opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees



prison officers' names and pay

Mid-State C.F. prison

Mid-State Correctional Facility
9005 Old River Road
Marcy, Oneida County, NY 13403-0216

(315) 768-8581

C.O.s and related officers in 2022

about 1,600 men

Do not confuse this prison, which is in Marcy,
with Marcy CF.

Pay Codes
   b$ = base pay assuming a full year
   g$ = gross pay

our main source for the list below

Mid-State C.F. in 2022
  1. Abar, Joel A; g$88,474; C. SERGEANT; b$72,839
  2. Abbott, Jesse V; g$88,159; C.O.; b$75,674
  3. Ackley, Ryan C; g$78,398; C.O.; b$58,251
  4. Adamczyk, Adrea A; g$59,478; C.O.; b$66,623
  5. Adamek, Jason L; g$143,272; C. SERGEANT; b$92,932
  6. Adams, Christopher R; g$74,607; C.O.; b$62,437
  7. Aiello, Joseph J; g$44,560; C.O.; b$83,956
  8. Albrecht, Thomas H; g$108,690; C. SERGEANT; b$85,738
  9. Albright, Joshua J; g$81,524; C.O.; b$72,417
  10. Albright, Ryan A; g$89,951; C.O.; b$72,417
  11. Alfred, Alexander D; g$74,513; C.O.; b$64,530
  12. Alling, Brian E; g$105,692; C. SERGEANT; b$90,533
  13. Alman, Ezra D; g$56,818; C.O.; b$60,344
  14. Ambrose, David; g$102,395; C.O.; b$80,190
  15. Ambrose, Michael R; g$90,248; C.O.; b$83,956
  16. Annarino, Molly M; g$80,789; C.O.; b$68,716
  17. Armbruster, Hannah L; g$68,710; C.O.; b$58,251
  18. Armstrong, Andrew; g$82,182; C.O.; b$66,623
  19. Atcher, Matthew J; g$83,219; C.O.; b$64,530
  20. Augliano, Nathan P; g$104,614; C. SERGEANT; b$80,809
  21. Aylesworth, Johnathan T; g$83,382; C.O.; b$68,716
  22. Backer, James S; g$121,121; C.O.; b$75,674
  23. Badger, Stanley M, II; g$115,190; C.O.; b$83,956
  24. Badolato, Bradley J; g$82,247; C.O.; b$68,716
  25. Bailey, Nigel W; g$108,207; C. SERGEANT; b$90,533
  26. Baker, Chris M; g$93,487; C.O.; b$80,190
  27. Baldwin, Chad D; g$113,382; C.O.; b$83,956
  28. Banker, Bruce B; g$98,222; C. SERGEANT; b$97,402
  29. Barbarito, Shawn W; g$106,437; C. SERGEANT; b$83,208
  30. Barnes, Jeffrey D; g$117,186; C.O.; b$62,437
  31. Barnhart, Charles M; g$84,505; C.O.; b$75,674
  32. Bartlett, Casey J; g$92,927; C.O.; b$66,623
  33. Bartlett, Dakota J; g$91,944; C.O.; b$62,437
  34. Bartlett, Joshua M; g$79,336; C.O.; b$66,623
  35. Bates, Marcus D; g$78,864; C.O.; b$66,623
  36. Beauharnois, Robert A; g$151,240; C.O.; b$80,190
  37. Becker, Russell W; g$101,593; C.O.; b$80,190
  38. Beckstead, Justin M; g$77,847; C.O.; b$68,716
  39. Beckwith, Joseph M; g$111,201; C.O.; b$80,190
  40. Bellman, Patrick M; g$93,226; C.O.; b$80,190
  41. Bernier, Bradley M; g$87,922; C.O.; b$64,530
  42. Bernier, Chad M; g$81,530; C.O.; b$66,623
  43. Blair, Caleb J; g$18,936; C.O.; b$63,265
  44. Blair, Kent D; g$77,978; C.O.; b$64,530
  45. Blair, Scott D; g$113,589; C.O.; b$83,956
  46. Blyth, James; g$7,896; C. SERGEANT; b$91,335
  47. Bogacz, Michael J; g$97,914; C. SERGEANT; b$88,002
  48. Boisen, Hans C; g$88,229; C.O.; b$83,956
  49. Bolanowski, Thomas A, II; g$70,216; C. SERGEANT; b$97,402
  50. Bolton, Michael D; g$124,115; C. SERGEANT; b$97,402
  51. Borden, Gerald Joseph; g$80,778; C.O.; b$72,417
  52. Bork, Terrance J; g$77,098; C.O.; b$64,530
  53. Bortle, Joshua G; g$82,811; C.O.; b$72,417
  54. Bower, Shane M; g$84,843; C.O.; b$62,437
  55. Boyer, Kevin R, Jr; g$72,290; C.O.; b$62,437
  56. Brenning, Scott D; g$142,681; C.O.; b$75,674
  57. Brewer, James C, Jr; g$118,869; C. SERGEANT; b$88,135
  58. Brinkerhoff, Mathew M; g$186,465; C. SERGEANT; b$93,162
  59. Brodt, Joseph T; g$80,890; C.O.; b$62,437
  60. Brody, Robert L; g$69,388; C.O.; b$58,251
