opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

a Charles River, Mass,, bridge in open position MASSACHUSETTS GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES' HOME ADDRESSES

Most of the Massachusetts government employees are officers Most of those employees, regarless of whether they are offiucers, are listed on pages about political contributors. On contribution pages, not every contributor is a government employee.

  1. OFFICERS who are not necessarily political contributors
    1. Introduction

      We provide home addresses for many people in this section.

    2. local and state employees
    3. state government Department of Correction


    1. Introduction

      state government's search page for political contributors

      URL once provided information about Massachusetts political contributors.

      Our information about political contributors is below. We provide addresses. However, many of the addresses are not home addresses.

    2. A to C
      1. A to C except the "correction" page linked to just below
      2. correction
    3. D to K
      1. D to K except the web pages linked to below
        1. District Attorney
        2. DOC (Department of Corrections), and Essex Sheriff's Department
    4. L to Mayor
    5. Massport Massachusetts Port Authority
    6. MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)
      1. A-E surnames
      2. F-J surnames
      3. K-N surnames
      4. O-T surnames
      5. U-Z surnames
    7. N to Sergeant for example: police, selectman
    8. Sheriff to Supd
      1. Sheriff to Supd except State Police
      2. State Police
    9. superintendent
    10. Teacher
      1. surnames A
      2. surnames B
      3. surnames C
      4. surnames D
      5. surnames E
      6. surnames F
      7. surnames G
      8. surnames H
      9. surnames I-J
      10. surnames K-L
      11. surnames M
      12. surnames N
      13. surnames O
      14. surnames P
      15. surnames Q-R
      16. surnames S
      17. surnames T
      18. surnames U-Z
    11. Tufts employer
    12. USPS (Post Office) employer


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