opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

Color Photo of Alcatraz, a Former, Federal Prison in San Francisco Bay FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE OFFICERS' HOME ADDRESSES



    1. Contents of this Page

      Below are names and possible, recent, home addresses of:

      1. Some officers of the federal Department of Justice's BoP (Bureau of Prisons)
      2. A few, former, government officers who may recently have lived on BoP premises. To find home addresses in this category, usually we first come across names (in federal prosecutors' press releases, for example) of former, government officers who may now live on BoP premises, then we check the BoP's inmate locator Web page. Incidentally, we think that "CCM [site]" (for example, CCM Orlando) means that a BoP prisoner is housed for BoP by another agency (for example, a state DoC).

      It is possible that some of the people named on this page never were government officers.


    1. Federal contributors 2008apr16
      1. Mary Lou Baker Correctional Program Specialist Bureau of Prisons 2008 Barack Obama $800 4226 LOCUST GROVE Locust Grove VA Mary Lou Baker Correctional Program Specialist Bureau of Prisons 2007 Barack Obama $400 4226 LAKEVIEW DRIVE Locust Grove VA MARY L BAKER Born 1949 4226 LAKEVIEW PKWY LOCUST GROVE, VA 22508 (540) 972-9381
      2. Lisa Jones Lieutenant Bureau Of Prisons 2007 John Edwards $1,000 11 KINSEY CT Durham NC
      3. Stephanie Saylor Analyst Bureau Of Prisons 2004 John Kerry $250 3700 STEAMBOAT LANDING RD Accokeek MD STEPHANIE A SAYLOR Born Feb 1949 3700 STEAMBOAT LANDING RD ACCOKEEK, MD 20607 (301) 283-2558 In the southwest corner of Prince George's County, about 10 miles from Washington, DC. District - 05 Account Number - 0400879 Owner Name: SAYLOR, STEPHANIE A Use: RESIDENTIAL Principal Residence: YES Mailing Address: 3700 STEAMBOAT LANDING RD ACCOKEEK MD 20607-9664 Deed Reference: 1) / 6194/ 313 built 1987 4,216 SF enclosed area 6.12 AC total area of parcel. This is a big parcel. 2 stories, no basement, standard unit, frame exterior Total Value 1/1/2007 $1,165,540
    2. NYC CFB
      1. Introduction 3 March 2011
      2. Henry-Davis 11210,HENRY-DAVIS,SHARON BROOKLYN NY CLERK FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS 50 29TH STREET BROOKLYN NY 150.00000 125.00000 0.000002 NN 2007A5 1083 P JAMES JENNIFER NH3 ABC R0001025 20070212; IND K HENRY-DAVIS, SHARON 1421 BROOKLYN AVENUE BROOKLYN, NY 11210 150.00 12-FEB-07 FRIENDS OF JENNIFER JAMES 2007 27 Post Special A City Council
      3. Hillman Hillman, Dexter IND K Brooklyn NY 11203 Supervisor Federal Bureau of Prisons 80 29th Street Brooklyn NY HILLMAN, DEXTER 5525 JODIE COURT #A-7 BROOKLYN, NY 11203 40.00 05-FEB-07 FRIENDS OF JENNIFER JAMES 2007 11 Pre Special Similarly named people may have lived in: Winder, GA (born 1963-02-13) Mesa, AZ Auburn, CA.
      4. James-Faris James-Farris, Ana Brooklyn NY 11210 U.S. Department of Justice 80 29th Street (prison? BoP?) Brooklyn NY Medical Technician ANA JAMES-FARRIS 1306 ROGERS AVE BROOKLYN, NY 11210 JAMES-FARRIS, ANA 1306 ROGERS AVE BROOKLYN, NY 11210 175.00 10-SEP-09 FRIENDS OF BILL DEBLASIO-2009 2009 10 Post Primary A Public Advocate BROOKLYN / KINGS block 5228, lot 53 DWELLING ONLY - 1 FAMI JAMES-FARRIS, ANA 1306 ROGERS AVE BROOKLYN NY 11210 US She may have owed to: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK 710 KANSAS LANE LA4-2022 MONROE LA 71203 US and to: HOUSEHOLD BANK FSB P O B OX 438 WOOD DALE IL US.
      5. Parish Parish, Letitia Brooklyn NY 11233 Corrections Officer Federal Bureau of Prisons 80 29th Street Brooklyn NY LETITIA PARISH 1613 EASTERN PKWY BROOKLYN, NY 11233 (718) 345-2640 PARISH, LETITIA 1613 EASTERN PKWY #3A BROOKLYN, NY 11233 15.00 05-FEB-07 FRIENDS OF JENNIFER JAMES 2007 11 Pre Special Someone with a similar name may have lived in Philadelphia.
      6. Rivera 10029,RIVERA,STEVE NEW YORK NY CORRECTION OFFICER FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS 80-100 29 ST BROOKLYN NY 70.00000 70.00000 0.000001 NN 2005 5 842 P RUIZ JOHN H10 ABC R0000442 20050702; IND M
  3. Alcatraz Federal Prison Handcuff
    Alcatraz Handcuff


    1. Raymond ANDREWS, 2008jun3

      CI Taft (1500 Cadet Road, Taft, Kern County, CA 93268); geographical coordinates 119.37746, 35.10251. This prison is operated for BoP by a private company, which had been Geo Group Inc (formerly known as Wackenhut Corrections Corporation). Warden was Raymond Andrews.

