opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

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Incidentally, Raymond Hernandez briefly described some House of Representatives members' office car leases in "What Would You Drive, if the Taxpayers Paid?" (The New York Times, 1 May 2008, NY Region), which, on 2 May 2008, was at URL


    1. near the NYPD 112th precinct police station

      (corner of Austin St. and Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills neighborhood, Queens, NYC)
      1. 15 may 2001

        cops' privately owned cars parked on Austin Street in Forest Hills (zip 11375) neighborhood of Queens, New York City on morning of Tuesday, 15 May 2001, near the 112th precinct police station. All license plates are issued by NY state unless stated otherwise. "ifo" = "in front of".

        T915JM white 4-dr buick skylark, NYC PBA business cards on driver side of dash, 9:06 a.m., license plate-holder from H.B. Chevrolet, Lichtenberg Queens NY decal on left of rear of car (original seller?), outside of car not clean, Dom. Republic C.D. hanging from rear view mirror, ifo 69-15 Austin.

        TRP428 chevy caprice classic 4dr station wagon, brown & tan, blankets in the back, (PBA card and NYPD restricted parking permit) on driver side of dash, ifo 69-15 Austin.

        C523EK green 4-dr mini-van, niassan quest exe, white baby seat in back, front plate-holder Queens Nissan, back plate-holder NASCAR Jeff Gordon, ifo 69-15 Austin, yellow restricted nypd parking card.

        B106KE, white car, front of car not in excellent condition, gray NY Yankees sweatshirt over driver seat (seat needs work?), yellow nypd restricted parking permit, 9:15 a.m., west of 69-15 Austin, diagonally across from 69-02 Austin, near the back of an apartment building.

        AJA8892, gold 4dr chevy 2.8 v6, 9:17 a.m., detective borough of queens nypd yellow restricted parking permit on dash, purple UMES residence student 1997 decal on driver side of windshield, soft-looking cute dolls on back shelf near rear window, umbella in back with color pattern that might appeal to a woman, west of 69-15 Austin, diagonally across from 69-02 Austin, near the back of an apartment building.

      2. 21 march 2000

        Cars parked in the 112th precinct 21 march 2000 at roughly 7:15 a.m.

        j61 5lb, black honda, tinted side windows, parked (one block from police station) in front of (& lives at?) the Lane Towers apartment building at 107-40 (street name unknown, but it's a north-south street, and the car was about 1/4 block south of queens blvd), license plate-holder of Showgaung Auto Repair (718) 429-1700, nypd decal on driver's side of windshield

        j2k 615 gray toyota celica, nypd detectives decal on rear left window, possibly may be a car of a usps employee who is not an nypd detective

        l66 3jn nissan altima stanza 4dr, vin 1n4bu31f2pc133694 (final digit possibly not a 4), airbag, rear of car implies that car was sold by haberstad of huntington (long island), decal (on driver side of rear window) 1996 active member fraternal order of police.

        "LORI 623" license plate, parked on north side of austin st near the nypd station, tinted side windows, oldsmobile achieva sc, car possibly sold first by "City" dealer of long island city, then possibly resold by p&a autosport 718-821-1111.
        there is a sporty-looking wind-powered device on the back of the car which presses the back of the car down when the car goes quickly (a "road hugger"?). red rrp "S.E.I.D."

        rpp, ax9 03u (letter O instead of 0?), subaru outback limited awd, sun window in roof, mostly white, gray bottom, maybe sold by dealer neil of lynbrook in long island, parked on north side of austin st by queens medical imaging (west of 69th road)

        k4n 377, plymouth neon black, red rpp "S.E.I.D., parked near car w plate ax9 o3u

        light green (not red) rpp, trp428, brown chevy caprice classic 4dr station wagon, n. side of austin st across from austin tanning business.

        e8a 959, red rrp, small (ornamental?) police badges & cards & decal on driver side of windshield, prime designs quest gxe, dealer may be universal of long island city, parked in a place restricted to police dept vehicles

      3. 20 March 2000

        cars parked in the 112th precinct, 20 march 2000

        Early in the morning (maybe 6:30 a.m.) on Monday, 20 March 2000, there were some cars parked by the precinct building which seem to have been driven there by cops (and maybe other NYPD employees) who work there.

