opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


Mayoral Officers Whose Surnames Start With F

  1. 11 March 2004, John Feinblatt, criminal justice coordinator for mayor Bloomberg, JOHN FEINBLATT, 11 CLEVELAND PL, NEW YORK NY 10012, (212) 267-8257.

  2. 2005 May 30, Lenora Branch FULANI

    1. Acording to a complaint filed in federal court in Brooklyn by Sam Sloan (SAMUEL H. SLOAN, Plaintiff, against ROBERT CONROY and others, Defendants, federal district court complaint number 04 Civ. 2946 (DGT), "Defendant Lenora Fulani resides at (according to former URL 560 West 43rd, New York NY 10036.". That address has also been used by Newmanites Harry Kresky (about whom there is an article at this website), Cathy L. Stewart (specifically apartment 32K), and John Opdycke.

      Incidentally, in Sloan's complaint, he wrote that he was told by the Brooklyn Independence party leadership (which follows Lenora Fulani, who follows Fred Newman) that, more or less, the most important issue was whether Ralph Nader should be allowed to debate Bush and Kerry. LetNaderDebate.Org paid rent to Fred Newman's CUIP (founded by Newmanites Lenora Fulani and Jacqueline Salit, and described elsewhere in this website), bought subscriptions fron Newman's Neo-Independent (of which Newmanite Jacqueline Salit was editor), and paid Newmanite John Opdycke (now a member of the executive committee of the county committee of the NY Independence party) for his counsel and fundraising. The Newmanite movement made money off of the Nader debate movement. Sloan's claim (about what he was told) is consistent with the income of CUIP, John Opdycke, and the Neo-independent.

    2. In November 2001, New York county's (Manhattan's) Inependence party (which is controlled by Fred Newman's follower Lenora Fulani with help from some of Newman's other followers such as Jacqueline Salit, Alvaeder Frazier, Cathy L. Stewart, and Harry Kresky) helped get Michael Bloomberg elected mayor. He was sworn in in early January 2002. In April 2002, deputy mayor for policy Dennis Walcott and communications director William T. Cunningham met Fred Newman and one of his followers (Lenora B. Fulani, boss of the New York county part of the Independence party). In May 2002, a Bloomberg panel agreed to provide tax-free status for $8.35 million in bonds that were sold to build a new headquarters for a nonprofit organization, ASP (All Stars Project, Inc.), which is controlled by Fred Newman through his girlfriend Gabrielle L. Kurlaner with the help some of his other followers (such as Jeff Aron, Lenora Fulani, Gail Elberg, Susan Massad, Madelyn Chapman, Deborah Ann Green, James "Jim" Mangia, Richard Sokolow, and Judith Jorrisch). On 19 April 2004, Bloomberg and Fulani each attended a black-tie celebration entitled Big Builders for Young People, at New York State Theater of Lincoln Center in Manhattan, which raised about $670,000 for All Stars project. He said there (seemingly without well done research [which might include, among other things, probability value, confidence interval, and control group] to support his position, by the way) that (acording to former URL All Stars Project "... develops confidence in young people and is to be congratulated....". Mayor Bloomberg was at an All Stars Project fund-raising event in April 2005, too. In the 2005 general election for mayor, Bloomberg will again be the candidate of the Independence party (because, according to a letter from Cathy L. Stewart to the editor of the New York Press, her party's five-county panel for New York city almost unanimpously voted to nominate him). In 2005 or late 2004, Bloomberg paid New York county's (Manhattan's) Independence party $250,000.

      Powerful leaders of the state's Independence party (especially in New York city) include Marxists Lenora Branch Fulani and Fred Newman. Fulani is a pschotherapist and poltician who has repeatedly made antiJewish and antiIsraeli remarks consistent with Marx's "On the Jewish Question" essay. For example, in 1989, Lenora Fulani told the National Alliance, the New Alliance Party's newspaper, that Jews "... are required to do the dirtiest work of capitalism ....". Her leader, Fred Newman, is a psychotherapist once close to Lyndon LaRouche.

      In 1992, when the late Dr. Mohammad T. Mehdi president of the Arab-American Relations Committee and secretary-general of the National Council on Islamic Affairs) was fired from a city commission by mayor David Dinkins for calling New York City "Ziontown", Fulani and Newman held a press conference with Mehdi to (according to information once at denounce his having been fired.

      The state Independence party has a pro-Golisano faction and an anti-Golisano faction. Fulani leads the anti-Golisano faction. Fulani runs the New York county part of the state's Independence party.

