opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

aerial photo of downtown Philadelphia

Aerial photo of downtown Philadelphia, 2 July 2001
Source: NASA Johnson Space Center


  1. Pennsylvania Research Aids

    9 December 2010

    1. Attorneys in Pennsylvania

      PA Attorney Inquiry Search

    2. Donors: Political Contributors
      1. Pennsylvania: Officers who are political contributors according to Pennsylvania's Department of State website's campaign finance reporting.
        1. miscellaneous government officers for example: correction, department
      2. Philadelphia: donors to political recipients
    3. Licensees (those who are licensed)

      Pennsylvania online license verification service has information about a great variety of licensees (for example, nurses).

  2. Altoona

    12 June 2003, Altoona (Pennsylvania PA) and Baghdad (Iraq).

    Andrew Scherzinger is 26 years old. He is a police patrol officer in Altoona, Pennsylvania. He is a reserve lieutenant in a U.S. Army military police platoon in a police headquarters station in Baghdad. He may possibly be:
    Andrew T. Scherzinger
    320 4 Avenue
    Altoona, PA 16602
    phone (814) 944-3456

    Altoona is 40.5 degrees N, 78.4 degrees W.

  3. ARMSTRONG county

    24 September 2004
    Randy Brozenick, director of the Armstrong County Office of Emergency Management: RANDALL J BROZENICK, age 42, 241 ARNER RD, FREEPORT PA 16229, (724)

  4. ATTORNEY General

    12 February 2004, Pennsylvania ATTORNEY General Gerald J. Pappert became Acting Attorney General on December 15, 2003. He lives in a suburb of Harrisburg with his wife Ellen, daughter Mary, and son George.
    age 41, 101 S 2ND ST, HARRISBURG PA 17101, (717) 233-6723

    John H. Jefferson, Senior Supervisory Special Agent, PA Office of Attorney General, Harrisburg PA, may possibly be age 49, 324 OAK THORNE LN, LANCASTER PA 17602

  5. 26 July 2003, Clarion town, Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania state Trooper Robert Manno, who is in the state barracks in Clarion town, Clarion county, may possibly be at:
    255 S. 5 Ave.
    Clarion, PA 16214
    phone (814) 223-9873

    41.2 degrees N, 79.4 degrees W.

  6. Comcast


    1. Comcast Officers
      1. Introduction

        Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA) is the biggest cable television business and the second biggest Internet service provider in America. Its headquarters are in Philadelphia. A government made Comcast. Comcast publishes material about the government. Comcast gets some of that material from the government. Some Comcast activities may be regulated by the FCC.

      2. CFO and Treasurer Michael J. Angelakis

        Maybe (401) 245-8777 MICHAEL J ANGELAKIS Born Apr 1964, 24 CEDAR AVE BARRINGTON, RI 02806 (401) 247-4730

      3. EVP and COO Stephen B. "Steve" Burke

        STEPHEN B BURKE Born 1957, 251 CHESWOLD LN 03/04/2002 HAVERFORD, PA 19041.

      4. Chairman and CEO Brian L. Roberts

        BRIAN L ROBERTS Born 1961, 197 MEYER RD, NAZARETH, PA 18064 (610) 614-1020

        BRIAN L ROBERTS Born 1960, 450 CHESTNUT HILL AVE 10/07/2004 PHILADELPHIA, PA 19118


    2. D'Ovidio 2009apr1

      1. Introduction

        FBI Photo of Student Robert D'Ovidio Robert "Rob" D'Ovidio sometimes bases his writing at least partly on government records. His research is funded through a United States Department of Justice Edward Byrne Grant. Together with a retired NYPD CITU sergeant (James Doyle), D'Ovidio wrote an article published by the FBI.

      2. Possible home addresses

        ROBERT DOVIDIO Born Mar 1968, 1030 LANCASTER AVE BRYN MAWR, PA 19010 (610) 581-0425

        ROBERT F DOVIDIO Born 1959 NEW CASTLE, PA 16101

        ROBERT DOVIDIO 407 CHESWOLD CT TREDYFFRIN, PA 19312 (610) 251-0702

        ROBERT DOVIDIO (610) 341-0397

        ROBERT D DOVIDIO Born Mar 1968, 116 WINDERMERE AVE WAYNE, PA 19087 (610) 341-0397

        ROBERT D DOVIDIO Born Mar 1968, 286 IVEN AVE WAYNE, PA 19087 (610) 341-0397

        ROBERT DOVIDIO 407 CHESWOLD CT WAYNE, PA 19087 (610) 251-0702.

    3. G4

      G4 Media, Inc., Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90036. G4 corporation was created by a government. G4 publishes material about government. G4 owns and operates cable channel G4. G4 is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.

