opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


  1. $ politics

    government officers who are political donors

  2. Alachua

    LaLonde, March 2002

    Gainesville, FL - 3/2002, The ALACHUA County Sheriff's Office

    Deputy Richard LaLonde may possibly be Richard F. Lalonde, 6506 NW 33RD TER, GAINESVILLE FL 32653-1321.

  3. Bay County

    1. Siebert

      District medical examiner Charles F. Siebert Jr. M.D. 2006mar16

      BCC memo 391 of 15 July 2003, in explainign why Siebert was offered a job as medical examiner, says that Siebert "... will be relocarting to Bay county shortly ..." and that he was then a medical examiner elsewhere in Florida. The memo does not say that he was well qualified or best qualified, that he was an expert, that there was more than one applicant for medical examiner, or why he was leaving his current job as medical examiner to move to Bay county. The memo does not say why the previous coroner (previous to Siebert in Bay county) resigned. Based on the documents we examined (which are not necessarily all relevant documents), the county's motive in hiring Siebert was that Florida state law required a coroner and the previous coroner had resigned. Anyway, he became the new medical exaaminer.

      Medical examiner Siebert signed Donna Faye Reed's autopsy report. She had died on 15 September 2004. He wrote that the prostate gland and testes were unremarkable. Donna Faye Reed was a woman. She did not have a prostate gland or testes. Sibert also commented on the corpse's appendix as if the corpse had one. Reed's appendix had been removed long before death. Siebert did an autopsy of James Terry, a 55-year old man who had been killed on 15 September 2004 by Hurricane Ivan. Terry's corpse had several, big, obvious injuries. Siebert's autopsy report did not mention them. Although complaints were made about Siebert's Reed and Terry autopsy reports, he kept his county government job and he did not (as far as we know) correct the Reed and Terry autopsy reports.

      He may possibly be:

      SIEBERT, CHARLES F, 5625 BAYOU GEORGE RD (an irregularly shaped parcel on the southwest side of a dead end street), PANAMA CITY, FL 32404, Bay county; parcel 05641-607-000; one-family house; 5.030 acres.

      SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE, EXCEPTIONAL. 5,630 (square feet of total area?). 4,348 (square feet heated area?). CEDAR OR REDWOOD SIDING, ASBESTOS SHINGLE roof, DRYWALL interior wall, SHEET VINYL flooring, FORCED AIR, 2 baths, 3 bedrooms, 2 floors, built 1983.

      The way he bought the house may be a tad unusual. On 15 July 2003, William T. Amico sold the house to SIRVA RELOCATION LLC (book page 2340 1210, 07-15-2003, sale price $301,000). On the same day, Sirva sold the house to Siebert (book page 2340 1214, 07-15-2003, sale price $301,000, WARRANTY DEED). We don't know why Amico didn't sell directly to Siebert. Notice that this date is the same as the BCC memo mentioned above. Silva charged Siebert as much as it paid Amico ($301,000). We guess that intermediary Sirva Relocation acted for Bay county's government to provide relocation assistance to induce Sibert to move to Bay county.

      2006 February 20
      Bay County sheriff's department boot camp juvenile jail (in north Florida), on 5 January 2006, was where prisoner Martin Lee Anderson was beaten, choked, and kicked by officers while a nurse watched, according to a video made through the camp's CCTV system. No one was punished. We guess that no professional discipline was imposed on the nurse. Incidentally, according to Bay county records, five of those officerers supposedly had a history of frequent violence against prisoners in that jail. Supposedly according to county government records, that jail's correctional officers routinely kicked and punched prisoners.

      Anderson died the next day. A local coroner (district medical examiner Charles F. Siebert, Jr., M.D.) wrote that Anderson died of sickle cell trait (not to be confused with sickle cell disease), not from the previous day's violence. Sickle cell expert James Eckman was skeptical that the death was caused by sickle cell trait. As of 19 March 2006, no one agrees with Siebert's claim that sickle cell trait caused the death.

      Later the boy's buried corpse was exhumed. Several pathologists began a new autopsy. Sickle cell trait did not cause the death. In the opinion of former New York city coroner Michael Baden (who works for the boy's parents), the videotaped violence killed the boy by suffocation. According to Baden, the boy was mostly brain dead when he arived in the hospital. The second autopsy's evaluation of Anderson's corpse is over, the corpse was re-buried, but laboratory work continues, so that the second autopsy is not done (as of 19 March 2006).

