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Bi-Bz Surnames

  1. Biegel 2008may24, NYPD
    1. Introduction

      Lieutenant Stephen Biegel (also known as Steven and Steve Biegel) has been a press spokesman for the NYPD. As far as we know, he manages (or manged) security at the NYPD headquarters building (we don't know if that is related to security lapses supposedly demonstrated by the seeming ease with which Edward R. Polstein smuggled a pipe bomb, stun gun, and mock explosive into 1 Police Plaza) and does other work for the NYPD. In our opinion, he instigates false arrest, and he makes factually incorrect statements. Relying on him for information is unwise.

    2. Queeens alpha (11414) and beta (11417) addresses

      1. alpha address

        Lieutenant Biegel may possibly be Steven Biegel, 15554 HURON Street (between 155th and 156th Avenues, south of Shore Parkway), Howard Beach (Jamaica), NY 11414-2853 ("alpha" address); phone (718) 738-4895, (718) 835-0433. Telephone prefixes 738 and 835 both serve the Ozone Park (Richmond Hill) area of Queens. Recent neighbors may include: 161 1292 ST (1292 161st St.?)), 11414, JOHN MULLER, DETECTIVE, NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENT.

      2. beta address

        On 26 October 1988, in mortgage DOCUMENT FT_4750002505875, Steven Biegel,155-5 4 HURON DRIVE N., JERICHO [Nassua county, N], agreed to a mortgage involving: QUEENS county, block 11417, lot 3210, 149-30 88 STREET in Queens. Jericho has zip codes 11753 and 11853.
        In deed DOCUMENT FT_4760002505876, recorded 26 October 1988, Steven BIEGEL, of 155-5 4 HORON STREET (not Huron Drive), HOWARD BEACH (not Jamaica or Jericho), Queens county, got real estate in Queens county: QUEENS, block 11417, lot 3210 (149-30 88 STREET). As far as we know, he does not necessarily own or live at that 88th Street property now.
        The property in those two 1988 documents (deed and mortgage) may be 14930 88th St. (near Conduit Ave., which posibly may also be called Conduit Blvd.), Howard Beach, Queens county, NY 11414-1438. This address (which we call beta address) seems to be about one mile of driving from alpha address (defined a few sentences above). Real estate Steven Biegel (the person involved in the two documents) is not necessarily the NYPD's (according to former URL Steve Biegel, who is also known as Steven Biegel.

        Recent neighbors of beta address may be:

        1. Mr. Leonard Zinna (Clerk, New York State; RNC $1,194; 9027 133Rd Ave, Jamaica, NY 11417; 40.67438, -73.84945)
        2. Louis Zennache (Health care provider, State of Connecticut; 13311 83rd St, Ozone Park, NY 11417; 40.67528, -73.85362).

    3. Stephen W. Biegel

      1. Introduction

        There is also Stephen BIEGEL, also known as Stephen W. Biegel, who seemingly owned a two-family house: Queens block 8872, lot 31: 85-43 89TH ST. (south of Forest Park), Woodhaven, Queens county, NY 11421-1325 (according to, for example, a mortgage recorded in September 1993 with the Office of the City Register). This parcel is QUEENS block 8872, lot 31, 85-43 89 STREET. He may have owed to HOME FEDERAL SAVGS BANK, -01 FOREST AVE, RIDGEWOOD NY 11385 US. He may be STEPHEN W BIEGEL born 1962-11-30 who lived or worked in Woodhaven NY 11421.

        That Stephen W. Biegel (seemingly associated with the Woodhaven property) may be at 159 Madison Avenue, Manhattan 10016. There is a deed which concerns the Woodhaven property (which property is QUEENS block 8872, lot 31, DWELLING ONLY - 2 FAMILY, 85-43 89 STREET). That deed has DOCUMENT ID 2004111700930001, CRFN 2005000437377. The owner of that property is BIEGEL, STEPHEN W 159 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK NY 10016 US. That deed was signed in August 2004 and recorded in August 2005, according to our understanding of the acris website. (By the way, why did about one year pass between when the deed was signed and when it was recorded?) Maybe 89th Street Biegel is Madison Avenue Biegel.

      2. a state government investigator and a Marine

        By that 2004-2005 deed, Stephen Biegel made Patricia PAPOVITCH an owner of the 89th Street (Woodhaven) property. Someone named Patricia PAPOVITCH lived in Yonkers in 1999 according to a 24 November 1999 obituary in The Journal News website.

        1. PATRICIA A PAPOVITCH Born 1965, 73 CORNELL AVE, YONKERS, NY 10705.
        2. PATRICIA PAPOVITCH 02/2004, 740 TUCKAHOE RD, YONKERS, NY 10710. (914) 961-0990.

        Notice that she was born in 1965. The NYPD officer in whom we're interested may have been born in 1962, as discussed below. She's three years younger. Stephen W. & Patricia Papovitch Biegel contribued to Rocky Mountain Institute, in Colorado, possibly in or before fall 2007.

        If Patricia A. Papovitch married Stephen Biegel, she might become Patricia A. Biegel. Someone named Patricia A. Biegel may recently have lived in CHESTER, NY 10918.

