spitzer may have borrowed from MORGAN GUARANTY TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK (9 WEST 57TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10019), which seeming loan seems to have involved (maybe as collateral) NEW YORK county block 1030, lot 23 (200 CENTRAL PARK SOUTH) according to a UCC3 document recorded 25 February 1999. He may once have lived at 800 FIFTH AVE, Manhattan, according to DOCUMENT ID FT_1420000341642, a mortgage assignment recorded 18 May 1990. He agreed (concerning a loan to him?) with DAI-ICHI KANGYO BANKLTD which agreement involved NEW YORK county block 943, lot 1303 (330 EAST 38 STREET), according to DOCUMENT ID FT_1490000343249, recorded 5 June 1990. He ( SPITZER, ELIOT ESQ.DEF; 120 BROADWAY, NY, NY 10271) was involved in a deed for NEW YORK county block 106, lot 17, according to DOCUMENT ID FT_1510006939051, recorded 28 December 1999. He may have had an interest in NEW YORK county block 1426, lot 9035 (218 EAST 72 STREET) according to power of attorney DOCUMENT ID FT_1400000340740, recorded 8 May 1990.

    2. Larrabee

      10 March 2004

      Paul Larrabee,spokesman for AG Eliot Spitzer, PAUL LARRABEE, 409 MADISON AVE, ALBANY NY 12210.

  3. BANK

    state BANKING department

    1. Comment


      Incidentally, elsewhere in this web site, we compare America's checks with Germany's GIRO-IBAN, electronic payment system.

    2. Officers
      1. 2005 August 8, Steven Barras, First Assistant Counsel

        STEVEN R. BARRAS, born Feb 1946, 116 EDWARDS BLVD, LONG BEACH NY, (516) 432-8nnn.
        STEVEN R BARRAS, 116 AVON LN, LONG BEACH NY, (516) 889-1nnn.

      2. 2005 August 8, Kenneth Bielemeier, Deputy Superintendent

        KENNETH W. BIELEMEIER, born Sep 1946, 18 VERA RD, BRONXVILLE NY, (914) 337-67nn.

      3. 2005 August 8, Harry C. Goberdhan, Assistant Counsel, may possibly be and have lived at

        HARRYCHAND GOBERDHAN, 1126 FTELEY AVE, BRONX county, New York city, NY 10472-4444.
        HARRYCHAND GOBERDHAN, born 1964, 8860 192ND ST., HOLLIS neighborhood, Queens county, New York city, NY 11423-2035, (718) 740-8nnn.

      4. 2005 August 8, Alvin A. Narin, First Assistant Counsel

        ALVIN A NARIN, born Mar 1965, 163 HUNTINGTON ST, BROOKLYN NY.
        ALVIN A. NARIN, born Mar 1965, 35 4TH PL., BROOKLYN NY.

      5. Rosanne Notaro, First Assistant Counsel

        ROSE M. NOTARO, born Jan 1951, 14nn MANATUCK BLVD., BAY SHORE NY, (631) 665-4nnn, (631) 666-9nnn.

      6. Taylor

        2010jun4, Diana L. Taylor, former Superintendent of Banks, has her own article in our New York State pages.

  4. Beacon

    BEACON town, Dutchess county, New York state, 17 October 2003

    Beacon Mayor Clara Lou Gould may possibly live at
    7 Wodenethe Drive
    Beacon, NY 12508
    phone (845) 831-1631.

    Beacon police chief Richard Sassi may possibly be Richard J. Sassi, 49 years old, and may possibly live at
    Edgewood Road
    Beacon, NY 12508
    phone (845) 831-3237.


    Sept. 2001

    The police chief is Rocco Diina, who may possibly be
    Rocco J. Diina
    579 Parkside Ave
    Buffalo NY 14216
    telephone 835-1672

  6. 2005 April 17, Cape
    state budget director John Cape
    JOHN F. CAPE, age 54, 89 IROQUOIS Trail, SLINGERLANDS NY 12159, (518) 459-63nn;
    JOHN L. CAPE, age 54, 17245 JACKSON Road, HOLLEY NY 14470, (716) 638-50nn.
  7. Centurion Foundation Inc. 2008sep20
    1. Introduction

      CF is a nonprofit organization which charitably gives money to help the NYPD and perhaps other law enforcement agencies, and which has provided generous donors an opportunity to socialize with NYPD officers and perhaps other police officers. It seems to be run by men active in high finance.