  61. Brown, Jay C; g$85,824; C.O.; b$68,716
  62. Brown, Jeffrey A; g$110,679; C.O.; b$66,623
  63. Brown, Jeremy C; g$97,560; C.O.; b$62,437
  64. Brown, Waymon, III; g$52,936; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  65. Burger, Daniel A; g$104,719; C.O.; b$75,674
  66. Burgess, Hannah M; g$67,190; C.O.; b$58,251
  67. Burgess, Kaleb S; g$58,415; C.O.; b$56,158
  68. Burke, Zachary E; g$79,940; C.O.; b$68,716
  69. Burnham, Peter M; g$96,820; C.O.; b$72,417
  70. Burns, Jeremy S; g$120,811; C. SERGEANT; b$88,233
  71. Burns, Richard; g$118,039; C. SERGEANT; b$93,162
  72. Bush, Jonathan R; g$71,759; C.O.; b$56,158
  73. Caivana, Robert; g$93,351; C.O.; b$83,956
  74. Camello, Vincent J; g$88,607; C.O.; b$60,344
  75. Caouette, Shawn M; g$99,907; C.O.; b$75,674
  76. Caouette, Shibley M; g$98,025; C.O.; b$75,674
  77. Carlesimo, Peter F; g$10,488; C. SERGEANT; b$95,492
  78. Carlstedt, Jessica L; g$95,962; C.O.; b$64,530
  79. Carswell, Ryan C; g$83,942; C.O.; b$68,716
  80. Casper, Nathan J; g$76,421; C.O.; b$64,530
  81. Cavallaro, Kevin J; g$56,648; C.O.; b$56,158
  82. Cawley, Michael J; g$58,996; C.O.; b$80,190
  83. Cesari, Tyler C; g$61,433; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  84. Chandler, Francis L; g$83,195; C.O.; b$72,417
  85. Chapple, Nathan P; g$98,673; C. SERGEANT; b$77,078
  86. Charlebois, Chris T; g$93,977; C.O.; b$83,956
  87. Charlebois, Remi, III; g$94,969; C.O.; b$80,190
  88. Ciaccia, Lawrence M; g$91,104; C.O.; b$83,956
  89. Citrin, Michael S, Jr; g$90,174; C.O.; b$72,417
  90. Clark, Stanley M; g$133,305; C.O.; b$83,956
  91. Clark, Timothy B; g$65,271; C. SERGEANT; b$97,402
  92. Collins, Ryan S; g$89,362; C.O.; b$66,623
  93. Comings, Dustin W; g$41,362; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  94. Conde, Daniel; g$84,498; C.O.; b$68,716
  95. Connor, Cody J; g$77,778; C.O.; b$62,437
  96. Conte, Thomas; g$104,258; C.O.; b$83,956
  97. Cooney, Dawn D; g$94,040; C.O.; b$72,417
  98. Cooney, Scott P; g$168,218; C. SERGEANT; b$97,402
  99. Costello, James, Jr; g$86,758; C.O.; b$75,674
  100. Cotrupe, Frank D; g$78,202; C.O.; b$62,437
  101. Cotton, Cody R; g$76,000; C.O.; b$64,530
  102. Crego, Ryan P; g$78,391; C.O.; b$66,623
  103. Crescent, Nicholas G; g$60,155; C.O.; b$56,158
  104. Criscolo, Christopher A; g$90,841; C.O.; b$68,716
  105. Croniser, Donald C; g$96,268; C.O.; b$83,956
  106. Cross, Dean H; g$96,800; C.O.; b$80,190
  107. Crumb, Christopher; g$96,736; C.O.; b$80,190
  108. Crump, Shawn M; g$66,300; C.O.; b$58,251
  109. Cummings, John P; g$86,630; C.O.; b$72,417
  110. Curtis, Paul F; g$79,658; C.O.; b$64,530
  111. Curtiss, Brian M; g$82,977; C.O.; b$68,716
  112. Curtiss, Matthew C; g$69,430; C.O.; b$56,158
  113. Czepiel, Brandon R; g$89,758; C.O.; b$68,716
  114. Dapre, Rhett C; g$136,166; C.O.; b$72,417
  115. Dare, Frank A; g$78,727; C.O.; b$72,417
  116. Dare, Rocco J; g$88,845; C.O.; b$72,417
  117. Davis, Adam J; g$76,838; C.O.; b$64,530
  118. Davis, David J; g$69,992; C.O.; b$60,344
  119. Dawes, David J; g$78,723; C.O.; b$66,623
  120. Decarlis, Michael P; g$147,455; C.O.; b$83,956
  121. Decker, Shane E; g$50,866; C.O.; b$64,530
  122. Deeley, Joshua M; g$68,737; C.O.; b$58,251
  123. Deihl, Kristopher A; g$71,173; C.O.; b$58,251
  124. Delles, Zachery R; g$70,823; C.O.; b$62,437
  125. Demko, Michael S; g$82,988; C.O.; b$72,417
  126. Derby, Tyler J; g$115,674; C.O.; b$62,437
  127. Desantis, John P; g$80,565; C.O.; b$72,417
  128. Deshane, Rebecca E; g$66,788; C.O.; b$56,158