      Psychotherapists Newman and Fulani encourage many of their client-patients to get involved in politics and the theater, especially Marxist political groups run by Newman and Fulani, as part of a process called social therapy (possibly also sometimes called, at least by Fred Newman and Lois Holzman, proletarian psychotherapy and revolutionary psychotherapy). Newman and Fulani theater groups occasionally have produced plays, based on a Marxist conception of society, that are hostile to Jews, Zionism, or both. Newman wrote some of those plays. For example, in the 1992 summer, a play written by Newman, called "Dead as a Jew", was presented at the Newman-directed Castillo Cultural Center, which had been founded by Newman and Fulani. (The Center then occupied 6,000 square feet of a 9,000-square-foot loft at 500 Greenwich Street in Manhattan New York 10013-1354. In 1989 in "U.S. Left Opens $2.7 Million Psychology & Cultural Center" in National Alliance, Jacqueline Salit described Castillo Cultural Center as "... a multi-disciplinary collective of radical artists.". This website thinks, but is not certain, that the Center leased the entire 9,000 square foot space, then sub-let about 3,000 square feet to Newman's East Side Therapy Center, which Salit described as "... a partnership of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists trained in the radical discipline known as Social Therapy.".) The Jewish weekly newspaper Forward explained Newman's "Dead as a Jew" play: "The play attempts to be many things ... but ultimately it is a portrait of the Jew as a physically despicable, capitalistically exploitative creature who has literally sold his soul to the devil .... We are also told that Jews are to blame for the ... Shoah ....".

      The NAP (new Alliance Party) ran Lenora Fulani (director of Community Clinics of the Institute for Social Therapy and Research, and coordinator of the NAP's Women of Color Caucus) for governor of New York state in 1986. When Fulani ran for president, one of her campaign slogans was "I am your sexual preference.". In the 2000 presidential campaign, Fulani (a Marxist) surprisingly endorsed Pat Buchanan (a rightist whose views generally are opposite of hers). For a while during that presidential campaign by him, she was one of his advisers. She has, according to the NYC Campaign Fiance Board website, collected political contributions for city council candidates Pedro Espada, Jr., (2003 election) and Rafael Mendez (1991 election). Rafael Mendez is on the faculty of Fred Newman's Institute for Short-Term Social Therapy, also called East Side Institute for Group and Short-Term Psychotherapy, which describes itself as an international center for research and training.

      Because Fulani encourages many of her patients to participate in political groups controlled by her and Newman, it seems reasonable to wonder if she collects political contributions from any of her patients. For most of the contributors from whom she collected money for Espada and Mendez, according to the NYCCFB political contribution disclosure page linked to a sentence or so above, no employer or other affiliation appears.

      Many people who attend Fulani rallies, and almost all Fulani campaign workers, are social therapy patients. Standing before approximately 250 followers at a Fulani campaign rally in Brooklyn, New York, shortly after the 1992 New Hampshire primary, Fulani said, "The more you give, the more you grow. Take it out of your rent. It feels very, very good."

    3. The state Board of Elections has records, for years 1999 and 2000, of contributors to a defunct committee, numbered A07232 and named Friends of Lenora B. Fulani: Joyce Weisberger, Treasurer, C/O CUIP, 225 BROADWAY, NEW YORK NY 10007. Incidentally, the committee got a contribution as follows: "1999, MISC. DONATION, 20.00, 10-MAY-99, A". Notice that the name of the contributor is not disclosed ("Misc" is not a name and "Donation" is not a name). This website, although not expert in New York state political contribution law, is under the impression that, when the name of the contributor is not disclosed, the contribution escheats to the state government, and that it is a serious violation of state law (maybe a crime) for the recipient political committee to retain a contribution without having disclosed the contributor's name. The committee may possibly have broken the law regarding that contribution, it seems to this non-expert website.

      There are state Board of Elections records of contributors to other defunct committees:

      1. A01616, FULANI FOR YOUTH AND DEMOCRACY '90, Cathy Salit [possibly related to Jacqueline Salit], Treasurer, 2032 5TH AVENUE (near 126th Street), 2ND FLOOR, Harlem neighborhood, NEW YORK NY 10032-1501.
      2. A01835, LENORA B. FULANI [committee name], Lenora Fulani [Treasurer of committee], 884 West End Ave., Apt.75, New York NY 10025.
        Cathy Stewart, Treasurer
        560 W. 43rd Street (near 11th Avenue)
        New York NY 10036-4300.