        Patricia Papovitch is a state government officer according to "Schedule H - Banking Department Organization and Maintenance":

        Schedule H - Banking Department Organization and Maintenances
        Part 3: Department Roster, Exempt Class as of March 29, 2001
        $117,549 annual compensation    Papovitch, Patricia A.    Investigator

        Patricia Papovitch, investigadora del Departamento de Bancos de Nueva York

        A few people may be the same: 89th Street (Woodhaven 11421), Madison Avenue (Manhattan), born in 1962 (connected to zip code 11421), married to PAPOVITCH (Yonkers).

        There is another, possible Yonkers connection. In 2007: BIEGEL, STEPHEN W was linked in the text of a deed to 159 MADISON AVENUE, UNIT 9C, NEW YOR NY 10016 US. MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 862, lot 24, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT, 159 MADISON AVENUE, 9C. Stephen Biegel may have owed to SUMA (YONKERS) FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, 125 CORPORATE BOULEVARD, YONKERS NY 10701 US. SUMA is the transliterated acronym for the credit union's sponsor, Ukrainian-American Youth Association. Notice that Biegel's lender SUMA is in Yonkers. SUMA's website on 25 May 2008 says, "We have been serving our members in Yonkers, NY, Spring Valley, NY and Stamford, CT and vicinities ....".

        There is a Stephen Biegel in Yonkers, who adopted a pit-bull mix from the ASPCA. He is not necessarily one of the other Biegels in this article.

        Incidentally, acris DOCUMENT 2006091100923001, CRFN 2007000035939, DOC. DATE 6/26/2006 (DOC. TYPE BOTH RPTT AND RETT) implies that the Stephen W. Biegel of 159 Madison may also be BIEGEL, STEPHEN, 77 PARK AVENUE, UNIT 15D, NEW YORK NY 10016 US. That document, according to our understanding of the bottom of its acris webpage, may apply to MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 862, lot 24, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT, 153 [not 159] MADISON AVENUE, 9C. Biegel seems to have had an interest in 159 Madison, block 862, lot 24, but the bottom of the webpage for that document may possibly apply to 153 Madison, block 862, lot 24.

        A Marine Corps enlistment is four years long. If the Biegel born in late 1962 had graduated from high school when he was 18, been a Marine for four years, and then had a son a year later, the son would have been born in about late 1985 (1962+18+4+1 = 1985). That son would have been 20 in late 2005. According to the article linked to a sentence earlier and other publicly available information, the NYPD lieutenant this article is about has a son who, in 2005, was a Marine (as his father had been), about to become an NYPD officer (like his father), with the same name as his father (Stephen Biegel), and 20 years old.

        Woodbury is not Woodhaven. We are not interested in Woodbury.

    4. Comment

      We guess that NYPD lieutenant Biegel is Stephen W. Biegel, born in 1962, Westchester County resident, who may have owned real estate in Queens and Manhattan.

      He made factually incorrect statements.

  2. Bowens

    Jerry Bowens, Brooklyn South narcotics, 2008jan31.


    JERRY L BOWENS Born Sep 1964, 238 ADA DR, 04/15/2001, STATEN ISLAND, NY 10314

  3. Bowens

    Jerry Bowens, Brooklyn South narcotics, 2008jan31.


    JERRY L BOWENS Born Sep 1964, 238 ADA DR, 04/15/2001, STATEN ISLAND, NY 10314

  4. Browne

    Paul J. Browne, New York City Police Department's Deputy Commissioner of Public Information (chief press officer) 2010jun20

    We refer to him on our main publicity page. He grew up in the Bronx.

    He worked for Marist College, which is in Poughkeepsie 12601. He was born in the Bronx. Maybe he recently lived in the Bronx 10468. He worked in Albany, which is near Spencertown 12165.

    PAUL J BROWNE 1949-05-17 Poughkeepsie NY 	12601
    PAUL  J BROWNE 1949-05-17 Bronx NY 10468
    PAUL J BROWNE 1949-05-17 Spencertown NY 	12165
    PAUL J BROWNE Born May 1949, 429 STATE ROUTE 203 SPENCERTOWN, NY 12165 (518) 392-6131. This is near Albany.

    He lived in Albany and SCHENECTADY. Maybe he once lived in Pound Ridge. PAUL J BROWNE, HORSESHOE Hill RD, POUND RIDGE, Westchester county, NY 10576, (914) 7644943, (914) 7641104. Telephone prefix 764 is for Pound Ridge. We don't know the street number. Street numbers there go from about 5 to about 125, we think. Horseshoe Hill Road is near High Ridge Road (route 137) and Westchester Avenue. Recent neighbors of that address may include: 163 OLD CHURCH LANE, 10576, Barbara Cavalieri, Professor, SUNY-Purchase.