      Centurion Foundation Inc, 85 W Hawthorne Ave, Valley Stream, Nassau County, NY 11580-6107. In care of Albert Fried & Company. Tax Period (the date of the latest return filed) supposedly is 10/2007. This information is from

      In ancient Rome, a centurion commanded a century. A century was an army company which originallly comprised one hundred soldiers. We don't know why an NYPD-related organization has "Centurion" in its name. Some people perceive police as an occupation army.

    2. G. Joseph "Joe" Dippell, president
      GREAT NECK, NY  11024	
      G. JOSEPH DIPPELL, INC./PRESIDENT	$4,600 	03/29/2007 	P 	
      Dippell, Joseph G Jr & Co Inc
      30 Broad St Fl 35, New York, NY 10004-2304, US
      (212) 577-3823
      Securities Broker
      He's been a trustee of the NYC Police Museum and the NYS Trooper Foundation.
      SEPTEMBER 2007
      First Deputy Commissioner George A. Grasso
      (related to Richard A. Grasso of the CF and the NYSE?)
      Chief William A. Morange (ret.)
      Chief of Department Joseph J. Esposito
      Deputy Commissioner Michael J. Farrell
      Chief of Patrol Robert J. Giannelli
      Deputy Commissioner Richard Falkenrath
      Chief of Detectives George F. Brown
      Deputy Commissioner David Cohen
      Chief of Organized Crime Control Anthony J. Izzo
      Deputy Commissioner Phil T. Pulaski
      Chief of Housing Joanne Jaffe
      Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne
      Chief of Internal Affairs Charles V. Campisi
      Deputy Commissioner Edward J. Allocco
      Chief of Transportation Michael Scagnelli
      Deputy Commissioner V. James Onalfo
      Chief of Personnel Rafael Pineiro
      Deputy Commissioner S. Andrew Schaffer
      Chief of Community Affairs Douglas Zeigler
      Deputy Commissioner Martin Karopkin
      Chief of Transit James P. Hall
      Deputy Commissioner Neldra M. Zeigler
      Supervising Chief Surgeon Eli J. Kleinman M.D.
      Deputy Commissioner John P. Beirne
      Assistant Chief James Tuller
      John Driscoll, Captains Endowment Assoc.
      Assistant Chief Raymond Diaz
      Anthony Garvey, Lieutenants Benevolent Assoc
      Assistant Chief Thomas P. Purtell
      Edward D. Mullins, Sergeants Benevolent Assoc.
      Assistant Chief Joseph Fox
      Patrick Lynch, Patrolmens Benevolent Assoc.
      Assistant Chief Gerald Nelson
      Ms. Pamela Delaney, NYC Police Foundation
      Assistant Chief Thomas V. Dale
      Mr. Reggie Ward, NYC Law Enforcement Foundation
      Assistant Chief Diana L. Pizzuti
      Mr. Shelly Goldfedder, Honorary Deputy Comm. Assoc.
      Assistant Chief Albert W. Girimonte
      Mr. Albert Thompson, Honorary Deputy Comm. Assoc.
      Assistant Chief Charles Kammerdener
      Chief of Staff Joseph P. Wuensch
      Deputy Chief Steven M. Anger (PSB)
      (646) 610-6735
      Lt. Brendan Croke (PBBX)
      (718) 299-4189
      Deputy Chief Steven J. Silks (PSB)
      (646) 610-6735
      Lt. Joan Kornichuk (PBQN)
      (718) 520-1608
      Insp. James G. Molloy (SOD)
      (718) 677-8233
      Lt. Tony Mercogliano (ret)
      (212) 360-2845
      D.I. Sue Bick (PSB)
      (646) 610-8604
      Lt. Robert Seignious(ret)
      (212) 331-7052
      Capt. Daniel Mulligan (PSB) [on one of our NYPD pages]
      (646) 610-8581
      Sgt. Robert Glasgow(PSB)
      (646) 610-5384
      Capt. John Durkin (ESU)
      (646) 235-7808
      Sgt. Bobby Lappe(OCCB)
      (646) 610-6741
      Lt. Carlos Ocasio (PSB)
      (646) 610-8579
      Sgt. Arthur Smarsh (PBMS)
      (212) 477-9112
      Lt. Jerry Iucci (OCD)
      (646) 610-6710
      Sgt. Ronald Bedrossian (PBMN)
      (212) 678-1875
      Lt. William Church (PSB)
      (646) 610-7622
      Sgt Sean Dunleavy (PBMN)
      (212) 678-1875
      Lt. Ernesto Mederos (PBMS)
      (212) 477-8177
      Sgt. Felix Rodriguez (OCCB)
      (646) 610-8569
      Lt. Kevin O'Connor (PBMN)
      (212) 678-1880
      Sgt Robin Robinson (PBBN)
      (718) 573-5839
      Lt. Tony Falcon (PBSI)
      (718) 667-2202
      Det. Manny Lavandero (ret)
      (718) 530-5667
      Lt. John Quinn (PBQS
      (718) 696-7903
      P.O. Katie Carson (PBBS)
      (718) 287-3647
      SA [Special Agent?] Maria Hernandez (PSB)
      (646) 610-8605
    3. Robert Fagenson, treasurer and director

