opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees



  1. Giuliani

    Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani III 2007sep7

    Candidate for Republican nomination for president, former mayor of New York City, former officer of the federal Department of Justice, born 28 May 1944.

    GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W; 45 EAST 66TH STREET (at a corner of Madison Avenue), NEW YORK NY 10022. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1381, lot 1104, MULTIPLE RESIDENTIAL CONDO UNT, 45 EAST 66 STREET, RESID. He may have owed to JP MORGAN CHASE BANK; 118-3 5 QUEENS BLVD.,15TH FL.; FOREST HILLS NY 11375.

    GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W; 444 EAST 86 STREET; NEW YORK NY. This may possibly be a formner address.

    Rudy and his wife have widely published much information about her. Wife Judith Ann Stish Ross Nathan "Judy" Giuliani was born Judi (by some accounts, Judith) Ann Stish in 1954 or 1955. When he courted her, the press widely called her Judith Nathan. She wants to be called Judith, not Judi.

    JUDITH S NATHAN Born 1954, 400 NOYACK RD, 03/12/2002, SOUTHAMPTON, NY 11968, (631) 287-7000, (631) 287-4444. This may possibly be a second home for Rudy; for example, on weekends.

    JUDITH S NATHAN, 45 66TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10021. This address is also recorded for Rudy. We guess it's their principal home.

  2. 2005 June 23, Deborah Ann GREEN

    Deborah Green lived with Fred Newman. She wrote in her article "Manifesto for FN [Fred Newman] and GK [Gabrielle "Rie" Kurlander]" in STONO, 1989, volume 1, number 3,

      "Since I met you, Fred, I've been happy to be an appendage of this machine we've been building!
      "I went to work in the factory of our love ...."
    She also wrote in that article that initially she refused to let him have sex with her, then he taught her that her refusal was because she was antiJewish, she then ovecame her antiJewishness, and now there is a beautiful love.

    According to the Ex-IWP website, Deborah Green was political director of the Rainbow Lobby, Inc. (a Newmanite organization once run by Nancy Ross, and not to be confused with Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition), a founder of the New Alliance Party (a Newmanite organization), and treasurer for Lenora Fulani's 1988 presidential campaign as candidate of the New Alliance Party. She is on the board of directors of Newman's ASP according to its website on 4 July 2005.

    In 2003 according to NYCCFB political contribution records, she worked as a researcher for ELLIOTT MANAGEMENT CORP. (a fund manager), 712 FIFTH AVE. (at 56th Street), NEW YORK, NY. Occupation: RESEARCHER. Interestingly, in 2003 according to NYCCFB political contribution records, Richard Sokolow (another Newmanite) worked as a researcher for WORLDSOURCE, 712 5TH (same street address as Green's employer) AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY; Occupation: RESEARCHER. In July 2003, they both contributed to Allen Cox for city council. Sokolow's residence zip code was 10011, which is in Manhattan, not Queens (where Green now seems to live).

    Political contributions:
    GREEN, DEBORAH A, 60 BANK ST, NYC, NY 10014, 200.00, 12-FEB-00, 2000, FRIENDS OF INDEPENDENCE 2000 A N/A N/A.
    GREEN, DEBORAH A, 4-74 48TH AVE,. NEW YORK [Long Island City neighborhood of Queens borough], NY 11109, 50.00, 12-OCT-04, 2004, FRIENDS OF INDEPENDENCE 2004 A N/A N/A;
    GREEN, DEBORAH ANN; LONG ISLAND CTY, NY; Type: Ind; ELLIOTT MANAGEMENT CORP.; 712 FIFTH AVE; . NEW YORK, NY; Occupation: RESEARCHER; 09/02/2003; Ref No: R0000261; Filing:7(H) Sched:ABC $25 $25; Check.

  3. 2005 June 28, Lois HOLZMAN

    60 BANK
    NYC, NY 10014
    50.00, 28-JUN-99, 1999, FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI, A N/A N/A.