        According to a federal court complaint filed by Sam Sloan (which complaint is mentioned and linked to in this website's article about Lenorra B. Fulani), Lenora B. Fulani lives ar 560 West 43rd Street. That addrss also appears on at least one political contribution record of hers.
        FULANI, LEONORA B; NEW YORK, NY 10036;
        Type: Ind SELF-EMPLOYED; 560 W. 43 ST.; NEW YORK, NY; Occupation: PSYCHOLOGIST.
        Fields, Jessie (2001); Boro President; Filing:9(H) Sched:ABC; 07/19/2001; Ref No: R0000945, $50 $50; Check.

        This is also an address that lawyer Harry Kresky (about whom there is an article at this website) has used when making political contributions.

        This address has also been an address of Newmanite John Opdycke, who is now on the executive committee of the NY county Independence party.

        Cathy L. Stewart, current (4 July 2005) chair of the NY county Independence party, may live in an apartment at thatt address according to records of her political contributions. One such record follows.
        560 W 43 ST #32K
        NYC, NY 10036
        100.00, 08-NOV-99, 2000, FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI, A N/A N/A.
        This raises a question of whether Cathy L. Stewart, Lenora B. Fulani, Harry Kresky, John Opdycke, and other Newmanites live (or once lived) together in apartment 32K. We think that some political contribution records suggest that Kresky may not live there now.

    4. For contributors to Fulani's state committees, the question rises of how many of those contributors, if any, were her patients.
    5. This website is not expert in professional ethics of psychotherapists, whether those ethics generally or those ethics as governed by New York state law or custom; however, it seems unethical for a psychotherapist to encourage his patient to participate in a political organization which the therapist peronsally benefits from. Fulani has personally benefitted from several political organizations such as NAP (New Alliance Party, about which there is a 2001 report by the Anti-Defamation League), Rainbow Lobby, All Star Project, and the New York county (Manhattan) part of the Independence party. It also seems wrong for a psychotherapist to request or accept political contributions from his patients, a possibility that should be investigated in the case of Fulani because her encouragement of participation (by her client-patients in groups she controls) suggests the possibility of her having encouraged financial contribution (by her client-patients to political groups she controls). Her encouragement (to her patients to participate) is well known and acknowledged by her; for example, she explicitly admitted it in a published interview. The government should investigate these two, related issues: the admitted encouragement of participation, and the plausible possibility of encouragement of financial contributions by patients. Such encouragement would probably be undue influence or maybe duress. One of Nwman's centers has a psychiatrist (a doctor specializing in psychiatry) as psychiatric director. The professional ethics and regulatory environment of a psychiatrist may be different than that of a psychotherapist who is neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist, with the result that maybe a psychiatrist could be more easily punished than a psychotherapist could.

      It is often unethical and illegal for a psychotherapist to have sex with his own patient for at least one of two reasons: as a matter of law, such sex is not therapy and, also as a matter of law, it is impossible for a psychotherapist's patient to consent to such sex. What Fulani does to her patients seems analogous to her having sex with them. It's possible that some patients might benefit from participating in politics, but it is unethical for the psychotherapist to guide the patient to a political group which the psychotherapist benefits from.

      The preceding paragraph assums that everyone agrees that a psychotherapist's having sex with his own patient is bad, and that what Fulani does (namely, get work and possibly political contributions from her patients) is bad for the same reasons. The assumption (that everyone agrees that a psychotherapist's having sex with his own patient is bad) is wrong for psychotherapists who use social therapy. Social therapy sometimes includes "friendosexualism", "developmental community", and "developmental sex". Those phenomena are or include sexual intercourse between a psychotherapist and his own patient. Newman seems to have have had sexual intercourse with some of his patients (for example, Cathy Sadell and Gabrielle Kurlander). For possible names and other details, see question 97 and other questions by Dennis King in a list of 179 questions for Lenora Fulani (which list was at, and Newman's article "The Women I Live With". However, although some social therapy psychotherapists sometimes advocate, and even engage in, sexual intercourse between psychotherapist and patient, this does not necessarily mean that Fulani has advocated or engaged in such sex.

      Dennis King wrote a book, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, Doubleday, New York, 1989. According to the webpage "On the Edge: Political Cults of the Left and Right", King's book reports that the Newmanite movement duns "... past and present patients for 'political contributions ....".

    6. Defunct state committee A02526 (NEW ALLIANCE PARTY NEW YORK STATE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, Kimberly Svobode, Treasurer) used to get mail in care of FULANI FOR PRESIDENT, P.O. BOX 889, NEW YORK NY 10014-0703.
    7. Fulani occasionally complained to the Federal Election Commission about political fund-raising; for example, fund-raising for Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, and Pat Buchanan.

