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  1. Lists of Officers in 2020 and 2019
  2. 2023nov18 Below are copies of information that the IRS got about NYSCOPBA's officers in 2020 and 2019. There seems to be at least two, possible inacuracies. There is a person described for 2020 and 2019 as "Mark Deburomaster." As far as we know, his last name is Deburgomaster (with a "g"). For 2020, there is a person described as "Brian Hluska". As far as we know, his first name is Bryan. We happened to run across hose names. We did not check every name on the lists. Why was wrong information given to the IRS? Did someone give wrong information to tax-preparer Brian G Leyden?

    Officers in 2020
    NYSCOPBA leaders 2020

    Officers in 2019
    NYSCOPBA leaders 2019

    NYSCOPBA Officers and Pay
    Our source is NYSCOPBA's IRS forms 990, Part VII, Section A.
    Copies of those forms 990 are available in the IRS part of our government page about NYSCOPBA,
    and from other web sites.

  3. List of some NYSCOPBA staff and officers
  4. 2023nov25
    1. 1234 2023nov25 As far as we know, the three people listed slightly below are or were NYSCOPBA officers, or part of the NYSCOPBA staff, at one time or another, not necessarily now. Michael Leroy Dildine David Lorde Luther Daniel M. Valente

    2. Mark Deburgomaster 2023nov19 March 2021 Vice President, Western Regio DoCCS hired Mark "Deburgomaster." In some IRS forms 990, NYSCOPBA spelled his name "Mark Deburomaster" (with no "g"). As far as we know, he seems to be: Mark W Deburgomaster Jr Marcus W Deburgomaster Jr. Mark Deburgomaster 2014 DoCCS annual gross pay $71,359 annual rate of base pay $61,805 2014 C.O. Mark Deburgomaster birth February 1966 Mark Deburgomaster 8400 County Road (County Route?) 77 Pulteney, NY 14874 (607) 868-3406 36 Orchard Park Road Pine City, NY 14871 (Southport CF was in Pine City.)

    3. Michael Dildine
      1. General Michael Leroy Dildine Vice President (518) birth 27 April 1957 began at DoCS 21 September 1987 retired from DoCCS 23 November 2017
      2. C.O.
        1. Work There seems to have been an NYS C.O. named Michael L. Dildine. C.O. Dildine worked in 2009 at Livingston C.F.. The page linked to just above has varied info about him. There is more than one list on that page. He's in the first list, the top list. DILDINE, MICHAEL; CORR OFFICER; 59,043.00; ANN; Sonyea; 21-Sep-87; 10800 The huge page linked to just above has much information from DoCS's 2009 payroll roster. Livingston Correctional Fac DILDINE, MICHAEL; CORR OFFICER; 59,043.00; ANN; Sonyea; 21-Sep-87; 10800 Livingston Correctional Fac The page linked to just above has information from Livingston CF's 2009 payroll roster.
        2. Pension In October 2023, that C.O. seems to get a state pension after having retired from Livingston CF in 2017: Dildine, Michael L, 2017-11-23, Livingston CF.
      3. 2023may2 Michael Leroy Dildine 2023may2 Michael L Dildine Westinghouse Rd, Horseheads, NY Horseheads, NY (607) 398-6161 (607) 796-9032 212 Overlook Dr Horseheads, NY 14845 elsewhere --- 1234 Biltmore Dr , Horseheads, NY --- 1234 S Evans St , San Diego, CA --- 1234 Westinghouse Rd , Horseheads, NY --- 1234 Wisteria Way, Horseheads, NY [Accprding to info we got from the web, all of the building numbers are 1234. Carefully investigate addresses. Daniel M Valente, and David Lorde Luther also have "1234" addresses.]
      4. 2023may2 main source Michael L Dildine birth 27 April 1957 Before Horseheads, NY, he was in Elmira NY. There is a DoCCS prison in Elmira. registered Republican Caucasian

    4. Kevin Donnelly 2023dec20 March 2021 Executive Vice President, perhaps after Sawchuk 2009 DONNELLY, KEVIN M; CORR OFFICER; 53,320.00; ANN; West Coxsackie; 2-Dec-96; 10130 Coxsackie Correctional Fac 2009