      RAYMOND D. ANDREWS, Born 1945, 104 VILLAGE WAY (west of route 119, north of 2nd Street), TAFT, CA 93268-2533, (661) 765-1nnn.

      Now that MTC, not Geo Corp, runs the prison, maybe he's moved away.

      CCW supposedly has handled the prisoners' money. Government Executive reported about CI Taft.

      MTC (Management & Training Corporation) of Centerville, Utah, may have run Taft Correctional Institution from about 20 August 2007 pursuant to a four-year contract for over 140 million dollars, which was awarded by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. MTC runs the lower security prison about 25 miles southwest of Bakersfield and 100 miles north of Los Angeles.

    2. Bailey
      27 January 2012
      Former federal Bureau of Prisons
      James Lee Bailey
      42 on December 15, 2010
      a resident of Marianna, FL
      Unicor computer recycling factory in Marianna, Florida
      He was responsible for Unicor's eBay sales of surplus computer equipment.
      JAMES L BAILEY  1968-02-20  Marianna  FL
      JAMES LEE BAILEY  07426-017  43-White-M
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      2643 CHOCTAW TRL
      MARIANNA, FL  32446   (850) 526-3843
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      4470 RIVERBEND RD
      MARIANNA, FL  32448   (850) 526-3843
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      4600 WILLOW WAY
      MARIANNA, FL  32446
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      5029 PINEWOOD CT
      MARIANNA, FL  32446   (904) 526-3843
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      5138 SHAWNEE TRL
      MARIANNA, FL  32446   (850) 843-0569
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      MARIANNA, FL  32447
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      353 [sic]
      BLOUNTSTOWN, FL  32424
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      1319 S MAIN ST
      BLOUNTSTOWN, FL  32424   (850) 526-3843
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      1609 S MAIN ST
      BLOUNTSTOWN, FL  32424   (904) 674-3272
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      BLOUNTSTOWN, FL  32424   (850) 674-8468
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      109 6TH ST N
      CHIPLEY, FL  32428   (850) 526-3843
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      1035 [sic]
      CHIPLEY, FL  32428
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      5138 SHAWNEE
      COTTONDALE, FL  32431
      JAMES LEE BAILEY Born  FEB 1968
      2103 MORRIS RD
      COTTONDALE, FL  32431
    3. Ciancioso
      29 January 2012
      Nydia Ciancioso
      Federal Bureau of Prisons (BoP) Case Manager
      Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York, New York
      age 41 (on July 15, 2011)
      Valley Stream, Nassau County, Long Island, New York
      NYDIA M CIANCIOSO Born  JUN 1970
      890 WARNER RD
      VALLEY STREAM, NY  11580   (516) 812-5337
    4. Coniglio
      24 October 2010
      U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh
      will sentence 66-year-old state senator Joseph Coniglio, of Paramus, New Jersey.
      Coniglio was convicted of mail fraud and extortion
      for using his political position to steer state funds
      to a hospital where he also served as a consultant.
      (Compare to New York City's Anthony Seminerio.)
      JOSEPH CONIGLIO 29142-050 67-White-M 01-18-2012
      United States Penitentiary (USP) in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.
    5. Corbin
      5 November 2010
      Roger H. Corbin
      former Nassau County, NY, Legislator
      represented the County's Second Legislative District from 1995 until 31 December 2009
      18 months of incarceration
      possible, current home address
      ROGER CORBIN  	76061-053  	 64-Black-M  	 11-23-2011
      Federal Medical Center (FMC) Devens
      north central Massachusetts
      ROGER H. CORBIN born 1946-09-25, lived in Westbury NY.
    6. non-contact visitation area at the Joint Regional Correctional Facility
      Non-Contact Visitation Area
      Joint Regional Correctional Facility, Army
      (Non-BoP Prison)

      Craig APKER, 2005 November 13

      Warden since April 2005 of FCI Otisville prison, near Otisville, NY 10963.

      He may possibly be CRAIG L. APKER, who may have lived at 107 CAMBRIDGE LN, LEWISBURG, PA, (570) 524-5nnn (not necessarily a current address or phone number).

