opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


Aero Contractors Ltd and ITI

This page provides information, including residential information, about officers of CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) organizations: Aero Contractors Ltd and ITI.

  1. Aero Cobtractors Ltd 2007jun24

    1. Introduction

      intelligence, CIA, Aero Cobtractors Ltd drivewayAero is a CIA front.

      AERO CONTRACTORS, LTD.; JOHNSTON COUNTY Airport; P.O. BOX 1139; SMITHFIELD, Johnston County, NC 27577-1139; 919 934-0978; Fax 919 934-1161.
      AP and Avionics Technicians. Due to expansion we are hiring qualified individuals. We offer a competitive salary and Benefits. Must have A-P license or FCC license Send resume to: Aero Contractors; Ltd. 3463 Swift creek [lower case "c" in "creek" original] Rd. [not to be confused with Swift Creek Drive]; Smithfield NC 27577. Or call 18008495338. Ask for Director of Maintenance Or Avionics manager.

      There is a New York Times article entitled "C.I.A. Expanding Terror Battle Under Guise of Charter Flights", published 31 May 2005, by Scott Shane, Stephen Grey and Margot Williams, which article appears, on 28 July 2007, after a brief Web commercial. According to that article, Aero seems to have flown to kidnap (extraordinarily render) people such as Khaled Masri (who should not be confused with a similarly named person (al-Masri), whose named is spelled idnetically to Khaled Masri's in Arabic, and who is suspected of being a terrorist related to al Qaida). Incidentally, American officials sharply warned Germany (specifically, German Deputy National Security Adviser Rolf Nikel) in 2007 not to enforce arrest warrants for Central Intelligence Agency officers involved in a bungled operation in which an innocent German citizen (Khaled Masri) with the same name in Aravbic as a suspected terrorist was mistakenly kidnapped, tortured, and held for months in Afghanistan.

      According to "What Is AERO CONTRACTORS? Here's the rundown." (by Clayton Hallmark, possibly written 18 November and published 19 Nov 2005, st pauls indy media center Web site), Aero operates out of a blue hangar at the south end of the 5500-foot runway at the end of Charlie Day Street, at Johnston County Airport (identifier code JNX), near Raleigh, North Carolina. We conclude that Johnston County Airport is a hub, perhaps the main hub, of CIA air operations. Aero is a Delaware corporation started in 1979. Aero was building a 20,000-square-foot, $2 million hangar at the Kinston Regional Jetport to store a Boeing 737 business jet: Boeing serial number 33010, N-number 4476S, currently (when Hallmark wrote his article) owned under the cover of the Nevada shell company Keeler and Tate Management, LLC, which shares an address and telephone with former US Senator Paul Laxalt, according to Hallmark's article.

    2. Airports

      1. Johnston County Airport

        This is Aero's main airport.

        Smithfield, JNX, KJNX, Johnston County Airport.

        JNX's latitude and longitude are 35 32' 27.3890" N, 078 23' 25.1860" W; 35 32.456483' N, 078 23.419767' W; 35.5409414, -78.3903294.

        The airport is 3 miles northwest of SMITHFIELD, NC.

      2. Kinston Regional Jetport

        Kinston Regional Jetport at Stallings Field, 2780 Jetport Road, Suite A, Kinston, NC 28504-8032. Phone (252) 522-2922.

        Airport ID is ISO. The airport is owned by North Carolina Global TransPark Authority. Kinston is in the middle of eastern North Carolina.

        FAA Identifier ISO. Latitude and longitude are 35 19' 53.2000" N, 077 36' 31.8000" W; 35 19.886667' N, 077 36.530000' W: 35.3314444, -77.6088333.

        JNX is in Lenoir County, 3 miles northwest of KINSTON, NC.

    3. Aero officers
      1. Pearce

        Freddy Pearce has worked for Aero. There may be at least two people with that name, father and son.

        FREDDY G (Grayson? maiden name of maternal grandmother or of of mother?) PEARCE Born May 1961, 1489 LITTLE CREEK CHURCH RD, CLAYTON, NC 27520, (919) 553-3791

        FREDDY G PEARCE, 2667 RAINS CROSSROADS RD, 03/12/2002, SELMA, NC 27576 (919) 284-2376

        FREDDY G PEARCE, 2733 RAINS XRDS, 04/15/2001, SELMA, NC 27576.