  129. Dibrango, Michael A; g$133,448; C.O.; b$80,190
  130. Dillon, Cody T; g$69,371; C.O.; b$60,344
  131. Dillon, Kevin P; g$90,502; C.O.; b$68,716
  132. Dingeldey, Scott J; g$75,457; C.O.; b$60,344
  133. Dischiavo, Daniel A; g$134,398; C.O.; b$68,716
  134. Dobbins, Tommy D; g$124,660; C.O.; b$80,190
  135. Dobson, Andrew H; g$83,240; C.O.; b$68,716
  136. Dodge, Mark S; g$117,832; C.O.; b$83,956
  137. Domser, Philip F; g$100,130; C.O.; b$68,716
  138. Doti, James A, Jr; g$153,969; C.O.; b$80,190
  139. Drumm, Kathy A; g$98,112; C.O.; b$80,190
  140. Dubinsky, Loriane A; g$98,716; C.O.; b$80,190
  141. Dubois, Scott C; g$141,799; C. SERGEANT; b$84,270
  142. Dwyer, Patrick L; g$117,112; C. SERGEANT; b$83,208
  143. Dyette, Joseph A; g$72,299; C.O.; b$62,437
  144. Dygert, Daniel P; g$72,686; C.O.; b$83,956
  145. Eberst, John T; g$72,424; C.O.; b$60,344
  146. Edick, Anthony W; g$111,076; C. SERGEANT; b$93,162
  147. Ellis, Daniel H; g$107,973; C.O.; b$68,716
  148. Erny, Joseph E; g$77,748; C.O.; b$68,716
  149. Etherton, Jason; g$178,719; C.O.; b$80,190
  150. Evans, Thomas L; g$109,886; C.O.; b$80,190
  151. Evola, Benjamin M; g$99,081; C.O.; b$80,190
  152. Ewen, Kyle R; g$101,005; C.O.; b$66,623
  153. Falcone, Anthony M; g$44,883; C.O.; b$80,190
  154. Fallon, Todd S; g$95,547; C.O.; b$66,623
  155. Farmer, Joshua J; g$74,983; C.O.; b$58,251
  156. Farr, Chantel L; g$76,009; C.O.; b$66,623
  157. Farrell, John; g$88,086; C.O.; b$80,190
  158. Fear, Christopher J; g$107,554; C.O.; b$80,190
  159. Femia, Jordan R; g$111,716; C.O.; b$66,623
  160. Fenton, Jake S; g$92,674; C.O.; b$75,674
  161. Ficchi, Janelle M; g$83,715; C.O.; b$62,437
  162. Fitch, James B; g$114,125; C.O.; b$80,190
  163. Flack, Cory; g$99,830; C. SERGEANT; b$77,077
  164. Folaji, Raymond A; g$109,321; C.O.; b$64,530
  165. Foose, William C; g$137,880; C. SERGEANT; b$93,162
  166. Forbes, Marshall T; g$67,300; C.O.; b$56,158
  167. Forbragd, Douglas W; g$81,963; C.O.; b$83,956
  168. Force, Danielle; g$72,421; C.O.; b$60,344
  169. Force, James P; g$103,350; C.O.; b$83,956
  170. Forward, Gabriel T; g$88,508; C.O.; b$72,417
  171. Fountain, Jeffrey P; g$69,274; C.O.; b$83,956
  172. Fowler, Jason M; g$62,749; C.O.; b$64,530
  173. Francisco, Matthew R; g$92,289; C.O.; b$80,190
  174. Frank, Kurt L; g$22,157; C.O.; b$78,618
  175. Freeman, Brenton D; g$97,035; C.O.; b$75,674
  176. Freeman, Nathan B; g$70,514; C.O.; b$60,344
  177. Fuller, Jeffrey L; g$84,013; C.O.; b$75,674
  178. Futter, Larry S; g$83,452; C.O.; b$83,956
  179. Gaffney, Michael S; g$94,900; C.O.; b$75,674
  180. Gage, Jason P; g$92,368; C.O.; b$80,190
  181. Gaiser, Timothy R; g$106,425; C.O.; b$83,956
  182. Gall, Adam S; g$80,569; C.O.; b$66,623
  183. Galloway, Atasia J; g$42,449; C.O.; b$58,251
  184. Gardner, Michael K; g$71,572; C.O.; b$62,437
  185. Garrett, Scott J; g$3,585; C.O.; b$55,057
  186. Gaylord, Patrick A; g$51,181; C.O.; b$83,956
  187. Genter, Ryan J; g$77,047; C.O.; b$58,251
  188. Gentile, Shane P; g$82,956; C.O.; b$64,530
  189. Gerhardt, Michael D; g$86,914; C.O.; b$68,716
  190. Gibson, Joseph; g$37,862; C.O.; b$80,190
  191. Gillen, Nelson F; g$85,272; C.O.; b$75,674
  192. Glab, David J; g$77,504; C.O.; b$60,344
  193. Gogel, Timothy D; g$67,017; C.O.; b$56,158
  194. Goodale, Braden L; g$76,079; C.O.; b$66,623
  195. Goracy, Jason A; g$73,742; C.O.; b$62,437
  196. Goracy, Mike J; g$78,146; C.O.; b$68,716
  197. Goracy, Stephen W; g$23,229; C.O.; b$82,310
  198. Goracy, Stephen W, Jr; g$80,433; C.O.; b$68,716
  199. Graban, Thomas W, II; g$101,566; C.O.; b$64,530