        M47 6AL blue 2dr 90 pontiac, rpp (Restricted Parking Permit [usually red] issued by NYPD), police decal on the rear left window

        GMC Jimmy dark blue 4-dr, police card on driver side dash, n3z 917, 2-dr hatchback, 94 hyundai excel white, rpp

        red 4-dr nissan, 4jk840 rpp

        6y61 taxi chevy yellow, 4 dr, plain black tires, no hubcaps, no whitewalls, 1999 licensed taxicab medallion 0138, we guess is nypd-owned and is used for plainclothes work. We do not know who owns the car.

        d85 7dl, 4dr blue-green, certified nypd vehicle ID 8000

        b664lt, gmc jimmy, red with a golden stripe low on the chassis, 4dr, windshield police decal, police card on dashboard

        9jb i95, gray, 4dr, rpp, taurus

        r56 3ed gray, nypd official card 48893 on dash, 4dr, dark gray

        k502ty, dark green saturn, 4dr, rpp (or maybe red nypd decal?), decal for Oyster Bay [Nassau County, north shore] 1996 resident parking permit number 15486.

    2. all other cars parked in Queens

      1. 26 May 2001

        26 May 2001, Saturday, 4:49 p.m., ifo apartment building at 107-21 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, Queens, NY 11375. Official-looking certificate on dashboard said federal law enforcement, city of new york, police veh. id # 43999. This might be a certificate for privately owned cars of federal law enforcement personnel who park those cars on the job in the city of new york. black 4dr saturn, plate R920NB, time on parking meter at curb had expired. Car contained a red club-for-steering-wheel security device and a map book with a reference to Washington, D.C., on the outside of its cover.

      2. 25 may 2001

        vehicles some of which possibly might be cops' privately owned cars, seen south of queens boulevard, in and near rego park (zip 11373 and 11374) neighborhood of queens, new york city, on friday afternoon, 25 may 2001, from about 3:53 p.m. to about 4:13 p.m. ifo = in front of. All decals are on driver side of windshield unless otherwise stated. All license plates are NY state unless otherwise stated.

        in driveway of 1-family house at 60-44 Booth, nypd (detectives?) decal on rear window, blue van chevy ws healy abs, QUY826. registered voters at 60-44 booth:
        TREJO JOSE S 60-44 BOOTH STREET 11373 1943-05-09
        TREJO GLORIA A 60-44 PH BOOTH STREET 11373 1946-01-08
        TRESO GLORIA A 60-44 BOOTH STREET 11373 1946-01-08

        Connecticut plate 833MNO, stamford police assn 00'-01' decal, 1997 fop supporter decal, red 4dr ford suv, ifo 1-family house at 61-18 saunders st.

        EZ232R, ny state park police, long island pba, 1998 decal. white 4dr honda civic lx, Hillside Honda plate-holder, ifo apt. building at 62-95 Saunders Street (parked at corner of 63rd ave).

        OMA4X4, 4dr blue ford escape xlt v6 sport utility vehicle, ifo apt bldg at 62-95 saunders st., investigators assoc nys police bci decal.

        connecticut plate 206NMR, black ford expedition xlt, 4dr suv, 1999 nj state LEO assoc decal, on 62nd ave beside apt. bldg at 61-41 saunders st.

        K152EP black 2dr suv, (inside the car were crucifix, tweetie bird, stuffed doll), near the side of an apt. bldg. at 61-41 saunders st., nassau county hwy patrol decal, nassau county pba 2000 business cards on driver's side of dash.

      3. Tuesday, 15 May 2001, morning

        cops' seemingly privately owned cars parked in rego park (zip 11374) neighborhood of Queens, New York City on morning of Tuesday, 15 May 2001. All license plates are issued by NY state unless stated otherwise. "ifo" = "in front of".

        KBN78G, green Chrysler sebring, ifo 87-16 Elliot Avenue, 8:11 a.m., NYPD decal on driver side of dash. John Jay College decal on driver side of windshield.

        BB902L, green Toyota camry sport LE, PCNY (Police Conf. of NY, a union) decal on driver side of windshield, inside was truly messy-looking, (pearl necklace with something attached) hanging from rear-view mirror, 2 PCNY decals on right of rear wondow, 8:16 a.m., ifo 86-32 Elliot Ave.

        AEW3302, chevy astro van, black w red pin stripes, ifo 86-12 Elliot Ave, 8:24 a.m., 1996 supporter decal FOP of NY on driver side windshield, 1998 Narcotic Enforcement Officers Assoc decal on driver window, (wooden bead necklace with something attached) hanging from rear-view mirror.

      4. cars on morning of Sunday, 20 August 2000.

        z813wa cloth Suffolk county police badge (gold?), by 87-02 Elliot Ave (at Wetherole St.), 4dr toyota corolla, 10:59 a.m. sunday, 20 aug 2000, plate-holder says dealer is: (718) 539-1377 Tri-State Auto Mall, Tweetie-Bird Trinket on dash (therefore female owner?)