    Lois Holzman is a Newmanite. She lives with Fred Newman (60 Bank Street, Manhattan), according to records of her political contributions. Holzman and Newman met in 1976. Holzman and Newman started the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy, which she is director of. Holzman and Newman wrote a book together, Lev Vygotsky: Revolutionary Scientist. She wrote a book, Psychological Investigations: A Clinician's Guide to Social Therapy with Rafael Mendez (a city council candidate for whom Lenora Fulani collected contributions, and a faculty member of the East Side Institute). She promotes ASP (All Stars Project). She promotes ASP by writing and speaking about ASP, having brought some ASP kids to Moscow in 1993 for a conference on Lev Vygotsky (a Marxist whose obscure, psychological writings much influenced Newman in his creation of social therapy), and producing a video in 2002 entitled "Young People Learn by Studying Themselves: The All Stars Talent Show in Action".

    She draws ASP kids to Fred Newman's social therapy movement (of which she is a leading theoretician) by, for example, bringing them to a conference about Lev Vygotsky (a Marxist whose writings are much of the intellectual foundation of social therapy).

    Marx's ideas are the center and essence of social therapy. The therapist helps his client-patient (social therapists generally prefer the word "client" to the word "patient") realize that capitalism causes what he thinks are his emotional problems, and that he must become politically active (for the workers against the capitalists) to be happier. Holzman explained that "...politics is inherent in the practice of therapy. ...therapy of whatever type is inherently political, since all human environments are political.... ...therapy is political...." The new social therapy patient doesn't realize that, what he thinks are his emotional problems, are really a normal reaction to capitalism (which unfairly exploits him, steals some of the value he creates by his labor, and alienates him from other people). "For social therapists, alienation is a political issue." Marx explained the cause of alienation: "... under capitalism[,] production is organized in such a way that the products of production are severed from their producers and from the process of their production [so] people wind up relating to alienated products (commodities)." Capitalism also alienates people "... from their lives, their relationships, their feelings, their culture ....." The social therapy psychotherapist helps his client-patient learn that capitlalism (more particularly, the way capitalism organizes production) is the ultimate cause of his alienation, which is one of his chief problems. The best way for patients to learn this is in group therapy because of the strengths of the collective learning experience. To be happiest, the client-patient should live as part of a social therapy collective (because it is based on Marxist principles rather than on alienation-causing capitalist principles). It is not enough for the patient to understand that capitalism causes a normal response which he thought was an emotional defect or ailment. To feel best, the patient should engage in activity. The patient's activity is basic to social therapy. "We use the term activity in Marx's sense-"revolutionary, practical critical, activity" (Marx, 1974, p. 121).... Revolutionary, practical critical activity is human practice that is fully self reflexive, dialectical, transformative of the totality and continuously emergent. It is human practice that 'abolishes the present state of things' (Marx and Engels, 1974, p. 57) by the continuous transformation of mundane specific life practices into new forms of life." All of the quotations in this brief summary of social therapy came from "The Performance of Therapy after September 11[, 2001]" by Lois Holzman (of the East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy) and four psychotherapists who work at the closely related East Side Center (Christine LaCerva, Bette Braun, Debra Pearl, Karen Steinberg ), Journal of Systemic Therapies, volume 21, number 3, 2002. Because social therapy is based on Marxism, articles explaining socail therapy usually use Marxist ideas and jargon, and often cite Marx's works. For example, Holman's 2002 article (quoted from in the several sentences above) cited:

    1. Marx, K. (1974). Theses on Feuerbach. In K. Marx and F. Engels, The German Ideology. New York. International Publishers.
    2. Marx, K. (1966). Economic and philosophical manuscripts. In E. Fromm, Marx's Concept of Man. New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co.

    Although social therapy psychotherapists are also influenced by Lev Vygotsky, they relate to Vygotsky as Marx's "... follower ..." and they see " ... Vygotsky as a Marxist revolutionary scientist ...." (Lev Vygotsky Revolutionary Scientist, by Fred Newman and Lois Holzman, 1993, chapter 3: "Practice VygotskyĠs tool-and-result methodology and psychology"). It is impossible to be a social therapy psychotherapist without being a Marxist. Every social therapy psychotherapist is a Marxist. For a social therapy patient to have insight in the opinion of his social therapy psychotherapist, that patient must be a Marxist. Fred Newman created social therapy. Lenora Fulani is a social therapy psychotherapist. Incidentally, this website is unaware of any properly done research on social therapy's effects on patients.