      Some publicly available information may help you find him (assuming that he doesn't still live in Lewisburg). He seems to live with Anne Donnery Apker, and they occasionally run in races. He worked at FCI Otisville much earlier in his career. Therefore, if you find an address for him near Otisville, be aware that it may be years old, not current. He has teenage sons Dennis and Matthew. His (according to former webpage wife Anne's family lives in nearby Highland Falls (Orange County, New York, possible zip code 10928), so he may be staying with them until he gets his own place. There are people surnamed Donnery in Highland Falls. Craig's wife seems to be ANNE D. APKER, Born May 1959, 107 CAMBRIDGE LN., LEWISBURG, PA, (570) 524-5nnn (not necessarily a current address or telephone number).

      An (old?) photo of him as a boys' basketball coach seems to show a dark-haired, white man with a beard.

    7. Warden Michael L. BENOV

      MDC Los Angeles, in downtown Los Angeles; geographical Coords 118.23818, 34.05368.

      possibly MICHAEL BENOV (possibly born May 1955), 2583 MANCHESTER CT. (near Queens Way and East Avenida de Los Angeles), THOUSAND OAKS, CA 91362-5332.

    8. Raymond Cotton, (former?) BoP correctional officer in MDC (Metrolpolitan Detntion Center) Brooklyn), 2006mar6

      guard Raymond Cotton.

      RAYMOND L. COTTON, Born May 1958, 24542 62ND AVE (north of Douglaston Park Golf Course, Recorded 26feb2002) LITTLE NECK, Queens county, NY 11362-2052. (718) 279-3274.

      A New York State pistol permit may have been issued
      to people named:
      	COTTON,RAYMOND,L,245 42 62 AVE,,NY,113620000
    9. Cramer
      25 October 2010
      Richard Padilla Cramer
      Resident Agent in Charge, ICE
      Guadalajara, Mexico
      suppposedly gave confidential information
      from U.S. law enforcement databases
      to Mexican criminals
      possible, current, home address:
      RICHARD CRAMER 14676-196 57-White-M 05-29-2011
      Federal Correctional Institution (FCI)
      Edgefield, South Carolina
    10. DeLaughter
      24 October 2010
      Bobby DeLaughter
      a former Mississippi prosecutor and judge
      possible, current, home address
      BOBBY B DELAUGHTER 12930-042 56-White-M 04-23-201
      United States Penitentiary (USP), McCreary, Kentucky
    11. Dobson
      25 October 2010
      Antoine Dobson
      Irvington, N.J.
      giving his firearm and ammunition to a convicted felon, perjury
      U.S. Marshals Service in the 
      Southern District of New York
      possible, current, home address
      ANTOINE M DOBSON 29591-050 30-Black-M
      Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    12. Gunja

      Joseph E. GUNJA, 15 November 2005

      Joseph E. Gunja. According to BoP, he runs the Western Region HQ of BOP. Geographical Coords 121.93539, 37.70124.
      7950 Dublin Blvd, 3rd Floor, Dublin, CA 94568-2929.

      JOE E GUNJA, Born 1957, (209) 239-5332, 769 Donovan St. (near Wellington Avenue, south of route 120), Manteca, CA 95337-8590.
      He seems to have been warden of the High Security Site at FCC Florence (geographical Coords -105.09729, 38.36033; Colorado 81226). While he was warden there in 2001, Viacom corporation (which includes CBS, which employed producer Mary Mapes, who is part of management) criminally agreed to help a federal prisoner (allegedly a white supremacist) communicate with another federal prisoner. At least one of the prisoners seems to have been in Gunja's high security site. In our opinion, a fair punishment would have been to have criminally prosecuted (through to conviction and punishment, without a plea bargain in which the criminal defendant denies guilt) Viacom (or maybe just CBS or Mapes). That would have required assistance from the U.S. Attorney's Office, so it is unsurprising that there was no prosecution. A mild, merely administrative punishment would have been to forbid Viacom and its subsidiaries from communicating with federal prisoners anywhere (but with no criminal prosecution of Viacom). A slap on the wrist would have been to forbid CBS (for example, Mapes) from communicating with high security prisoners at Florence. BoP's Gunja merely forbad Mapes from communicating with the prisoner whom she had illegally promised to help. BoP is a coward in the face of Viacom-CBS's flagrantly illegal conduct (although BoP will not necessrily be a coward if you do the same misconduct).

      JOE E. GUNJA, Born 1957, 404 WASHINGTON ST, CANON CITY, CO 81212-5224, (719) 276-9279. This address and phone number may possibly not be current.