    In paragraph 4 of Leonard Levitt's 8 January 2007 article in, "Police Shooting Incidents: The NYPD's New Math", he asks for an explanation of paragraph 4 of Paul Browne's "Police Shooting Incidents" press release. Because our readers may also have trouble understanding that paragraph, we guess below what Bronwe meant. In 2005, the rate of FPSs (fatal police shootings) per 1,000 officers was 0.25. There were 9 FPSs and, we think, 36 thousand officers. Therefore, the rate is 9 to 36 = 9/36 = 1/4 = 0.25. Thus the 2005 rate was 0.25. Now, we discuss 1973. There were 54 FPSs in 1973. If there were about 29.67 thousand officers (in other words, about 29,670 officers) in 1973, the 1973 rate would have been 54 to 29.67 = 54/29.67 = 1.82. In any event, according to Browne, the 1973 rate (FPSs to thousands of officers) was 1.82. Thus, the rate went down from 1.82 in 1973 to 0.25 in 2005. 1.82 - 0.25 = 1.57. 1.57 is about 86% of 1.82. Thus, the rate went down 86% from 1973 to 2005. This is our guess about what Browne meant. By the way, Browne's numbers shed little or no light on what's going on.

    A pistol permit may have been issued in Nww York State to someone named:
    BROWNE,PAUL,,ONE    POLICE PLZ,,NY,100380000.
    This is a work address, not his home address.
  5. Deputy Chief DENNIS BLACKMAN

    Hate Crimes TF, 2007oct8.

    DENNIS BLACKMAN, 560 MALCOLM X BLVD (between 5th and 7th Avenues, near west 138th Street and Harlem Hospital Center, 3/1/2005), NEW YORK, NY 10037-1748, (212) 690-0135, (212) 690-7857. Recent neighbors may include: 2311 5TH AVE, 10037, Eneniver Capers, Attendance Teacher, N Y C Dept Of Ed.

    DENNIS BLACKMAN, 560 LENOX AVE, 02/26/2002, NEW YORK, NY 10037 (212) 690-7857.

    DENNIS BLACKMAN Born Sep 1930, 50 139TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10037 (212) 690-0135

  6. 2000, John Boesch (may be age 45, 7 Vera Court (on a dead end street near Rustic Road, south of Middle Country Road), Centereach NY 11720-3893).

    Recent neighbors may include: 29 BRAYTON CT N, 11720, Agnes He, Professor, Stony Brook University; Barack Obama $1,000 2008.

  7. Bologna
    1. Introduction 28 September 2011 Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna Anthony Bologna, NYPD Officer Who Pepper-Sprayed Protester ... Anthony Bologna, NYPD Officer Who Pepper-Sprayed Protester, Had Role In 2004 Incidents Possible Date of Birth and Recent Residence ANTHONY V BOLOGNA 1954-04-25 Staten Island NY
    2. Recent Address ANTHONY V BOLOGNA Born Apr 1954 5 SAWYER STATEN ISLAND, NY 10314 (518) 989-9051 ANTHONY BOLOGNA 4 GLEN GLEN COVE, NY 11542 (516) 671-6498 ANTHONY BOLOGNA 45 LEXINGTON OYSTER BAY, NY 11771 (516) 922-3581 ANTHONY BOLOGNA 3 WEST PORT CHESTER, NY 10573 (914) 939-3747 ANTHONY BOLOGNA 3 WEST RYE BROOK, NY 10573 (914) 939-3747
    3. Anonymous
      1. Introduction NYPD Deputy Inspector Patrol Boro Manhattan South - 212-477-6181 WAS Commanding Officer of the First Precinct for the past 5 years
      2. Phone Possible phone number: (518) 989-9051
      3. David's Camera Craft
      4. School St. Paul's High School (1970-1974) [Garden City, Long Island, New York?]
      5. Last Known Addresses Sawyer Ave, Unit A, Staten Island, NY, US 119 Slater Blvd, Staten Island, NY, US 5 Sawyer Ave, Staten Island, NY, US 1309 Lake Ave, Metairie, LA, US Jennings Hill Rd, West Kill, NY, US Catskill, NY, US Lexington, NY, US New York, NY, US 5314 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, US 236 E Gibson St, Covington, LA, US 134 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA, US 22072 8th St, Abita Springs, LA, US 6 Saint Jean De Luz, Mandeville, LA, US 1000 53rd St, Brooklyn, NY, US 1224 Lake Ave, Apt 205, Metairie, LA, US 10122 Lakewood St, New Orleans, LA, US 24 Claudia Dr, Covington, LA, US 6906 13th Ave, Unit 2f, Brooklyn, NY, US
      6. Federal Court Case Plaintiff: Posr A. Posr Defendants: [police officer] Tulio Camejo, Anthony Bologna, [mayor] Michael R. Bloomberg, [opolice commissioner] Raymond W. Kelly, [chief] Joseph J. Esposito, The City of New York and [former president of the Hudson River Park Trust] Connie Fishman Case Number: 1:2007cv07583 Filed: August 27, 2007 Court: New York Southern District Court [U.S. District Court, SD of NY] Office: Foley Square Office County: New York Presiding Judge: Judge P. Kevin Castel Nature of Suit: Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act Jurisdiction: Federal Question Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff
  8. Boria

    Officer Daisy Boria 2007jan11

    DAISY L BORIA Born Oct 1954, 330 26TH ST, 05/07/2002, NEW YORK, NY 10010. Recent neighbors may include: 30 WATERSIDE PLZ, 10010, Margaret McManus, immigration judge, USDOJ.