      By the way, there are different approaches to carceral punishment. Some people (not all) think that carceral punishment should be provided solely by isolation of the prisoners from society. There are other points of view about how to impose carceral punishment. For example, boot camp jails punish with physically and emotionally arduous, and often humiliating, activities and obedience training. Anderson was a prisoner in Bay county's boot camp juvenile jail.

      After the examination of Anderson's corpse during the second autopsy of Anderson (which Siebert watched in person), Siebert said that his report (that Anderson died of sickle cell trait, not of violence) was right. No one agrees with Siebert that sickle cell trait killed the boy. (By the way, Anderson was on his school's basketball team. He enjoyed vigorous exercise.) Siebert's claim about the cause of Anderson's death is as wrong as Siebert's written claim (never rescinded, as far as we know) that Ms Reed's alleged prostate gland and testes are unremarkable. Siebert is wrong in his contention that sickle cell trait, not violence, killed Anderson. Therefore, either Siebert's autopsy report is mistaken or it's a lie (for example, a cover upcoverup partly motivated by a desire to protect the jail nurse or other county employees in the jail violence video that Siebert watched before he wrote his autopsy report). If Siebert tried to cover up Anderson's murder, then Siebert is guilty of murder (or at least of the felonies which caused Anderson's death) as an accessory after the fact, we think.

      The second autopsy is finished. According to Hillsborough county medical examiner Vernard Adams, the boot camp guards killed Martin Anderson by suffocating him. His mouth was blocked, forcing him to breath through his nose. The guards shoved ammonia tablets into his nose, making his vocal chords spasm, blocking air, killing him.

      Who gave ammonia tablets to the officers, and why? What is the legal purpose jail officers use ammonia tablets when a nurse is present? Into how many prisoners' noses (in additiion to Anderson's) were ammonia tablets inserted by officers? A jail's nurse might have ammonia tablets. Did the nurse give ammonia tablets to the officers? Beating a prisoner reduces his health, because afterward he has cuts, bruises, pain, and other medical problems. The nurse is licensed to try to enhance, not reduce, health. Did the nurse help or encourage officers to beat Anderson or any other prisoner (and thus reduce their health)? She could violate her duties as a nurse even if she did not do a crime. Did the nurse do anything for which a nurse should be disciplined by a nursing board or health department (for example, wrongly dispense ammonia tablets or other drugs to officers, or help officers do a crime to a prisoner)?

      On about 26 November 2006, eight people (seven C.O.s and a nurse) were charged with manslaughter for Anderson's death. Arraignemnt will be in January 2007. We guess that "charged" means that a criminal court case against the eight started.

  4. Boynton Beach

    City of Boynton Beach police department

    1. McNEVIN, 2005 June 12.
      police officer Rich MCNEVIN may possibly be:
      RICHARD F. MCNEVIN, 1260 PARKSIDE GREEN DR., WEST PALM BEACH FL 33415, (561) 640-9nnn;
      RICHARD F. MCNEVIN, age 34, 1620 16TH LANE, LAKE WORTH FL 33463, (561);
      RICHARD F. MCNEVIN, age 34, 131 PARKWOOD DRIVE, WEST PALM BEACH FL 33411, (561).
  5. BREVARD county

    1. Dean Moxley

      Dean Moxley is a former prosecutor who got an innocnet man convicted of rape, was chief judge of the 18th circuit of Florida's circuit court in 1998, and is a judge. He may be John Dean Moxley, Jr., age 60, who has lived at:
      506 S. PALM AVE, TITUSVILLE FL 32796, phone (321). He does not necessarily live at that address now.


      BRE	100932250
      Moxley JR, John Dean
      Y	M	5		11/29/1974
      116	0 116.1
      ACT	8 50	13 1	1
    2. Wolfinger

      State Attorney Norman Wolfinger may be NORMAN R. WOLFINGER, age 58, who has lived at 4020 BRAMBLEWOOD LN, TITUSVILLE FL 32780, phone (321). He does not necessarily live at that address now.


      BRE	100936017
      Wolfinger Norman Robert
      Y M	5
      112	0 112.1
      ACT	8 50	13	1	1

  • BROWARD County

    1 June 2003,

  • Charlotte County

  • Court Officers


    2005 February 24, JUDGES of 6th judicial circuit court

    1. GREER

      According to publicly available records, judge George W. Greer seems to have lived at the following addresses:
      GEORGE W GREER, age 63, 600 CLEVELAND ST, CLEARWATER FL 33755, (727);
      GEORGE W GREER, age 63, 308 (not 302) S GARDEN AVE, CLEARWATER FL 33756, (727);
      GEORGE W GREER, 302 (not 308) S GARDEN AVE, CLEARWATER FL 33756.