    13. Harris

      former, government officers of Harrison County Adult Detention Center in Gulfport, Mississippi, who now (24 October 2010) seem to be living under BoP auspices

      1. Teel
        24 October 2010
        Harrison County Adult Detention Center in Gulfport, Mississippi
        Ryan Michael Teel, a former corrections officer, was sentenced
        in federal court for his role in the death of a prisoner at the jail.
        The prisoner died from severe brain injury.
        Teel was sentenced to life in prison.
        possible, current home address on 24 October 2010
        RYAN MICHAEL TEEL 08230-043 33-White-M LIFE.
        Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Oxford
        Central Wisconsin
        RYAN M TEEL 1977-02-23 Gulfport MS
      2. Thompson
        24 October 2010
        Morgan Lee Thompson, of Perkinston, Mississippi
        Sentenced to 48 months in prison
        possible, current home address
        MORGAN LEE THOMPSON 08259-043 33-White-M 07-08-2011
        Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Petersburg, Virginia
      3. Wills
        24 October 2010
        Thomas Preston Wills, of d'Iberville, Mississippi
        He was sentenced to 41 months in prison.
        Possible, current, home address may be in Alabama
        THOMAS PRESTON WILLS 08273-043 29-White-M 01-03-2011
        MAXWELL AFB, BLDG 1209
        820 WILLOW STREET
        MONTGOMERY, AL 36112
    14. Hayes
      25 October 2010
      Former correctional officer Quincy Hayes was sentenced for accepting bribes.
      Hayes, 32, of Alexandria, admitted that he accepted cash
      in exchange for two things:
      	agreeing to smuggle an iPod into CTF, and 
      	smuggling cigarettes into CTF.
      The CTF is operated by CCA (Corrections Corporation of America)
      for the District of Columbia Department of Corrections.
      possible, current, home address
      QUINCY HAYES 30029-016 33-Black-M 07-14-2011
      Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), in Estill, South Carolina
    15. Headquarters
      1. Introduction

        9 January 2003, BoP Headquarters

      2. Michael B. Cooksey, Assistant Director, Correctional Programs Division, age 57, may live at 10507 JAMES WREN WAY, FAIRFAX VA 22030.
      3. Christopher Erlewine, Assistant Director/General Counsel, age 57, 3113 VERONA CT, SILVER SPRING MD 20906, (301) 460-9148.
      4. Capt. Newton E. Kendig, II., M.D., Medical Director, 502 WINGATE RD, BALTIMORE MD 21210.
      5. Lappin

        20 January 2005, HARLEY G. LAPPIN
        DIRECTOR, FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS. He was born in Akron, Ohio.
        HARLEY G. LAPPIN, 3102 ERVIN CT., ANNAPOLIS, Anne Arundel county, MD 21403-4649. The house is on an irregularly shaped parcel of land at the end of a dead end street (Ervin Court) near Headwater Road and Duvall Creek.

        Account Identifier District - 02, subdivision 450, Account Number - 90027524. One-family house, block 25, lot 3. 2 floors, siding exterior, basement, built 1986. Enclosed space 1,972 SF; total land area 24,781.00 SF. Seller RYMER, KIRK M; Date: 10/04/2001; Price: $280,000; Deed /10796/ 386. People named "Kirk Rymer" have been in the construction business in the Atlanta and Fresno areas.

      6. Ropelewski

        James Ropelewski, Deputy General Counsel, JAMES L ROPELEWSKI, age 39, 12617 TRIPLE CROWN RD, GAITHERSBURG MD 20878, (301) 869-0421.

      7. Bruce K. Sasser, Assistant Director, Administration Division, graduated from college in Virginia in 1971, 6563 24TH ST North (at the top of a T-shaped intersection), ARLINGTON VA 22205, phone (703) 532-0016. One-family, two-story house built 1995, with wood siding, open frame porch.
      8. Steve Schwalb, Assistant Director, 3739 BROOMSEDGE CT, FAIRFAX VA 22033, (703) 742-9040.
      9. Morris L. Thigpen, Sr., Director, age 64, 13406 DAVENTRY WAY, GERMANTOWN MD 20874, phone (301) 515-7552.
        We do not know if he is related to Murphy village (North Carolina, zip 28906,35.1 degrees N, 84.1 degrees W, area code 828, Cherokee county) police chief Mark Thigpen, who may possibly be Mark Alan Thigpen, 38 years old on 31 May 2003.
      10. Maryellen Thoms, Assistant Director BoP, age, age 46, 1012 ICE CRYSTAL CT, ODENTON MD 21113.
    16. Inametti