    NYPD officer Francis Livoti was tried in the Bronx. State Supreme (trial) Court Judge Gerald Sheindlin acquitted Livoti and referred to "... a nest of perjury...". Sheindlin later amended that remark, saying he was referring to officer Daisy Boria alone. That does not necessarily mean she had engaged in perjury, merely that the judge said she did.


    26, January 2004, Det. THOMAS J. BRANCELLA

    age 46

    78 PRIMROSE AVE (near Mayfair Avenue)

    FLORAL PARK NY 11001-2517. >

  10. Bratton: Wliiam Joseph "Bill" Bratton
    1. Introduction 2015jan01 NYPD Police Commissioner again Commissioner Bratton worked in Boston and then for the NYPD, LAPD, and NYPD again. We provide some information about him in our LAPD executives article. However, moost of the information we provide about him, especially that which is recent, is below on this page. We got much of the information below from the web in October 2014.
    2. Bratton Birth WILLIAM BRATTON 1947-10-06 Marblehead MA WILLIAM J BRATTON 1947-10-06 New York NY
    3. Photographs Bratton Klieman 13 October 2014 Manhattan ZIMBIO Jason Binn and Bill Bratton Photostream Pictures DuJour Magazine's Jason Binn And TOWN Residential Host An Intimate Dinner Party For Bill Bratton And Rikki Klieman At Harry Cipriani In This Photo: {Jason Binn, Bill Bratton, Rikki Klieman, Stefania Girombelli (L-R) Director of Development and Marketing at Cipriani Stefania Girombelli, TV personality Rikki Klieman and New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, Founder of DuJour Media Group Jason Binn} attend as {DuJour Magazine's Jason Binn and TOWN Residential} host an intimate dinner party for Bill Bratton and Rikki Klieman at Harry Cipriani on October 13, 2014 in New York City. (October 12, 2014 - Source: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images North America) more pics from this album JASON BINN PHOTOSTREAM BILL BRATTON PHOTOSTREAM [We rearranged the text and inserted bracs {} to try to clarily the long, complex sentence above. That sentence says that, in the photo, one group attends a dinner party hosted by a second group for a third group. The third group is Bratton and Klieman.] Skip Album | All Thumbnails Show Jason Binn With: Bill Bratton JASON BINN AND BILL BRATTON APPEAR IN: DuJour Magazine's Jason Binn And TOWN Residential Host An Intimate Dinner Par... DuJour Magazine's Jason Binn & Gilt's Kevin Ryan Celebrate Bill Bratton & Rik...
    4. NYPD Commanding Officerweb page October 2014 42nd police commissioner of the City of New York by Mayor Bill de Blasio U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War began in 1970 as a beat cop in the Boston Police Department (BPD) 1980 Superintendent of Police, the BPDs highest sworn position [The NYPD web page from which this info was gotten has a few sentences about BPD but not one word about LAPD, which is much more recent and, therefore,. probably much more relevant. Why no mention of LAPD?] author, commentator, and consultant Bachelors degree Boston State College graduate of the FBI National Executive Institute. Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Senior Executive Fellow in Criminal Justice member of National Executive Session on Policing Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE). married to attorney Rikki Klieman proud father of David [Bratton's only child?] grandfather of David's two children, John and Nicolas
    5. Realty
      1. 415 E 54th St Apt 4E New York NY 10022
          1. Rikki J Klieman [Bratton's 4th wife] Age: 65+ Address 415 E 54th St Apt 4e New York, NY 10022-5250 People Rikki may know William J Bratton Rikki J Klieman, 66 Los Angeles, CA Rikki J Klieman, 66 Boston, MA Previous locations New York, NY Quogue, NY Los Angeles, CA Boston, MA Rikki J Klieman 66 years old New York, NY
          2. William J Bratton Age: 65+ Phone number 212-706-3567 [See, on this page.] 415 E 54th St Apt 4e New York, NY 10022-5250 [Below on this page, see Zillow for this address.] 200 E 65th St [See, a little below on this page.] New York, NY 10065-4451 People William may know Rikki J Klieman Previous locations New York, NY Marblehead, MA Atlanta, GA Revere, MA Name William Joseph Bratton, 67 New York, NY William J Bratton, New York, NY William M Bratton, 60 New York, NY William J Bratton, 71 New York, NY
          3. telephone William Bratton (212) 706-3567 [See for William J. Bratton, above on this page.] 200 E 65th St New York, NY 10065 Carrier: Landline from Rcn Telecom Services, Inc. - Ny