  200. Grant, Gregory J; g$108,103; C.O.; b$83,956
  201. Green, Ashlee N; g$82,977; C.O.; b$62,437
  202. Green, Brandon P; g$81,051; C.O.; b$56,158
  203. Grenier, Cory V; g$74,016; C.O.; b$64,530
  204. Griffiths, Jacob J; g$42,043; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  205. Groom, Joseph A; g$67,789; C.O.; b$58,251
  206. Grube, Andrew B; g$101,631; C.O.; b$80,190
  207. Guzski, David W; g$95,432; C.O.; b$80,190
  208. Hamblin, Scott A, Jr; g$85,496; C.O.; b$58,251
  209. Hamilton, Jason R; g$81,231; C. SERGEANT; b$80,809
  210. Hampston, Daniel F; g$100,771; C.O.; b$80,190
  211. Hartman, Matthew T; g$112,106; C.O.; b$66,623
  212. Hatch, Darren P; g$76,075; C.O.; b$66,623
  213. Hayes, Christophe M; g$114,538; C.O.; b$80,190
  214. Healey, Donald J, Jr; g$116,530; C.O.; b$83,956
  215. Heidelberger, Darren J; g$43,219; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  216. Henderson, Joseph; g$85,240; C.O.; b$68,716
  217. Henry, Justin M; g$56,417; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  218. Herring, Christopher J; g$117,270; C.O.; b$83,956
  219. Hildenbrandt, Matthew S; g$77,959; C.O.; b$64,530
  220. Hodge, Robert M; g$73,680; C.O.; b$58,251
  221. Hoffman, Ashlee E; g$74,135; C.O.; b$64,530
  222. Hoffman, Brett E; g$74,638; C.O.; b$66,623
  223. Hoffman, Jonathan J, Jr; g$74,226; C.O.; b$64,530
  224. Holbert, Samantha J; g$70,072; C.O.; b$62,437
  225. Hollenbeck, Kris C; g$77,495; C.O.; b$58,251
  226. Howard, Chris L; g$127,973; C.O.; b$80,190
  227. Howard, Robert B; g$130,361; C. SERGEANT; b$93,162
  228. Hula, Randy L; g$103,905; C.O.; b$83,956
  229. Hula, Steven A; g$101,828; C.O.; b$80,190
  230. Humphries, Heather L; g$80,702; C.O.; b$66,623
  231. Huntley, Brandon S; g$84,587; C.O.; b$66,623
  232. Husnay, Michael P; g$82,397; C.O.; b$83,956
  233. Huther, John; g$101,421; C.O.; b$80,190
  234. Hyjek, Christopher R; g$68,710; C.O.; b$56,158
  235. Ingraham, Robert J; g$103,454; C.O.; b$75,674
  236. Jackson, Andrew T; g$87,623; C.O.; b$68,716
  237. Jacobs, Frank W; g$166,372; C.O.; b$80,190
  238. Jaynes, Brandyn C; g$71,294; C.O.; b$62,437
  239. Johnson, David C; g$82,892; C.O.; b$64,530
  240. Johnson, Jeremiah W; g$81,874; C.O.; b$60,344
  241. Johnson, Riley E; g$77,092; C.O.; b$68,716
  242. Johnson, Roy; g$70,181; C.O.; b$83,956
  243. Jolls, Timothy W; g$63,760; C.O.; b$83,956
  244. Jones, Michael G; g$81,260; C.O.; b$64,530
  245. Jonquil, Joseph A; g$84,142; C.O.; b$68,716
  246. Joseph, Adam S; g$95,955; C.O.; b$68,716
  247. Keeney, Gene M; g$101,566; C. SERGEANT; b$85,738
  248. Kelley, Bradley H; g$108,837; C.O.; b$80,190
  249. Kennedy, Michael A; g$117,158; C.O.; b$80,190
  250. Khan, Rohail; g$68,690; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  251. Kiernan, Francis J; g$80,405; C.O.; b$68,716
  252. Kiesel, Steven E; g$98,189; C.O.; b$83,956
  253. Kilner, Dylan J; g$68,837; C.O.; b$58,251
  254. King, Andrew T; g$81,433; C.O.; b$68,716
  255. King, Michael A; g$108,007; C.O.; b$75,674
  256. Klein, Craig R; g$97,270; C.O.; b$80,190
  257. Klossner, Justin C; g$71,012; C.O.; b$62,437
  258. Knapp, Joshua M; g$62,246; C.O.; b$56,158
  259. Knobloch, Zachary J; g$112,872; C.O.; b$68,716
  260. Koerick, Kevin; g$101,352; C. SERGEANT; b$72,839
  261. Komnick, Peter A; g$116,524; C.O.; b$83,956
  262. Kondella, Gregory J; g$107,514; C.O.; b$83,956
  263. Kornmeyer, Joseph E; g$92,022; C.O.; b$72,417
  264. Kosina, James F; g$117,471; C.O.; b$80,190
  265. Kostolecki, Mark F; g$115,241; C.O.; b$83,956