      He has been a director of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation and the NYC Police Museum (which we mention in our New York City municipal government pages). He has held positions in high finance.

    4. Albert Fried, Jr., chairman

      The NTRA (National Thoroughbred Racing Association) provides information about Fried. He was born on 19 March 1930 in New York City, and lives in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, NY. He (as does New York City's Mayor Bloomberg, we think) has a daughter who is a leading rider on the show-jumping circuit. He runs Albert Fried and Co., LLC, an investment banking company. He owns 190-acre Buttonwood Farm near Rhinebeck, where he raises horses. (Mayor Bloomberg owns horses for one of his daughters but, as far as we know, does not breed horses.) Fried is on the board of Emcor, the largest electrical mechanical corporation in the world.

    5. Richard A. "Dick" Grasso

      We don't know if he's related to First Deputy Commissioner George A. Grasso.

      Member of the Board of Centurion Foundation

      Richard A. Grasso was chairman and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange until he resigned during a controversy about his giant salary. He was a member of the board of Lower Manhattan Development Corp., New York City Police Foundation (which we mention in our New York City municipal government pages), New York City Public Private Initiatives Inc., New York University (with the NY Daily News's Mortimer Zuckerman, we think); Trustee of the Stony Brook Foundation (SUNY Stony Brook is a campus of a state-government-owned university.); and a member of the International Capital Markets Advisory Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (a government agency).

      24 May 2011
      LOCUST VALLEY, Nassau County, NY 11560
      $5,000.00  20-JUN-02
      2002 July Periodic  A 	Governor
      RICHARD A GRASSO  1946-07-26   Glen Head  Nassau County   NY
      He has made remarks indicating that he may run for mayor of New York City.
      To do so, he must reside in New York City.
      The towns above are not in New York City.
    6. Thomas R. Hudson

      In February 2005, Thomas R. Hudson, Jr., then 39, (42 in about September 2008) was a director of the Centurion Foundation. He has held high offices in financial businesses.

    7. Gregory "Greg" Kiernan

      He lives in Chappaqua (the same town as Bill and Hillary Clinton), Westchester County, New York, with his wife and children.

  8. Chiefs of Police 2008jun23

    New York State Association of Chiefs of Police

    1. Grebert

      John Grebert, Executive Director

      JOHN GREBERT 1952-06-02 Albany NY 12211
      JOHN P GREBERT born 1952-06-02 lived in Latham NY 12110.

      JOHN P GREBERT Born Jun 1952, 5 COVENTRY CT LATHAM, NY 12110 (518) 785-8297

    2. Perkins

      Lloyd Perkins, President LLOYD G PERKINS born 1938-02-06 lived in Cassville NY 13318.

