opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

Maryland is named after Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I of England.

Henrietta Maria
Queen of Charles I
Eponym of Maryland


  1. Introduction


    1. Campaign Finance

      MEC (Maryland Elections Center) of UMD (University of Maryland) provides information about political contributors but not address, occupation, or employer.

    2. Realty

      The state government Department of Assessments and Taxation has a Web site with a statewide database of residential realty (for example, one-family houses). That site is linked to from the University of Virginia's excellent Portico Web site, which links to many, government, realty, assessor Web sites.

    3. Salary List of State Government Officers 2008
      1. Preface

        Some people appear in more than one of the files below (for example, "ZYNE PAULA C 33,126" is in state government and in University of Maryland).

      2. Government Staff (except correction and University of Maryland)
        1. A-K 1.2M
        2. L-Z 1.4M
      3. Correction Government Officers
      4. UMD: University of Maryland Salary List September 2008
        1. A-K, 1.7 MB
        2. L-Z, 1.8 MB
    4. Telephone: Maryland state government telephone database
  2. ARNOLD town, 24 July 2005.

    Mrs. Lisa A. Lawrence, 882 WILLYS DR (possibly at the corner of Eleanor Lane), Arnold town, Anne Arundel county, MD 21012-1439, 11/12/2003, $200.00 contribution, Police Officer -[Contribution] NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE, age 36.
    The house's exterior has siding, worth about $203k, built 1976, county District 03, Subdivision 510, Account Number 90007317.

  3. Attorney General

    10 February 2004

    Maryland ATTORNEY General J. Joseph Curran, Jr., was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 7, 1931. Mr. Curran is married to the former Barbara Marie Atkins. They have had five children. The Currans reside in the Homeland section of Baltimore City.

    JOHN J. CURRAN, about age 72, 5203 SPRINGLAKE WAY, BALTIMORE MD 21212-3421, (410) 433-7092.

    House is in Baltimore city Ward 27, Section 11, Block 5011, Lot 018. Two story, stucco exterior, built 1930, worth about $268k.

  4. Court officer
    1. Court officer (attorney at law) 2008feb1

      SHELLIE N. BLAKENEY, 12109 SUTTON LN, BOWIE, MD 20720. (301) 464-3677.

      SHELLIE N BLAKENEY Born Jun 1971. He may have lived in TALLAHASSEE, FL 32304. Tallahassie happens to be Florida's capital.

    2. Court officer (attorney at law) Nicholas E. CALIO, 2005 July 7.

      He was assistant to the president for legislative affairs twice, once for each president Bush.

      11 West MELROSE STREET (near Chevy Chase Club and route 185), CHEVY CHASE Village, Montgomery county, MD 20815-4243. County District 07, Account Number 00457666, house built 1923, stucco exterior, 2 stories, value as of 7/1/2005 $1,893,966.

    3. Court officer (attorney at law) Jane C. SHERBURNE, 2005 July 7

      She was chief of staff of the Social Security Administration's commissioner. She was special counsel to president Clinton. She was an assistant to a congressman.

      4504 MIDDLETON LANE (near Pearl Street), BETHESDA unincorporated area, Montgomery county, MD 20814-3514.
      County District 07, Account Number 00539290, "VAN HEUVELEN, ROBERT" owns the house. Someone with the same name may possibly have worked for the (according to former URL EPA Office of Regulatory Enforcement. Two stories, built 1936, brick exterior, worth about $632k.

    4. Court officer (attorney at law), 2005 July 18.

      Wong, Martin J.
      (9488 Canterbury Riding) Laurel, MD 20723.
      MARTIN J. WONG, age 42, possible former address 9488 CANTERBURY RIDING (near North Laurel Road), LAUREL town, MD 20723-1412, (301) 490-9683.
      His current address possibly may be 9315 NW Steeple Court, Laurel town, Howard county, MD 20723-5820. Two story, frame exterior, worth about $161k, built 1992, end unit, county District 06, Account Number 533930 .

  5. Dalglish 2008oct28

    1. Address

      Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (an organization which helps reporters rather than their victims), may live at:
      LUCY A DALGLISH, Born 1959, 5513 WHITLEY PARK TERRACE (southwest of Fleming Park and the Capital Beltway), BETHESDA, MD 20814-2063. Montgomery County, (301) 897-9370. This may be on the south side of the Terrace.

    2. Realty

      Account Identifier: District - 07; Account Number - 03060157
      Owner Name: DALGLISH, LUCY A;
      Use: RESIDENTIAL CONDO; Principal Residence: YES;
      Mailing Address: 5513 WHITLEY PARK TER #80, BETHESDA MD 20814-2063
      Deed Reference: /17853/ 129.
      CONDO UNIT: 80
      Primary Structure Built 1994; enclosed area 1,700 SF; total land area 1,390.00 SF;
      CONDO TOWNHOUSE, plat number 6737.
      Seller: SELIGSON, VALERIE B; Date: 02/02/2000; Price: $272,000; Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH; Deed1: /17853/ 129.
      Seller: WHITLEY PARK TWNHS L P; Date: 12/22/1994; Price: $240,300; Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH; Deed1: /13157/ 388.
      Seller: BEACON HILL JOINT VENTURE; Date: 05/04/1994; Price: $5,000,000; Type: NOT ARMS-LENGTH; Deed1: /12583/ 486

    3. Neighbors

      According to federal political contribution records: recent neighbors of Dalglish may include:

      1. Sylvia Parsons (Special Assistant, Nih, Dhhs, Us Govt; 5525 Whitley Park Ter, Bethesda, MD 20814; 39.01566, -77.10933),
      2. Mr. William S Parsons (Special Assistant, Nih Hhs; 5525 Whitley Park Ter, Bethesda, MD 20814; 39.01566, -77.10933),
      3. Mr. GregoryM. Storrs (Marketingl, Boston Properties [closely linked to NY Daily News's Mortimer Zuckerman]; 5506 Whitley Park Terrace, Bethesda, MD 20814; 39.01516, -77.10929),
      4. Comm. Edward F Reilly (Chairman, United States Justice; George W. Bush $2,000; 5450 Whitley Park Terrace, Bethesda, MD 20814; 39.01501, -77.10976),
      5. Commissioner Edward F Reilly (Realtor Insuror, U. S. Parole Commission [We did not know that the Commission has a "Realtor insuror" position.]; RNC $1,500; 5450 Whitley Park Terrace, Bethesda, MD 20814; 39.01501, -77.10976),
      7. Mr. Christopher Richey (Budget Officer, Us Department Of The Interior; 5330 Pooks Hill Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814; 39.01518, -77.10727).

  6. Glover 2008feb13

    George Glover, Jr; supposedly at 12006 Dove Circle, Laurel, Prince Georges County, Maryland 20708-3130, United States. Fax supposedly 800 593-0176.

    Maryland state government's Department of Assessments and Taxation has a website which provides assessment information for the entire state. That website has, for the street address above, information some of which is below.

    Account Identifier:	District - 10
    Account Number - 1099282
    Owner Information
    Premises Address		12000 DOVE CIR		
    LAUREL 20707 	
    Principal Residence:	YES
    Mailing Address:	
    12000 DOVE CIR
    LAUREL MD 20708-3130
    Enclosed Area	1,672 SF 
    total parcel size 3,196.00 SF 
    END UNIT [The town house is an end unit.]
    Transfer Information
    Date:	11/19/2003	
    Price:	$165,000
    Type:	NOT ARMS-LENGTH [Why wasn't the sale at arm's length?]	
    Deed1:	/18413/ 249	
    By the way, Cima T. Obinna is at 12005 Dove Circle, described below on this page.
  7. Obinna 2009mar16

    Chima T. Obinna

    Program and Project Manager
    FDA   Government
    July 2008 to Present
    Loyola College, Maryland
    MBA, Business Administration, 2004
    Chima Obinna (518091)
    12005 Dove Circle
    Laurel, MD, US 20708
    phone 301 538-4165
    Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation	
    District 10, Account Number 1110980
    Owner Information
    Owner Name:	OBINNA, CHIMA T ... 
    Mailing Address:	12005 DOVE CIR
    LAUREL MD 20708-3129
    	Use:	TOWN HOUSE
    Principal Residence:	NO
    Deed Reference:	1) /21017/ 433
    Location & Structure Information
    Premises Address		
    12005 DOVE CIR		
    LAUREL 20707 		
    Map	Grid	Subdivision	Section		
    14	F2	6810		2		
    Lot	Assessment Area	Plat No:	A-7320
    110	2
    County Use  011
    Ad Valorem	
    Tax Class	08
    Primary Structure Built	Enclosed Area	Property Land Area	
    			1971	1,693 SF 		2,013.00 SF 	
    Stories	Basement	Type			Exterior
    Value Information $251,366
    Below is info about the last three slaes of the property.
    Transfer Information
    Seller:	OBINNA,CHIMA T	Date:	01/03/2005	
    Price:	$0
    Type:	NOT ARMS-LENGTH	Deed1:	/21017/ 433	
    [We guess that sole owner Obinna "sold" (gave) the property for
    $0 to himself and another.]
    Seller:	BADACZEWSKI, JOHN & NANCY R	Date:	06/16/1998	
    Price:	$110,000
    Type:	IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH	Deed1:	/12258/ 385		
    Seller:	ZIMMERMAN,LESTER & NANCY R BROWN	Date:	03/22/1994	
    Price:	$0
    Type:	NOT ARMS-LENGTH	Deed1:	/ 9440/ 635		
    Consider the three sales above. In 1994, the property was sold for $0, NOT ARMS-LENGTH. In 1998, it was sold for $110,000. In 2005, it was sold to the current owner for $0, NOT ARMS-LENGTH. We don't know why there were $0 sales.

    The street number above is 12005. George Glover, Jr., also in our Web site, is supposedly linked to numbers 12006 and 12000..

  8. Police

    Department of Police of the state government of Maryland

  9. Rothschild
    1. Introduction 5 March 2011 Commissioner Richard S. Rothschild, R-District 4, Carroll County, Maryland He and his wife, Joni, live in Mount Airy. article "Commissioner Rothschild has a concealed handgun permit" Sunday, February 6, 2011 Updated: Mon Feb 7, 2011. By Christian Alexandersen, Times Staff Writer Carroll County Times Born October 1955 in Baltimore Incidentally, we provide the names and addresses of many New York State pistol permittees.
    2. Address RICHARD S ROTHSCHILD Born 1955 2360 EAGLE WOOD DR MOUNT AIRY, MD 21771-8731 (410) 875-2266 (410) 875-2344 District - 09 Account Number - 029168 Owner Name: ROTHSCHILD RICHARD The house seems to be in the husband's name alone. Use: RESIDENTIAL Principal Residence: YES Sale Date: 09/05/1996 Price: $245,000 Total Base Value 728,940
  10. Viverette 2004jan15

    Mary Ann Viverette, police chief of Gaithersburg town, Montgomery county, Maryland, age 49:
    7805 Heritage Farm Dr, Montgomery Village, Montgomery county, MD 20886-5804.
    District 01, Account Number 02964651. Two story, exterior siding, built 1995, worth about $319k.


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