      2. Johnson

        JOB INFORMATION. COMPANY: Aero Contractors; DATE: Oct 11, 2004; POSITION: Avionics Technicians. DESCRIPTION: Competitive Salary, Insurance, and other benefits. Must be able to travel. Please apply by email or mail. CONTACT INFORMATION Mailing Address: Dexter Johnson; Aero Contractors, Ltd.; 3463 Swift Creek Rd.; Smithfield, NC 27577. Web

        DEXTER D JOHNSON Born Nov 1967, 1027 RIVER RUN RD, SELMA, NC 27576 (919) 284-9604

        DEXTER D JOHNSON Born Nov 1967, 20 POWELL DR, 11/19/2003, SMITHFIELD, NC 27577, (919) 934-8648. He seems to have bought by warranty deed, Instrument # 3339740, about 22 July 1999. He may have owed, with this property as collateral, to Virginia's SunTrust Bank. He may have owed to Ohio's The Provider Bank pursuant to a trust deed, Instrument # 3973250, with this property as collateral.

        DEXTER D (Dennis?) JOHNSON, 1339 BAKERS CHAPEL RD, 12/29/2000, PRINCETON, NC 27569, (919) 965-8071.

      3. Blowers

        Robert W. Blowers, Aero's assistant general manager, has run Aero since about 1994.

        ROBERT W BLOWERS Born Aug 1945, 1501 KENMORE DR, 05/01/2005, CLAYTON, NC 27520, (919) 553-2240.

        ROBERT W BLOWERS Born Aug 1945, 2041 DEER TRL, 08/17/2004, CLAYTON, NC 27520, (919) 553-2240. Acquired by genreal warranty deed on about 19 May 1995; book 1444, page 576. On about 16 October 2002, Blowers, at this address, became attorney in fact of Douglas M. Sapia (whose adderss then may possibly have been approximately 611 South 2nd Street, Smithfield, NC 27577) for the purpose of closing a real estate transaction. Blowers seems to have sold this Deer Trail property about 11 June 2004 by Instrument # 5230420.

        Robert W. Blowers, 1312 Neuse (spelling?) Ridge Drive, Clayton, NC 27520. Acquired in about 20 January 2005; book 2831, page 238. By Instrument # 2006124941 on 7 April 2006, this property became collateral by a trust deed for a debt to MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS INC aka MERS, which is an agent of the true creditor. This property became collateral for a loan by instrument 5462350, a trust dded recorded beginning at book 2831, page 240, on 20 January 2005 in favor of Trustee Services of California. The 2005 instrumetn seems to imply that Blowers may be a veteran.

      4. Pilots 2007aug3

        1. Introduction

          James, Eric, and Kirk may be the true, first names of CIA pilots supposedly invovled in kidnapping Masri. When we write "first names" in this paragraph, we mean names used in daily conversation as a first name, not necessarily used as a first name on a birth certificate or other, important document.

          As far as we know, the Munich prosecutor thinks that there are thirteen CIA agents in the Masri case. Acording to a webpage, Sourcewatch thinks that three CIA pilots in the Masri case are Eric Robert Hume (alias Eric Matthew Fain), Harry Kirk Elarbee (who supposedly often uses Kirk as a fist name, alias Kirk James Bird), and James Kovalesky (alias James Richard Fairing).

        2. Harry Kirk Elarbee

          KIRK ELARBEE, 1009 LOCH LOMOND DR, CLAYTON, Johnston County, NC 27520-5947. Near Willow Hill Lane in Pine Hollow Golf Club.

          HARRY K ELARBEE, 1009 LOCH LOMOND DR, 09/01/2005, CLAYTON, NC 27520

          HARRY K ELARBE, 3531 BALTASROL CT, 10/16/2004, CLAYTON, NC 27520-9397. On a dead end street near William Tree Lane, northwest of Pine Hollow Golf Club.

          HARRY K ELARBEE, 5304 OLIVER CT, 03/01/2006, CLAYTON, NC 27520-8011. North of Pine Hollow Golf Club and Palmer Court.