    Twice she inherited much from women who were not her relatives: Manhattan resident Sheila Weinstein Pyros (an inheritance involving lawyer-executor Arthur C. block and doctor Susan Massad, which is described elsewhere in this website) and Shadyside, Pennsylvania, artist Judy Penzer. Some information about Judy Penzer follows.

    1. Judy Penzer was, according to slowly responding URL, born on Long Island, New York. She was 49 when she died on 18 July 1996. She was on TWA flight 800 when it exploded just after taking off from JFK. Later in 1996, her brother claimed that his sister Judy had died without a will. A will was probated in January 1997 in an Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, court. According to a 24 July 1997 article in Pittsburgh's Tribune Review, Lois Holzman of New York City, as executrix of the Penzer estate under the will, retained Pittsburgh attorney Arthur Feldman to sue defendants, including Judy Penzer's surviving brother, in U.S. district court.
    2. Two statements made in a Web forum follow, each by a different person.
      1. This statement was made by "owner" on 31 July 2003.

        " Judy Penzer was an artist and a long-time Social Therapy patient. She was also the founder of the original Castillo Center loft on 20th Street. In 1989, Judy's grandmother was persuaded by Penzer to donate over $900,000 to help fund Castillo's move to Greenwich Street (a decision her grandmother later regretted, according to media reports). Judy was also exploited by the cult in a number of art schemes and political campaigns.

        "But Penzer had reportedly left the IWP cult at the time of her untimely death in 1996. She had made a fresh start in the Pennsylvania and Long Island arts community. Judy died while en route to Paris with a friend during TWA's ill-fated Flight 800."

      2. This statement was made by "Anonymous" on 5 August 2003.

        "Judy Penzer was a physically beautiful woman.

        "About nine or ten years ago, on my way to work, on election day--I think it was the last time that Fulani ran for President--I saw Judy Penzer, at my train station in Brooklyn, handing out fliers for a candidate. She was surprised to see me, as I was her: For, I had totally "left" the IWP at that point. I was surpised to see Judy, because, from my memories of working for the cult, Judy Penzer was high up on the food chain. Her wealth afforded her the privilege of not having to be a "foot-soldier," a "grunt," for the organization, and it bought her a friendship with Fred Newman.

        "Nonetheless, they, the organization, courted Judy Penzer, as I came to find out, simply for the money that she would give to them. As long as the bucks were rolling in from her (and/or her family) they were kind and caring, and a friend of Judy Penzer.

        "Judy was married to another member of the IWP. His name is Arthur Block[described elsewhere in this website; for example, regarding Sheila Pyros's will]. If my memory serves me well, he is/was an attorney. Rumor has it that Judy was seeking a divorce from Art Block; but, he was making it difficult for her to get the divorce, tying Judy up in legal shenanigans over their community property. At the time that the divorce proceedings were going on, Art was a dyed-in-the-wool devout follower of Fred Newman. (He may well still continue to be.) Art was making it difficult for Judy to get the divorce from him, because that was the directive that was given to him by Fred Newman, or one of his generals, on how he should proceed with her: Get every cent that you can out of her! I think Judy finally did get her divorce, but I don't know what she had to give up to Art/the IWP in order to dissolve the marriage."

    3. Many people never have a will. Of people with a will, most get one when they are old or close to death (for example, have a heart attack). In a will, heirs are often people the decedent loves or are related to. It's intereesting that Judy Penzer, a seemingly childless person 49 years old, had a will, and that it left nothing to any relative. Psuchotherapist Lois Holzman inherited much money from two women she was not related to: Sheila Weinstein Pyros and Judy Penzer. Newmanite Arthur C. Block wrote the Pyros will and was its executor. According to one source, attorney Block was the husband of Judy Penzer. This website doesn't know who wrote Penzer's will, or whether Holzman was a psychotherapist of Pyros or Penzer.

      The facts in the paragraphs above suggest undue influence by attorney Block, psychotherapist-heir Holzman, doctor Massad, and Fred Newman (who is leader of Block, Holzman, Massad, and heirs Jacqueline and Cathy Salit).