      HENRY J ANDRINGA, age 61, 709 APALACHEE DR NE, SAINT PETERSBURG FL 33702, (727) 579-84nn

    3. BABB

      LINDA H BABB, age 48, 33750 WILLIAMS CEMETERY RD, SAN ANTONIO FL 33576, (352) 588-nnnn

    4. BULONE

      JOSEPH A. BULONE, 13135 CIMARRON CIR S, LARGO FL 33774, (727) 593-0896

    5. COBB

      WAYNE L COBB, age 68, 16851 ALMAR LN, DADE CITY FL 33523, (352) 567-1435

    6. 2 FARNELLS

      Judge Crockett Farnell and judge Dee Anna Farnell: CROCKETT FARNELL age 65, DEE A FARNELL age 51, 435 POINSETTIA RD, CLEARWATER FL 33756, (727) 559-7016

  • Dade County


    1. SUNNY ISLES BEACH, Florida

      1. Yojans Martinez may be a police officer.

        YOJANS MARTINEZ, Born Jan 1978, 1295 44TH ST, 03/12/2002, HIALEAH, FL 33012

        YOJANS MARTINEZ, Born Jan 1978, 1300 53RD ST, 07/01/2001, HIALEAH, FL 33012 (305) 828-1348

        YOJANS MARTINEZ, 16119 KINGSMOOR WAY, HIALEAH, FL 33014 (305) 821-1761

      2. voter
        DAD	119998167
        Martinez Yojans
        6744  Kingsmoor Way 	 Miami Lakes 33014
        01/27/1978 08/07/2012
        305 0 305.0
        ACT	25 110 38	13 4	
    2. TIMONEY

      1. Introduction and home


        John F. Timoney (born Sean Timoney in Dublin, Ireland) is the Chief of Police of Miami. He previously worked for the NYPD and the Philadelphia PD.

        JOHN F TIMONEY born 1948-07-02 lived in Suffern NY 10901.

        JOHN F TIMONEY 1717 BAYSHORE DR MIAMI, FL 33132. (305) 416-0175, (305) 416-4747.
        We were unable to find this street address in the Miami assessor's website: "Search Results: No Property record(s) found for Address: 1717 bayshore DR". There is such an address. As far as we know, it seems to be a condo building in downtown Miami. Right now, realty prices are low for Miami condos. Right now, the asking price for some condos in that building is a few million dollars per condo, as far as we know. This does not mean that Timoney owns a condo in that building. If Timoney rents his home, it would be interesting to know the true rental value on the day he signed the rental agreement, and how much he pays. If he owns, it would be interesting to know the true value when he bought, and how much he really paid. We guess it's conceivable that he's living in a condo for free, testing it to see if he wants to buy it. :-)

        In people website on 24 May 2008, we found an entry for John Peter Eylers that provides John F. Timoney as an associated name. Eylers may have had, according to that website, addresses in Suffern (NY), Philadelphia (PA), and Miami (FL). There is a John P. Eylers involved in biotechnology. There is a John Eylers who won a free massage from Licensed Massage Therapist DEBRA SHEAFE of Inner Vision Wellness Center in Rock Tavern (a complimentary therapeutic massage, Debra, 845 496-1513) at an Orange County Shields (maybe a New York State law enforcement organization) event, reported in OCS's October 2003 Newsletter.

      2. voter
        DAD	110088482
        Timoney John F
        NPA  (no party affiliation)
        544 0 544.0
        ACT	24 109 35 3 2

      3. Car: Lexus SUV

        Timoney has a Lexus SUV which he bought after falsehood from the Miami PD failed to end a scandal about his illegally using the SUV for free. Our knowledge of this matter is solely from reading about it on the Internet.