      In 1997, the Federal Election Commission ordered Fulani's 1992 presidential campaign to repay $117,269 to the U.S. Treasury. The repayment was for, among other things, $73,750 for campaign expenses to people who couldn't be traced.

      One feature of that election campaign was accusations by some alleged Fulani campaign workers that they had done no work, that checks made payable to those workers had forged endorsements (in other words, the payees did not really sign on the back of the check), and that the nominal check payees really had not gotten paid (despite claims to the contrary in campaign finance papers filed by the Fulani campign with the government). After these accusations were made, Fulani answered that the alleged campaign workers had done the work, those campaign workers often were far from home in places where they could not cash checks, that the campaign had forged the workers' signatures to cash the checks as a favor for the workers, that the campaign had then paid cash to the workers, and that unfortunately this favor by the campaign had left the campaign vulnerable to deceitful claims by the workers they had never been paid. As far as we know, she did not explain why the campaign did not have signed receipts for the cash payments that the campaign had allegedly made to the campaign workers. Also, we don't know why the campaign had not insisted on some kind of explicit consent from each worker before signing his name to the back of a check payable to him (even if proof of the worker's consent were merely a tape recording of consent given orally during a telephone call, or a fax from the worker asking the campaign to sign his name to the back of the check and then pay cash). Incidentally, the forged checks were presented for payment at Amalgamted Bank, in Manhattan.

    8. NoI (Nation of Islam, colloquially called Black Muslim) leader Louis Farrakhan opposes, among other things (in alphabetical order): homosexuals, Israel, Jews, and whites. Newman and his follower Fulani often praise, help, and cooperate with Farrakhan.

      Farrakhan helped Fulani at least once. When Fulani ran for governor in 1990 (against winner Mario M. Cuomo and others), Farrakhan endorsed Fulani.

    9. Fulani's 1988 presidential campaign paid Al Sharpton $1,000 for one speech. In 1992, Al Sharpton told New York's Newsday newspaper that he rented office space from NAP (New Alliance Party) at 250 West 57th Street (which is the same street number as lawyer Harry Kresky's office [there is an article about Kresky at this website] and as lawyer Arthur R. Block's office [who is discussed elsewhere in this website in conjunction with Sheila Weinstein Pyros's will]). In 1992, Newman's "All Star Talent Show" paid Sharpton $12,000 to book entertainers for its performances. In 1994, when Fulani ran for governor while Sharpton simultaneously ran for senator, the National Alliance (New Alliance Party's newspaper) wrote that Fulani and Sharpton were "... running in tandem ...", were "... the Fulani-Sharpton insurgency ...", and were a "... 'third force' in New York City politics ...". Fred Newman formed a committee called "White People for Sharpton". Although Al Sharpton and Lenora Fulani used to be close allies, he now keeps a distance from her because he wants be accepted as a responsible politician.
    10. She was born 25 April 1950. She grew up in Pennsylvania with the family name Branch, then married. She and her husband adopted the name Fulani because it is the name of an African tribe. (Fulani is its English name, Peul is its French name, and Fulbe is the tribe's name for itself.) She and her husband had two children, then divorced. One of the children (Ainka J. Fulani) was involved ina FEC (Federal Election Commission) MUR (Matter Under Review) and contributed a little money, through Lenora Fualni as intermediary, to a Pedro Espada Jr. city council campaign. Although usually described as a psychotherapist, Lenora Fulani has also been described as a developmental psychologist.
    11. FULANI, LENORA B. 884 WEA (884 West End Ave., New York NY 10025-3506, near Riverside Park and 103rd Street) NYC, NY 10025; 50.00 03-AUG-99 2000; FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI A N/A N/A.
      FULANI, LENORA B 884 WEA NYC, NY 10025 50.00 08-NOV-99 2000 FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI A N/A N/A.
      FULANI, LENORA B 884 WEA NYC, NY 10025 50.00 19-JUL-99 2000 FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI A N/A N/A.
      FULANI, LENORA B 884 WEA NYC, NY 10025 50.00 22-FEB-99 1999 FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI A N/A N/A.
      FULANI, LENORA B 884 WEA NYC, NY 10025 50.00 02-APR-99 1999 FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI A N/A N/A.
      FULANI, LENORA B 884 WEA NYC, NY 10025 50.00 01-JUN-99 1999 FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI A. N/A N/A.
    12. Fred Newman, who runs East Side Center for Social Therapy, which is at (according to at 21st Street in Manhattan 10010-6004, lives in a four-story townhouse in Manhattan's Greenwich Village neighborhood.