  4. Koch
    Edward Irving "Ed" Koch
    born 12 Dec 1924 in the Bronx
    mayor, member of the House of Representatives
    EDWARD I KOCH Born  1924
    NEW YORK, NY  10104   
    (212) 541-2100
    employment address and phone
    NYS Lawyer Registration Number 1751916
    	NEW YORK, NY 10104-0101
    	United States
    	(212) 541-2100
    	Year Admitted in NY: 	1949
    	Appellate Division Department of Admission: 	2
    	Registration Status: 	Currently registered
    	Next Registration: 	Dec 2010
    2 PARK AVE
    NY, NY 10001 	1,000.00 	17-JUN-99 	
    FRIENDS OF VITO LOPEZ 	1999 July Periodic 	
    A 	Member of Assembly 	53 	N/A 	N/A
    1725 (or 1729) YORK AVE
    NY NY US
    NEW YORK, NY 10104
    	12/13/2001 	200.00 	22990301896
    Edward Koch
    2 5th Ave
    New York, NY 10011
    (212) 979-1123
    Edward Koch Enterprises
  5. 2005 June 23, Harry KRESKY

    The Newman movement has often been represented by (according to information once at URL lawyer Harry Kresky and law firm Kresky and Frazier, especially Harry Kresky. A female lawyer (not necessarily licensed to practice in New York) named "Alvaader Frazier" lived with Newman when he wrote the essay, "The Women I Live With". According to former URL, Harry Kresky is on the Independence party's executive committees for New York State and for New York County (Manhattan). His website has a link to CUIP ("Independent politics -"), which was founded by Fulani and Jacqueline Salit (about each of whom there is an article in this website).

    His office address is 250 W. 57th St. (Suite 2017), Manhattan 10107. This is the same street number as lawyer Arthur Block's office (although not the same suite number), and the same street number as the place where the NAP provided office space to Al Sharpton according to Al Sharpton's statement to Newsday newspaper (reported elsewhere in this website).

    The following Kresky addresses are from publicly available political contribution records:
    560 W 43 ST #32K
    NYC, NY 10036.
    New York state political fund-raising committee A04485 (Lenora Fulani for Govrnor '94, Cathy Stewart, Treasurer) used 560 West 43rd Street as its address.

    505 W. 54TH ST., #419
    NEW YORK, NY 10019.
    His home seems to be on West 54th Street. His office is on West 57th Street.

    505 W 54TH APT 419
    NEW YORK, NY 10019

    Michael Krinsky is a Manhattan lawyer who was president of the New York city chapter of NLG (National Lawyers Guild) from 1977 to 1979. There is a 9 February 1978 letter from Sheila O'Donnell of Guild Investigative Group to Michael Krinsky about Harry Kresky and Public Eye magazine. According to that letter, Kresky seems to have said, to explain why he had used an alias, that he was a member of the communist party who advocated overthrow of the U.S. government.

    Harry Kresky represented high-ranking Newmanite Emily Carter as the plaintiff in a court case against the Jackson Advocate newspaper and other defendants (IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF HINDS COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI; EMILY CARTER, Plaintiff, vs. JACKSON ADVOCATE, et al., Defendants; (File No. 33,611) Case No. CAL 86-20750). In 1986 and 1987 in that case, he deposed (questioned in a court proceeding called a deposition) NAP's former presidential candidate Dennis L. Serrette (whose criticism of Fred Newman and the NAP had been published by the Jackson Advocate).