    5. Lawrence M. "Larry" Flanagan 2023dec19
      1. Intro former, NYSCOPBA president Larry Flanagan Larry preceded Donn Rowe, who preceded Michael Powers, who preceded Chris Summers. Is Lawrence M. "Larry" Flanagan related to NYSCOPBA employee Stephanie Flanagan, in membership services and IT?
      2. C.O. at Greene Correctional Facility FLANAGAN, LAWRENCE M; C.O.; 59,861.00; ANN; West Coxsackie; 7-Jun-82; 10670 Greene Correctional Facility [He worked for DoCCS on "7-Jun-82."] Flanagan, Lawrence M gross $10,200 in 2023 Greene CF C.O. annual rate of base pay $83,956 [Notice his small gross in 2023.]
      3. Pistol Permit FLANAGAN,LAWRENCE,M,1 116TH STREET APT 1,TROY,NY,12182

    6. Stephanie Flanagan 2023nov11
      1. Intro Membership Services & IT Department Telephone Ext.ension 261
      2. SUNY Stony Brook? Is NYSCOPBA's Stephanie Flanagan, who is described above, Stony Brook's Flanagan, who is described below? Stephanie Flanagan Research Technician at Stony Brook University Patchogue, New York, USA
      3. President Larry Flanagan? 2023dec19 Is she related to former, NYSCOPBA president Larry Flanagan? Larry preceded Donn Rowe, who preceded Michael B. Powers.

    7. Frank Gilbo Treasurer in March 2021 2023dec22
      1. Intro March 2021 Treasurer Frank Gilbo 2009 GILBO, FRANK S; CORR OFFICER; 53,320.00; ANN; Ticonderoga; 5-Dec-94; 10510 Moriah Shock Incarceration CF 2009 A pistol permit seemingly was issued to someone named FRANK GILBO. We don't know if NYSCOPBA's officer GILBO is the pistol permittee.
      2. Frank S Gilbo birth 1972 May 21 (518) 546-7271 18 Sherman Park Road Port Henry, Essex County, NY 12974 USA Single Family Attached Garage, 2 spaces, 594 sq ft garage Four bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms Lot Size - 0.5 acres Floor Size - 1,981 sq ft Parcel ID# 1536009771112000 _____ Above is "1.5 bathrooms." What is one and a half bathrooms? A bathroom has a sink, a toilet, and a bath tub. A half bathromm has a sink and a toilet.

    8. CLARENCE FISHER 2023nov27 2009 FISHER, CLARENCE M; CORR SERGEANT; 56,753.00; ANN; Ossining; 15-Jan-96; 10070 Sing Sing Correctional Fac 2009 2018 Fisher, Clarence M DoCCS gross $89,978 Sing Sing Correctional Facikity Corrention Sergeant annual rate of base pay $81,099 2018 March 2018 Clarence Fisher, NYSCOPBA Southern Region Vice President CLARENCE M FISHER Clarence M Fisher birth 5-09-1957 (He and Dildine were born in 1957.) 4805 Avenue L Brooklyn, Kings County, NY 11234 USA

    9. Kenneth Gold GOLD, KENNETH J 2023nov10 Perhaps he may have been Vice President Western Region. Perhaps he may have followed Mark Deburgomaster as Western Region VP. 2009 GOLD, KENNETH J; C.O.; 44,431.00; ANN; Albion; 24-Jan-05; 10640 Orleans Correctional Facility 2009 Orleans CF is in Albion, in Orleans County. We guess that Orleans CF is in the western region.

    10. John Harmon
      1. General John E. Harmon, Jr. 2023nov1 March 2021 Vice President, Law Enforcement John Harmon, Jr. (315) Is this NYSCOPBA officer the OMH employee below? HARMON, JOHN E JR; SECURITY HSP TRT ASNT; $44,488.00;ANN; Marcy; 29-Mar-99; 50390; Central New York Psy Ctr (Central New York Psychiatric Center)
      2. 2023may2 John E Harmon, Jr Security Hospital Treatment Assistant State of New York 2017 $61,516 John E Harmon Jr State of New York employment 2015-2021
      3. Obituary 2023dec22 John E Harmon Obituary death of John E Harmon (Frankfort, New York) September 20, 2019 Is the obituary Harmon the NYSCOPBA VP Harmon?

    11. Kimberly Hebert enail khebert (at) Telephone Extension 234 2023may20 our main source born 1 November 1972 Kim M Hebert Kim A White Kimberly A Hebert Kim Hebert 25 Homewood Avenue Watervliet, NY 12189-3411 former home 98 George Street Troy, NY 12183 (518) 271-9579 (518) 361-3289 (518) 271-9579