      There is a a 1990 article Newman wrote about himself (published as, "The Women I Live With/Maudie and the Men's Club". Maudie was his older brother, now dead. (The men's club (and the women's club) may possibly be social therapy lingo for insidious pressures and influences for men (and for women) from other men (and from other women) to be and live a certin way. For example, if a man lives a certain way, other men will accept him as a man: he will be part of the club of men. There are things men do to be part of the club, to be accepted by other men.) Anyway, in his article, which was published in Practice, he wrote "I am an American Marxist Leninist revolutionary .... I don't like the institution of the family in any of its forms." He seems to live with former actrress Gabrielle L. "Rie" Kurlander (about whom there is an article at this website), Jacqueline S. Salit (about whom there is an article in this website), Gail Elberg (about whom there is an article in this website), Lois Holzman (about whom there is an article in this website), Susan Massad (about whom there is an article in this website), and some of his other followers. Deorah A. Green (about whom there is an article at thsi website) seems to have moved out, to the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens borough.
      By the way:

      1. According to Newman's article, "The Women I Live With/Maudie and the Men's Club", (in which he describes women he lives with):
        1. "... Gabrielle Kurlander made my life." She is described elsewhere in this website.
        2. Hazel Ruth Daren (died in 2004), whom Kurlander displaced, was "... still the dearest comrade a person could ever have....".
            According to the Ex-IWP website, Hazel Ruth Daren became the coordinator of the US-Congo Friendship Committee, which worked against Mobutu Sese Seko, dictator of Zaire. Ms Daren was also a social therapist at the East Side Center for Short Term Psychotherapy.
        3. That love essay is dedicated to Gail Elberg, about whom there is an article in this website.
        4. Holiday Haggard, who had been a student of his at Knox College until she was expelled, supposedly created a psychotherapy clinic (Centers Clinic) with Newman.
        5. Cathy Sadell met Newman when she was a 16-year-old runaway getting psychotherapy from him at Centers Clinic. She later lived with him.

            According to the Ex-IWP website, Cathy Sadell wrote in "The Anti-Women's Club Club" in volume 10, number 27 (3 August 1989) of the National Alliance:
            1. "Dearest Fred [Newman], do you remember our long lunches and walks around the Upper West Side [Why did they eat and walk on the upper west side?] .... I remember how angry you were when I wanted to go away. I couldn't believe someone wanted me.
              "... my relationship with you was based on need, though we were also friends.
              "... other women started needing you--politically and personally ....
              "... Fred and Rie [Gabrielle "Rie" Kurlander]: Thank you--for leading us [Cathy Sadell and others] in this difficult, passionate, sexy process of learning how to touch you and be touched, want you and be wanted ....".
            2. "... fuck you, Chip Berlet.". Those four words, which appear in part V of her essay, are an outburst in which she interrupted herself while nostalgically thanking and praising Newman. Chip Berlet wrote "Clouds Blur the Rainbow: The Other Side of the New Alliance Party", a December 1987 report published by PRA (Political Research Associates). A copy of Berlet's report is on pages 21 through 29 of a PDF file made from an FBI disclosure of part of the FBI's file on the NAP. Incidentally, an FBI summary of Berlet's article is on pages 85 and 86 of that PDF file. (There is also Chip Berlet's multi-part article, "Clouds Blur the Rainbow", which is on PRA's website, and which may possibly include the original, 1987, PRA report.)

            Cathy Sadell was on the staff of Newman's US-Congo Friendship Committee, and ran for state assembly in 1982 on the New Alliance Party line.

        6. Freda Rosen, who is a lesbian, worked with Newman, and they grew to love each other.

          According to Freda Rosen's article "Freda Rosen's Farewell Address", volume 10, number 30 (24 August 1989) of National Alliance, she rhetorically asked (concerning Fred Newman), "So why wouldn't I go all the way with him?". She also wrote "Fred, I will do whatever I have to, to want you, by whatever means necessary, to follow you."

          According to the Ex-IWP website, Freda Rosen is a social therapist at the East Side Center for Short Term Psychotherapy. From 1983 through 1989, she was the author of "Sexually Speakin' and Otherwise", which appeared weekly in the National Alliance. She ran for state assembly in 1988 on the New Alliance Party line. Ms Rosen is (was?) a member of the Castillo Cultural Center collective and wrote regularly for the National Alliance (now maybe forr some other Newmanite publication).