  6. 2005 June 23, Gabrielle L. "Rie" KURLANDER

    She was originally Newman's psychotherapy patient, then someone he had a sexual relationship with and traveled to Europe with, then his special assistant, now president of All Stars Project (at which she supposedly earning $200,000 annually as president). Also, she was president (over $100k annualy salary) of a different Newmanite organization, CLRP (Community Literacy Reaserach Project, Inc., employer identification 13-3148295), 500 Greenwich Street, Manhattan. 10013. CLRP was an early form of ASP. CLRP raised money, much of which it then gave to other Newmanite organizatiosn such as CCC (Castillo Cultureal Center, also at 500 Greenwich Street, Manhattan). In at least one year, CLRP had: over $580k of non-government securities (over $382k in mutual funds, and over $199k in corporate obnligations), annual ernt income of over $120k, 1995 interst income of over $7k, computer equiment which cost over $83k, and a debt (payable in monthly installments) to Manhattan Jeep Eagle, according to a form 990. Incidentally, on CLRP's form 990 (an IRS form) for 1998, CLRP claimed that it has no relationship to CCC ("donee's relationship" to CLRP allegedly was "NONE"). Both organizations (CLRP and CCC), which are at the same address (500 Greenwich Street) are actually, indirectly run by Fred Newman. CLRP president Gabrielle L. Kurlander (about whom there is an article at this website) was chosen by Newman to be CLRP's president. CLRP's board of directors included Newmanites Susan Massad (about whom there is an article at this website), Deborah Green (about whom there is an article at this website), Madelyn Chapman (once public relations director of Newman's East Side Center for Short Term Psychotherapy; now Director of Special Events of Newman's East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy, and a member of the board of directors of ASP [All Stars Project]), and Jeff Aron (lives with Fred Newman at 60 Bank Street, and active since 1981 in Newman's All Stars). Much CLRP money (over $750k in 1998, according to CLRP's 1998 form 990) went to ASTSN (All Stars Talent Show Network), which is a Newmanite organization. CCC (Castillo Cultural Center), which is intimately interrelated with ASP, is also run by Fred Newman. In conclusion, it was wrong (in plain English) to claim that CLRP had no relationship to its donee CCC (as CLRP claimed in iits 1998 form 990), although there may have been no relationship as "relationship" is defined by tax law for the purpose of supplying information on a form 990. Both organizations, which were at the same address, were actually, indirectly controlled by Fred Newman.

    Kurlander's address:
    KURLANDER, GABRIELE, 60 BANK ST., NYC, NY 10014, 350.00, 01-MAR-99, 1999 FRIENDS OF LENORA B. FULANI, A N/A N/A;

  7. 2005 June 28, Susan MASSAD

    She bought a Manhattan townhouse (60 Bank Street in lower Manhattan) with Fred Newman in the fall of 1993 for $928,000.00. According to her political contribution records, she lives at 60 Bank Street, as do Fred Newman and a few of his other, female, followers. She signed Sheila Weinstein Pyros's death certificte. She has been on the ASP board of directors.

  8. 2005 April 6, mayoral chief of staff Peter Madonia, about age 47, Democrat, Bronx:
    PETER J. MADONIA, age 50, 1316 WARING Avenue, BRONX NY 10469-5702, (718).
  9. 23 March 2004, SADOWSKI, STEPHANIE G (see LUCILLE B SADOWSKI, described on this page)
    QUEENS, NY 11378.
    Occupation MAPPER.
    political contributions in 2002 and 2003, checks.

    STEPHANIE G SADOWSKI, 5912 72ND ST, MASPETH NY 11378, (718) 429-8468

    23 March 2004, SADOWSKI, LUCILLE; QUEENS NY 11378.

    LUCILLE B SADOWSKI (related to mayoral employee and political contribtor STEPHANIE G SADOWSKI, described on this page), age 57, 5912 72ND ST, MASPETH NY 11378, (718) 429-8468

    Political contribution 11/03/2003 $50 check.

  10. 2005 May 30, Jacqueline S. SALIT

    1. In 2005, Bloomberg again will be the mayoral candidate of the Independence party. Jacqueline Salit is a spokesperson for New York county's (Manhattan's, more or less) Independence party, and executive editor of the Neo-independent. She managed Bloomberg's Independence party campaign for mayor in 2001. She and Lenora Fulani founded CUIP (Committee for a Unified Independent Party, which often calls itself ChIP or CHIP). She is CUIP's political director. She edited the National Alliance, the defunct New Alliance Party's newspaper. She was executive editor of Probe, The Intelligence Magazine of the Working Left, which (together with Rainbow Lobby and Nancy Ross) unsuccessfully sued representative Mervyn M. Dymally in about May 1990 to try to prevent him from distributing some documents. According to, "AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE TALK TALK", 4 July 2004, "Every Sunday ChIP's [CUIP's] political coordinator Jacqueline Salit and activist/philosopher Fred Newman [who live together at 60 Bank Street] watch the political talk shows and discuss them."