      LLOYD G PERKINS Born Feb 1938, 07/2004, 1366 STONE RD CASSVILLE, NY 13318 (315) 822-5946

      LLOYD PERKINS 9698 CAMPBELL RD SAUQUOIT, NY 13456 (315) 737-7793

    3. Poklemba

      John Poklemba, Counsel JOHN J POKLEMBA Born Oct 1947, 03/2002, 33 UPPER LOUDON RD ALBANY, NY 12211

      JOHN J POKLEMBA Born Oct 1947, 02/2005, 11 HAMPSTEAD CT CLIFTON PARK, NY 12065. (518) 371-8317, (518) 373-8837


      JOHN POKLEMBA 215 SOUTH ST GLENS FALLS, NY 12801. (518) 798-4343

      JOHN POKLEMBA 10/2003, 358 BROADWAY SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY 12866 (518) 581-9797

      JOHN J POKLEMBA 03/2002, 2 25TH ST TROY, NY 12180 (518) 629-9356

      JOHN J POKLEMBA 44 LAKESHORE DR WATERVLIET, NY 12189 (518) 782-5282

  9. Comptroller

    10 March 2004, NY state COMPTROLLER Alan Hevesi, when in Queens county, may live at 6810 INGRAM ST, FLUSHING NY 11375

  10. Corbitt
    17 February 2004, New York State POLICE

    Harry Corbitt, Deputy Superintendent, New York State Police Internal Affairs Bureau, Albany NY, may possibly be HARRY J CORBITT, about age 56, 23 RED FOX DR, ALBANY NY 12205

  11. Correction

    DoCCS, DoCS, C.O.s


    1. Introduction

      Many C.O.s employed by the state government are listed in pages linked to from our DoCCS and DoCS page.

      On our New York State index page, which we link to from the home page and from the box at the bottom of this page, we link to pages about correction officers and related employees in New York State.

    2. Lisa Ballou
      Lisa Ballou
      Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator
      NYS Dept of Correctional Services
  12. Court of Claims, CoC
    1. Introduction

      25 April 2011

      Below are a few judges' possible home addresses, and a list of many judges and members of their staffs.

    2. Home Addresses
      1. Albany Courthouse

        21 January 2004, Chief Clerk David B. Klingaman, 36 LOCUST AVE, TROY NY 12180-5126, (518) 273-2229.

      2. Manhattan courthouse
        1. 30 August 2004

          NYS Court of Claims on Broadway in Manhattan judge Alan C. MARIN may have lived at ALAN C MARIN, age 57, 25 E. 10TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10003, phone (212) 260-2195.

