opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

Civilian Conservation Corps, Camp Vermilion, Danville, Illinois:  boxing team

Boxing Team, Civilian Conservation Corps
Camp Vermilion, Danville, Illinois
Source: NARA Web Site


  1. Not Contributors

    Government officers who are not necessarily political contributors

    1. is a source of information.
      1. Introduction has lists of government officers in Illinois.

        Below are links to files we made from information in files.

      2. CPD (Chicago Police Department)
        1. Introduction

          We have alphabetical Lists of Officers in 2009 and 2012. The 2009 list provides more information about each officer than do the 2012 lists..

        2. 2009

          Almost all officers in this list are CPD (Chicago Police Department) officers.

          1. A-B
          2. C
          3. D-E
          4. F-G
          5. H-J
          6. K-L
          7. M-O
          8. P-R
          9. S
          10. T-Z
        3. 2012: 2 Lists, 534 KB
      3. Executive Branch of State Government
        1. All Execpt Correction
          1. A-K, 1.4 MB
          2. L-Z, 1.4 MB
        2. Correction, 800 KB
      4. UI: University of Illinois
        1. 2008-2009

          1. A-L names, 1.3 MB
          2. M-Z names, 1.1 MB
          Names, job titles, and much other information but no home addresses
        2. 2010

          University of Illinois at Chicago Salary List April 2010 580K

          Names, job titles, and much other information but no home addresses

    2. Sources other than

      Miscellaneous, Government Officers in Illinois

  2. Contributors

    The pages linked to below have information about overnment officers who contributed to local or state political entitites (for example, to politicians' campaign finance committees). The link in the preceding sentence is defunct in January 2012. A new link is Contributions Search -- All Contributions.

    1. board
    2. bureau
    3. Chicago
    4. chief
    5. city
    6. commission
    7. Cook county
    8. correction
      This page includes, in addition to officers' names and addresses, discussion of jails; for example, housing assignment in jails.
    9. county
    10. department (not "dept")
    11. dept (not "department")
    12. deputy
    13. fire
    14. law enforcement
    15. legislature
    16. mayor
    17. miscellaneous government officers for example: probation, town
    18. office
    19. police
    20. social work
    21. state
    22. superintendent
    23. teacher
    24. village


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