      Many articles written by Salit are co-written by Newman (with Newman as first-named author), and many of the others are co-written by Fulani (with Fulani as first-named author). Some of Salit's articles use Marxist jargon and ideas in a way which strongly imply that she's Marxist; for example, her introductory paragraphs and her questions in "Liberating the Congo: on the Cutting Edge of the Class Struggle", Practice, 1987. Salit co-authored a book: Independent Black Leadership in America by Lenora Fulani, Gabrielle Kurlander, and Jacqueline Salit. Various editions of that book were published by Castillo International (related to Castillo Cultural Center, which Fulani started with Newman, and which Newman direccts) in November 1990, by Community Literary Research (a Newmanite organization of which Gabrielle L. Kurlander was president), and by All Stars Project (which Gabrielle Kurlander is president of). Authors Salit and Kurlander live with Fred Newman.

    2. Jacqueline Salit is available as a speaker through Speakers Platform for "5.0k to 10.0k" per speech.

      Speakers Platform provides a brief biography of Salit, parts of which are summarized in this paragraph. Salit is the executive producer of a weekly cable television show in New York, "FULANI!", in which Lenora Fulani interviews political celebrities. Salit was born in 1953 in New York City, grew up in a Jewish family on Manhattan's upper west side, went to Sarah Lawrence College (briefly?), then started working for ABC network news by covering the Democratic and Republican party conventions (in 1972, when she was about 19 years old?). She eventually became an associate producer at ABC. She quit ABC in 1975 (when she was about 22 years old) to help organize welfare recipients in New York city. She helped by being a legal advocate for NYCUWC (New York City Unemployed and Welfare Council), which was founded by Fred Newman and some of his followers including Gail Elber. Back then at NYCUWC, she worked with fellow Newmanite Gail Elberg, about whom there is an article at this website. In 1994 (about 19 years after Salit left ABC to ecome a legal advocate for NYCUWC), Salit and Fulani started CUIP (Committee for a Unified Independent Party, which often calls itself ChIP and CHIP).

      Jacqueline S. Salit may be related to Cathy Salit, treasurer of the defunct FULANI FOR YOUTH AND DEMOCRACY '90 committee, of which the state Board of Elections has records.

      The address of the Neo-independent (of which Jacqueline Salit is executive editor) is:
      Postmodern Press, 302A West 12th Street, #140, New York, NY 10014.
      telephone 212-609-2800
      General Info:; Jacqueline Salit, Executive Editor; Media & Public Relations, Sarah Lyons; Sales & Marketing, John Opdycke; Production Manager, Kim Svoboda.

    3. Salit's address:
      Salit, Jacqueline S.
      10/25/2004 $250.00; (60 Bank Street, near Bleecker and West 11th Streets), Manhattan, NY 10014;
      CUIP Inc. [which was founded by Salit and Fulani]/political director -
      Salit, Jacqueline S. Ms. 3/19/2003 $250.00 (60 Bank Street) New York, NY 10014 Self/Writer -[Contribution] NEW YORK REPUBLICAN COUNTY COMMITTEE.
      SALIT, JACQUELINE S 60 BANK ST. NYC, NY 10014 1,000.00 30-NOV-99 2000 FRIENDS OF INDEPENDENCE 2000 A N/A N/A.
      SALIT, JACQUILINE S 60 BANK STREET NY, NY 10014 250.00 09-AUG-02 2002 GO G GO A MBR OF ASSEMBLY 84.

      Jacqueline S. Salit lives with her leader, psychotherapist Fred Newman, and some of his other followers (for example, his girlfriend Gabrielle "Rie" Kurlander, who is president of All Stars Project).

  11. 2005 April 6, deputy mayor for operations Marc V. Shaw, about age 47, Democrat, Bayside:
    MARC J. SHAW (maybe the "J" is a clerical error), MARC V. SHAW, age 51, 7929 214TH Street, OAKLAND GARDENS, Queens county, NY 11364-3509, (718) 776-5677.
  12. 2005 April 17, Steven J. SHAW
    Shaw is a candidate for the Republican nomination for mayor. (He wants the Republican party to nominate him for mayor.) He is 30 years old, lives in the Midwood Park neighborhhod of Brooklyn,works for TD Securitie, born in Pennsylvania.
    SHAW, STEVEN J MR.; 4/27/2004 $250.00; 648 2nd St., BROOKLYN, NY 11215; TD SECURITIES/INVESTMENT BANKER -[Contribution]; BUSH-CHENEY '04 (PRIMARY) INC.
  13. Central Park Bench, New York City