  • Gadsden County



    Capt. Robert Barkley of Gadsden County Sheriff's Office may possibly live at one of these addresses:

    1. 1603 HUTCHINSON FERRY RD, QUINCY FL 32352, (850) 856-9589
    2. voter
      GAD  104233549
      1203 GLORY RD QUINCY 32352
      P O BOX 1726	 QUINCY	FL 32353
      M 3
      11 0 11
      ACT	2 8 3 4 4

  • Howell
    24 September 2011
    Christian Howell of Coral Springs, Florida, seems recently to have been a member of Facebook.
    Facebook may also have had a member named something like Beavis Beckel.
    That member provided two photographs of himself on his page.
    The two photographs seemed to be of different people.
  • Lafayette

    3 May 2003, LAFAYETTE County


    Lafayette County Sheriff Dwayne Walker, 43, might possibly be:

    Dwayne B. Walker
    Route 2 Box 1166
    Mayo, FL 32066
    tel. 386-294-3829

  • LEE County, Florida, 2008may26,
    1. ARVIN

      LEE County sheriff's deputy, born Oct. 1963, Vallie Arvin was treated at Lee Memorial Hospital.

      Vallie Dillard Arvin, 39 years old, may posibly live at:
      1929 S.E. 1st Terrace
      Cape Coral 33990
      phone (941) 277-5817.


      LEE	111656062
      1929  SE 1ST TER
      F 5
      114	2
      ACT	19 77 30	4 4

  • Nienhuis
    1. Introduction 12 August 2011 Al Nienhuis, sheriff of Hernando County Pasco County Sheriff's Office "Al" seems to be a nickmame. Perhaps his first name is Alvin.
    2. Alvin Nienhuis 15023 BAILEY HILL RD Brooksville, Heranndo County, FL 34614 Hernando County Appraiser Web Site Parcel: R02 422 18 0000 0260 0000 | KEY: 00342267 Owner & Property Info Owner's Name(s) 15023 BAILEY HILL RD Site 15023 BAILEY HILL RD First Owner's Mailing PO BOX 10375 BROOKSVILLE FL 34603-0375 Brief Desc E1/2 OF SW1/4 OF NW1/4 LESS 15FT FOR RW DOR Code (01) - Single Family Levy Code CRES Map Code 58B GIS Code A112 Land Use Land Units ACREAGE 5.00 ACRES (5 acres, big) Total TAX for 2010 $2,136.46 AdValorem Tax $1,878.54 NON AdValorem Tax $257.92 Current Tax Year Discount If Paid By: Nov. 30: $2,051.00 Dec. 31: $2,072.37 Jan. 31: $2,093.73 Feb. 28: $2,115.10 Mar. 31: $2,136.46 Tax History 2009 $2,603.41 2008 $2,932.55 2007 $3,083.58 TAX Links > Access real-time Tax info > Pay your Taxes on-line GIS Aerial 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 Property & Assessment Values Land Value $48,750.00 Bldg Value $110,664.00 Features Value $3,965.00 Class Value $0.00 Limit Value $163,379.00 Assessed Value $163,379.00 Exempt Value $50,500.00 Excluded From Cap $0.00 Taxable Value $112,879.00 Just Mkt Value $163,379.00 Sales Sale Date OR Book/Page OR Inst.Type Sale V/I (Qual) Sale Price Sale Party 4/22/2011 2828/0262 WD I (Q) $150,000.00 NIENHUIS ALVIN D II 1/15/2004 1784/0992 WD I (M) $155,000.00 WHITE MARIA T 1/1/1989 721/0135 WD V (D) $21,500.00 HARVEY JAMES & CONNIE 5/1/1985 579/0568 WD V (Q) $18,000.00 ZAK LEONARD H & ROSEMARY 11/1/1981 493/0447 WD V (Q) $16,000.00 PETERSON DALE L & JANICE J 1/1/1980 0/0000 () $0.00 COONS FLOYD O ET UX Building Characteristics Bldg # Bldg Desc Year Blt Area (Base / Aux) Bed / Bath 1 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE (01) 1989 2596 / 1204 2 / 2 2 GENERAL PURPOSE BARN (BN) 1989 360 / 0 0 / 0 Note: All S.F. calculations are based on exterior building dimensions. Extra Features & Out Buildings Description Actual Year Dimensions Dep. Cost FIREPLACE, AVERAGE (FP2) 1989 1 UNITS $2,000.00 WOOD DECK (WDK) 1992 196 SQ FT $186.00 WOOD DECK (WDK) 1989 100 SQ FT $95.00 POLE BARN,NO WALLS W/CONCRETE (PB1) 2005 400 SQ FT $1,684.00 Address Listings 15023 BAILEY HILL RD Business Listings N O N E Mobile Homes and Lease Accounts N O N E Hernando County Property Appraiser - Roll Year: 2010 CAMA updated: 8/5/2011
    3. Hernando County voter HER 106574002 NIENHUIS II, ALVIN D Y M 5 02/25/2002 REP 2 0 2.1 ACT 11 35 18 3 3
  • Orange