          1836 W Cotton Gin Drive, Clayton 27520-4585.

          Document Type:    	(DT) Deed of Trust
          Modified Date:   	
          Record Date :   	7/28/2004
          Event Date :   	7/28/2004
          ELARBEE, HARRY (7/28/2004 12:00:00 AM)
          ELARBEE, HARRY K (7/28/2004 12:00:00 AM)
          Grantee:   	TRUSTEE SERVICES OF CAROLINA LLC TR (7/28/2004 12:00:00 AM)
          Book Type:   	DEED
          Book / Page:   	2736 / 41
          # of Pages:   	17
        3. Eric Robert Hume

          ERIC R HUME Born Sep 1971, 514 CARLTON ST, 03/01/2006, CLAYTON, NC 27520-3709. Near Linvingston Place. (919) 550-0303

          ERIC R HUME Born Sep 1971, 1413 GRANADA DR, 04/04/2002, RALEIGH, Wake County, NC 27612-5109. East of I-440, south of Glen Eden Drive, west of Ridge Road, on a dead end near Tyson Street. (919) 782-0740, (919) 783-6107.

        4. James Kovalesky

          JAMES KOVALESKY Born Mar 1954, 1213 SWIFT CREEK DR (not Swift Creek Road), CLAYTON, Johnston County, NC 27520-9812. On a dead end street off of Cleveland Road. (919) 989-8084.

      5. Richardson

        Aero's nominal proprietor (president) is Stormin' Norman Richardson. He once had a truck stop named Stormin' Norman's which may have included a truck wash. He seems to own Stormin' Norman's Chicken, Ribs, and Barbecue restaurant at 404 S. Church Street, Kenly, Johnston County, NC 27542. He is described as "Restaurant Owner", not "Air Transport Executive", on "Campaign Donors & Civic Leaders For Campaign Reform" document, which document may have made in late 2004 and not subsequently modified (for example, not modified in 2007). To the best of our memory, Richardson's full description in that document, which document we examined on the Web, was "Norman Richardson, Kenly, Restaurant Owner". On 31 July 2007, the metasearch engine description for that document (or a copy on the Web of that document) seems to be:

        Microsoft Word - CivicLeaderCampDonorsSigners1pageB.doc [new window][frame][preview][clusters]
        Sam C. Rhyne, former Mayor of Dallas Norman Richardson, Kenly, Restaurant Owner John P. Robertson, New Bern, Physician William R. Roberson ... 1
        That Vivisimo item includes "Norman Richardson, Kenly, Restaurant Owner". When contributing in 2003 to Edwards for Pesident, someone named Norman Richardson described himself as not employed: Norman Richardson; 1 Johnson Rd, Kenly, North Carolina 275428129; Not employed, retired; 02/10/2003; 830.00 (that contribution; 830.00 (all contributions up to that one). There may be more than one person with that name. In 2003, someone named Norman Richardson was captain of golf team 11, Legends division, in the Cragmonst Tournament at the Cragmont Hotel, Kenly, North Carolina 27542.

        NORMAN L RICHARDSON Born Jun 1935, 1 JOHNSON RD, 10/14/2003, KENLY, NC 27542, (919) 284-2066

        NORMAN J RICHARDSON, 1 JOHNSON RD, KENLY, NC 27542 (919) 284-2066

        NORMAN J RICHARDSON Born Aug 1968, 1 PO BOX 1559, 10/05/2004, KENLY, NC 27542 (919) 284-2066. We guess that someone began to write Richardson's street address (which begins with 1), then decided to write his post office box address.

  2. ITI (ArmorGroup International Training Incorporated) 2007jun24

    1. introduction

      ITI (ArmorGroup International Training Incorporated). ITI is also called International Training Inc. Armor Holdings Inc. (NYSE:AHI) acquired DSL (Defence Systems Limited) and ArmorGroup International Training Inc. (ITI). ITI is related to ArmorGroup International, plc. The ITI group of businesses has offices in many countries; for example, Afghanistan. Below, we use the terms ITI and ArmorGroup interchageably. ITI occasionally is said to be a CIA front; for example, in a statement at about the supposed relationship of Laura Dietrich, ArmorGroup, and the CIA. ArmorGroup's Juan Valadez, who is REGIONAL DIRECTOR - LATIN AMERICA (BOGOTA), used to work for the CIA. We do not know if ArmorGroup is a CIA front.