    12. Brian Hluska Bryan M Hluska (DoCCS)
      1. Introduction Bryan M Hluska March 2021 Vice President, Central Region 2009 HLUSKA, BRYAN M; CORR OFFICER; 42,890.00; ANN; Rome; 26-Jun-06; 10390 Mohawk Correctional Facility 2009
      2. Rome Youth Hockey Association He spoke to his fellow directors of the Rome Youth Hockey Association on November 13, 2018. To read the minutes of that meeting, click the picture below.
        Brian Hluska of Rome Youth Hockey Association in NY
      3. 2023nov23 Bryan M Hluska born Mar 1984 Brian Hluska (315) 339-9026 6104 Hawkins Corners Road Lee Center, NY 13363 USA 7792 Merrick Road Rome, NY 13440 USA Potsdam, NY Westernville, NY
      4. Rome sports coincidence, we guess 2023mov26 Bryan M Hluska is in the Rome region of New York. Nyscopba uses the Lippes firm's Albany offie, which employs attorney Juliana Elizabeth Piemonte, who is from Rome. In 2018, and perhaps still, Hluska was a director of RYHA (Rome Youth Hockey Association). When Piemonte was younger, she participated in the Rome Free Academy girls track and field team, as far as we know.
      5. Bryan Brian 2023nov19 DoCCS hired Bryan. NYSCOPBA told the IRS in forms 990 that Brian is a VP. RYHA minutes (linked to above) mention Brian.
      6. "Hluska" Name Meaning 2024mar6 Hluska Name Meaning Slovak, Rusyn (from Slovakia), and Czech (Haluška): nickname from haluška 'small boiled dumpling'.

    13. Matthew Scott "Matt" Keough 2024mar2
      1. Executive Vice President 2024mar2 We think that Keough was elected Executive Vice President for three years, late 2023 to late 2026. our main source Finger Lakes Daily News Wed, November 29, 2023 by Lucas Day In November 2023, NYSCOPBA elected Matt Keough Executive Vice President ten-person Executive Board runoff election after initial election on September 21st [2023] a three-year term Matt Keough 30-year [DoCCS] veteran was a Business Agent for the union in the Northern Region prior to being elected Executive Vice President
      2. DoCCS officer 2024nar2
        1. 2020 Keough, Matthew S 2020 gross $108,694 Great Meadow CF C.O. annual rate of base pay $78,631 __________ our main source of contact info below Great Meadow Correctional Facility 11739 State Route 22 P.O. Box 51 Comstock, Washington County, NY 12821-0051 USA (518) 639-5516 maximum security for men __________
        2. Matthew S Keough 2017 Correctional Officer State of New York in 2017 reported pay $69,809
      3. Keough's Greeat Meadow C.F. colleagues in 2020
      4. Keough's home and phone
        1. 2024mar6 Matthew Keough (518) 499-1203 Whitehall zip code 12887
        2. Matthew Keough Age 56 lives in Whitehall, NY Current Address: PO Box 21 Whitehall, NY 12887-0021 USA Current Phone (518) 499-1203 Past Addresses: 43 Clemons Center Rd, Whitehall, NY 12887-2707 16 Pauline St, Whitehall, NY 12887-1514 Past Phones (518) 499-0268 (559) 627-2328 Matthew S Keough Whitehall, NY Age 56
        3. Matthew S Keough born September 1967 Whitehall, NY Matthew S Keough Known as: Matthew L Keough Mathew Scott Keough (518) 499-1203 Addresses Pauline St, Whitehall, NY 12887 10705 State Route 4, Whitehall, NY 12887 Arlington, VT Washingtonvle, NY Occupation: Clerical/White Collar 16 Pauline St, Whitehall, NY 12887 10705 State Route 4, Whitehall, NY 12887 (518) 499-1203 Degree: Associate degree or higher Matthew Scott Keough

    14. Paul Lashway Paul E. Lashway 2023dec22
      1. General 2023dec22 Central Region VP Did he follow Hluska? 2022 Mid-Sttate CF Marcy, Oneida County, NY, USA 2009 LASHWAY, PAUL E; CORR OFFICER; 55,718.00; ANN; South Plymouth; 14-May-90; 10180 Camp Pharsalia
      2. 2023dec22 Paul E Lashway Correctional Officer State of New York 2019 2019 reported pay $78,631
      3. Paul E Lashway 989 County Road 10A Norwich, Chenango County, NY 13815 (607) 336-1347
      4. business: Paul E Lashway Company
        1. Intro 2023dec22 There is a business that seems to have about the same name as the NYSCOPBA VP.
        2. Paul E Lashway Company 2023dec22 According to (Dun & Bradstreet), there is a business, Paul E Lashway Company. 989 County Road 10A Norwich, Chenango County, NY 13815-3566 USA Perhaps the business is related t the NYSCOPBA VP.
        3. 2023dec22 Paul E Lashway (607) 336-1347 Norwich, Chenango County, New York USA Paul E Lashway business Norwich, Chenango County, New York founded in 2010 employs about 2 people This business is in the following industry: Corporate management. Annual sales for Paul E Lashway are about $116,780.

