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CIA street map:  Bush hdqtrs area in McLean
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This page concerns Central Intelligence Agency headquarters and a few other, American, intelligence sites.

  1. ZIP File


    compressed file with information about CIA stations, bases, and officers 44.4 MB

    We downloaded the file from in November 2022.

  2. Denver DFC


    The CIA will soon move its National Resources Division to Denver, possibly to DFC (Denver Federal Center). Acording to former webpage,, DFC is in Lakewood, south of West 6th Avenue, north of Alameda Avenue, west of Kipling Street, and east of Union Boulevard.

  3. Dulles Discovery, DD

    1. General


      DD (Dulles Discovery) is a CIA office building campus in northern Virginia. There now are three buildings: Dulles Discover I, Dulles Discovery ACC, and Dulles Discovery Central Plant. DD is east of Route 28 (which is also named Sully Road), west of Centreville Road, and north of ASMP (Air and Space Museum Parkway). DD is across the street (Route 28) from IAD (Washington Dulles International Airport, KIAD). Maybe the abbreviation IAD is derived from International Airport Dulles. When discussing that airport, IAD does not mean Internal Affairs Division. In any event, if a driver goes north on Route 28 from ASMP, DD will be on his right and IAD will be on his left. DD is in Chantilly neighborhood, in unincorporated territory of Fairfax County. DD is owned by The Peterson Companies.

      We think that DD, or at least part of it, was named "Secured Government Agency Facility 2" in Fairfax, VA. DD's developer is The Peterson Companies and the architect is Wisnewski Blair & Associates.

      According to, "What's Going Where" (Post, Thursday, 26 May 2005, VA14, Projects Proposed), project thirty is:

      "30. The Peterson Cos., Fairfax. Site plan for Dulles Discovery Office, Phase 1, a 386,404-square-foot office building on 67.91 acres zoned I-3 (industrial, light intensity) at 13950 Barnsfield Rd. (SP-9751-003-1)".

      We can't find that street address on a map. We can't find that address's zip code using the U.S. Postal Service's zip code lookup Web page. Barnsfield Road is a dead end street connected to and west of Centreville Road, east of Sully Road (Route 28), south of Wall Road, and notheast of Sully Park. Although the project proposal has a Barnsfield address, DD builings (including the Phase I building) seem to be much closer to Wall Road than to Barnsfield, according to our understanding of's photographs. "Dulles Discovery Phase I" is a current project of electrical contractor Truland Systems.

      DD is said to be in Chantilly neighborhood, Fairfax County, and Alexandria region.

      The telephone area code is 703. We guess that the zip code is either 20151 or 20153. We guess that people enter DD by Wall Road's dead end or by Barnsfield Road's dead end, both of which are west of Centreville Road. A street addess at IAD (the airport across the street, also called KIAD) is 1 Saarinen Circle, Dulles, VA 20166-7506.

      Latitude and longitude of IAD:
      38-56-40.3150N, 077-27-20.9150W.
      38-56.671917N,  077-27.348583W.
      There is a visitor center in DD. The center is not the central plant building. Maybe it's not a coincidence that the CIA has a visitor center across the street from an airport.

      We guess that CIA personnel sometimes call DD "CIA Two".

      We suppose that the CIA usually attempts to minimize being noticed. Real estate across the street from a major airport gets much attention from businesses which seek to be near the airport, and from police who analyze the airport's security. Thus, it's interesting that the CIA is across the street from AID. We vaguely remember reading long ago something about the CIA having had an office in a building on Century Boulevard near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Maybe the CIA often seeks offices near the nearest airport.

      DD may have a "gaurdhouse and barriers on road leading into it", according to the thread which started withSimply Curious's post to Fairfax General forum of December 26, 2010.

    2. CIAU
      CIAU (CIA University) Campus, Chantilly, VA
      DD (Dulles Discovery) 1 and 2
      founded in 2002 by John F. Welch, Deputy Director for Intelligence (DDI)
      Dulles Discovery 1
      13900 Air and Space Museum Drive
      Chantilly, VA
      Dulles Discovery 2
      13870 Air and Space Museum Parkway
      Chantilly, VA
  4. HARVEY Point


    Harvey Point Defense Testing Actvity facility, The Point

    Harvey Point Defense Testing Actvity facility, nominally owned by the Department of Defense, is at the end of a peninsula in Perquimans County, North Carolina. The peninsula is the south bank of the Perquimans River and the north coast of Albemarle Sound. There the CIA provides bomb training and other training for paramilitary and covert action. Harvey has an airport at latitude 36 degrees 05' 46.4000" N, longitude 076 degrees 19' 37.4000" W.

