opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


  1. Attorney General

    Crist: Charlie Crist

    8 February 2004, Florida ATTORNEY General Charlie Crist, 2855 APALACHEE PKWY, TALLAHASSEE FL 32301-3681, (850) 942-9965

    Private practice with law firm in Tampa. Elected to the Florida Senate, Crist represented the Tampa Bay area.

    Web URL is

  2. Correction

    Florida Department of Corrections

    1. A Few, Top DoC Officers on 17 December 2003

      1. Secretary (in other words, boss) of the Department is James V. Crosby, Jr., who may live at:
        1408 Avondale Court (a dead end street east of Avondale Way), Tallahassee FL 32317-7432.

      2. C. George Denman, Deputy Secretary of the Department, may be:
        Charles George Denman, age 58, 1391 East Highway 329, Citra FL 32113, phone (352) 629-4957.

      3. General Counsel Lou A. Vargas may be:
        Louis A Vargas, age 54, 5411 Defoors Ferry Road, Tallahassee FL 32309, phone (850) 893-6584
    2. State Correction Officers, Florida Department of Corrections 2008
      1. A Surnames
      2. B-L Surnames 1.3 MB
      3. M-Z Surnames 1.2 MB
  3. Governor's Staff
    1. Bratina

      Governor "Jeb" (John Ellis Bush) Bush's spokeswoman, Jill Bratina, may possibly be: JILL BRATINA, 1847 LAGO VISTA BLVD CLEARWATER FL 33755, (727) 781-8272.

    2. Faraj

      Governor Jeb Bush's spokeswoman, Alia Faraj. 2006jun23.

      ALIA S FARAJ Born Oct 1964, 3238 APOLLO TRL, 10/05/2004, TALLAHASSEE, FL 32309.

  4. HEALTH: Secretary of Heakth

    Florida state secretary of health is M. Rony Francois.


    He was born in Haiti.

    LICENSE NUMBER: ME72554.  
    Profession MEDICAL DOCTOR. License/Activity Status CLEAR/ACTIVE. License Expiration Date 1/31/2007; isssued 03/03/1997. Discipline on File NO.
    Address of Record 2585 MERCHANT ROW BLVD. TALLAHASSEE, FL 32399-1705 UNITED STATES

    MAX R FRANCOIS, Born Feb 1958, 6618 STONINGTON DR N, 08/14/2002, TAMPA, FL 33647, (813) 631-9112.

    RONY FRANCOIS, 6618 STONINGTON DR N, 05/07/2004, TAMPA, FL 33647, (813) 978-9858.



    18 February 2004, Kevin Guidry, Chief, Florida HIGHWAY Patrol,, age 43, 9110 SEAFAIR LN, TALLAHASSEE FL 32317

  6. Law Enforcement Department

    21 October 2004

    Florida Department of Law Enforcement

    Florida Department of Law Enforcement computer expert Jeff Long may possibly be JEFF W LONG, 3320 PIPING ROCK ST, TALLAHASSEE FL 32309, (850) 893-22**

  7. Florida geology mapstate LEGISLATURE, which meets in Tallahassee
    1. Baxley

      Florida Rep. Dennis K. BAXLEY, 2005 March 16
      lives in Ocala, a funeral director, wife Micheline "Ginette" Begin, 5 kids (Damon, Jeffrey, Justin, Micah, Renee), date of birth 22 August 1952:
      DENNIS K. BAXLEY, 702 SE 14TH Avenue, OCALA FL 34471, (352). 671-11nn, (352) 620-08nn.

    2. Allan George BENSE, Representative Allan Bense (Panama City), 2005 March 16
      spouse Tonie Lynn Johnson, 3 kids (Courtney, Jason, Taylor), born 6 October 1951in Panama City Florida, President and CEO of Panhandle Consultants:
      ALLAN G. BENSE, 2103 CORAL Drive, LYNN HAVEN FL 32444, (850) 271-34nn, (850) 271-13nn.
    3. 2005 March 18, legislators BULLARD

      State representative Edward B. "Ed" Bullard (Democrat, district 118) is married to state senator Larcenia Bullard (Democrat, district 39).

      Representative Edward B. 'Ed' Bullard, spouse Larcenia J., kids (Vincent, Dwight, Deneen, Edwinalynn), born 28 November 1943 in Miami, lives in Miami.

      Senator Larcenia Bullard, spouse Edward B. Bullard, kids (Vincent, Dwight, Edwina), born 21 July 1947 in Allendale South Carolina.
      legislative assistants:
      Jenae Randolph (JENAE K. RANDOLPH, age 24, 9532 SW 165TH ST, MIAMI FL 33157),
      McKenzie Moore (MCKENZI N. MOORE, age 37, 14800 HARRISON Street, MIAMI FL 33176, (305) 235-5734).

      Bullard residences:
      EDWARD B. BULLARD, age 62, 14842 ROBINSON Street, MIAMI FL 33176, (305) 251-8299;

    4. Emrich 2008apr21

      Kathie Emrich, Attorney, 2008 Hillary Clinton $1,400. 6912 HANGING VINE WAY, Tallahassee FL.

      KATHIE A EMRICH Born Oct 1944, 6912 HANGING VINE WAY 08/14/2002 TALLAHASSEE, FL 32311. (850) 878-7899

    5. Stargel

      Rep. John STARGEL (Lakeland Florida), Representative John K. Stargel, 2005 March 16
      district 64, spouse Kelli Marie Whipple, born 14 April 1964 in Somerset Kentucky, lawyer, vice president and general counsel of Richland Towers:
      JOHN K. STARGEL, age 40, 2856 FORESTBROOK DR E, LAKELAND FL 33811, (863) 648-54nn, (863) 648-02nn;
      JOHN K STARGEL, age 40, 2626 COLLINS AVE, LAKELAND FL 33803, (863) 648-54nn.

  8. Miscellaneous State Government Officers

    Florida State (not Local) Government Officers in 2008: Names and Positions

    1. Miscellaneous Officers Names A-J, 674 KB
    2. Miscellaneous Officers Names K-Z, 779 KB
  9. State: Florida Department of STATE

    21 October 2004
    Paul Craft, the Department of State's top computer expert, may possibly be: PAUL W CRAFT, age 54, 3582 VELDA WOODS DR, TALLAHASSEE FL 32309, (850) 894-00**


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