opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

trees at edge of pond in Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, Indiana INDIANA GOVERNMENT OFFICERS' HOME ADDRESSES

  1. Introduction
    1. A Song of Indiana

      This is the state named in "Gary, Indiana" song lyrics of the "Music Man" musical.

      If you'd like to have a logical explanation
      How I happened on this elegant syncopation,
      I will say without a moment of hesitation
      There is just one place
      That can light my face.
      Gary, Indiana
    2. Purdue University 1M
  2. Bruce

    Lauren Bruce 2008feb24

    LAUREN BRUCE 1010 SALISBURY ST 06/01/2005 WEST LAFAYETTE, Tippecanoe County, IN 47906. (765) 746-1120.

    LAUREN BRUCE 315 MERIDIAN ST WEST LAFAYETTE, IN 47906 (765) 746-1120

    LAUREN BRUCE 400 RIVER RD 11/19/2003 WEST LAFAYETTE, IN 47906 (765) 746-1120

  3. Correction

    1. CORRECTIONAL officers and similar officers of the state government


      Each of the below officers seems to have had a job title including "CORRECTIONAL" and "OFFICER" in Indiana's state government.

      1. Burnham, Alan Madison Corr Fac Correctional Training Officer 3 $44,867.16

        ALAN J BURNHAM Born 1966 09/2005 8727 DEPUTY PIKE RD DEPUTY, IN 47230

        ALAN J BURNHAM Born Jan 1966 MADISON, IN 47250 (812) 273-9232

        ALAN J BURNHAM Born 1966 10/2003 1741 BLACKMORE ST MADISON, IN 47250

      2. Deakins, Jack Putnamville Corr Fac Correctional Officer $43,699.08

      3. Guffey, Mark Pendleton Juv Corr Fac Correctional Officer $46,175.84

      4. Guyer, Matthew Dept of Correction Correctional Training Officer 3 $43,051.70

        MATTHEW C GUYER Born 1970 03/2002 2387 CLAYTON DR TERRE HAUTE, IN 47802

      5. Hon, John Indianapolis Juv Corr Fac Correctional Training Officer 3 $43,967.04

      6. Jones, Ivan State Prison Correctional Training Officer 3 $43,561.44

      7. Neeley, Earl Putnamville Corr Fac Correctional Training Officer 3 $43,439.76

      8. Samardzich, Milovan Maximum Control Facility Correctional Officer $43,499.30. MILOVAN SAMARDZICH born 1956-11-28 may have been in Oak Lawn Illinois (not Indiana) 60453.


        MILOVAN SAMARDZICH 2021 75TH PL MERRILLVILLE, IN 46410 (219) 738-1951

      9. Wagner, Gregg Branchville Corr Fac Correctional Training Officer 3 $43,967.04

      10. Wilkerson, Michael Plainfield Corr Fac Correctional Officer $43,892.00

    2. Ridley-Turner

      1 February 2004, Evelyn Ridley-Turner Commissioner, Indiana Department of CORRECTION, EVELYN I RIDLEYTURNER, INDIANAPOLIS IN 46201, (317) 283-2225

  4. Court

    1. Court officer (attorney at law), 2005 July 18.

      Polichene, Briget
      Indianapolis, IN 46208.
      BRIGET POLICHENE, 152 FAIRWAY DR., INDIANAPOLIS IN 46260, (317) 259-91nn, (317) 253-51nn;
      BRIGET M POLICHENE, age 42, 327 E. 38TH ST. (near North Washington Blvd.), INDIANAPOLIS city, Marion county, IN 46205, (317) 283-62nn.

  5. Hobart

    16 October 2003, Hobart (41.5 degrees North, 87.2 degrees West), Indiana

    Hobart police chief Brian Snedecor may possibly be Brian Keith Snedecor, age 45, 5911 S LIVERPOOL RD HOBART IN 46342, (219) 947-1377.

    Hobart Mayor Linda Buzinec may possibly be Linda M. Buzinec, 59 years old, of
    749 Lincoln Street
    Hobart, IN 46342
    phone (219) 942-8705.

    Hobart police officer Frank Osterkamp may possibly be:
    Frank C. Osterkamp
    37 years old
    210 Hillcrest Avenue
    Hobart IN 46342


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