    To drive there, go to North Carolina's Perquimans County. Go to where Route 17 meets Harvey Point Road, which is southeast of Hertford City. Take the Road southeast (in other words, away from Hertford) until you reach Harvey. The Road dead ends in Harvey. Harvey is ten miles southeast of Hertford.

    We guess that Point Harvey geographically means the peninsula's end, the end point.

    Address and Phone

    1. Maybe one correspondence address for Harvey is approximately: Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity, Elizabeth City, NC. The zip codes for Elizabeth City, NC, are 27906, 27907, and 27909.
    2. Vannoy

      Michael Vannoy has been an integration and training engineer suppposedly in the Richmond, Virginia, area. His address supposedly may recently have been Michael Vannoy, Harvey Point Defense Testing, 2835 Harvey Point Road, Hertford, NC 27944. This address seems to be in Harvey. "Area" is a vague word which may mean different things to different people. . In our opinion, this address is not in the Richmond, Virginia, area. Maybe he was at this address and also in the Richmond, Virginia, area.

    3. Harvey's airport (Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity Airport; Hertford, NC; KNC01) has the same address Vannoy has: 2835 HARVEY POINT ROAD, HERTFORD, NC 27944.
    4. Harvey airport's telephone number is (252) 426-5221. provides an overhead photo and maps. The New York Times published on Friday, 20 March 1998, an article entitled "Is That Base a C.I.A. School For Spies? Base? What Base?", by TIM WEINER.

    To soldiers, The Point is the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York. To the CIA, The Point is Point Harvey, North Carolina.

  5. CH: CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Headquarters

    1. Introduction

      CH (CIA headquarters) are in the Langley part of McLean neighborhood, Dranesville District, Fairfax County, Virginia. Below we provide, among other things: street addresses, correspondence addresses, and driving instructions. Elsewhere on this page, there is a simple map.

      In webpage "Overt CIA Building Locations in DC Area", provides an overhead photo of the headquarters as "[17] CIA Headquarters Building complex". CH's name is George Bush Center for Intelligence. By the way, in general, it's unwise to name a government building after someone who's still alive. FDR (Facility Detail Report) for BUSH CENTER FOR INTELLIGENCE (CIA). According to the FDR, the Bush Center's location address (as distinguished from correspondence address) is 930 DOLLEY MADISON BOULEVARD, McLean, Fairfax County, Virginia 22101; latitude 38.943829, longitude -77.146. The FDR says that one of the mailing addressses is 1000 COLONIAL FARM ROAD, WASHINGTON DC 20505.

    2. CH's Site

      1. Introduction

        The street adddress of TFHRC (Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center) supposedly is:

          Federal Highway Administration
          6300 Georgetown Pike (Route 193)
          McLean, VA 22101-2200.

        Driving instructions to TFHRC seem to say that, near each TFHRC driveway entrance, there is a CIA entrance. The TFHRC driving map shows the CH campus as northeast of Chain Bridge Road (Route 123), southeast of Colonial Farm Road, and northwest and southwest of George Washington Memorial Parkway. That map shows a CIA entrance gate on Colonial Farm Road (southwest of the road's intersection with Route 193, which is Georgetown Pike) and a CIA entrance route with one end near George Washington Memorial Parkway. In reading that map, beware of north not being at the top of the map. According to Map to Claude Moore Colonial Farm, the CIA is east of Colonial Farm Road, north of Dolley Madison Boulevard (Route 123), and west of George Washington Memorial Parkway.

        Colonial Farm Road runs north from Georgetown Pike (Route 193), with CH on the road's east. CH is east of Langley Fork Park, which is at 6250 Georgetown Pike and has geographical coordinates 38 56 50 N, 077 09 09 W. Some, major Web maps show roads in that area without giving their names. The name "Colonial Farm Road" is on maps published by the federal government (TFHRC) and a nonprofit organization (Claude Moore Colonial Farm). According to the TFHRC map, an entrance to CH is on Colonial Farm Road.