      1. Civiello

        VP Acquisitions and Development, Laura Civiello

        Maybe LAURA CIVIELLO 1960 PIERCE ST 02/01/2005 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94115 (415) 567-5804

      2. Foy

        Laura "Thug" Foy was born 16 March 1976 in Oakdale, New York.

        LAURA D FOY, born 1976-03-16, may have lived in New York NY 10003.

        Someone named LAURA FOY may have lived in NEW YORK, NY 10009.

        LAURA D FOY Born Mar 1976, 1131 REXFORD DR LOS ANGELES, CA 90035

        LAURA D FOY Born Mar 1976, 408 GENESEE AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90036

        LAURA D FOY Born Mar 1976, 7230 FRANKLIN AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90046

      3. KEIGHLEY





        GEOFFREY KEIGHLEY Born 1946, 3865 J ST, SACRAMENTO, CA 95816 (916) 451-6655

      4. Rubin, Scot W.

        SCOT W RUBIN Born May 1969, 4438 VAN NOORD AVE, STUDIO CITY, Los Angeles County, CA 91604.

        SCOT W. RUBIN Born 1969, 12011 MIRANDA ST VALLEY VILLAGE, L.A. County, CA 91607.

        SCOT W RUBIN, born 1969-05-26, may have lived in Randolph MA 02368.
        SCOT W RUBIN, born 1969-05-26, may have lived in Chicago IL 60613.

        Note that his first name has one T, not two. He is mentioned as "Studio guest SCOT RUBIN - known for helping create G4TV ..." and by the University of Pennsylvania as "... Scot Rubin, a film and TV producer in Los Angeles ...".

      5. Tiles

        President, Neal Tiles

        NEAL J TILES Born 1965, 10201 PICO BLVD 03/12/2002 LOS ANGELES, CA 90064

        NEAL J TILES Born Apr 1965, 3309 CARSE DR 11/17/1999 LOS ANGELES, CA 90068

        NEAL J TILES Born 1965, 50 AMALFI DR SANTA MONICA, CA 90402

      6. Wood

        Born 16 March 1974

        TINA L WOOD, born 1974-03-16, may have lived in Maitland FL 32751.

        TINA L WOOD Born 1974, 20000 PLUM CANYON RD, SANTA CLARITA, CA 91350.

  7. Correction


    1. C.O.s: Correction Officers

      This page lists C.O.s who don't seem to work for the state government, and C.O.s whose employer we don't know. To find C.O.s of the state government, look for "state government" below on this page.

  8. Court

    1. Gruenstein 2009jun22

      Court officer (namely, attorney at law) Jack Gruenstein was a trial attorney for the Interstate Commerce Commission.

      JACK L GRUENSTEIN 1845 WALNUT ST PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103 (215) 564-1575 This may be an office address.


      PA Attorney Inquiry Search
      Jack L. Gruenstein
      PA Attorney  	23844
      Current Status  	Active
      Date of Admission 	11/04/1976
      Law firm 	Vaira & Riley
      District  	1
      County  	Philadelphia
      Public Access Address	VAIRA & RILEY PC
      1600 MARKET ST STE 2650
      PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103
      Phone 	215 751-2700
      Temple University 	Law 	JD - Juris Doctor 	1976
      Temple University 		BA - Bachelor of Arts 	1973
      He may possibly be related to court officer (attorney at law) Debra Lynne Gruenstein, PA Attorney 26729.
    2. Sheppard

      court officer (attorney at law) Mark B. Sheppard, 2005 August 25

      He got a bachelor's degree in 1984.

      MARK B. SHEPPARD, Born Dec 1962, 301 WAYNE AVE., LANSDOWNE, PA 19050-1036, (610) 626-64nn.

      MARK B SHEPPARD, 1650 MARKET ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA, (215) 241-79nn, (215) 979-11nn, (215) 979-18nn.

      MARK B SHEPPARD, 1 MARKET ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA, (215) 979-11nn.

      MARK B. SHEPPARD, Born Dec 1962, 696 KNOX RD., WAYNE, PA 19087-2044, (610) 989-39nn.

  9. The Physician, Gerrit Dou, Painted 1653
    The Physician, Gerrit Dou, 1653

    Kao 2009jun21
    1. Possible Address

      Gary D. Kao, physician recently working at Veterans Affairs Medical Center (a federal government hospital), Philadelphia.

      Name:  GARY D KAO
      Address (city state zipcode):
      Type: Medical Physician and Surgeon
      Secondary Type:
      Number:   MD042220L
      Profession:   Medicine
      Status:  Active
      Issue Date:   7/18/1990
      Expires:   12/31/2010
      Last Renewed:   12/29/2008
      GARY D KAO Born Mar 1965, 938, CLOVER HILL RD, WYNNEWOOD neighborhood (named after a physician, WYNNEWOOD, by the way), Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, PA 19096. This is near Philadelphia. Phone (610) 642-9406.
      Gary D. Kao
      938 Clover Hill Road
      Wynnewood PA 19096
      phone (215) 662-7923
      fax (215) 349-5445
      email kao AT

      Johns Hopkins School of Medicine MD, 1988 (suggesting that he may have been born in about 1962). University of Pennsylvania, PhD, 1998.