      former prison chaplain VINCENT INAMETTI 2008may7



      VINCENT B INAMETTI Born 1958, 8708 HUNTERS TRL FORT WORTH, TX 76123 (817) 423-2158

      VINCENT INAMETTI 1109 BLACKWELL RD RANGER, TX 76470 (254) 647-5138

    17. Jackson
      25 January 2012
      U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
      Jack Chris Jackson
      45 on September 9, 2011
      June 27, 2011
      Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Miami
      11055 SW 15TH ST #310
      HOLLYWOOD, FL  33025   (954) 568-3293
      1604 NW 16TH ST #197M
      FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  33311   (954) 522-2095
      9 SW 2ND ST
      HALLANDALE, FL  33009
      829 NW 9TH AVE
      FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  33311
      95 NE 41ST ST #M197
      FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  33334   (954) 568-3293
      JACK JACKSON 1965-12-26 Fort Lauderdale FL
    18. James
      25 October 2010
      Evelyn James, 54, Tuba City, Arizona
      former Tribal Council member and occasioanl Tribal President
      San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe, Arizona
      Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)
      possible, current, home adress
      EVELYN JAMES 88950-008 55-A.Indian-F 10-11-2011
      Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), Phoenix, Arizona
    19. Kaplan
      25 October 2010
      Samuel I. Kaplan, 65, Gainesville, Virginia
      former Information Technology Program 
      Manager, FBI, Chantilly, Virginia
      possibly now (25 October 2010) living under federal Bureau of Prisons auspices
      SAMUEL I KAPLAN 76601-083 65-White-M 11-11-2013, IN TRANSIT 
    20. Kent
      24 October 2010
      Former, federal judge in Texas.
      Kent, 61, is doing 33-months.
      Kent supposedly is held for BoP by Florida DoC.
      However, the Florida DoC inmate locator Web page does not provide information about Kent..
      SAMUEL B KENT 45225-079 61-White-M 11-05-2011
      6303 COUNTY ROAD 500
      WILDWOOD, FL 34785
      We do not know Kent's experiences. Florida DoC is holding Kent for BoP at the request of, and against the wishes of, Kent, we think. We think that Kent claims to be receiving severe, physical and mental mistreated as a prisoner, perhaps especially in the Florida DoC. Ignorant prisoners often are unaware that their rights are being violated. Kent may be well informed.
    21. Levi
      23 January 2012
      former warden
      FDC (Federal Detention Center) in Philadelphia
      Troy Levi
      age 49 (on 13 September 2011), of Williamstown, New Jersey
      He supposedly lied to try to hide a subordinate's 
      TROY A LEVI Born  JAN 1961
      721 DAVINCI WAY
      WILLIAMSTOWN, NJ  08094   (856) 629-7969
    22. LOPRESTI
      6 November 2010
      Salvatore Lopresti
      former captain, federal Bureau of Prisons, Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), Brooklyn, NY
      conviction related to November 2002 beating an inmate
      false report, coverup
      three, separate, false statement accusations
      Eastern District of New York
      "11 Jail Guards Are Indicted in 2 Beatings in Brooklyn"
      by Alan Feuer, 13 April 2007, N.Y. / Region, New York Times
      SALVATORE LOPRESTI 75124-053 47-White-M 07-12-2011 PHOENIX CCM
      230 N FIRST AVE, SUITE 405
      PHOENIX, AZ 85003
      We guess that he is a BoP prisoner living on the premises of the Arizona state DoC,
      perhaps because BoP thinks that a federal prison might be too dangerous for him.
      SALVATORE K LOPRESTI 1962-06-04  	Garden City NY
      SALVATORE A LOPRESTI 1962-06-04 Williston Park 	NY
      Middle initials differ.
      See the Metropolitan Detention Center article on this BoP page.
      A New York State pistol permit may have been issued to someone named:
    23. McFadden

      Robert E. McFadden, 2005 November 22

      FCI Jesup warden; geographical coordinates 81.90512, 31.56160. 2600 Highway 301 South, Jesup, GA 31599; phone 912-427-0870, email: jes/ He seems to have been Jesup warden in November 2005, according to information related to the following 11th circuit appeal: Jose Nelson CUERO, Petitioner-Appellant, v. Robert MCFADDEN, Warden, In His Capacity as Warden, FCI Jesup, United States of America, Respondents-Appellees., C.A.11 (Ga.), November 8, 2005.
      ROBERT MCFADDEN, 19 PINE FOREST DR (east of route 301), JESUP, GA 31546-2118.