  266. Kotary, Justin H; g$75,233; C.O.; b$64,530
  267. Kowalski, Jarrett J; g$77,850; C.O.; b$56,158
  268. Krebser, Eric J; g$73,252; C.O.; b$60,344
  269. Lacoppola, Dominic A; g$87,749; C.O.; b$60,344
  270. Lacy, Kenneth A; g$112,548; C.O.; b$80,190
  271. Laisdell, Matthew A; g$52,479; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  272. Lalone, Taylor R; g$79,735; C.O.; b$68,716
  273. Lambert, Sean P; g$25,537; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  274. Lamonica, Rocky J; g$56,039; C.O.; b$58,251
  275. Lashway, Paul E; g$98,627; C.O.; b$83,956
  276. Lawson, Brett W; g$68,189; C.O.; b$60,344
  277. Lawter, John W; g$102,522; C.O.; b$80,190
  278. Learnard, Dale E; g$81,719; C.O.; b$68,716
  279. Lenhart, Mary C; g$84,626; C.O.; b$60,344
  280. Levellie, John E; g$166,376; C.O.; b$80,190
  281. Levi, Jonah M; g$112,282; C.O.; b$72,417
  282. Lewandrowski, Edmund J, Jr; g$87,758; C.O.; b$62,437
  283. Lewis, Eric D; g$89,380; C.O.; b$64,530
  284. Lewis, William V; g$87,753; C.O.; b$83,956
  285. Lindenmayer, Benjamin A; g$78,453; C.O.; b$68,716
  286. Linneen, Dain C; g$88,975; C.O.; b$72,417
  287. Locher, Daniel M; g$75,085; C.O.; b$64,530
  288. Lockwood, Craig W; g$80,238; C.O.; b$72,417
  289. Long, Joshua A; g$96,456; C.O.; b$72,417
  290. Looman, Roland L; g$61,031; C.O.; b$83,956
  291. Loughran, Joseph D; g$107,027; C.O.; b$68,716
  292. Luat, Mark R; g$78,835; C.O.; b$58,251
  293. Lynch, Justin S; g$100,912; C.O.; b$68,716
  294. Lyon, Jacob M; g$80,273; C.O.; b$56,158
  295. Mack, Joshua M; g$90,720; C.O.; b$75,674
  296. Mack, Steven A; g$82,400; C.O.; b$68,716
  297. Mackey, Tyler A; g$46,393; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  298. Madonia, Michael T; g$94,182; C.O.; b$83,956
  299. Madonia, Michael T, Jr; g$91,179; C.O.; b$68,716
  300. Mahoney, Brendan P; g$111,709; C.O. SPAN L; b$83,956
  301. Malone, Devon M; g$75,634; C.O.; b$60,344
  302. Manson, Joseph W; g$74,903; C.O.; b$58,251
  303. Marmon, Charles W; g$112,042; C.O.; b$83,956
  304. Marquard, Christopher P; g$80,716; C.O.; b$62,437
  305. Marriott, Tyler J; g$72,849; C.O.; b$66,623
  306. Marsh, Trevor A; g$81,455; C.O.; b$72,417
  307. Masca, Todd A; g$98,406; C.O.; b$83,956
  308. Mason, Justin S; g$80,532; C.O.; b$60,344
  309. Matlock, Curt B; g$81,036; C.O.; b$64,530
  310. Mattes, Bridgett L; g$43,691; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  311. Matz, James G; g$76,165; C.O.; b$64,530
  312. Maxwell, Neil P; g$4,233; C.O.; b$62,437
  313. Mayden, Cassie L; g$34,592; C.O.; b$60,344
  314. Mayden, Jacob K; g$77,081; C.O.; b$64,530
  315. Maylo, Richard J; g$73,775; C.O.; b$64,530
  316. Mayo, Gregory D; g$113,568; C. SERGEANT; b$88,002
  317. Mazzone, Bruce A; g$77,725; C.O.; b$62,437
  318. Mcconnell, Richard M, Jr; g$68,828; C.O.; b$56,158
  319. Mcintyre, Ryan M; g$82,139; C.O.; b$72,417
  320. Mckinney, Joseph L; g$79,252; C.O.; b$68,716
  321. Mclean, Sean R; g$58,817; C.O.; b$56,158
  322. Mejias, Andy; g$76,094; C.O.; b$62,437
  323. Mendoza, Dav A; g$92,873; C.O.; b$66,623
  324. Mendoza, Eira M; g$73,846; C.O.; b$64,530
  325. Meyers, Anthony J; g$79,206; C.O.; b$64,530
  326. Mierek, William A; g$81,882; C.O.; b$72,417
  327. Mihevc, Mark A; g$114,186; C. SERGEANT; b$83,208
  328. Miller, Joseph P; g$51,201; C.O.; b$56,158
  329. Miller, Scott Andrew; g$4,379; C.O.; b$55,057
  330. Molina, Enrique I, Jr; g$88,560; C.O.; b$83,956
  331. Monnat, Scott D; g$76,951; C.O.; b$62,437
  332. Montanari, Brandon D; g$74,824; C.O.; b$60,344