        2. NYS Court of Claims on Broadway in Manhattan judge Alton R. WALDRON, Jr., may have lived at ALTON R WALDON, age 67, 11503 222ND ST, CAMBRIA HEIGHTS NY 11411, phone (718) 723-nnnn
    3. Judges and Their Staffs
      25 April 2011
      We don't know if the list belos is of
      	all Court of Claims judges
      	(regardless of which court they work in)
      	or merely those not assigned to a different court.
      Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice
      P.O. Box 7344, Capitol Station
      Albany, NY 12224
      Hon. Richard E. Sise
      Presiding Judge
      Secretary  Mary Burch Macherone
      Law Clerk  Elizabeth Sommers
      Telephone  518-432-3435
      Fax   518-432-3428
      Hon. Judith A. Hard
      Secretary  Kathryn Messemer
      Law Clerk  Lea Ermides
      Telephone  518-432-3907
      Hon. W. Brooks DeBow
      Secretary  Gina DiPace
      Law Clerk  Nancy Schulman
      Telephone  518-242-3701
      Hon. James H. Ferreira
      Secretary  Helen Ashley
      Law Clerk  Jill Swingruber-Sprotbery
      Telephone  518-242-3710
      Hon. Christopher J. McCarthy
      Secretary  Virginia Carpenter
      Law Clerk  Simon O'Donnell
      Telephone  518-242-3730
      Hon. Frank P. Milano
      Secretary  Melissa Hasan
      Law Clerk  Laurence Soronen
      Telephone  518-242-3720
      Hon. Richard Platkin
      Secretary Eileen Ganley
      Law Clerk Scott Lieberman
      Telephone  518-242-3740
      Fax   518-242-3735
      State Office Building
      44 Hawley Street
      Binghamton, NY 13901-4418
      Hon. Catherine C. Schaewe
      Secretary  Jenise Joyce
      Law Clerk  Denise Sheerin
      Telephone  607-721-8623
      130 South Elmwood Avenue
      Suite 300
      Buffalo, NY 14202
      Hon. Michael E. Hudson
      Secretary  Linda Watson
      Law Clerk  Amy Murphy
      Telephone  716-515-4810
      Hon. Jeremiah J. Moriarty III
      Secretary  Eileen Benjamin
      Law Clerk  Mary Knauf
      Telephone  716-515-4820
      3rd Floor
      State Office Building
      Veterans Memorial Highway
      Hauppauge, NY 11788
      Hon. Gina Lopez Summa
      Secretary Lynne Haffey-Merrins
      Law Clerk Lawrence Schindelheim
      Telephone  631-339-7220
      Fax   631-339-7223
      Law Clerk  George Harkin
      Telephone  631-339-7200
      Fax   631-339-7203
      New York City
      26 Broadway
      New York, NY 10004
      Hon. Alan C. Marin
      Secretary  Kimetra Buckner
      Law Clerk  Mary Ann Berger
      Telephone  212-361-8130
      Hon. Melvin L. Schweitzer
      Secretary  Theresa Marino
      Law Clerk  Jay Wilker
      Telephone  212-361-8170
      Hon. Faviola A. Soto
      Secretary  Jacqueline Dunlap
      Law Clerk  Priva Simon
      Telephone  212-361-8160
      Hon. O. Peter Sherwood
      Secretary  Janet Sobolow
      Law Clerk  Barbara Dowd
      Telephone  646-386-3807
      Secretary  Tina Hernandez
      Law Clerk  Edward Shapiro
      Telephone  212-361-8110
      500 Court Exchange Building
      144 Exchange Boulevard
      Rochester, NY 14614-2108
      Hon. Philip J. Patti
      Secretary  Jennifer Palmesano
      Law Clerk  Daniel Brennan
      Telephone  585-325-4500
      Fax   585-262-5715
      Hon. Renee Forgensi Minarik
      Secretary  Nancy M. Schreiber
      Law Clerk  Sean Gleason
      Telephone  585-987-4212
      Fax   585-262-3019
      Saratoga Springs
      65 South Broadway
      Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
      Hon. Thomas J. McNamara
      Secretary  Lisa Breda
      Law Clerk  Robert Foley
      Telephone  518-583-5330
      Hon. Francis T. Collins
      Secretary  Elizabeth Poole
      Law Clerk  Carol Moore
      Telephone  518-583-5340
      205 South Salina Street
      Syracuse, NY 13202
      Hon. Nicholas V. Midey, Jr.
      Secretary  Mary Lou Sandroni
      Law Clerk  Richard Timian
      Telephone  315-466-7151
      Fax   315-466-7154
      Hon. Diane L. Fitzpatrick
      Telephone  315-466-7161
      Fax   315-466-7164
      Secretary  Janet Higgins
      Law Clerk  Judy Suddaby
      State Office Building
      207 E. Genessee Street
      Utica, NY 13501
      Telephone  315-793-2601
      Fax   315-793-2606
      White Plains
      140 Grand Street
      White Plains, NY 10601
      Hon. Terry Jane Ruderman
      Secretary  Deborah Sellas
      Law Clerk  Suzy Hickson
      Telephone  914-289-2310
      Fax   914-289-2313
      Hon. Stephen J. Mignano
      Secretary  Barbara Gallo
      Law Clerk  Stephen Weinberg
      Telephone  914-289-2320
      Fax   914-289-2323
      Hon. Thomas H. Scuccimarra
      Secretary  Kimberly Panzanaro
      Law Clerk  Joan Eckenwalder Margenot
      Telephone  914-289-2330
      Fax   914-289-2333
    4. Judicial Impropriety

      Click the link to read about impropriety related to the Court of Claims and other courts..

  13. Court Officers (most of whom are attorneys)
    1. A-R
      1. A-R except Albany office of Lippes Mathias law firm
      2. Albany office of Lippes Mathias law firm
        1. Introduction
        2. Attorneys and other people: A-J K-O P-Z
        3. Litigation
          Clients:   A-I   Classes   J-R   S-Z
          Court cases
        4. Political payments
          1. Introduction to contributors:    A-J    K-Z
          2. State Street Associates PAC
    2. S-Z
  14. Cuomo 2008jun23

    Governor, formerly Attorney General, of the State of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo. His father, Mario Cuomo, was governor.


    ANDREW M CUOMO, 03/2005, 717 5TH AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10022

    ANDREW M CUOMO born 1957-12-06 lived in New York, NY 10024.


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