    24. McRae CI, Georgia
      25 October 2010
      former McRae CI counselor SANDRA WATKINS, 39, of Cochran, Georgia
      former McRae CI correctional officer PAUL WHITE, 42, of Hazlehurst, Georgia
      They supposedly supplied a prisoner with
      marijuana, cell phones, and other contraband in exchange for money.
      SANDRA WATKINS 14502-021 39-Black-F 11-15-2011
      FPC Alderson, West Virginia
      PAUL WHITE 14508-021 42-Black-M 02-03-2012
      Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), Yazoo City, Mississippi
    25. Metropolitan Detention Center, MDC
      1. Introduction 7 November 2010 MDC, Brooklyn Do not confuse Manhattan's MCC with Brooklyn's MDC. civil case No. 04 CV 1409 JG SMG JUDGE: GLEESON, J. 2005 United States District Court, E.D. New York. Elmaghraby and Iqbal, Plaintiffs, v. John ASHCROFT and Other Defendants (Including Salvatore Lopresti, for whome we have a brief article on this page) abuse of Muslim prisoners
      2. Defendant List in MDC Case Cited Above
        1. John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States
        2. Robert Mueller, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
        3. Michael Rolince former Chief of the International Terrorism Operations Section, Counterterrorism Division Federal Bureau of Investigation
          7 November 2010
          MICHAEL E ROLINCE Born  1952
          10906 SHADOW LN
          FAIRFAX STATION, VA  22039
          MICHAEL E ROLINCE 1952-07-11 Marshfield MA
          Someone with a similar  name has lived in Ohio.
        4. Kenneth Maxwell former Assistant Special Agent in Charge New York Field Office, Federal Bureau of Investigations
        5. Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons
          BoP Director 2002-2003
          Wheeling Jesuit College, West Virginia University
          perhaps born about 1950
        6. David Rardin, former Director of the Northeast Region of the Bureau of Prisons
          7 November 2010
          David Rardin
          business adddrss?
          6675 Calder Avenue
          Beaumont TX 77707
        7. Michael Cooksey, former Assistant Director for Correctional Programs of the Bureau of Prisons
          Michael Cooksey
          business adddrss?
          1455 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 400
          Washington DC 20004 
        8. Dennis Hasty, former Warden of the Metropolitan Detention Center
          DENNIS W HASTY Born  Jul 1949
          1103 CAMINO ALTO ST
          SPRINGFIELD, MO  65810
          DENNIS W HASTY Born  Jul 1949
          6050 BRIGHTWATER TRL
          SPRINGFIELD, MO  65810  
          (417) 890-9025  
          DENNIS W HASTY Born  Jul 1949
          9325 FORT HAMILTON PKWY (work address?)
          BROOKLYN, NY  11209
          DENNIS W HASTY Born  Jul 1949   
          (325) 465-4314
          DENNIS W HASTY Born  1949
          58 39TH ST
          SAN ANGELO, TX  76903
          DENNIS HASTY 1949-07-19 Tallahassee  	FL
          DENNIS W HASTY 1949-09-19 San Angelo 	TX
        9. Michael Zenk, Warden of the Metropolitan Detention Center
          His possible home address is discussed elsewhere on this page.
        10. Linda Thomas, former Associate Warden of Programs of the Metropolitan Detention Center
        11. Associate Warden Sherman, Associate Warden of Custody for the Metropolitan Detention Center
        12. Captain Salvatore Lopresti

          See elsewhere on this page.

        13. Lieutenant Steven Barrere
          STEVEN  	   	W BARRERE  	1961-11-22  	Merrick  	NY
          STEVEN 	  	W BARRERE 	1961-11-22 	Baldwin 	NY
        14. Lieutenant William Beck
        15. Lieutenant Lindsey Bledsoe
        16. Lieutenant Joseph Cuciti
          JOSEPH J CUCITI Born  Jan 1966
          136C POLY PL
          BROOKLYN, NY  11209   (718) 759-9212    
          JOSEPH J CUCITI Born  Jan 1966
          1451A BAY RIDGE PKWY
          BROOKLYN, NY  11228   
          JOSEPH J CUCITI Born  Jan 1966
          2050 85TH ST
          BROOKLYN, NY  11214
          JOSEPH J CUCITI 1966-01-15 Fishkill 	NY
        17. Lieutenant Thomas Cush
        18. Lieutenant Howard Gussak
          1B STEVEN DR
          OSSINING, NY  10562 
          HOWARD S GUSSAK Born  Sep 1967
          1204 WILLIAMSBURG DR
          MAHOPAC, NY  10541   (845) 628-8752   
          HOWARD S GUSSAK Born  Sep 1967
          1 STEVEN DR
          OSSINING, NY  10562
          HOWARD S GUSSAK 1967-09-27 Scarsdale NY
          Ossining is a village in Westchester County, New York.
          Ossining contains Sing Sing Correctional Facility.
        19. Lieutenant Marcial Mundo
          employment address?
          MARCIAL A MUNDO Born  1967
          9325 FORT HAMILTON PKWY (work address?)
          BROOKLYN, NY  11209   (718) 921-2531
        20. Lieutenant Daniel Ortiz
        21. Lieutenant Elizabeth Torres
        22. Corrections Officer Reynaldo Alamo
        23. Corrections Officer Sidney Chase
        24. Corrections Officer James Clardy
        25. Corrections Officer Raymond Cotton (see elsewhere on this page)
        26. Corrections Officer Michael Defrancisco A New York State pistol permit may have been issued to someone named: DEFRANCISCO,MICHAEL.
        27. Corrections Officer Richard Diaz
        28. Corrections Officer Jai Jaikisson
        29. Corrections Officer Dexter Moore
        30. Corrections Officer Jon Osteen
        31. Corrections Officer Angel Perez
        32. Corrections Officer Scott Roseberry
        33. Unit Manager Clemmett Shacks 19 December 2010 (609) 239-7726 CLEMMET P SHACKS Born 1964 4 LENAPE LN BURLINGTON, NJ 08016 (609) 239-7994 Article Welcome new members. Article from Corrections Today Article date 1 June 2006 United States District Court Eastern District of New York Clemmet Shacks A New York State pistol permit may have been issued to someone named: SHACKS,CLEMMET P
        34. Nora Lorenzo, Physician's Assistant
    26. MORRISON, 11 November 2005.
      MCC New York (at 150 Park Row, on the same block as the 2nd circuit federal courthouse, and across the street from the Pearl Street federal courthouse for the southern district). Do not confuse Manhattan's MCC with Brooklyn's MDC.