      2. Lacrosse

        FELL (Fall Elite Lacrosse League 2006) seems to be, more or less, a lacrosse league for youngsters in the Fairfax County area. On 11 June 2007, FELL's Web directions to Langley Fork Park call the park (or maybe the lacrosse area of the park) "CIA Fields": (at ex-URL "Directions to Langley Fork Park 'CIA Fields'...". We guess that the park, or at least its lacrosse area, is called "CIA Fields" because the CIA is close. FELL's directions repeatedly refer to Colonial Farm Road.

      3. CIA Fence

        The McLean Citizens Association, Planning & Zoning Committee, Monthly (at ex-URL Report to the Board, 7 July 2004, includes information about a CIA fence near Colonial Farm Road:

          "Verizon Wireless: Mr. Frank Stearns, Venable LLB, made a presentation in support of the Verizon Wireless application (2232-D04-7) to replace an existing ninety-foot electrical pole with a one-hundred-foot pole on the VDOT [Virginia Department of Transportation] Right of Way at Rt 193 [Georgetown Pike] and Colonial Farm Road, near the CIA fence.".

        The reported remarks show that there was in 2004 a CIA fence near the intersection of Georgetown Pike (Route 193) and Colonial Farm Road.

      4. Naming Colonial Farm Road

        Colonial Farm Road was a nameless, private road until about 17 April 1995, when Fairfax County government named it. An excerpt from a Fairfax County Board Summary follows.


          "Supervisor Berger stated that there is an unnamed private road in Dranesville District which is off Georgetown Pike near Route 123. It leads to Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run. Supervisor Berger explained the unusual circumstances associated with naming this road.

          "Supervisor Berger moved that the Board designate this road as Colonial Farm Road."

        It's interesting that the government named a private road. It's also interesting that the county government named that private road although the federal government seems to own the road and all land on both sides of the road. We don't know who maintains and fixes private road Colonial Farm Road. Dranesville District, which is represented in county government by one supervisor, is the north-most district of the county. Langley is in the district's east, along the Potomac. The county's website has a 14 June 2005 primary election Dranesville District map which shows Langley and nearby voting areas.

      5. Nearby Intersections

        Georgetown Pike (Route 193) intersects with Colonial Farm Road and that part of Route 123 which is called Dolley Madison Boulevard. Those intersections (Georgetown-Colonial, Georgetown-Dolley) are about fifty yards (about forty-six meters) apart. There is a traffic control light at the Georgetown-Dolley intersection.

        We guess that the Georgetown-Dolley intersection is about where, on the morning of 25 January 1993, Mir Aimal Kasi shot men in cars whom he correctly thought worked for the CIA.

    3. Realty

      In the table below, we describe some Fairfax County realty parcels.


      0223 01 0011A 127.5756 no street address
      0223 01 0040 742.87146300 Georgetown Pike, zip 22101-2200; latitude 38.946311, 38 56' 46.7196"; longitude -77.157401, -77 9' 26.6436"; possibly near parcel 0223 01 0040A
      0223 01 0040A 32.46930 Dolley Madison Boulevard, zip 22101-2301, latitude 38.94369, longitude -77.14897, possibly near parcel 0223 01 0040.

      In an EPA FDR, 930 Dolley is supplied as the Bush Center's location address.

      0224 01 0002 11.9623no street address
      0224 01 0011 13.82272 Savile addresses
      1. 1000 Savile Lane, zip 22101-1840, latitude 38.94981, longitude -77.1388
      2. 1100 Savile Lane, zip 22101-1831, latitude 38.94987, longitude -77.1431
      5 parcels
      928.692 acres = 1.45 square miles = 3.76 square kilometers
      All parcels are in McLean neighborhood, Dranesville District, Fairfax County, VA 22101. We guess that each of the parcels is a short walk from at least one of the other parcels.