    15. David L. Luther 2023nov15
      1. Intro David Lorde Luther vice president of southern region 2020 and 2021
      2. DoCCS: Sing Sing 2021 Sing Sing CF in 2021 Luther, David L; gross $91,781; C.O.; annual base $82,310 Sing Sing prison is in Westchester County, which borders the Bronx.
      3. David L Luther Wassaic, NY born 09/06/1960 past Amenia NY Kent CT David Lorde Luther
      4. home and phone 2023nov20 carefully investigate the address and phone info here. (845) 942-8525 Wassaic Hamlet, which is in Amenia, Dutchess County, southeastern NY zip 12592 telephone area codes for Wassaic 845 and 329 birth 1960 206 Carson Rd Stop 1 Millerton, NY 35 Segar Mountain Rd Kent, CT David Lorde Luther (203) 927-3372 (612) 607-7000 198 Sinpatch Road, Lot 33 Wassaic, Dutchess County, NY 12592 1234 PO Box , Wassaic, NY 1234 Carson Rd , Millerton, NY [Notice that both addresses contain 1234. Carefully investigate the address and phone info in this section. Daniel Valentee and Michael Leroy Dildine also have "1234" addresses.]
      5. 2023nov29 David L Luther 63 years old Wassaic, New York, 12592 206 Carson Rd Stop 1 Millerton, NY 35 Segar Mountain Rd Kent, CT

    16. Mike Mazzella Mid-Hudson Regional VP 2015-2020, we think Michael Mazzella The page linked to just above has more than one list. He's in the first list.

    17. James Miller 2023apr20
      1. Spokesman and Public Relations Director one of our sources of info about Miller Last Update by Zoominfo 3/7/2023 4:42 AM Email j*** NYSCOPBA HQ Phone (518) 427-1551 102 Hackett Blvd Albany, New York, 12209 USA
      2. Linkedin 2023may2 source 18 year veteran of the Albany Police Department who has served as the department's spokesperson for the past 12 years. Marist College 1999 Master's Degree U Albany 1989 Bachelor Degree American History Experience Albany NY Police Spokesperson Albany NY Police Education Marist College Marist College MPA Public Administration 1997-1999 [He seems to have taken two years to gdet a Master's degdree. Did he study for the MPA part time? His Bachelor's defree is from U Albany. Why did he go to Marist, in Poughkeepsie, to get a Master's degree?] MARIST COLLEGE U Albany
      3. Our Comments James Miller was an APD (Albany P.D.) officer, became its spokesman, seems to have retired about as soon as he was eligible for a pension, then started working for NYSCOPBA. former Albany Police Department detective Does he have any subordinates at NYSCOPBA? Marist College 3399 North Rd Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Why did he apply to Marist? Did he live in or near Poughkeepsie before applying to Marist? He seems to have worked somewhere after graduating from U Albany but before working for APD.
      4. Birth 45 years old in 2011 therefore born in 1966? Notice the text "... UAlbany in 1989" in above. Most people are about 22 when they get a B.A. in America. Perhaps he was born in about 1967. In summary, perhaps he was born about 1966 or 1967.
      5. Gross Pay in 2011 from APD (Albany P.D.) 2023may2 our source Miller, James Albany $80,708 NYSLRS - Police & Fire 2011
      6. investigated by APD internal affairs in 2011 2023may2 our source This is a fine article. Albany police spokesman By Justin Mason April 2, 2011 Since 1999, Miller, a 19-year police officer, has been the department's spokesman [a public figure] internal affairs investigation [Was the investigation because he seems to have driven an unmarked, police car late, Friday evening while he was off duty? Why did he drive a police car at that place and time? Where was he going and whence was he coming? Was he off duty when he drove that car? Was free use of an unmarked car a fringe benefit of being the APD's spokesman? Did he make any statements to get possession of that car? How many APD officers in March 2011 drove an APD car while off duty? Was it legal in March 2011 for Miller to drive an APD car while he was off duty?] Albany Police Det. James Miller pleaded guilty misdemeanor DWAI driving while ability impaired plea bargain minimum fine of $300 and a $250 surcharge. Miller, age 45 Miller remains suspended without pay pending an internal police investigation. Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff "The internal investigation into this matter is continuing and I am precluded from commenting any further at this time," Krokoff said in a statement. Miller could have his driver license revoked for up to a year for refusing a chemical test after his arrest. He is scheduled to appear before an administrative law judge Tuesday to determine if all the proper procedures [related to his refusal?] were followed. Miller was off duty and driving an unmarked police vehicle without working tail lights when he was stopped at the North Pearl Street intersection with Sheridan Street late in the evening on March 18 [Friday]. [was he prosecuted for driving a vehicle without working tail lights?] $87,714 salary in 2010 eligible to retire sometime later this year Miller's plea to DWAI means he avoids steeper fines, a longer revocation and a misdemeanor conviction on his record. [What was the advantage to Miller of no misdemeanor conviction on his record? His court records show that he was accused of a crime, pled guilty, and was sentenced.] Joe Granich, Miller’s defense attorney [We guess that Albany PD did not charge him a fee for his use of an unmarked car while he was off duty. Was his free use of that car while he was off duty in-kind income? Did he have a duty to pay income tax on in-kind income?]
      7. driving time about 1 hour, 26 minutes between Alnany and Poughkeepsie