        2. Manhattan 415 E 54th St Apt 4E New York NY 10022 [See, above on this page, for Bratton and for Klieman.] This Exquisite home is best described as 5-Star Luxury! Every delightful detail has been implemented- Unit features a Stunning Corner Living-room with Arched Entryway, Floor to Ceiling Windows, Recessed Lighting, and Handsome Custom Built-ins. The Island Kitchen offers a Bosch Cook top, Microwave, Oven , DW, and Subzero Refrigerator. The Gracious Master Bedroom includes an Ensuite Bath with Radiant Heated Floor, and its own Flat Screen TV. Adding to the unit is a Gorgeous Powder Room, Central AC/Heat with Separate Thermostats and a Meile Washer/ Dryer. The Master Bedroom & the Living Room each have their own 3D LED 55 Flat Screens Televisions, and there are Hardwood, Wide-Plank Floors throughout. An Extraordinary apartment! FACTS Condo Built in 1982
          Zestimate Details Value Zestimate $1,688,893, +$143,530 Last 30 days Zestimate range $1.44M $2.03M Rent Rent Zestimate $4,828/mo, +$7 Last 30 days Zestimate range $3.6K $6.8K
      2. Acris
        1. Introduction October 2014
        2. acris realty of KLIEMAN, RIKKI J. 2014oct [We think that this is pre-LAPD realty, not current.] 1 KLIEMAN, RIKKI J. MANHATTAN block 891 lot 3 01PN11239 ENTIRE LOT 3/9/2001 UCC3 ASSIGNMENT 1 0 1 KLIEMAN, RIKKI J. MANHATTAN block 891 lot 3 01PN00307 ENTIRE LOT 1/3/2001 INITIAL COOP UCC1 1 0 1 KLIEMAN, RIKKI MS MANHATTAN block 891 lot 3 2003000121488 PARTIAL LOT 5/8/2003 9:48:03 AM [Peacock Path parcel was sold in April 2003.] UCC3 TERMINATION 3 0
        3. acris realty of William Bratton 2014oct [Bratton and Klieman seem to have lived here before he ran the LAPD.] RECORDED / FILED: 3/9/2001 BRATTON, WILLIAM J. 35 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK NY 10016 US KLIEMAN, RIKKI J. 35 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK NY 10016 US ... possible past creditors NEW YORK MORTGAGE COMPANY LLC, THE 304 PARK AVENUE SOUTH-7TH FL. NEW YORK NY 10010 US CHASE MANHATTAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION 10151 DEERWOOD PARK BOULEVARD JACKSONVILLE FL 32256 US ... MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 891 lot 3 ENTIRE LOT PRE-ACRIS N N N 35 PARK AVENUE apartment 6A [See Zillow, below.] References FT_17900 07477579 MANHATTAN 0 0 0 01PN00307
        4. 36 PEACOCK PATH in acris 2014oct [Bratton and Klieman before he ran the LAPD] COLLATERAL: COOPERATIVE EXPIRATION DATE: 5/8/2003 9:48:03 AM KLIEMAN, RIKKI MS P.O. BOX 1852 36 PEACOCK PATH QUOGUE NY 11959 US BRATTON, WILLIAM J MR. P.O. BOX 1852 36 PEACOCK PATH QUOGUE NY 11959 MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 891 lot 3 PARTIAL LOT SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT N N N 35 PARK AVENUE 6A [See Zillow, below.]
      3. 35 Park Ave APT 6A in Zillow 2014oct [Bratton and Klieman seem to have lived here before he ran the LAPD.] 35 Park Ave APT 6A [See acris, above.] New York, NY 10016 Off Market Zestimate: $762,207 Rent Zestimate: $3,812/mo Est. Refi Payment: $2,867/mo This is a cooperative home. It is located at 35 Park Ave New York, New York. Cooperative Features Elevator
        value value Zestimate $762,207 -$26,989 Last 30 days value range $701K $861K rent Zestimate rent range $3K $5.1K Rent Zestimate $3,812/mo +$298 Last 30 days
        35 Park Avenue APT 6A Walk Score 99/100 (Walker's Paradise)
        Other Units in this Building (87) Zestimate Apt 18D $2.21M------ Apt 2A $764K------ Apt 2H $705K------ Apt 2J $653K------ Apt 5E $679K Studio---- [Maybe the estimate is only $679K because the apartment is just a studio.]
      4. 35 Park Ave in PropertyShark PropertyShark 2014oct [This seems to be a pre-LAPD address.] 35 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016 Primary address 35 Park Ave Zip code 10016 Borough Manhattan Block & lot 00891-0003 First 3 alternate addresses 100-102 E 36 St 35 Park Ave Building name Park Ave Corp Lot dimensions Lot sq. ft. 13,579 Buildings on lot 1 Building class Elevator Cooperative (XD4) Neighborhood name Murray Hill School district number 2 Residential units 145 Commercial units 5 Closest police station 0.76 Miles - Closest fire station 0.30 Miles
        Permits Filing date Job number Document number Job type Job status 8/20/2014 8/1/2014 8/1/2014 6/19/2014 11/25/2013
        Tax year 2012/2013 Current tax bill $1,394,497.92 Projected tax bill $1,469,571.12 Current assessed value $11,798,176 Current value $26,761,000 Mortgage and Sales History (Title Documents) Document Date Type Amount Party1 name Party2 name Link To Doc n/a n/a n/a n/a 2/12/2008
        5 Residential Units For Sale Least expensive #16J $425,000 Co-op 425 Sqft, Studio, 1 Baths Most expensive $1,250,000 Co-op 2 Beds, 2 Baths ... 35 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016