        7. Deboarah Green (about whom there is an article in this website) lived with Fred Newman.
        8. Marina Ortiz lived with Newman.
          1. "M. Ortiz is brilliant."
          2. "There is an honesty about this woman that is shockingly pure; an uncompromising honesty that sniffs out even a hint of disingenuousness. I have seen her in therapy groups and in endless work situations function as a barometer, reacting viscerally to the very first signs of bullshit."
          Marina Ortiz, who is brilliant and honest according to Newman, quit the NAP in 1990. She later said, among other things, that the NAP:
          1. Is a psychopolitical cult that is run by an internal hierarchy (not run democratically),
          2. Falsely claims to be progressive in racial and ethnic matters,
          3. Attacks progressive groups and individuals,
          4. Is opportunistic (for example, in the NAP's endorsement of Ross Perot's brief presidential candidacy, which meant abandoning homosexuals).

          She said that she had been inducted into the secret IWP (International Workers Party, which supposedly had been abolished), where she was told that social therapy psychotherapy was mandatory, and that all IWP members (including Fulani) had to obey Fred Newman.
          As you consider Ortiz's remarks above, recall that Newman called her brilliant and honest.

          According to the Ex-IWP website, she put herself through Hunter College where she was the editor of Pneuma and was a well-known student leader. She works for (worked for?) Vision Communications, Inc.

        9. Alvaader Frazier lives with Newman.

          She is a black, lesbian lawyer, although perhaps not licensed to practice law in New York.

          According to the Ex-IWP website, Alvaader (sometimes spelled "Alvaeder") Frazier founded IPLI (International People's Law Institution, which possibly may not have had its own office or phone), is (was?) its executive director (although not necesssarily its lawyer), supposedly represented Adam Abdul-Hakeem (Larry Davis) and Ricardo Burgos in a case that implicated Bronx police in drug-running, traveled to Chile as part of an international team of observers during the 1988 plebiscite, and went to Africa with the Rainbow Lobby.

          She may have been a partner or colleague of Newmanite lawyer Harry Kresky, who seems to have had a partner named Frazier.

        10. Centers Clinic, while dominated by Fred Newman, became "... an overtly Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) collective."
      2. Newman's townhouse is at 60 Bank Street in Manhattan 10014-2150, near West 4th Street. The townhouse's windows once were, and maybe still are, covered with yellow blinds. Incidentally, punk rock star Sid Vicious (John Simon Richie of the Sex Pistols) died across the street (63 Bank Street) of a heroin overdose in 1979.

        Newman's address:
        Fred D. NEWMAN
        60 BANK ST. (near West 4th Street in Greenwich Village neighborhood), Manhattan, NEW YORK, NY 10014-2150, 200.00, 28-JAN-02, 2002, PEOPLE FOR RAVITZ, A STATE SENATOR 26.

      3. Like Lenora Fulani, Fred Newman repeatedly makes antiJewish remarks consistent with Karl Marx's "On the Jewish Question" essay. For example, in a speech at the 1985 NAP regional convention in Harlem, he said that Jews as a people "... function as the stormtroopers of decadent capitalism ....". For another example of Newman's Marxist anitJewishness, in the National Alliance issue of 25 October 1985, Newman claimed that Jews had "... sold their souls to the devil--international capitalism ....". For a third example, at Small's Paradise night club in Harlem in 1985, Newman said in a speech (according to a letter Jacqueline S. Salit wrote which was incorporated into an article Leonora B. Fulani wrote) that Jews, as a people, sold their "... souls to the devil. The name of the devil is international capitalism, and don't forget it!".
      4. He has a doctor of philosophy degree from Stanford University. The degree seems to be in either sociology or philosophy. His doctorate is not in psychology, psychotherapy, or psychiatry. According to James Ring Adams, Newman wrote his doctoral thesis on the structure of belief systems (with a grant, according to Dennis King, from the air force, which was interested in the thesis's application to brainwashing). Newman is a bald, white, Jewish man with kidney problems. Newman was born in 1934, grew up in the Bronx.

        He was in army infantry for three years (some of which time was in Korea during the war there). He married twice in his twenties and early thirties but is now single and living with some women. He had various teaching jobs after getting a doctorate; for example he taught at New York city's City College, where he gave every student a grade of A regardless of merit, academic work, or attendance. In 1970, he took a test to be a drug rehabilitation counselor for New York state's Narcotics Addiction Control Commission. He passed. Soon he was counseling prisoners. This seems to be how he became a psychotherapist.

      5. He ran (through Nancy Ross, a psychotherapist he had trained; and through Deborah Green, who lived with him) the Rainbow Lobby (an NAP-linked organization which often tried to trick people into thinking it was Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition). By the way, the NAP supposedly sometimes called itself the "Rainbow Party" after Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign made famous his Rainbow Coalition.