    Central Park Bench, Manhattan
    From Cryptome


    2005 March 3,

    Kevin Sheekey is special adviser to the mayor. He worked for Queens's Democratic representative James Haas Scheuer (district 8) for ten years and then for New York state's Democratic senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. (By the way, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne also worked for Moynihan, as press secretary and chief of staff). Sheekey moved from the District of Columbia to Manhattan to work for Michael Bloomberg. Sheekey is campaign manager for New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2005 reelection campaign. Sheekey has a wife Robin and twin children Samantha and Dillon (who, according to a city government press release, were born in September 2001). He may possibly be:
    KEVIN J. SHEEKEY, age 39, 241 CENTRAL PARK West (near West 84th Street), NEW YORK NY 10024-4530, (212) 721-5011.

  14. 11 March 2004, SKYLER
    spokesman for mayor Bloomberg, about age 31 in 2005, lives in Manhattan, Republican:
    EDWARD SKYLER, 30 WEST 63RD Street, NEW YORK NY 10023, (212) 265-8832.
  15. 2005 July 5, Cathy L. Stewart

    Cathy Stewart ran for state representative in 1986 from the Boston-Cambridge area as an NAP candidate. According to Leigh Peake, Stewart's campaign workers deceitfully denied that they were connected to the NAP.

      "One example of this [confusion between the NAP, which operated the Rainbow Lobby and Rainbow Alliance, and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition] is the confusion that arose during the 1986 Boston race for state representative between incumbent John E. McDonough and NAP candidate Cathy Stewart.

      "Ros Everdell at the Boston headquarters of the Rainbow Coalition claims that the problems actually began before the Stewart campaign but were accentuated when Stewart and NAP, in their door-to-door campaigning, identified themselves as members of 'the Rainbow' with no further clarification. Similarly, one of Stewart's campaign leaflets was titled 'Women and the Rainbow.' The result, says Everdell, was that many people confused these canvassers as being connected with the Rainbow Coalition. 'Some called the Rainbow Coalition office to say 'I gave money' or '1 was going to give money but then became suspicious,' ' says Everdell. When challenged, canvassers denied there was any connection between NAP and the Rainbow Lobby/Alliance, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary in their own National Alliance newspaper."

    Stewart was treasurer of New York state Board of Elections campaign finance committee number A04485: LENORA FULANI FOR GOVERNOR '94
    Cathy Stewart, Treasurer
    560 W. 43rd Street (near 11th Avenue)
    New York NY 10036-4300. (This website has an article about Fulani.)

    Stewart is chairman of the New York county committee of the New York state Independence party. She has been national field organizer for CUIP (Committee for a Unified Independent Party), which is controlled by Fred Newman through Fulani and Salit.

    Stewart's address seems to be 560 West 43rd Street, 32K, Manhattan 10036. Her address, although not including "32K", has been used by Newmanites Harry Kresky, Lenora Fulani, and John Opdycke.

  16. 2005 April 7, Deputy Mayor for Policy, Dennis Walcott, about age 50, Democrat, lives in Cambria Heights neighborhood of Queens county.

    In April 2002 (months after Bloomberg became mayor with the help of the Newmanite-controlled New York county part of the Independence party), Walcott and communications director William Cunningham met Fred Newman and one of his followers (Lenora B. Fulani, boss of the New York county part of the Independence party). A month later, a Bloomberg panel agreed to provide tax-free status for $8.35 million in bonds that were sold to build new headquarters for All Stars Project, run by Newmanite Gabrielle "Rie" Kurlander. (Walcott's April 2002 meeting with Newman and Fulani, and the Bloomberg panel's bond help the next month, are reported by Tom Robbins in former URL,robbins1,64702,5.html, "Fulani's City Hall Push ...", 7 June 2005, New York city's Village Voice newspaper.)

    DENNIS C. WALCOTT, DENNIS M. WALCOTT, both age 53, 11627 220TH ST, CAMBRIA HEIGHTS NY 11411, (718) 276-1923, (718) 341-2056. QUEENS BLOCK 11321, LOT 19, 116-27 220 STREET.


    QUEENS BLOCK 10311, LOT 33, 114-52 180TH STREET.


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