      He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology, School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania.

    2. Discussion: V.A. Hospital's Supposedly Rogue Cancer Unit

      According to our understanding of "At V.A. Hospital, a Rogue Cancer Unit" (New York Times, Walt Bogdanich, 20 June 2009):

      When Dr. Gary D. Kao treated a patient at the veterans' hospital in Philadelphia, his aim was more than a little off. Most of the [radioactive] seeds [which Kao implanted in the patient] , 40 in all, landed in the patient's healthy bladder, not the prostate. It was a serious mistake, and under federal rules, regulators investigated. But Dr. Kao, with their consent, made his mistake almost disappear. He simply, retroactively rewrote his surgical plan for that patient to match the number of seeds in the prostate, investigators said. Years later, in 2005, Dr. Kao retroactively rewrote another surgical plan after putting half the seeds in the wrong organ. Once again, regulators did not object.
      The newspaper article does not say whether Kao correctly told his patient what their surgery's outcome was (for example, whether the outcome was consistent with his prior plan, not to be confused with his retroactive "plan"). We are under the impression that it can be a crime (sometimes a felony battery) to administer treatment to a patient without that patient's informed consent. If the newspaper article is correct, there seems to have been fraudulently induced consent, not informed consent. Did he inform prospective patients that he retroactively changed plans to coincide with actual outcomes of treatment? Did the hospital inform prospective patients about retroactively changed plans done to make them coincide with actual outcomes of treatment? Is the V.A. hospital accredited? In our opinion, a crucial purpose of accreditation is to protect patients from the kind of treatment provided to hospital patients of Dr. Kao, assuming that Kao's treatment is correctly reported by the New York Times. It sometimes can be a crime for a physician (and anyone working in concert with that physician) to trick a patient into consenting to treatment by concealing material information.

      We think that a reasonable, prospective patient of Kao would want to know most of what the Times wrote about him, for example, that Kao retroactively changed his "plans" for cancer patients to coincide with outcomes.

      No one at the V.A. hospital got a ticket (much less: was arrested). This indicates poor law enforcement. At that V.A. hospital, doctors practice medicine with immunity from the criminal justice system, if the article is right, it seems. A car dealer may fraudulently induce a sale and a physician may fraudulently induce consent to treatment, both by concealing information from the victim. At Kao's V.A. hospital, what concealment (of information from a patient to trick the patient into consenting to treatment) would justify arresting the physician? The patients whose health is reduced, and the taxpayers (because the support the V.A.), suffer.

      In accrediting a hospital, it should be irrelevant whether service is provided by a physician. The service actually received by the patients is relevant.

      Our remarks above derive from what we read in the Times on the Web. There may be more to this matter. To find out more, read a variety of sources and confer with an expert.

  10. MONROE county
    1. 2008jun3, David G. Keenhold, former Warden, MONROE County Correctional Facility, Stroudsburg PA 18360, may live at: 515 QUEEN ST, STROUDSBURG PA 18360. David G. Keenhold, CJM, is an institutional training consultant.
  11. Philadelphia



    John F. Timoney (born Sean Timoney in Dublin, Ireland). Chief of Police of Miami. He previously worked for the NYPD and the Philadelphia PD.

  12. Smallwood

    17 February 2004, PITTSBURGH

    Jill Smallwood, Detective, Pittsburgh Police Department, Pittsburgh PA, may possibly live at 1551 WESTMORELAND ST, PITTSBURGH PA 15206

  13. State government
  14. 2021jul8

    1. Correction: Department of Corrections, DoC
      1. A Few, DoC, Headquarters Officers
      2. Department of Corrections, DoC, in 2008

        officers listed by surname (last name, family name)

        1. A-B
        2. C-F
        3. G-J
        4. K-L
        5. M-P
        6. Q-S
        7. T-Z
    2. Salary list of the state government in 2008, employees listed by surname

      Click a letter button below, then click the "Show" button.

  15. WEST Chester borough, Chester county,, Pennsylvania, 18 October 2003

    West Chester borough police dispatcher Sean Petty may possibly be:
    Sean R. Petty
    28 years old
    750 E. Marshall Street
    West Chester, PA 19380

  16. West Goshen

    15 January 2004

    Michael J. Carroll, police chief, West Goshen Township Police Department (Chester County, Pennsylvania). His wife is Detective Donna J. Carroll of the Chester County District Attorney's Office.



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