  333. Moore, Paris J; g$15,298; C.O. TRAINEE; b$48,081
  334. Morat, William B; g$105,225; C.O.; b$80,190
  335. Morris, Mark K; g$120,076; C.O.; b$83,956
  336. Morrissey, James A; g$90,976; C.O.; b$75,674
  337. Morrissey, Philip T; g$74,652; C.O.; b$66,623
  338. Morrow, Jacob W; g$86,433; C.O.; b$68,716
  339. Morse, Stephen S; g$91,468; C.O.; b$80,190
  340. Mosher, Douglas J; g$90,125; C.O.; b$80,190
  341. Mroz, Jeffrey W; g$90,716; C.O.; b$75,674
  342. Muench, Ryan M; g$75,515; C.O.; b$64,530
  343. Muha, Glen P; g$89,470; C.O.; b$80,190
  344. Mullen, Kathy L; g$72,522; C.O.; b$68,716
  345. Murphy, Brendan P; g$79,986; C.O.; b$64,530
  346. Murphy, John P; g$91,468; C.O.; b$72,417
  347. Murphy, Reid T; g$79,015; C.O.; b$66,623
  348. Murphy, Thomas J; g$77,343; C.O.; b$64,530
  349. Myers, David E; g$133,680; C.O.; b$80,190
  350. Nagle, John P; g$121,985; C.O.; b$83,956
  351. Nasso, Joseph M; g$73,854; C.O.; b$60,344
  352. Nelson, Kenneth P; g$135,198; C.O.; b$75,674
  353. Newvine, Kevin A; g$103,046; C.O.; b$80,190
  354. Nicholas, Heather L; g$76,090; C.O.; b$66,623
  355. Noble, Carlton A; g$94,130; C.O.; b$83,956
  356. Noblett, Storm C; g$75,478; C.O.; b$56,158
  357. Notarianni, Christine A; g$99,483; C.O.; b$83,956
  358. O'Neil, Jacob P; g$82,012; C.O.; b$66,623
  359. Oconnor, David; g$124,933; C.O.; b$83,956
  360. Oconnor, David S, Jr; g$81,751; C.O.; b$64,530
  361. Odell, Justin R; g$77,754; C.O.; b$68,716
  362. Odell, Ryan W; g$72,301; C.O.; b$64,530
  363. Oertel, Spencer A; g$76,563; C.O.; b$60,344
  364. Ohearn, Adam M; g$94,423; C.O.; b$66,623
  365. Oliver, James N; g$128,102; C.O.; b$80,190
  366. Oneil, Ryan T; g$102,786; C.O.; b$68,716
  367. Orcutt, Jason D; g$71,343; C.O.; b$62,437
  368. Orsino, Jonothan S; g$81,783; C.O.; b$72,417
  369. Owens, Susan K; g$54,979; C.O.; b$83,956
  370. Oyer, Shaun A; g$119,880; C.O.; b$66,623
  371. Palmer, Nathan J; g$78,733; C.O.; b$62,437
  372. Parisio, Joseph J; g$60,521; C.O.; b$56,158
  373. Parrotta, Joe A; g$113,432; C.O.; b$80,190
  374. Pasek, Frank A; g$75,132; C.O.; b$64,530
  375. Passage, John A, II; g$40,232; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  376. Patnode, Aaron K; g$7,598; C.O.; b$65,317
  377. Paul, Brian M; g$70,233; C.O.; b$60,344
  378. Peck, Stepfanie L; g$68,397; C.O.; b$58,251
  379. Pekala, Marc A; g$86,756; C.O.; b$75,674
  380. Pekola, Terence H; g$71,656; C.O.; b$83,956
  381. Perdue, Devrin L; g$99,434; C.O.; b$64,530
  382. Perri, Christopher M; g$120,509; C.O.; b$75,674
  383. Perritano, Peter D; g$99,507; C.O.; b$80,190
  384. Perry, Wayne E; g$102,086; C.O.; b$80,190
  385. Peruzzi, Alexander J; g$78,841; C.O.; b$64,530
  386. Peters, Jacob D; g$78,477; C.O.; b$60,344
  387. Petronella, Ralph N, Jr; g$99,121; C. SERGEANT; b$88,002
  388. Petrus, Kody H; g$74,825; C.O.; b$60,344
  389. Piacenti, Marc A; g$124,679; C.O.; b$80,190
  390. Piazza, Trista J; g$69,122; C.O.; b$60,344
  391. Pickering, Cassandra L; g$75,631; C.O.; b$56,158
  392. Pickering, Shane M; g$81,051; C.O.; b$64,530
  393. Pierce, Renna J; g$84,302; C.O.; b$62,437
  394. Piersma, Joseph R; g$87,816; C.O.; b$75,674
  395. Pillmore, Theodore K; g$45,171; C.O.; b$83,956
  396. Pilon, Joshua D; g$93,689; C.O.; b$60,344
  397. Pizzuto, Joseph E, Jr; g$32,059; C.O.; b$82,310
  398. Place, Connie J; g$98,706; C.O.; b$72,417
  399. Ploss, Steven M; g$44,392; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  400. Plumley, Peter I; g$88,147; C.O.; b$68,716
  401. Pope, Kenneth R, Jr; g$94,789; C.O.; b$62,437