      warden Marvin D. MORRISON, 11 November 2005.

      One possible address for him is MARVIN D. MORRISON, Born Oct 1955, 9325 FORT, HAMILTON PKWY (near 94th Street), BROOKLYN, NY 11209-7129, (718) 680-0641. The address and birth year are also listed for MDC Brooklyn (the federal prison in Brooklyn, New York) warden Michael A. Zenk.
      Other addresses (not necessarily current) for Morrison have been in Forrest City (Arkansas), Jonesboro (Georgia), and Beaumont (Texas).

    27. Morrow
      23 January 2012
      Federal Correctional Officer
      United States Penitentiary in Victorville, CA
      Justin Morrow, 32 (on 9 January 2012?), of Victorville, CA
      12347 TAHITI ST
      VICTORVILLE, CA  92392
      4935 CAMBRIA RD
      PHELAN, CA  92371   (760) 868-2034
      721042 PO BOX 721042
      PINON HILLS, CA  92372
    28. Perkins
      1. Introduction 20 January 2012 2012_01_13a.pdf Dreux Michael Perkins, of Greenville, Illinois former federal correctional officer at FCI Greenville age 26 on 15 January 2012 Perkins was at FCI Greenville from October 13, 2009, until after May 14, 2011. military service in Iraq DREUX MICHAEL PERKINS 09192-025 26-White-M
    29. Sanchez
      23 January 2012
      Permian Basin region of the US
      LCDC (licensed chemical dependency counselor)
      61-year-old (on 1 December 2011) Ismael Hernandez Sanchez of Odessa, Texas
      a licensed chemical dependency counselor doing 
      business as "SR & Associates"
      counseling services to Federal BoP (Bureau of Prisons) inmates
      923 PO BOX 923
      ODESSA, TX  79760   6592536
      12380 W LOVE DR
      ODESSA, TX  79764
      4402 BRAHMA RD
      ODESSA, TX  79764   (432) 530-1404
    30. Sharma
      24 October 2010
      2005 Bureau of Prisons former corrections officer Erin Sharma
      Federal Correctional Complex Coleman
      July 2009 trial Orlando felony civil rights charges
      life sentence
      Possible, current, home address may be in California.
      We guess that maybe a state of local agency holds her for BoP.
      ERIN SHARMA 05026-748 34-White-F LIFE
      501 I STREET, SUITE 9-400
      SACRAMENTO, CA 95814
      ERIN J SHARMA Born  Apr 1976
      possible, pre=prison address
      15119 38TH CIR
      OCALA, FL  34473
    31. Shipley
      25 October 2010
      possibly, currently living under BoP auspices
      JOHN THOMAS SHIPLEY 47666-280 40-White-M  	 UNKNOWN
      former Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent John Shipley
    32. Spargo
      6 November 2010
      Former New York State Supreme [trial] Court Judge
      Thomas J. Spargo
      attempted extortion and bribery
      federal jury
      Ulster County
      possible, current home address
      THOMAS J SPARGO 15234-052 67-White-M 01-22-2012
      United States Penitentiary (USP) Big Sandy, Inez, Kentucky
    33. Stark
      25 October 2010
      Jeremy D. Stark
      former Correctional Officer
      United States Penitentiary-Canaan, Waymart, Pennsylvania
      Stark supposedly accepted more than $3000 in bribes from r prisoners for smuggling tobacco to them.
      possibly, currently living under BoP auspices in a state or local prison in Pennsylvania
      JEREMY D STARK 15159-067 29-White-M UNKNOWN
      2ND & CHESTNUT ST - 7TH FL
      PHILADELPHIA, PA 19106
    34. Stewart
      25 October 2010
      Pamela J. Stewart, 51, Petersburg, Virginia
      supply management specialist, food 
      services department, Federal Correctional Complex, Petersburg, Virginia
      theft, unauthorized overtime pay
      possible, current, home address
      PAMELA J STEWART 74755-083 52-Black-F 11-15-2010
      FPC Alderson, West Virginia
    35. Strong

