opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

photo of racially segregated, wartime housing in the District of Columbia DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA GOVERNMENT OFFICERS' HOME ADDRESSES


  1. Introduction
    1. Scope of This Page

      This page is largely for officers of the District of Columbia government.

      Other pages of our Web site are for federal government officers, officers in Washington State, and foreign government officers (for example, foreign diplomats working in the District of Columbia).

    2. Salary Databases
      1. 2011: DC Government Officers in 2011 1.5 MB

        We made the above-listed file from information we found in file DC_Salaries2011.csv, to which PI Buzz (Private Investigator Buzz) links.

      2. 2008
        1. Non-Correction
          1. DC Govt Names A-I, December 2008 1.1 MB
          2. DC Govt Names J-Z, December 2008 1.5 MB

          The two pages above exclude the Department of Corrections.

        2. Correction: DC Correction Government Officers in December 2008
    3. Attorneys at Law

      The DC Bar Association allows search of member records by first and last name but not by middle initial. In about early November 2009, we tried the page for a common name. There were more DC lawyers with that name (same first name and last name) than the site supplies on one page of output. The site supplied only one page of output. The result is that the site did not supply information about all lawyers with that name. The result is that we could not get information about the DC lawyer we wanted to learn about. It's possible that we misunderstood how to use the Web site.

    4. Tracking

      This site was not on the web on 29 June 2021.

      The Tracking site seems to chiefly provide home addresses of police officers in the District of Columbia region (that region includes Virginia and Maryland, we think) plus other information including photographs. Most subjects seem to be either executives of local DC police, or various kinds of federal police officer.

      29 December 2010

  2. Corrections
    11 January 2011, Department of Corrections

    Below, we provide for each officer: name, position title, agency code ("FL" for the DoC), hire date, pay, an eight-digit identiifcation number, and possible, home address. Elsewhere in this Web site, we have a page with a list of every DoC officer at the end of December 2008.

    1. Agbara, Theodore O; Correctional Officer - Lead; 03/26/90; $58,543.00; Fl; 00023445; 0

      THEODORE O AGBARA 4017 5TH ST NW WASHINGTON, DC 20011 (202) 829-1096

    2. Ahmed, Razi U CORRECTIONAL OFFICER 10/14/08 $38,687.00 FL 00042659 0
      1. Dumfries

        RAZI U AHMED Born 1960, 17274 WEXFORD LOOP, DUMFRIES, Prince William County, VA 22026 (703) 221-7626. 17274 WEXFORD LOOP, DUMFRIES VA 22026-3332.

        Parcel ID  8289-45-2053
        17274 WEXFORD LOOP
        State Code   	100 Resid (Urban)
        Tax Type   	1 Reg. Taxable
        Spec. Dist   	
        Zone   	R6
        Tax Dist   	3 Dumfries
        Reason   	01 General Reassessment
        Legal   	WAYSIDE VILLAGE
        SEC 6 LOT 30
        RPC/Acct #   	108940
        Appraiser   	EOY
        Neighborhood   	1202 Wayside Vlg Stanley Martin TH
        Acreage   	0.0404
           	17274 WEXFORD LOOP
           	DUMFRIES, VA
        Zip    	22026
      2. Triangle

        RAZI U AHMED Born 1960, 17274 WEXFORD LOOP TRIANGLE, Prince William County, VA 22172. (703) 221-7626. We did not find this address in this zip code. This is the same street address and phone number as in Dumfries, above.

  3. Court
  4. Police: National Fraternal Order of Police
    1. Introduction 2010jun6 NFOP, National Fraternal Order of Police PAC 309 Massachusetts Avenue NE Washington, DC 20002 SCHEDULE A FILINGS FOR REPORT #FEC-405509 SCHEDULE A ITEMIZED RECEIPTS All Listed Line Numbers Committee: NATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE PAC Format of Information for Each Contributor Contributor's Name Contributor's Address Employer Date Amount ($) Occupation Memo Aggregate ($)
    2. Mr. Michael P. Cain 7582 Isley Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89147 State of NV, Capitol Police 11/13/2008 20.00 Police Officer 210.00
    3. Donovan Livaccari 41 Hawk Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70124 LAPD 10/16/2008 25.00 Police Officer 250.00
    4. Mr. Marcello N. Muzzatti 4230 Brandywine St., NW Washington, DC 20016 Washington DC PD 10/17/2008 25.00 Police Officer 550.00
    5. Randall Overweg 1739 Gaylord Drive N. Muskegon, Michigan 49445 City of Muskegon 10/16/2008 25.00 Police Officer 250.00
    6. R. Mike Taylor 1643 Demaret Lane Columbus, Ohio 43228 Retired 10/16/2008 25.00 Police Officer 250.00
  5. Spagnoletti

    8 February 2004, District of Columbia Attorney General Robert J. Spagnoletti, age 42, 7528 12TH ST NW, WASHINGTON DC 20012


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