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      "BoE" has two meanings: BoE agency and BoE board. The agency conducts elections in NYC (New York City) and sells information about elections and voters. The board manages the agency.

      The BoE board is ten people. Each of the ten represents a part of the two-party cartel. NYC has five counties. Each county has the Democratic and the Republican party. Five counties times two parties equals ten. Each member of the ten-member, BoE board represents one party in one county. That's why ten people are the BoE board. No non-cartel parties have a representative on the board.

      The BoE feloniously destroys documents and feloniously delays delivery of documents. It refuses to provide receipts, or conformed copies, of documents delivered to it. This refusal sometimes facilitates the BoE's felonious destruction of documents.

      BoE liess in conversation and in writing.


      Building construction inspectors inspect buildings to find out if they are properly constructed. The inspectors in New York City charge bribes to do inspections. The bribe does not buy approval by the inspector. Tne bribe buys an inspection. There is no approval without a prior inspection.

  3. In this article, we describe a phenomenon and then guess its cause.

    Occasionally, a powerful official, of one of the cartel parties, contributes money to the campaign fund someone running against a candidate of the official's party. For hypothetical example, a chairman of the county committee of a political party belonging to the cartel, or his secretary, might contribute money to a politician's campaign fund although the recipient is running against a candidate of the donor's party. At first glance, this seems to be treason against the donor's party. Why does a powerful official of alpha party contribute money to a campaign fund of a beta party candidate who is running against an alpha party candidate?

    The two, cartel parties frequently fix elections. Consider an election which the bosses of the two parties agree beta party will win. Unfortunately for the bosses, a member of alpha party gets his party's nomination and then campaigns in earnest. A powerful official of alpha party, directly or through an obvious proxy, contributes to the campaign fund of the beta candidate. In obedience to campaign finance law, the contribution is publicly reported during the campaign. The payment is small but symbolic. As a result of public disclosure of the payment, well-informed members of alpha party learn that, if they want to cooperate with alpha party leadership, they should vote for the beta candidate. We guess that the cross-party contribution is a signal, to well-informed members of the contributing party, to vote for the candidate who receives the contribution. We guess that the contribution is a symbolic endorsement. The contributor is a party boss who previously agreed that the other party should win that election, we guess.

    The signal is not only to voters. The signal is to everyone who wants to help alpha party. For example, some newspapers and television stations may want to help alpha party. They learn that, to help alpha stand by its deal that beta should win that election, they should help the receiving, beta candidate, or at least not help his alpha opponent.

    We found cross-party payment in New York. We read an accusation, which we guess is true, that a cross-party payment had been done in New Jersey. The New Jersey accuser described the payment and expressed his disapproval but did not guess why the payment was made.


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