      Those parcels are named in Fairfax County, tax administration, realty website records as "CIA & [FHA's TFHRC] TURNER FAIRBNK", and are owned by the federal government. "CIA" in the parcels' names, in light of ownership by the federal government, suggests that the CIA may be a user of the parcels.
    4. Driving to CH: directions to CIA headquarters

      In this paragraph, we guess about CH. If an ordinary person in Langley wants to go to CH, he can go north on Colonial Farm Road from Georgetown Pike, then enter the first driveway on his right. If he enters TFHRC instead, he passed the CIA driveway. If he enters Claude Moore Colonial Farm or Langley Fork Park, he's on the wrong side of the street. To enter a CH building from a street (for example, Colonial Farm Road), he must first go through a driveway. He cannot enter a CH building directly from a street (for example, from Colonial Farm Road). There is no mass transit (for example, bus, train, or trolley) to CH. At morning rush hour on business days (for example, 7:45 a.m. on a Monday), most cars on Colonial Farm Road are going to or from CH.

      There are other ways to drive into CH. There is a special exit from GWMP (George Washington Memorial Parkway) which leads to CH. The exit is marked by a brown sign with CH's official name, "George Bush Center for Intelligence". The exit is northwest of GWMP's onramp for that part of Route 123 which is called Chain Bridge Road, and southeast of GWMP's onramp for Capital Beltway (Interstate Highway 495).

      Also, if a driver goes west from Savile Lane on that part of Route 123 which is called Dolley Madison Boulevard, he can soon (before reaching Georgetown Pike) make a right turn, thus going north on a CH street we'll call Foobar Street. As he goes north on Foobar Street, CH will be to his west. If he males the first left turn possible (thus going west), he might be able to enter CH, we guess. If he tries to make a right turn off Foobar Street, we don't know where he'll go. Maybe he'll go onto GWMP.

    5. The White House and a Hotel

      If we pretend that a trip from CH would start at 1000 Savile Lane, a drive from CH to the White House might be about 16 minutes and 8.77 miles, and the great circle distance might be about 6.5158 miles (about 10.486 kilometers). The White House has a bearing of about 122.931 degrees to CH. In other words, the White House is southeast of CH. CH is a little west and south of the Potomac River.

      A hotel near CH is the Staybridge Suites Mclean-Tysons Corner.

  6. NCTC National Counterterrorism Center

    1. Introduction

      NCTC is not a CIA center although there is a CIA center in the same biuiliding, as mentioned below.

      The National Counterterrorism Center, formerly the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, is in a building named Liberty Crossing, which is at 1500 Tysons Mclean Drive (also called by its former name, PRC Drive), Tysons Corner neighborhood, near McLean neighborhood, Fairfax County, VA 22102-5nnn. By the way, Tysons McLean Drive becomes Farm Credit Drive to the south and Windy Hill Road to the north. The NCTC is near Lewinsville Road. Liberty Crossing Cafe is at the same address. The NCTC is in the same building as the CIA's CTC (Counterterrorism Center) and DoD's Joint Intelligence Task Force-Counterterrorism. The headquarters of the Directorate of National Intelligence, now (28 December 2007) at Bolling Air Force Base, will move into a building now being built next to Liberty Crossing. Libert Crossing is sort of X-shaped. We think that the Directorate's headquarters building will be slightly south and east of Liberty Crossing.

      As far as we know, PRC, Inc., which seems to have provided El Paso Intelligence Center Technical Support (SIC 7379, Sue Eitenne, 703-556-2905, 30 April 2000) as a federal Department of Justice prime contractor, has headquarters (1500 PRC Drive, McLean, Virginia 22102-5050) in Liberty Crossing. EPIC (El Paso Intelligence Center) seems to be an intelligence service center concerned with the US-Mexico border; for example, smuggling of drugs and illegal aliens across that border into America. EPIC is at 11339 SSG Sims Street, Biggs Army Air Field, Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX 79908-8098.

    2. Discussion

      As far as we know, Clark Construction Group of Bethesda built the building, Hitt Contracting Inc. was the contractor, EMCOR Engineering ("EMCOR Consolidated Engineering Services - Liberty Crossing One" in Virginia) provided mechanical and electrical services, and Peterson Companies owns the Liberty Crossing building, which is on the site of the demolished Nextel building. Notice that Emcor is at "Liberty Crossing One" in Virginia, implying the possibility of Liberty Crossing Two. According to Police Chief magazine website: in November 2007, a new member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police was *Ramamurthy, Pradeep Analyst, FBI, Liberty Crossing One Attn: 3S-425 20505. Therefore, the FBI may be at Liberty Crossing One. The FBI's Liberty Crossing One, which may be in zip code 20505 District of Columbia, is not necessarily the NCTC's Liberty Crossing building, which is in 22102 Virginia, or EMCOR's Liberty Crossing One, which is in Virginia.