        11:07 a.m. Detectives Endowment Assoc. of NYPD = business card on dash, cloth "badge" of NYPD on dash, no license plate in front of car, Chevy Ve... brown, Florida xbt28r plate on rear, dealer: Meyer Queens NY, decal AAA Auto Club of NY. decal: ( = 00 year ; = permit #3538-I). decal = Z100 NY's #1 music station Gateway Nat'l Rec. Area "Non-Transferable" 87-12 Elliot Ave (near Booth St.)

        nypd decal windshield driver-side. w177wj 2dr black toyota supra. in front of 86-31 elliot ave. (at Wetherole) 11:15 a.m. Sunday

        11:15 a.m. Nassau County detectives assoc. decal. p389zx plate. gray brougham beside 61-50 booth st. (at 62nd ave.). Roman Catholic trinket. NYPD detectives endowment assoc. business card. 1998 Nassau County PBA decal. pontiac bonneville. decal: g.a.m.a. parking lot #118.

      5. 29 February 2000

        chevrolet cavalier V928LH red 2-door NYPD detectives decal on left of windshield Tuesday 29 Feb 2000 afternoon about 2:15 p.m.

        in Rego Park neighborhood, zip 11374, Queens, New York City

        decal on the left corner of the windshield?

      6. [about 21 january 2000]

        license plate AJ788T

        1985 Me/Benz 190E 2.3
         4-dr blue
         (718) 206-4288

        The above was observed on a car parked near 61-26 Saunders St., Rego Park 11374, Queens County, NY. The car had gold-colored handcuffs on the dash and a 1999 PBA decal on the windshield. There was an indication that the owner or driver was employed by the Dept. of Juvenile Justice. All of the info above was in plain view.

      7. [about 12 jan 2000]

        There is a car: S85 OJD, maroon Ford Fairlane, 2-door, used "The Club" or a similar device, pillows with covers which have a floral print (suggesting a female owner?), windowshield decal suggesting that the owner or principal driver is an NYPD detective, parked about 2 weeks ago on the north side of Saunders Street just east of 62nd Avenue in the Rego Park neighborhood (zip 11374) of Queens, New York City. We guess that maybe the former owner (maybe not the present owner) is an NYPD detective.

        There is a car: S43 4GU, 4-door Galant Mitsubishi, navy blue, Narcotic Enforcement Officers Assoc. decal (plus other decals indicating that someone affiliated with the car is a supporter of F.O.P. and NYS Met. Pol. Cop., parked about two weeks ago on or near 63rd Avenue, near Saunders Street in Rego Park neighborhood (zip 11374) of Queens, New York City.

        We got a few, weird, pretext calls (possibly from a male cop?) after making notes of those two cars.

      8. about year 2000

        possibly police-linked car in NYC

        in (Forest Hills? in 112th? precinct, zip 11375?), plate L663JN, VIN 1N4BU31F2PC133694 , 1993 NISSAN ALTIMA stanza, Sedan 4 DR, white, sold by Haberstad (Huntington, Long Island), (decal on left of rear window: 1996 Active member Fraternal Order of Police).

        A VIN is sometimes more useful to know than a plate number.

      9. Saturday evening, 7 August 1999

        On Saturday evening, 7 August 1999, from about 6:55 pm to 7:20 pm, the following cars (which possibly seem to be owned or driven by cops) were parked in the Rego Park neighborhood (zip 11374) of Queens Borough of New York City. There was not necessarily anything illegal about the cars or any people associated with them.

        X154DP, windshield decal NYPD, card on dash 1999 NYCPBA, white Buick Regal 2DR, parked N-bound on 63rd Ave (between Queens Blvd & Saunders), front decal "IP-contractor 2912"

        J410GL, dark red 2dr chevy camaro Z28, parked N-bound on 63rd Ave (north of Saunders), NYPD decal on windshield. on dash a yellow NYCPD "parking enforcement district" #92, vehicle id = 95 chevy, reg # J410GL.

        X734XF Honda black 4dr SUV, 1999 NYCPBA card taped to windshield, in front of 63-45 Saunders apt. bldg. "The Essex"

        X197AX dark red (maroon), NYPD detective decal windshield, Mark VII Lincoln 2dr, a security device like "The Club" between steering wheel and dash, 2 Harley Davidson decals on rear of car, parked in front of 63-84 Saunders.

        G316KR (shiny gray color difficult to describe) 2dr SUV NYC, Police Dept restricted parking plate OCCB #2063, Nissan, "NYS Fraternal Order of Police" black card on dash, 1999 Fraternal Order of Police "Active Member" decal, 63-07 Saunders, female driver and female passenger in front, car arrived and was parked between 6:55 pm and 7:20 pm.

        3UX111, 4dr blue ford taurus GL, 2 decals "NY Fraternal Order of Police" (one on windshield, one on side window), parked n-bound on 63rd Drive (south of Saunders).