      5. Bratton in Quoge 2014oct [This seems to be a pre-LAPD address.] BRATTON, WILLIAM J MR. P.O. BOX 1852 36 PEACOCK PATH QUOGUE NY 11959
      6. 35 Park Avenue Corp, InsiderPages 2014oct [This seems to be a pre-LAPD address.] corporation 35 Park Avenue Corp 212-689-8265 35 Park Ave New York, NY 10016 About 35 Park Avenue Corp
      7. BlockShopper
        1. 5683 Holly Oak Dr. in Griffith Park/Los Feliz 2014oct [This is an LAPD-era address.] Los Angeles-Griffith Park/Los Feliz Two-bedroom home sells in Griffith Park/Los Feliz [more] Three-bedroom home sells in Griffith Park/Los Feliz News Los Angeles-Griffith Park/Los Feliz Trial attorney selling Griffith Park/Los Feliz 4BD by BlockShopper News Service, published Nov. 10, 2009 Rikki J. Klieman and William J. Bratton have listed for sale a four-bedroom, three-bath home at 5683 Holly Oak Dr. in Griffith Park/Los Feliz for $1.499 million. Klieman and Bratton paid $1.244 million for the property in Jan. 2003. The 2,716-square-foot home was built in 1964. Bennetr [sic] Carr and John Olsen of Sotheby's are the listing agents for the home. Klieman has worked as a television anchor for Tru TV and a legal analyst for "The CBS Early Show," "The Today Show" and the E! Network. She also works as Of Counsel at the law firm of Klieman, Lyons, Schindler and Gross in Boston, where she focuses on criminal trial, appellate practice and civil litigation. She was also member of the adjunct faculty at Columbia Law School and Boston University School of Law. As an actress, she starred in television shows such as "Las Vegas," "Shark," "NYPD Blue" and "Boston Legal," among others. She received her major in theater from Northwestern University [near her borth place] and her J.D. from Boston University School of Law [near where we guess she met Bratton]. According to, there have been 135 home sales in Griffith Park/Los Feliz during the past 12 months, with a median sales price of $855,000. Filed under: Lawyer, Lawyer Address: 5683 Holly Oak Drive Buyer(s): William J Bratton and Rikki J Klieman Seller(s): Ruvo Lach (Trust), Stephen Lachs (Trustee) (Trustee) and Michael Ruvo Sale date: Jan. 14, 2003 Scene from Griffith Park Communities in this story Los Angeles County CA Central City/East LA Los Angeles-Griffith Park/Los Feliz 1893/South of Griffith Park Observatory
          Neighbors Owner Address Bed | Bath | Living Sqft. Toni Saarinen (Trustee) and Toni Saarinen (Trust) 5700 Holly Oak Drive 3 bd | 3 ba | 2810 sqft Michael F Keeley (Trustee) and Michael F Keeley (Trust) 5699 Holly Oak Drive 2 bd | 2 ba | 2340 sqft Ben R Moody Ii (Trustee), R Moody Ben Ii (Family Trust) and C, O Bernie Gudvi 5698 Holly Oak Drive 4 bd | 4 ba | 3986 sqft Shaun Rosenberg and Rachel Goodman 5696 Holly Oak Drive 3 bd | 3 ba | 2338 sqft Susan C Highsmith (Trustee), Economic (Trust) and Sheet Music Plus, Acct Dept 5693 Holly Oak Drive 4 bd | 4 ba | 3783 sqft Jesse P Meli (Trustee) 5692 Holly Oak Drive 4 bd | 2 ba | 2172 sqft John I Bailey (Co-Trustee) and Bailey Littleton (Trust) 5689 Holly Oak Drive 4 bd | 3 ba | 4860 sqft Mark Tobin (Co-Trustee) and Tobin (Family Trust) 5688 Holly Oak Drive 4 bd | 4 ba | 3765 sqft Wendy Long (Trustee) and Moose (Family Trust) 5682 Holly Oak Drive 3 bd | 4 ba | 3388 sqft Michael Carnes 5681 Holly Oak Drive 3 bd | 3 ba | 1795 sqft BlockShopper.Com
        2. 36 Peacock Path, Klieman 2014oct [This seems to be a pre-LAPD address.] 36 Peacock Path, East Quogue, NY 11942 Owner: Matthew Weinberg City:East Quogue Zip:11942 County:Suffolk County NY Region:Southampton Neighborhood:East Quogue Inland Subdivision: Street:Peacock Path Yr. Built: 1991 Builder: Sqft (land | living):N/A land | 2,295 living Bedrooms:4 Bathrooms:4 Property Taxes: $3,578.42 (2008) Stories: 1 ... Sales History Price Type Date B-Buyer/S-Seller Agent $799,000 Resale 04/02/2003 B: Matthew Weinberg BA: N/A S: Rikki J Klieman SA: N/A [We think that Klieman sold the property to Weinberg in 2003.]
          Info & Demographics Information Demographics Elementary School: N/A Middle School: N/A High School: Quogue High School Median Income $47,443 White: All* 90.4% White: Latin or Hispanic* 10% Black or African American* 6.6% American Indian and Alaska Native* 0% Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander* 0% Asian* 1.2% Census Tract: 1904.02/Francis S Gabreski Airport *Alone or in combination Source: U.S. Census Notes Read more notes in East Quogue No notes for 36 Peacock Path