      The Directorate of National Intelligence headquarters building now under construction has been described as Liberty Crossing Phase 2, 1505 Tysons McLean Boulevard, Tysons Corner neighborhood, having lead tenant GSA. We guess that the new headquarters building may become Liberty Crossing Two. Two buildings, NCTC (street number 1500) and DNI headquarters (street number 1505) seem to be next to each other on the same sode pf the street although one is odd-numbered and the other is even-numbered.

      According to website, in the Washington Post, at, "Projects Proposed", Thursday, 1 February 2007, Page VA10, there was project 13, which seems to be the new DNI building:
      "13. [owner?] Tysons McLean Joint Venture, Fairfax. Site plan for a 334,404- square-foot office building on 51.03 acres zoned I-1 (industrial institutional) at 1501 Farm Credit Dr. (SP-3231-004-2 [site plan number or assessor parcel number?])". That address, 1501 Farm Credit Dr., is currently the site of the FCA (Farm Credit Administration) office building. A full street address at the FCA building is FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION, 1501 FARM CREDIT DR, STE 1110, MCLEAN VA 22102-5090.

      The USPS does not have a zip code just for Tysons Corner, which is between McLean and Vienna, Virginia. NCTC seems to be in the McLean zip code, 22102. The USPS website,, has a zip code lookup page. On 21 November 2007, we cannot get that page to provide a zip code for the NCTC's Liberty Crossing building at street number 1500 in 22102. If we try "1500 Tysons McLean" (without the word "Drive") in zip code 22102, the USPS website lookup service recognizes the street, correctly adds the word "Drive" to the street's name, but says that the lookup service doesn't recognize the address.

      NCTC has latitude 38.933830, longitude -77.203061 (latitude 38 degrees 56' 1.788", longitude -77 degrees 12' 11.0196").

    3. Planned road work near Liberty Crossing 2008may26

      In May 2008, NCTC at Liberty Crossing is expected to open in fall 2008, aggravating traffic problems. As a result, road work is likely in the area. An article describing the proposed work is "Intersection upgrade proposed: Vienna - Oakton". The article's source is the Fairfax County Times of 14 May 2008. The article includes a large map. The article refers to "... the Liberty Crossing area, near the already troubled intersection of Balls Hill Road and Lewinsville Road.".

      "One of the proposals ... is ... a series of ramps linking the Liberty Crossing facility with the Dulles Toll Road [which we think is also called the Dulles Airport Access Road] and Dolley Madison Boulevard ....". If we understand the article and map correctly, the ramps would connect the north part the Dulles-Dolley intersection to the Liberty Crossing area.

      At present, cars jam as they try to get from Lewinsville onto Dolley Madison. If nothing is done, cars coming from Liberty Crossing will add to the traffic jam. The proposed ramps would allow cars from Liberty Crossing to get onto Dolley Madison without being on Lewinsville.

      Balls Hill Road intersects Lewinsville near where Dolley Madison does. Left turns create more traffic congestion than do right turns. Therefore, another proposal is to ban left turns from Balls Hill Road onto Lewinsville.

    4. Brennan 2008jan15

      John O. Brennan was an interim director of NCTC. His home address and other home information is elsewhere in this website.

  7. Camp PEARY, The Farm


    1. Introduction

      The CIA does some training (for example, of new intelligence officers) at Camp Peary Naval Reservation, nicknamed The Farm, in York County, Virginia. Peary has an airport: KW94, CAMP PEARY LANDING STRIP, private, WILLIAMSBURG, York County, Virginia. Camp Peary Landing Strip Airport's longitude and latitude are 076 38' 13.8370" W, 37 18' 20.5220" N; -76.637177, 37.305701.

      The airport has FAA code W94 and zip code 23188.

      A possible Peary address may be AFETA-CAMP PEARY, WILLIAMSBURG, VA 23185. AFETA means Armed Forces Experimental Training Activity. Another possible address may be Camp Peary, Route 168, Williamsburg, VA, 23188; phone (757) 229-2121, fax (804) 785-2719.