    18. Christopher S. "Chris" Moreau 2023nov20
      1. General March 2021 Mid-Hudson Region Vice President (845) Perhaps he followed Mike Mazzella as Mid-Hudson Region Vice President. Moreau, Christopher S; gross pay $78,081; C. sergeant; annual base pay $72,839 Green Haven Correctional Facility prison in 2022 Green Haven Correctional Facility 594 Route 216 Stormville, Dutchess County, NY 12582-0010 USA (845) 221-2711
      2. Home 2023dec22 Christopher S Moreau born Apr 1988 Cornwall, NY, since 2002 Christopher S Moreau birth Apr 1988 72 Mailler Ave Cornwall, NY 12518 (845) 534-8735 Christopher S Moreau birth Apr 1988 3432 State Route 208 Campbell Hall, NY 10916

    19. Nicole Pascuzzi 2023may2 Accounting Assistant
      1. Nicole M and Nicole N 2023may2 Nicole M Pascuzzi, age 38 17 Fay St #2, Albany Nicole N Pascuzzi, age 38 107 County Rte 51, Coxsackie (518) 731-2118
      2. born November 25, 1984 birth November 25, 1984 17 Fay Strt, Albany, NY 12203-2823

    20. Michael B. "Mike" Powers
      1. General 2024feb26 NYSCOPBA President; for example, in 2020 As NYSCOPBA president, he followed Donn Rowe, who followed Larry Flanagan. (315) birth Oct 1965 client of Lippes law firm
      2. DoCCS Sergeant in 2020 2022jun18 our main source Powers, Michael B DoCCS $100,252 Riverview Correctional Facility Corr Sergeant annual base $91,305 [Is the river in Riverview the Saint Lawrence River?] 2020 2009 POWERS, MICHAEL B; CORR SERGEANT; 59,500.00; ANN; Bronx; 14-May-90; 10380 Fulton Correctional Facility 2009
      3. Photos of Michael B. Powers 2022jun15
        1. Full face of Michael B. Powers There is a sycophant's PDF file on the web. 2020_Pres_Powers_labor_leader_OSC_Newsletter2.pdf That PDF file has a photo of his face. Did he supply that photo? At the top of the page, the words "LABOR LEADER PROFILE: MICHAEL B. POWERS, PRESIDENT, NYSCOPBA" appear. According to that page, "He also serves on the Comptroller's Advisory Council for the New York State & Local Retirement System."
        2. Michael B. Powers wearing sunglasses on 10 May 2021 2022jun18 There is a file on the web. "New York correctional officers union sues to stop HALT Solitary law.html" The file has an article in the Times Union. "New York correctional officers union sues to stop HALT Solitary law" by Edward McKinley May 10, 2021 The article includes a photo, 1200x0.jpg, of Michael B. Powers wearing sunglasses. Perhaps "Will Waldron/Times Union" took the photo. The photo seems to have been taken during a press conference Powers gave about NYSCOPBA's doomed class action case against HALT Solitary, a case which had begun 7 May 2021. That case was ongoing litigation when he commented on it. That case, like many other cases NYSCOPBA starts, did not resilt in vistory for NYSCOPBA.
      4. Powers's Signature
        Signature of Michael B. Powers, NYSCOPBA President
        Michael B. Powers Signature