  402. Porter, Matthew C; g$75,083; C.O.; b$64,530
  403. Proulx, Joseph R; g$82,419; C.O.; b$72,417
  404. Quesnell, Kevin; g$85,265; C.O.; b$68,716
  405. Rad, Igor; g$71,018; C.O.; b$60,344
  406. Radley, Brett M; g$89,725; C.O.; b$68,716
  407. Ralston, Scott M; g$48,818; C.O.; b$83,956
  408. Randall, Amanda L; g$85,573; C.O.; b$60,344
  409. Randall, Brian K; g$76,263; C.O.; b$62,437
  410. Rastani, Mark T; g$79,380; C.O.; b$68,716
  411. Razzano, Brandon D; g$83,486; C.O.; b$68,716
  412. Reardon, Mckensy L; g$59,588; C.O.; b$56,158
  413. Redner, Steven M; g$82,148; C.O.; b$68,716
  414. Reed, Jordin L; g$82,577; C.O.; b$64,530
  415. Reile, Lorelei A; g$110,558; C.O.; b$60,344
  416. Reilly, Preston; g$85,254; C.O.; b$62,437
  417. Rella, Damian G, Jr; g$84,209; C.O.; b$60,344
  418. Reynolds, Tadd E; g$70,392; C.O.; b$62,437
  419. Riley, Katelyn A; g$87,176; C.O.; b$66,623
  420. Riley, Peter J; g$109,303; C.O.; b$80,190
  421. Roark, Gordon; g$94,364; C.O.; b$80,190
  422. Robenski, Joel M; g$80,433; C.O.; b$62,437
  423. Robinson, Scott J; g$118,167; C.O.; b$83,956
  424. Rocco, Patrick J; g$92,209; C.O.; b$83,956
  425. Rockwell, Richard R; g$91,116; C.O.; b$80,190
  426. Rodriguez, Cristhofer; g$87,669; C.O. SPAN L; b$64,530
  427. Rogers, Matthew J; g$158,814; C.O.; b$80,190
  428. Ross, Andrew W; g$76,022; C.O.; b$64,530
  429. Rumsey, Derek L; g$73,979; C.O.; b$56,158
  430. Rutledgejohnson, Brian M; g$88,953; C.O.; b$72,417
  431. Salvatore, David D; g$108,695; C. SERGEANT; b$93,162
  432. Sanders, Deana Kim; g$69,371; C.O.; b$56,158
  433. Santos, Vincent H; g$103,244; C. SERGEANT; b$93,162
  434. Saporito, Gioia A; g$85,567; C.O.; b$75,674
  435. Satterlee, Tessa; g$74,580; C.O.; b$64,530
  436. Scarano, John N; g$72,600; C.O.; b$62,437
  437. Schieble, William F; g$44,485; C.O.; b$75,674
  438. Schirripa, Anthony T; g$118,321; C.O.; b$83,956
  439. Schirripa, Anthony, Jr; g$70,470; C.O.; b$60,344
  440. Schleicher, William G; g$88,131; C.O.; b$72,417
  441. Scholl, Steven M; g$170,444; C.O.; b$83,956
  442. Schreiner, Todd A; g$76,369; C.O.; b$68,716
  443. Schultz, Lynde D, III; g$62,021; C.O.; b$56,158
  444. Sebastian, Christopher T; g$83,329; C.O.; b$68,716
  445. Sexton, Robert J; g$101,976; C.O.; b$80,190
  446. Short, Lucas J; g$122,746; C. SERGEANT; b$88,003
  447. Shortt, Kenneth C; g$100,378; C.O.; b$80,190
  448. Shortt, Mitchel J; g$73,214; C.O.; b$56,158
  449. Shuford, Joseph R; g$76,458; C.O.; b$66,623
  450. Shurgot, Calley A; g$96,005; C.O.; b$60,344
  451. Sibley, Jesse M; g$73,034; C.O.; b$60,344
  452. Simpson, Richard H; g$104,908; C.O.; b$80,190
  453. Slawson, Donald H; g$89,963; C.O.; b$75,674
  454. Smaldon, Adam J; g$84,498; C.O.; b$72,417
  455. Smith, Donald M; g$94,418; C.O.; b$83,956
  456. Smith, Douglas; g$55,510; C.O.; b$83,956
  457. Smith, Richard, II; g$97,849; C.O.; b$80,190
  458. Snyder, Adam M; g$180; C.O.; b$63,265
  459. Solomonidis, James D; g$77,748; C.O.; b$62,437
  460. Songin, Matthew E; g$69,085; C.O.; b$56,158
  461. Speyer, Daniel M, Jr; g$47,599; C.O.; b$56,158
  462. Stdonii, Jonathan M; g$60,521; C.O.; b$56,158
  463. Stephenson, Matthew A; g$73,559; C.O.; b$60,344
  464. Stetson, George B; g$118,349; C.O.; b$75,674
  465. Stine, Richard J; g$8,633; C.O.; b$82,310
  466. Stolarczyk, Peter G; g$172,031; C.O.; b$83,956
  467. Stromecki, Kyle G; g$88,587; C.O.; b$60,344
  468. Sullivan, Vincent C; g$101,978; C.O.; b$75,674
  469. Sutton, William F; g$92,907; C.O.; b$80,190