      Shepherd Johnson took color photographs of Camp Peary, Armed Forces Experimental Training Activity, in and before 2009. Those photos show, among other things, what someone on the ground (for example, a pedestrian or motorist) sees when approaching the camp.

    2. David L. Danek

      On 24 June 2007, Peary's supposed phone number in the preceding sentence ([757] 229-2121) also supposedly is the offie phone number of an assistant den leader in Wliamsburg (Assistant Den Leader DAVID L. DANEK, Office Phone: (757) 229-2121, den of a Cub Scout pack). Maybe Danek works at Peary. Maybe he recently lived at DAVID L DANEK, 117 South FOX RD, 07/01/2005, STERLING, VA 20164-1309, (703) 430-4516. Sterling is close to to Dulles International Airport in Loudoun County of Virginia.

      PIN: 012-28-5783-000
      Tax Map Number: /82/A/4///436/
      Year: 2007 	
      Property Address
      117 FOX RD S
      STERLING VA 20164
      Current Owner Name/Address
      117 S FOX RD
      STERLING VA 20164-1309 	Current Legal Description
      SUGARLND RUN S.4 L.436
      Acreage: 0.18
      Land Book Owner As of Jan 1, 2007
      117 S FOX RD
      STERLING VA 20164
      Land Book Legal Description
      SUGARLND RUN S.4 L.436
      Acreage: 0.18
      Sales Information/Group# 995
      Recordation Date: 12/01/2000
      Sale Price: $180,000
      Most recent Deed Book/page: 1846--87
      Deed Year: 2000
      Total Parcel Assessment Information
      Land: $124,300
      Improvements: $320,100
      Fair Market Total: $444,400
      Land Use: $0
      State Use Classification: URBAN SINGLE FAMILY
      Billing District: SUGARLAND
      Election District: SGARLND RN
      Affordable Dwelling Unit: NO 	
      Agricultural District: N/A
      Tax District:
      Tax Code: TAXABLE
      Structure Information #1
      Assessment: $320,100
      Year Built: 1972
      Total Living Area: 1,942
      Occupancy Code: SINGLE FAM
      117 FOX RD S
      STERLING VA 20164
      Primary Area
      Construction: ALUMINUM/VNYL/OTHER
      Stories: 2.0
      Attic: NO
      Basement: NO
      Area Square Feet: 798
      Total Rooms: 0
      Total Bedrooms: 0
      House Openings: 1
      Basement Openings: 	
      Feature 	Structure
      Type   	Area 
      Sq Ft 
      Garage  	  	480 
      Porch  	OPEN POR/COV 1 STY  	264 
      Porch  	RAISED WD DECK/COVR  	98 
      Porch  	WOOD PATIO ON GROUND  	276 
      Additional Living Area
      Construction: WOOD FRAME
      Stories: 1.0
      Attic: NO
      Basement: NO
      Area Square Feet: 216 	Additional Living Area
      Construction: WOOD FRAME
      Stories: 1.0
      Attic: NO
      Basement: NO
      Area Square Feet: 98
      Additional Living Area
      Construction: WOOD FRAME
      Stories: 1.0
      Attic: NO
      Basement: NO
      Area Square Feet: 32	Additional Living Area
      Area Square Feet: 0
      Total Basement: 0
      Finished Basement: 0
      Basement Entrance: NO 	Bath Count
      1/2 Bath: 1
      Full Bath: 2
      Heat Type: FORCED AIR
      Air Conditioning: YES
      Fuel Type: GAS 	Fireplaces
      Chimneys: 1
    3. Discussion

      Most of Peary seems to be in York County and some seems to be in James City County (a county named James City). Peary may be about five miles northeast of Williamsburg. Another phone number of Peary is (804)229-2121. Both runways' surface are asphalt and therefore may be dark, we guess. Peary is on the west bank of the York River, the north bank of Queens Creek, and east of I-64 (Interstate Highway 64) and Barlow Road. Peary surrounds and includes Porta Bello, Magruder, and Powell Lake. Porta Bello supposedly is at latitude north 37.30111 and longitude west 76.6475.

      If one were driving to Peary, one might take I-64 to exit 238 to Route 143 northeast into Peary. provides an overhead photograph and discussion of Peary.


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