      5. Ogdensburg 2023nov19
        1. 2024jan7 Michael Powers Mayor and City Council Title: Councillor Phone: (315) 322-1386 mpowers (at)
        2. Councillor Powers belongs to the city council of Ogdensburg, in Saint Lawrence County. He is a city government officer and a politician. To read the minutes of the council meeting of 26 October 2023, click the picture below. We chose that meeting because it was the most recent when we chose. Councillor Michael B. Powers of Ogdensburg City Council Incidentally, the 26 October 2023 minutes refer to a resolution moved by Michael Powers to authorize the Interim City Manager to authorize payment of $30,927.73 to Joseph Sovie. We don't know if payee Joseph Sovie is related to Michael G. Sovie, a NYSCOPBA member and DoCCS sergeant who (along with Michael Powers and NYSCOPBA) was sued in 2019 in federal court by another NYSCOPBA member, Randy R. Bell.
        3. About Ogdensburg Ogdensburg is a tiny city that borders Canada. Ogdensburg, NY zip code 13669 telephone area codes 315 and 680
        4. Powers's home 2023nov10
          1. abput Powers 2024jan8 Michael Powers, age: 58 lives in Ogdensburg, NY Mike Powers, Micheal Powers, Michael Power lived in: Provincetown, MA Palm Beach Gardens, FL
          2. about 625 Elizabeth Street 2024jan8 625 Elizabeth St Ogdensburg, NY 13669 4 bedrooms 1.5 bathroomss [A half-bathroom is a room with a toilet and a sink.] built in 1885 lot size 3,520 sqft floor size 2,246 sqft stories 2 heat type Other [Recall that the house was built in 1885.] last sold Jul 2013 for $110,000 units 1 a one-family house resident Michael Powers, age 58 on 7 January 2024. Occupation: Service Occupations
          3. Phone (315) 393-1692
          4. 2024jan13
            1. Our main sources about Michael Powers about Michael B. Powers
            2. Michael Powers in Ogdensburg, NY birth Oct 1965 Ogdensburg, NY also known as: Mike Powers Micheal Powers Michael Power lived in: Ogdensburg, NY Provincetown, MA Palm Beach Gardens, FL Palm Beach, FL Bronx, NY West Palm Beach, FL Poughquag, NY Stamford, CT __________ Michael Powers, age 58 625 Elizabeth St Ogdensburg, NY 13669 (732) 541-6211 Michael Powers, age 58 625 Elizabeth St Ogdensburg, NY 13669 (732) 541-8697
            3. Mary Walsh also known as Mary Powers 2024jan17
              1. Mary Walsh birth Feb 1970 Rochester, NY also known as: Michael Powers Mary Powers Mike Powers lived in: Rocheste, NY Irondequoit, NY Ogdensburg, NY Hilton, NY
              2. Mary Powers Delray Beach, FL also known as: Michael Powers Mike Powers Mary Walsh lived in: Delray Beach, FL Palm Beach Gardens, FL Irondequoit, NY Ogdensburg, NY South Plainfield, NJ Provincetown, MA Rochester, NY
              3. Our Question Is there some kind of relationship between Mary (who is also known as Michael Powers and Mike Powers; and has lived in Ogdensburg, NY) and NYSCOPBA's Michael B. Powers?
            4. Excerpts related to prisoner Harvey Weinstein at Wende CF 2024jan17 The 68-year-old American has been placed in isolation at Wende correctional facility in New York state, said Michael Powers, the president of the states Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association. [How did Powers legally find out about the isolation? Does Powers have a duty to respect the medical privacy of prisoners? Was it legal for Powers to have told the press about the isolation? If it was not legal, were Powers and NYSCOPBA appropriately punished?] __________ Late on Sunday, Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, told Reuters that he learned that Mr. Weinstein had tested positive for the virus. [How did Powers legally learn? Was it legal for him to have told Reuters? If it was not legal, were Powers and NYSCOPBA appropriately punished?]
      6. 2024jan26 As a result of searching on the web site, we got a search results page with paragraphs. A few of the paragraphs, slightly modified, are below. __________ › live-trials › live-trials-current › harvey-weinstein › union-president-publicly-says-that-harvey-weinstein- tested-positive-for-coronavirus Michael Powers Says Harvey Weinstein Has Coronavirus | Law & Crime The president of a New York state union publicly said that convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein has the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), but one of the inmate's spokesmen is criticizing the decision to publicly reveal this. Weinstein tested positive for the coronavirus at the Wende Correctional Facility, Michael Powers told NBC News in a Monday report. › news › us-news harvey-weinstein-tests-positive-coronavirus-n1166436 Harvey Weinstein tests positive for coronavirus - NBC News Harvey Weinstein arrives in court in New York on Feb. 6, 2020. Jeenah Moon / Reuters. .. Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association ... › article › us-people-harvey-weinstein-idUSKBN21A06F Harvey Weinstein tests positive for coronavirus in prison: union ... Weinstein, 68, has been placed in isolation at Wende Correctional Facility, said Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association. › 2020 › 03 › 23 › nyregion › harvey-weinstein-coronavirus.html Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive for the Coronavirus Mar 23, 2020 Harvey Weinstein, who has contracted the coronavirus, is 68 and has underlying health issues. ... Late on Sunday, Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police ...
      7. A multi-part question 2024jan25 If Powers illegally tols (or illegally was told) private, medical information about Weinstein or any other prisoner, would an appropriate response include:
        1. civil suits against, and criminal prosecution of, Powers or NYSCOPBA?
        2. administrative action by DoCCS; for example, punishing Powers (and anyone who perhaps may possibly have iimproperly given Powers a prisoner's private, medical information)?
        3. disqualification of NYSCOPBA as a union of DoCCS or OMH employees? If a union illlegally publicized private, medical information about a prisoner, should that union be alowed to represent DoCCS or OMH employees?
        4. not allowing NYSCOPBA members to work with patients?
        5. not incarcerating prisoners in a prison staffed by NYSCOPBA members?
        If you are interested in the multi-part question above (or in the question's implications or ramifications), carefully, skeptically get information from a variety of sources. Thoroughly investigate. Do not jump to conclusions.
      8. Retirement and resignation 2024feb26 our main source Powers retired from DoCCS. He is no longer a sergeant. As far as we know, he was a DoCCS officer in all of January 2024 but not after. Powers resigned from the Ogdensburg City Council in early 2024. This created a vacancy on the Council. The City Council soon elected him to fill the vacancy until a spcial election in November 2024. He again is a Councillor. He is not NYSCOPBA president. His three-year term ended late in 2023, we think. Chris Summers replaced him.