  470. Sweeney, Sean J; g$48,450; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  471. Sweet, Joseph M; g$80,374; C.O.; b$68,716
  472. Sweezey, Richard E; g$128,643; C.O.; b$83,956
  473. Swenszkowski, Steven M; g$79,299; C.O.; b$64,530
  474. Tabor, Kimberly M; g$132,677; C.O.; b$80,190
  475. Tabor, Lance A; g$200,703; C.O.; b$80,190
  476. Talbot, Johnathon W; g$89,572; C.O.; b$66,623
  477. Tasovac, Carissa M; g$78,852; C.O.; b$58,251
  478. Tavolante, Domenico C; g$83,042; C.O.; b$66,623
  479. Tebo, Danny T; g$81,914; C.O.; b$62,437
  480. Tedesco, Sandra; g$6,068; C.O.; b$78,618
  481. Theall, Richard A; g$78,384; C.O.; b$64,530
  482. Thomas, Christopher J; g$122,876; C.O.; b$83,956
  483. Thompson, Amanda D; g$72,821; C.O.; b$60,344
  484. Thorp, Calvin P; g$160,437; C.O.; b$83,956
  485. Trask, Caleigh R; g$79,088; C.O.; b$72,417
  486. Trask, James N; g$84,966; C.O.; b$68,716
  487. Traub, Tyler A; g$67,679; C.O.; b$58,251
  488. Trotz, Dustin S; g$97,284; C.O.; b$64,530
  489. Umbach, Jeffrey S; g$73,189; C.O.; b$60,344
  490. Urbanowicz, Chase J; g$68,862; C.O.; b$58,251
  491. Usyk, Steven M; g$108,812; C.O.; b$72,417
  492. Vannostrand, Christopher W; g$193,466; C. SERGEANT; b$84,270
  493. Varin, Andrew W; g$76,519; C.O.; b$62,437
  494. Vienneau, Karl, Jr; g$93,133; C.O.; b$80,190
  495. Vonmatt, Jason R; g$145,566; C.O.; b$75,674
  496. Wagner, Paul M; g$89,325; C.O.; b$68,716
  497. Wagoner, Timothy J; g$43,187; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  498. Walker, Brent L; g$86,316; C.O.; b$64,530
  499. Walker, Joshua M; g$106,156; C.O.; b$75,674
  500. Walker, Justin D; g$77,530; C.O.; b$68,716
  501. Wallace, Ryan J; g$67,989; C.O.; b$60,344
  502. Walters, John J; g$100,903; C.O.; b$83,956
  503. Waninger, Andrew M; g$112,601; C.O.; b$75,674
  504. Waninger, Bridgette M; g$65,842; C.O.; b$64,530
  505. Ward, Christopher M; g$76,730; C.O.; b$60,344
  506. Warner, Darryl F; g$94,745; C.O.; b$80,190
  507. Warren, Robert L; g$4,374; C.O.; b$57,109
  508. Weaver, Lena L; g$103; C.O.; b$80,207
  509. Welch, Leroy P; g$76,614; C.O.; b$64,530
  510. Weller, Mark B; g$180,803; C.O.; b$83,956
  511. West, Tyler R; g$82,574; C.O.; b$60,344
  512. Wheeler, Brendan S; g$59,277; C.O. TRAINEE; b$53,223
  513. Whitman, Ashley O; g$78,450; C.O.; b$66,623
  514. Wiesner, Edward L; g$72,735; C.O.; b$58,251
  515. Wilkinson, Khiry J; g$87,817; C.O.; b$68,716
  516. Williams, Cody T; g$77,007; C.O.; b$64,530
  517. Williams, Dean F; g$281; C.O.; b$82,310
  518. Williams, John H; g$110,761; C.O.; b$83,956
  519. Williams, Randall S; g$81,343; C.O.; b$60,344
  520. Williams, Raymond L; g$67,655; C.O.; b$56,158
  521. Willoughby, Allison R; g$78,049; C.O.; b$64,530
  522. Wilson, David J, Jr; g$87,957; C.O.; b$62,437
  523. Wittwer, Frederick; g$52,225; C.O.; b$80,190
  524. Witzigman, Chad D; g$112,849; C.O.; b$75,674
  525. Witzigman, Justin F; g$85,004; C.O.; b$68,716
  526. Wolanin, Ryan S; g$80,158; C.O.; b$68,716
  527. Worden, Jeffrey P; g$68,202; C.O.; b$58,251
  528. Wratten, James A; g$79,052; C.O.; b$62,437
  529. Wright, Heather D; g$89,137; C.O.; b$68,716
  530. Wright, Richard J; g$106,698; C.O.; b$80,190
  531. Wright, Ronald C; g$82,034; C.O.; b$75,674
  532. Wright, Steven B, Jr; g$96,841; C.O.; b$64,530
  533. Yaddow, Michael P; g$88,388; C.O.; b$75,674
  534. Yelle, Eugene A; g$65,682; C.O.; b$83,956
  535. Young, John C; g$135,040; C.O.; b$80,190
  536. Zegarelli, Cynthia A; g$83,889; C.O.; b$83,956
  537. Zelazowski, Bryan D; g$80,413; C.O.; b$68,716


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