          Neighbors Owner Address Bed | Bath | Living Sqft. Dominic Serio and Lorraine Serio 44 Peacock Path 4 bd | 4 ba | 2784 sqft Roberta Padell 42 Peacock Path 6 bd | 4 ba | 3064 sqft Arnold Obler and Geraldine Obler 40 Peacock Path 4 bd | 4 ba | 2828 sqft Russell W Engle 38 Peacock Path 5 bd | 4 ba | 2990 sqft Conrad Kent and C, O Akzo 35 Peacock Path 5 bd | 3 ba | 3630 sqft Michael Ball and Liza Ball 33 Peacock Path 3 bd | 3 ba | 2014 sqft Walter W King (Trustee) and Judith & Walter King Quog 32 Peacock Path 5 bd | 4 ba | 2722 sqft John Varacchi and Carol Varacchi 31 Peacock Path 5 bd | 4 ba | 3549 sqft Adam A Sattler 30 Peacock Path 4 bd | 4 ba | 2383 sqft Michael Ehlers 29 Peacock Path 4 bd | 2 ba | 2367 sqft BlockShopper.Com
        3. 36 Peacock, BlockShopper 2014oct [This seems to be a pre-LAPD address.] 36 Peacock Path N/A Matthew Weinberg East Quogue Inland $799,000 Apr. 2, 2003
    6. Attorney Rikki Klieman
      1. Klieman, New York Law School [2014oct] NYLS Womens Network Launch with Rikki Klieman The NYLS Womens Network launched on March 5, 2014, with the help of celebrated trial attorney and television legal analyst Rikki J. Klieman. In attendance was her husband, New York City Police Commissioner William J. Bratton. After opening remarks by Dean Crowell, Ms. ["Ms" is a complete word, not an abbreviation. "Ms." shows ignorance.] Klieman delivered some inspiring remarks about the many turns throughout her career as well as her transformation from actress to attorney. To view more photos from the event, please visit our Flick page here. To view the complete video of Rikkis remarks, click here. 185 West Broadway New York, NY 10013 | 212.431.2100 2014 New York Law School
      2. Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers
        1. Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers HOW TO SEARCH FOR AN ATTORNEY BY NAME OR CITY ... Klieman of Klieman & Lyons Rikki J. Klieman Klieman & Lyons 617-443-1000 One International Place 8th Floor Boston MA 02110 Admitted to the bar on 12/17/75 Board of Bar Overseers number: 275200 Current status is Active Full office addresses listed for Active, IHC, and 304 status attorneys only. This attorney has certified that he or she is not covered by professional liability insurance. This attorney has no record of public discipline.
        2. Klieman & Lyons Klieman & Lyons A Partnership Including Professional Corporations One International Place, Eighth Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02110 Telephone - 617-443-1000 | Email - info[at] [LAW OFFICES OF RIKKI J. KLIEMAN, P.C. is dissolved.]
        3. Corporations Division, Business Entity Summary
          1. ...
          2. corporate officer KLIEMAN, RIKKI J. Corporations Division Business Entity results Number of records: 3 Name Position Individual's Address Entity Name ID No. Old ID No. KLIEMAN, RIKKI J. PRESIDENT 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA LAW OFFICES OF RIKKI J. KLIEMAN, P.C. 042817689 000203950 KLIEMAN, RIKKI J. SECRETARY 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA LAW OFFICES OF RIKKI J. KLIEMAN, P.C. 042817689 000203950 KLIEMAN, RIKKI J. TREASURER 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA LAW OFFICES OF RIKKI J. KLIEMAN, P.C. 042817689 000203950 [We think that Rikki was president, secretary, and treasurer of a dissolved, professional corporation, "LAW OFFICES OF RIKKI J. KLIEMAN, P.C.". See Klieman & Lyons.]
          3. LAW OFFICES OF RIKKI J. KLIEMAN, P.C. Corporations Division Business Entity Summary ID Number: 042817689 Summary for: LAW OFFICES OF RIKKI J. KLIEMAN, P.C. The exact name of the Professional Corporation: LAW OFFICES OF RIKKI J. KLIEMAN, P.C. Entity type: Professional Corporation Identification Number: 042817689 Old ID Number: 000203950 Date of Organization in Massachusetts: 02-22-1984 Date of Involuntary Dissolution: 12-31-1990 Last date certain: Current Fiscal Month/Day: 12/31 Previous Fiscal Month/Day: 00/00 The location of the Principal Office: Address: 240 COMMERCIAL ST. City or town, State, Zip code, Country: BOSTON, MA 02109 USA The name and address of the Registered Agent: Name: Address: City or town, State, Zip code, Country: The Officers and Directors of the Corporation: Title Individual Name Address PRESIDENT RIKKI J. KLIEMAN 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA TREASURER RIKKI J. KLIEMAN 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA SECRETARY RIKKI J. KLIEMAN 287 HANOVER ST., BOSTON, MA USA ... William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