      Derryl Strong, (former?) correctional officer in BoP's MDC Brooklyn, 2006mar6

      He may have lived in New York city or Ohio. DERRYL STRONG 9325 FORT HAMILTON PKY BROOKLYN, NY 11209 (718) 836-9357. The Fort Hamilton address occasionally is listed for BoP officers (e.g., Zenk). DERRYL STRONG 1667 40TH ST CLEVELAND, OH 44103 (216) 361-1646 DERRYL L STRONG, Born Apr 1958, 9812 31ST AVE (Recorded 01/25/2002), EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369.

      DERRYL L STRONG, Born Apr 1958, 697 OCEAN AVE. (Recorded 01/25/2002), AKRON, OH 44310 (330) 633-0741.

      DERRYL L STRONG, Born Apr 1958, 6366 RUGOSA AVE. (Recorded 07/11/2001), REYNOLDSBURG, OH 43068.

    36. Tillis
      6 November 2010
      former Florida corrections officer, Paul Tillis
      assaulting an inmate
      violating the inmate's civil rights at Raiford prison  by poured boiling water on the inmate
      He may now live at:
      PAUL GREGORY TILLIS 32463-018 45-White-M 01-05-2012
      Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Elkton, Ohio
    37. ZENK

      Michael A. ZENK, warden of MDC Brooklyn (in New York city), 11 November 2005

      Michael A. Zenk, born 1955 maybe 9325 Fort Hamilton Pkwy (near 94th Street), Brooklyn, NY 11209-7129. This birth year and address are also listed for someone with the same name as the warden of MCC New York (the federal prison in downtown Manhattan): Marvin D. MORRISON.
      Another, possible residence city for Zenk (not necessarily current): MICHAEL A ZENK 1955-10-01 Townsend MA.


    1. Picket Sites

      In deciding which home to picket, some things to consider may be whether the visual background (trees, houses, etc.) would look nice on TV, and the pickets' opinions of the resident's official conduct. It may be impressive to reporters if some people on the picket line personally suffered from what they are picketing about.

    2. Attacks on prisons outside America


      There sometimes are attacks on prisons and jails outside America. A few examples follow.

      1. Attack on Abu Graib prison in Baghdad on 20 April 2004 which killed some prisoners and injured others
      2. An approximately 19 September 2005 attack by the British army which caused escape by prisoners including two British, military spies (two undercover soldiers of whom suppposedly one had fired a gun at police) from a Basra, Iraq, jail. "British tanks storm Basra jail to free undercover soldiers", Richard Norton-Taylor and Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian, 20 September 2005.
      3. Attack on Sarposa Prison, the main prison in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, on Friday night, 13 June 2008, killing guards and freeing prisoners accrding to "Taliban Free 1,200 Inmates in Attack on Afghan Prison", Carlotta Gall, New York Times, 14 June 2008.
    3. Fire Drills

      American jails and prisons, at least minimum security jails and prisons, need fire drills. By the way, there will continue to be occasional, lethal fires in American prisons and jails even if there are no terrorist attacks. Simply letting trapped American prisoners burn (which happens now) is wrong, especially when one remembers that some prisoners have never been convicted of a crime. At present, as far as we know, there are no, carceral, fire drills.

      Often, a prison consists of a prison campus divided into highly segregated areas. There are buildings in those areas. If a prison quickly is evacuated because of a fire, the prisoners can't even escape to a different area of the prison (much less: out of the entire prison campus). When a prison or jail is built, it should be built with a secure area outsi the building to which prisoners may quickly be evacuated in case of fire. For many carceral institutions and prisoners, fire drills are practical.

      Some prisons are tall buildings. In some of those buildings, it may be practical to have fire safety floors to which prisoners may quickly be evacuated.

      To understand how prison design affects potential fire drills and fire evacuations, it is useful to examine drawings and specifications of prisons. provides four ZIP files with drawings and specifications for four, Canadian prisons in "New Canadian Prison Construction Documents: Bath and Millhaven Institution (Bath, Ontario), Collins Bay Institution (Kingston, Ontario), and Stony Mountain Institution (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

      Incidentally, lack of fire drills shows contempt for prisoners similar to that reported in "Lapses by American Leaders Seen in Syphilis Tests" (Donald G. Mcneil Jr.; September 14, 2011; New York Times).


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