    21. John Roberts 2023nov20
      1. General March 2021 Vice President, Northern Region Northern Regional VP in 2022 (518)
      2. DoCCS in 2022 2023may2 our main source PAYROLLS in 2022 Roberts, John R Department of Corrections $80,952 gross on 2022 Clinton Correctional Facility C.O. 2022 annual base pay $75,674 Clinton Correctional Facility 1156 Route 374 P.O. Box 2000 Dannemora, Clinton County, NY 12929-2000 USA (518) 492-2511
      <--end all roberts -->

    22. Donn Rowe Donald J. Rowe 2023nov20
      1. General Former NYSCOPBA president, followed Larry Flanagan, succeeded by Michael Powers (518)
      2. 2009 Hale Creek C.O. ROWE, DONALD J; CORR OFFICER; $59,861.00; ANN; Johnstown; 18-Jan-82; 10850 Hale Creek Annex Asactc "ASACTC" mean Alcohol and Substance Abuse Comprehensive Treatment Center,
      3. 2020 Hale Creek C.O. Rowe, Donald J DoCCS gross $88,180 Hale Creek Correctional Facility Corr Officer base pay $78,631 2020
      4. WNYC debate 2013 our main source Donn Rowe President of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association Donn Rowe appeared in: "Making The Case: Arguments For and Against Solitary Confinement" Friday, July 12, 2013

    23. Tammy Sawchuk Executive Vice President in 2023 2023apr20
      1. General info Executive Vice President (518)
      2. Work
        1. Before working in the prison industry IBM
        2. 2009 Shawangunk CF SAWCHUK, TAMMY L; CORR OFFICER; $53,320.00; ANN; Wallkill; 27-Dec-94; 10680 Shawangunk Correctional Fac 2009 Shawangunk Correctional Fac
        3. 2020 Greene CF Sawchuk, Tammy L DoCCS gross $100,398 Greene Correctional Facility Corr Sergeant base $91,305 2020
      3. LinkedIn 2023may2 our source Executive Vice President for NYSCOPBA Albany, New York Metropolitan Area NYSCOPBA Dutchess Community College Experienced Executive Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry. Skilled in Government, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Physical Security, and Field Training. Strong business development professional with a Associate of Science (AS) focused in Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services from Dutchess Community College. Experience -- NYSCOPBExecutive Vice President NYSCOPBA Jul 2014 - Present 8 years 11 months Albany, New York -- Field Engineer IBM Jul 1980 - Feb 1994 13 years 8 months Main Frame Specialist, Computer Operations. Education -- Dutchess Community College Associate of Science (AS) Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services 1980 - 1982 -- Cornell University ILR School 2015 - Present [Does she expect to get an ILR degree?] -- State University of New York at Albany Public Policy Analysis
      4. Education ILR: Industrial and Labor Relations [full name: School of Industrial and Labor Relations of Cornell University] Did she live near ILR? Incidentally, Sarah M. Colligan, formerly in the Lippes firm's Albany office, has a degree from ILR.
      5. 2023may2 born April 8, 1961 home 12 W Camp Road, Saugerties, NY