      10. [about 8 dec 1999]

        notice to me at the post office: instructed by Supervisor to put a hold and inspect on your mail. (the car [with plate NYP563, referred to below, ?] belongs to James Whitlock - Detective NYPD)


        (Sun, 25 April 1999)

        black, Nissan SE, 2-door, with an NYPD Detectives decal on it, and with a license plate that reads


        was parked on the south side of Queens Boulevard near the Rego Park post office on Monday, March 22, 1999.


    1. 28 March 2000

      Tuesday, 28 March 2000, in Manhattan
      parking at night (when colors and details are more difficult to observe) at the eastern edge of NYC civic center. parallel parking near nypd headquarters, on Avenue of the Finest, cars facing Madison Street (except for one car parked on Madison, facing Finest).

      T5P 388, white nypd reg card # 11538 on driver side of dash board, gray honda 4dr, dealer maybe p.s. honda of manhasset (long island), by red sign that says: no standing anytime.

      p650cj black ford expedition, 4dr suv, white nypd card on driver side of dashboard, tinted side windows.

      s554yp, red rpp, black 4dr corolla, dealer maybe bay ridge toyota of brooklyn (same dealer seemingly involved with illegally parked j194ku below)

      g27 6pz, gray 2dr monte carlo, red rpp on dash, flag (of puerto rico?), photo of woman (car driven by man who likes her?), parked near Rite Aid pharmacy # 4202, on Madison St, facing (and about one block from) Avenue of the Finest.

      parking at night (when colors and details are more difficult to observe) in Chinatown.
      j19 4ku black toyota camry v6le, "automate" company's decals, white certificate on dash claiming that car was on official business of the ufa (united firefighters assoc, a union), dealer maybe bay ridge toyota (same dealer seemingly involved with illegally parked s554yp above), parked by a red "no standing" sign on bayard street, near (and facing) mulberry street.

      Does a car dealer (e.g.: bay ridge toyota of brooklyn, conceivably) ever have civil or criminal liability if the dealer fails to try hard enough to avoid selling its vehicles to people (e.g., NYPD cops) with a much higher than average propensity to use those cars criminally (e.g., to park criminally)? If someone is harmed by cops' illegally parked cars (owned by the cops who park them), may that person sue auto dealers who knowingly sold the illegally parked cars to people known to be cops?

    2. 27 march 2000

      NYPD headquarters on Monday evening, 27 March 2000

      Near NYPD headquarters, there is Avenue of the Finest. We were on that Avenue. We moved from Madison to another street (as we walked along Finest). The other street was posted as Pearl Street. There is a sign which restricts parking (along the strip of Finest we checked) to, as well as we can remember, authorized vehicles with a permit to park at police headquarters. We took notes of some cars parked there.

      N11 6UP medium blue chevy blazer 2dr, driver door not completely closed (broken?)

      z36 1xv white tiburon fx 2dr sun roof, rear lights have broken (and partly missing) plastic shields

      gjv 951 maroon Contour GL, 4dr, decal BP 2000 1336-2

      9sh 185, white van, 1 door on left (for driver), 2 doors on right, plus rear door(s?). Rear left windown has "3406" handwritten on plastic.

      u56 3zg, dealer maybe hillside honda, decal of Fire Dept. of City of NY on rear window, 4dr, white & brown umbrella (more likely to be bought by a female than a male?) in back of car.

      y28 2sh, black 4dr

      n80 0zy blue eagle vision ESi 4dr, much white bird feces on back window (result of where the car is usually parked when at home?)

      HUGH, lincoln LSC Mark VII 2dr, dealer maybe bright bay, white with black convertible top.

      H806HK, black Dodge 4x4 durango, 4dr, dealer maybe Oyster Bay Dodge of Long Island, decal of united firefighters assoc on rear window, tinted side windows

      Facing north on the east side of Centre Street, partly blocking (and partly north of) the southern crosswalk at White Street, on the evening of 27 March 2000, was a car Y95 9MC, red Jeep, police decal on driver side of windshield, 4dr, Masonic plaque on rear of car, decal member fraternal order of police, "south of the border' (mexico?) bumper sticker, decal viper auto security systems 1-800-477-1369.

    3. year 2000? Batiganani of Staten Island?

      parked in 1st precinct Manhattan, on Washington St. by Giovanni's Atrium restaurant, W472YU, tinted side windows, 4dr station wagon, white, dodge grand caravan sport, dealer Angiuli in Staten Island, (handwritten note on driver's side of dash: P.O. Batiganani, 001 pct, 104 Washington), possible motive for note: maybe improperly avoid parking tickets or towing?

      We think that, late at night, off-duty cops sometimes drink and talk at the bar of Giovanni's Atrium.


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