        For information about Newman's IWP (International Workers Party) and other Newman organizations, including photographs and videos of Newman and Fulani, click here.

        For copies of tax, financial, and legal documents related to Newman's organizations, click here.

      6. The Newman movement (which has also been called the Newmanites) is often represented by lawyer Harry Kresky (about whom there is an article at this website). The Newman movement banks at Amalgamated Bank in Manhattan.
      7. Social therapy, which Newman created and popularized, is not just in a few clinics in New York city's Manhattan and Queens. For example, social therapy is also in Philadelphia and and Atlanta. Murray Dabby is director of the Atlanta Center for Social Therapy, which operates the Atlanta Independent Theatre, which performs plays written by Newman.
      8. ASP (All Stars Project) is closely related to Joseph A. Forgione Development School for Youth, All Stars Talent Show Network (ASTSN), Youth OnStage!, and Castillo Theatre.
      9. Nancy Ross:
        1. Is a social therapy psychotherapist trained by Newman.
        2. Ran Rainbow Alliance for a while with the job title of executive director. One source writes that Rainbow Alliance changed its name to Rainbow Lobby. Another source writes that Rainbow Lobby claimed to be the lobbying arm of Rainbow Alliance. Tamara Weinstein was the assistant director.
        3. Was the NAP's vice-presidential canddiate in 1984. (Dennis L. Serrette was the party's presidential candidate that year.)
        4. Was elected to New York city's Community School Board in 1977. She campaigned claiming that IWP (International Workers Party) had been disbanded and no longer existed; however, there are a few claims that IWP really went underground and that she was its candidate.
        5. Ran for New York governor in 1982 to get enough votes to to win ballot status for the New Alliance Party, which she had co-founded in 1979.
        6. Is now CUIP's director of special projects. CUIP's chairwoman is Lenora Fulani, and its political director is Jacqueline Salit. This website has articles about Fulani and Salit.
      10. The Newmanites have taken over non-Newmanite organizations.
        1. In 1988, a group of Newmanites (namely, the NAP, or New Alliance party) took over Illinois's Solidarity party. When Lenora Fulani ran for president in 1988 and 1992, she ran in Illinois as a Solidarity candidate.
        2. Newmanites under Lenora Fulani took over, and still control, the New York county organization of New York state's Independence party.
        3. Newmanites tried to take over California's Peace and Freedom party in 1984 (by trying to gain control of the Peace and Freedom convention) and 1988 (by holding their own convention, claiming that that was the true Peace nad Freedom convention).

    13. Dennis L. Serrette was the NAP's presidential candidate in 1984. He's black. The NAP had claimed to be lead by blacks, and Serrette's candidacy supported that claim. He eventually concluded that NAP's supposed black leaders (Lenora Fulani, Barbara Taylor, and Emily Carter) were mere figureheads and that Fred Newman was NAP's real leader. Serrettee then quit the NAP. He later explained to Mississippi's Jackson Advocate newspaper, "I knew from being there [in the NAP] that they [Lenora Fulani, Barbara Taylor, and Emily Carter] were not leading Fred Newman--he was leading them ....".

      In a deposition in a court case started by Emily Carter (through her lawyer Harry Kresky) against that newspaper, Serrette testified that the Newmanite movement was a therapy cult that "... put people of color in public leadership positions merely as window dressing." Testifying about the NAP in that deposition, Serrette said, "No one challenges Fred Newman. I have seen people maybe raise a few polite questions in ... planning sessions ... but Fred Newman's word is the word."

      Serrette also testified that a Newman associate told him that therapy was mandatory. "She said that it was an order that if you wanted to be part of this organization, you will have to take therapy because it is the backbone of our tendency ... she says that comes as an order ... from the governing body."