    15 February 2004, ORANGE county

    Timothy P. Ryan, Chief, ORANGE County Corrections Dept.,, age 40, 2889 ALLISON DR, ORLANDO FL 32826

  • PALM Beach County

  • PINELLAS county

    1. GIBBS

      2005 February 27, court officer (attorney at law) David C. GIBBS III, may possibly have lived at:

      1. DAVID C. GIBBS, 10734 CHAPMAN Court, SEMINOLE FL 33777 (727)
      2. DAVID C. GIBBS, 9021 BAYWOOD PARK Drive, SEMINOLE FL 33777, (727).

  • Saint Petersburg, Florida

    24 April 2003


    St. Petersburg police officer Randy Bricker was on the job at about 5:15 p.m. Bricker, 53, went to Edward White Hospital. Randy might possibly be a nick name of Andrew:
    Andrew Bricker
    594 59th St South
    Pasadena, Florida 33707
    phone 727-345-3606

  • Shaver


    Dan Shaver is an assistant professor at Nicholson School of Communication at UCF (Uiverity of Central Florida), which is headed by his wife, Mary Alice Shaver. Dan taught at the School of Journalism of MSU (Michigan State University). Mary chaired MSU's advertising department. They may have lived in Okemos, Michigan.

    DANIEL L SHAVER Born Dec 1946, MARY A SHAVER Born Apr 1938, 8751 BRISTOL PARK DR ORLANDO, FL 32836. (407) 909-0085.

  • State Government of Florida
  • State Government of Florida

    This page includes, among other kinds of officer: AG, correction, governor's staff, health, highway patrol, legislatire, miscellaneous officers, and Department of State.


    6 May 2003,


    Tampa police officer Vincent Bernard Bush, 42, a 17-year veteran, may possibly be:
    Vincent Bernard Bush 43 years old
    living at: 9507 W. Norfolk Street
    Tampa 33615.

  • TARPON Springs

    6 May 2003

    TARPON Springs Police Chief Mark LeCouris may possibly be:
    Mark Gregg Lecouris, 46 years old,
    506 Hillcxrest Avenue
    Tarpon Springs 34689

  • VEHICLES -- cars parked in Florida

    The cars below are privately owned cars which seem to be owned or driven by govermnet officers.

    1. 6 April 2001 -- BOCA RATON

      There was a car with license plate E43GYQ, 4-door convertible, Lincoln Town car, PBA metal plate partly obscuring the license plate (a crime to intentionally obscure part of license plate?), car is gray? with black top, Indiana Univ. Alumni Association decal on rear window, baby seat in rear, driven by tall blonde-brunette female, at about 4:45 p.m., Friday, 6 April 2001, in parking area of Kinko's at 2501 North Federal Highway in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida 33431-7715.

    2. 5 April 2001 -- DELRAY BEACH

      There is a Toyota Corolla VE car with license plate VHA41M tan? 4-door, with a green ball on the antenna, with a metal plate (obscuring part of the rear license plate) saying "Member Fraternal Order of Police" and a plastic? decal (visible through rear window) with the same message. The owner of the car wants total strangers (and cops about to give a ticket?) who walk by to know that he belongs to F.O.P. The owner of that car publishes that that car is owned by a cop.

      On the driver side of the windshield, there is a Sheriff's Office C.O.P. (a civilian observer patrol) decal. Maybe the vehicle's owner works for the local sheriff's office.

      The vehicle was parked near World Gym Fitness Center, 14550 Military Trail, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, at about 2:20 p.m., Thursday, 5 April 2001. The car contained a blue Mets? sports fan jacket, an umbella with a pattern of the US flag, and a glasses container from Perfect Vision Center. Maybe the car's owner wears glasses. It had recently rained. I did not sink to the level of some cops (for example, some Palm Beach county deputies sheriff). For example, I did not put anything on or in the car, remove anything, or make any remarks.

      In general in the evening and afternoon in America, streets and parking lots near gyms are a good place to look for cops' privately owned cars. Many cops publish (using decals and other means) that their cars are owned by cops.

      (By the way, someone criminally tried to cancel a Usenet version of the info above.)


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