    2. Virginia campus, MPRA

      ITI supposedly has a 900-acre training facility bordering Middle Peninsula Regional Airport in Virginia (according to former URL, the Virginia campus, the Virginia training facility: ArmorGroup International Training, Route 643, Airport Road, P.O. Box 709, West Point, King William County, Virginia 23181-0709. According to ITI, the campus has a 3700 foot runway and a parachute drop zone. We think that the town of West Point leases to ITI the campus adjacent to the airport. The airport has a 3750 by 75 foot (1143 by 23 meter), asphalt runway. Maybe that's the same runway that ITI says its campus has. The airport is MPRA (Middle Peninsula Regional Airport), 1000 Airport Road, Mattaponi, VA 23110, 804-785-9725. MPRA is 2 miles southeast of WEST POINT, VA. MPRA is on Middle Peninsula. (There are three Virginia peninsulas on the west of Chesapeake Bay. Middle Peninsula is the one in the middle.) The MPRA website provides a telephone number to call for skydiving. Maybe that's related to ITI's parachute drop zone. We don't know the kind of training that ITI students get using the drop zone. Maybe ITI teaches students to parachute jump. ITI explains that its Virginia campus is accessible by land, air, and water. A student could arrive by boat and leave by plane. The CIA's Camp Peary and Point Harvey also are accesible by land, air, and water. ITI's Virginia campus is between Richmond and Williamsburg, as is the CIA's Camp Peary. The campus is not far from I-64. Peary is adjacent to I-64. A section of the Virginia campus's driving range has roads similar to those in rural areas of poor countries. ITI students engage in realistic street practice to imitate real operations in cities (for example, clues to make a person suspect that he's being followed). That street practice is done in nearby cities such as Richmond, Williamsburg, and Norfolk, Virginia. We are under the impression that students at Peary also practice in nearby towns such as Williamsburg. ITI claims to have an off-road driver-training facility near their West Point facility. Maybe the West Point facility, or the facilty near it, is the ITI facility at Mattaponi, the facility adjacent to MPRA. The off-road driver-training facility prepares students to drive in countries which have much poverty (and, thus, terrible roads) and violence.

      If most students at the Virginia campus are American business executives, it is surprising that the campus isn't near New York City, which would be convenient to more students than a campus near Richmond. Maybe most students there are not American business executives. Many of the world's violent places with poor roads are in the tropics or a desert. The Virginia campus isn't in the tropics or a desert. If ITI trains federal government personnel, a site near Washington might be convenient to government procurement offficers (who might want to visit the campus) and to students. ITI in Virginia is a few hours' drive from Washington.

      MPRA's FAA Identifier is FYJ. FYJ's latitude and longitude are 37 31' -16.4200" N, 076 45' 52.8570" W; 37 31.273667' N, 076 45.880950' W; 37.5212278, -76.7646825. The airport is in King William County, 2 miles southeast of WEST POINT, VA.

      An ArmorGroup officer is David S. Partridge, Vice President for Global Strategic Planning and Development, ArmorGroup International Training, P.O. Box 709, Route 643, Airport Road, West Point, VA 23181-0709. Telephone number (804) 785-9027. His home addess may be DAVID S PARTRIDGE Born 1955, 4999 HANOVER MEADOW DR, MECHANICSVILLE, Hanover County, VA 23111-4586; (804) 779-0386. As far as we know, his office address has been in King William County and his home address has been in Hanover County. A drive from MPRA to his seeming home address may be about 42.28 miles and take about 49 minutes.

      A drive from MPRA (to which ArmorGroup is adjacent) to Porta Bello (which is in CIA's Camp Peary) is a little over 31.01 miles and takes a little over 43 minutes.

    3. Texas campus, Pearsall

      ITI also has a training facility near Pearsall, south of San Antonio, Texas (the Texas campus). According to ITI, "ITI Texas is located one hour south of San Antonio International Airport, off I-35, and five minutes from ... Pearsall Municipal Airport.". That International Training Incorporated Texas campus is at 10700 South I-35 (Intrstate Highway 35), Dilley, Frio County, TX 78017, east and south of Country Road 4429; fax (830) 334-3114. By the way, the NSA works at Lackland Annex in San Antonio.


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