    14. Rainbow Lobby, Nancy Ross, and Probe magazine (of which Jacqueline Salit was executive editor) unsuccessfully sued representative Mervyn M. Dymally in about May 1990 to try to prevent him from distributing two documents. He then put them into the Congressional Record on 17 May 1990. The first document is a memorandum dated 4 August 1989, entitled "Zaire Investigation" to three people (Jackie [Jacqueline Salit, executive editor of Probe magazine], Cathy [possibly Cathy Sadell, Cathy L. Stewart, or Cathy Salit], and Mike) from Rich (possibly Richard Sokolow). The second is a memorandum to five Newmanites who lived at 60 Bank Stret in Manhattan (Deborah Ann Green [political director of the Rainbow Lobby], Fred Newman, Jackie Salit, Hazel Ruth Daren, and Alvaader Frazier [a lawyer who went to Africa with the Rainbow Lobby]) from Nancy Ross (executive director of the Rainbow Lobby), entitled "Report on Trip to Brussels, Polisario and Algeria". The second memorandum mentioned that Glenwood Roane from ZARI was at a press conference handing out "Clouds Blur the Rainbow". Chip Berlet wrote "Clouds Blur the Rainbow: The Other Side of the New Alliance Party", a December 1987 report published by PRA (Political Research Associates). A copy of Berlet's report is on pages 21 through 29 of a PDF file made from an FBI disclosure of part of the FBI's file on the NAP. Incidentally, there is an FBI summary of Berlet's report on pages 85 and 86 of that PDF file. (There is also Chip Berlet's multi-part article, "Clouds Blur the Rainbow", which is on PRA's website, and which may possibly include the original, 1987, PRA report.)
    15. Manhattan resident Sheila Weinstein Pyros died on 18 May 1991 not in a hospital or other facility. Her will had been written by attorney Arthur R. Block (250 West 57th Street, suite 317, Manhattan 10019). The doctor who signed her death certificate was Susan Massad (address then 931 White Plains Road, Bronx 10473). Her estate's exexutor was Arthur R. Block, the lawyer who wrote the will. The estate seems to have been worth more than two hundred thousand dollars. Sheila Pyros's daughter inherited a relatively small part of the estate. For example, she inherited Sheila Pyros's clothing, jewelry, and art. The rest of Sheila Pyros's estate (which was most of the estate) went to three people. Those three people were not relatives of Sheila Pyros. The three people were Lois Holzman (address then 250 West 104th Street, 41; Manhattan 10025), Cathy Salit (785 West End Avenue, 11C, Manhattan 10025), Jacqueline Salit (same as Cathy Salit).

      Lawyer-executor Arthur R. Block was a Newmanite. He was a lawyer for NAP, he seems to have been a partner of lawyer Harry Kresky (about whom there is an article at this website) although not necessarily when Block wrote the will or enforced it, he was a lawyer-employee of IPLI (founded by lawyer Frazier, who lived with Newman, and who may posibly have been a partner or colleague of Kresky), Block is said by a source to have been a member of NAP, Block ran for house of representtives (8th congressional district) as an NAP candidate, and in 1992 Al Sharpton (who had gotten money from NAP, as described in detail elsewhere in this websitet) told New York's Newsday newspaper that he had rented office space from NAP (New Alliance Party) at 250 West 57th Street (which is lawyer Block's street number). Dr. Susan Massad, who signed the death certificate, was a Newmanite. There is an article about her elsewhere in the website. Heir Lois Holzman is a Newmanite about whom there is an article elsewhere in this website. Heir Jacqueline Salit (about whom there is an article at this website) is a Newmanite. Heir Cathy Salit (who had the same address as Jacqueline Salit) was a treasurer for a New York state Fulani campaign committee (governor in the 1990s, maybe). This website does not know if the decedent Sheila Weinstein Pyros or the funeral director were Newmanites. This website does not know the cause of death except that it was a natural cause, nothing unusual, according to the death certificate.


      Here is some Newmanite address information. All addresses are in Manhattan unless otherwise stated.

      1. 6- Bank Street Street

        Susan MASSAD bought a Manhattan townhouse (60 Bank Street in lower Manhattan) with Fred Newman in the fall of 1993 for $928,000.00. According to her political contribution records, she lives at 60 Bank Street. The townhose is near West 4th Street in Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, NEW YORK, NY 10014-2150.

        He seems to live with Jeff Aron (article at this website) , former actrress (whose credits this website is unaare of) Gabrielle L. "Rie" Kurlander (about whom there is an article at this website), Jacqueline S. Salit (about whom there is an article in this website), Gail Elberg (about whom there is an article in this website), Lois Holzman (about whom there is an article in this website), Susan Massad (about whom there is an article in this website), and some of his other followers.

        Deorah A. Green (about whom there is an article at thsi website) seems to have moved out, to the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens borough.

        According to his "Women I Live With/Maudie and the Men's Club" article, which he wrote before he moved into the townhouse, he rented an apartment. According to that article, some women he lived with there were Cathy Sadell, Holiday Haggard, Hazel Ruth Daren (died in 2004), Freda Rosen, Marina Ortiz (left 60 Bank Street and the entire Newmanite movement), Alvaader (sometimes spelled "Alvaeder") Frazier.


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