      3. Rikki Klieman, omnilexica 2014oct Rikki Klieman is an American criminal defense lawyer and TV personality for TruTV. A native of Chicago, she worked in criminal defense in Boston and taught at Columbia Law School before moving to the entertainment field. Additionally, she is an author, actress, and is married to William Bratton, former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. also known as Rikki J. Klieman born in 1948 in Chicago education: Northwestern University [near Chicago birth place] Boston University [perhaps near where she met Bratton] Boston University School of Law profession: Lawyer, commentator, actor, teacher Marriage with William J. Bratton since 1999 filmography: played Daphne's Lawyer in "15 Minutes" played Rikki Klieman in "The Cable Guy" TV series: played Kathy Berson in "Las Vegas" Character Rikki Klieman: The fictional representation of Rikki Klieman, an American criminal defense lawyer and TV... in the film "The Cable Guy", played by Rikki Klieman
        Printed books with definitions for Rikki Klieman Fairy Tales Can Come True (2009) by Rikki Klieman, Peter Knobler com RIKKI KLIEMAN is a legal analyst for Today and Court TV and has appeared on virtually all national news programs as well as on Oprah, Good ;...
        Rikki Klieman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Attorney television commentator Rikki Klieman (born 1948) is an American criminal defense lawyer and TV personality for TruTV. A native of Chicago, she worked in criminal defense in Boston ...
        William Bratton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bratton and fourth wife, Rikki Klieman, at LA/Valley Pride. Bratton worked as a private consultant with Kroll Associates, also known as LAPD's Independent ...
        Katherine Ann Power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Negotiations were carried out through her attorneys Steven Black, a public defender, and Rikki Klieman, a prominent Boston lawyer. On September 15, 1993, ...
        A Civil Action (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The characters of Charles Nesson, Mark Phillips, Rikki Klieman, Teresa Padro and others have been completely removed from the film version of the story, as ...
      4. Rikki Klieman, criminal defense lawyer Rikki Klieman (born 1948) is an American criminal defense lawyer and TV personality for TruTV. A native of Chicago, she worked in criminal defense [As far as we know, Bratton was a BPD executive while Klieman was a Boston criminal defense lawyer.]
      5. Klieman's nonwhelming clothes, nytimes, Carlisle Collection Archives Clothes That Whisper, I Belong to the Club By GINIA BELLAFANTE Published: August 13, 2002 Early one morning just over a week ago, Rikki J. Klieman, a criminal defense lawyer and Court TV anchor, paid a visit to her sales consultant in Midtown Manhattan to complete her autumn shopping. Because of various co-op board restrictions on commercial activity in Manhattan, Carlisle [Collections] sells its clothes through a showroom on East 52nd Street that looks like a baroque parlor. Ms. Klieman, who is married to William J. Bratton, the former New York City police commissioner, does not have time to shop any other way. ''These clothes are good for television because they don't overwhelm me,'' she said. Before she left, she had bought almost everything she tried on.
    7. Bratton and Klieman books
      1. Introduction 2014oct Knobler, Peter [WorldCat Identities] [Both book subtitles below begin with "how". We don't know if that is a trait of the books or merely of the web page on which they are listed.]
      2. Bratton Turnaround: how America's top cop reversed the crime epidemic by William J Bratton (Book) 9 editions published between 1998 and 2013
      3. Klieman Fairy tales can come true: how a driven woman changed her destiny by Rikki J Klieman ( Book ) 3 editions published between 2003 and 2007

    12 October 2010
    Individually and in his Official Capacity
    Schoolcraft v. The City Of New York et al
    Defendants: 	The City Of New York, Michael Marino, 
    Gerald Nelson, 
    Steven Mauriello, 
    Theodore Lauterborn, 
    Joseph Goff, 
    Frederick Sawyer, 
    Kurt Duncan, 
    Christopher Broschart, 
    Timothy Caughey, 
    Shantel James, 
    Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, 
    Isak Isakov, 
    Lillian Aldana-Bernier
    Case Number: 	1:2010cv06005
    August 10, 2010
    New York Southern District Court, Foley Square
    Nature of Suit: 	Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
    Lieutenant promotee Christopher Broschart
    ISLIP, NY  11751  
  12. BRYAN

    Sept. 2001, 108th precinct, under the command of NYPD Deputy Inspector Michael E. Bryan, who may be (age 44, 25 POCAHONTAS ST E, MASSAPEQUA NY 11758)

    Recent neighbors may include: 3 NEPTUNE PL, 11758, Raymond Andreasen, Editorial Assistant, Nassau BOCES.

  13. 2000, Nikolas Budimlic (may be Nick Budimlic, age 33, 235 9th Street, West Babylon NY 11704 (631) 225-1137),


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