    24. Christopher M. "Chris" Summers
      1. President 2024mar2 We think that Summers was elected president for three years, late 2023 to late 2026. Flanagan-->Rowe-->Powers-->Summers our main source Finger Lakes Daily News Wed, November 29, 2023 by Lucas Day NYSCOPBA elected Chris Summers President the ten-person Executive Board runoff election occurred after the initial election on September 21st [2023] three-year term. an 18-year [DoCCS] veteran Sergeant most recently served as [NYSCOPBA] Executive Vice President our 17,000 members
      2. Recording secretary 2023may2 Recording secretary 2019 and 2020 March 2021
      3. DoCCS officer 2022 Summers, Christopher M; DoCCS; gross pay $83,968; Attica CF; correction sergeant; base pay $80,809; 2022 Attica Correctional Facility 639 Exchange Street Attica, Wyoming County, New York 14011-0149 USA (585) 591-2000
      4. 2024mar12 Christopher M Summers Alexander born 15-12-1981 3868 Dry Bridge Rd Alexander, NY [We don't know if this's Summers is NYSCOPBA's Summers.]

    25. Daniel Valente Legislative Director 2023may2 source Daniel M Valente (518) 785-1670 (301) 599-1360 home 220 Forts Ferry Road Latham, NY 12110 USA -- 1234 Forts Ferry Rd, Latham, NY -- 1234 E Glenwood Dr, Latham, NY [Notice that two building numbers are 1234. See the addresses of Michael Leroy Dildine and David Lorde Luther.]

    26. David Viddivo Treasurer 2023may2 before or after Frank Gilbo? David L Viddivo associate degree Professional/Technical born 30 November 1964 home 33 Century Driv, Ballston Spa, NY 12020-4205 previous address 251 Revere Dr, Ballston Spa, NY 12020, USA (518) 884-2865 (518) 885-0566

    27. Pamela Marie Welch 2024mar2
      1. 2023 NYSCOPBA election our main source Finger Lakes Daily News Wed, November 29, 2023 by Lucas Day In November 2023, NYSCOPBA elected Pamela Welch Treasurer three-year term: late 2023 to late 2026 ten-person Executive Board runoff election after the initial election on September 21st [2023] Pamela Welch 11-year [DoCCS] veteran [Therefore, she started at DoCCS in about 2012.]
      2. NYSCOPBA candidate for treasurer Pamela Welch for NYSCOPBA Treasurer - Facebook This forum is to discuss the upcoming statewide election for NYSCOPBA's Treasurer position. LI> Brief DoCCS history She was a C.O. at Gowanda C.F., which closed in 2021. She now is a C.O. at Attica CF, we think.
      3. DoCCS officer at two orisons
        1. Gowanda CF 2020 our main source Welch, Pamela M 2020 gross $78,534 Gowanda Correctional Facility C.O. annual rate of base pay $64,751 2020 our main source of the address and phone info below Physical Address: Gowanda Correctional Facility South Road Gowanda, New York 14070 USA (716)-532-0177
        2. Attica CF 2021 our main source Welch, Pamela M 2021 gross $78,291 Attica Correctional Facility C.O. annual rate of base pay $67,369 2021 Attica Correctional Facility 639 Exchange Street Attica, Wyoming County, New York 14011-0149 USA (585) 591-2000
    28. source 2024mar12
      1. Adress and phone Pamela Welch Age 45 Derby, NY Address 6720 Grissom Ct Derby, NY 14047-9563 Phone (716) 947-4842 Former Addresses 16 Fairview Pl Buffalo, NY 14210-2504 1418 Glidden Cir Derby, NY 14047-9681 3700 Seneca St, West Seneca, NY 14224-3400 6075 Benning Rd West Falls, NY 14170-9740 Former Phones (716) 947-9538 (716) 825-2093 (716) 562-9059 (203) 621-1227
      2. Workplace for Pamela Welch Current Quality Control Buczxxxxxxxxxx [Carefully investigate and verify information from the web.]
      3. Email preciouspamela @ [precious Pamela?] pamfisher @ [Pamela Fisher?] junkiex @ thewhono1 @ [The Who number 1?] weagleyed71 @ [W(elch) eagle-eyed?]
      4. sponsored info Pamela Marie Welch Derby, NY Age 45
      <°-- end, in pamela welch -->

  5. Officer Status
  6. 2023jan25 Did a NYSCOPBA vice president recently (before 2023jan25) experience a change in status?


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