opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

Landscape, near Coney Island.  William Merritt Chase.  Painted About 1886.

Landscape, near Coney Island
William Merritt Chase, About 1886


D Surnames

  1. Daddario
    11 July 2011
    Counter Terrorism   Richard C. Daddario
    Today, he is Assistant United States Attorney Richard Daddario in Moscow.
    Will be hired by the NYPD in August 2011.
    Richard C. Daddario
    Organized Crime Chief
    US DoJ in NYC
    He is not attorney RICHARD PETER DADDARIO
    Currently registered.
    Court officer as of 07/11/2011
    NYS Attorney Registration Number 1629989
    	1 POLICE PLZ FL 11
    	NEW YORK, NY 10038-1497
    	United States
    	(646) 610-6169
    	Year Admitted in NY: 	1978
    	Appellate Division Department of Admission: 	1
    	Law School: 	GEORGETOWN
    	Registration Status: 	Currently registered
    	Next Registration: 	Dec 2012
    RICHARD C DADDARIO 1950-12-12 New York NY
    201 EAST 87TH STREET
    NEW YORK NY 10128 US
    MANHATTAN / NEW YORK  block 1564   lot 14
    He acquired this property with:
    201 EAST 87TH STREET
    NEW YORK NY 10128 US
    There is an attorney in New York State with a similar name.
    as of 07/11/2011
    Registration Number: 	1614783
    	United States
    	Year Admitted in NY: 	1978
    	Appellate Division Department of Admission: 	1
    	Law School: 	GEORGETOWN
    	Registration Status: 	Currently registered
    	Next Registration: 	Oct 2012
    Attorneys Richard and Christian both went to Georgetown Law School and were admitted to the NYS bar in 1978.
    This does not necessarily mean that attorney Christina Maria Titus was co-owner Christina M. Titus.
    Daddario, Richard C 39 Hickory Dr Maplewood Township, Essex County, NJ US BROOKLYN / KINGS block 1065 lot 14 836 UNION STREET He and Christina may have owed to: MERRILL LYNCH EQUITYMAN 4 LANDMARK SQUARE STAMFORD CT He and Christina, living in New Jersey, borrowed from Merril Lynch in Connecticut, with Brooklyn realty as collateral, we think. Someone named RICK DADDARIO may recently have lived in MAPLEWOOD, NJ 07040.
  2. Dann

    police surgeon Lea Dann 2007jan14

    LEA C DANN Born Jul 1950, 7 PIPER CT, 03/01/2006, ROSLYN, NY 11576 County (516) 625-8881, (516) 625-8882

  3. Daragjati
    20 October 2011
    New York City Police Department Officer Michael Daragjati
    STATEN ISLAND, NY  10301   (718) 727-1421
    322 ARLENE
    STATEN ISLAND, NY  10314   (718) 477-7647
    STATEN ISLAND / RICHMOND block 8028, lot 63

    19 March 2002, NYPD Detective David De La Rosa (surname "Delarosa"?), white.

  5. Dan DeChirico. 2007oct6.

    DANNY F DECHIRICO Born Jul 1981, 19 PARKER ST, 04/01/2005, STATEN ISLAND, NY 10307.

  6. Delicioso Defendants

    1. Introduction

      Two bothers, Jose and Maximo, each sued New York City and related defendants in federal court in the Eastern District of New York on 5 January 2009. Thus, there were two cases. The brothers seek money because they claim to have been arrested by NYPD officers based on NYPD lying. The lying was that the brothers sold cocaine (to Henry Tavarez, Steven Anderson and Alan Figueroa) inside a bar, Club Deliciososo. The bar is not Club Delicio, as reported by many news publishers, which seem to have copied "Delicio" from a 15 January 2009 press release (Two NYPD Undercover Officers Indicted in Allegedly Phony Drug Bust) issued by Queens County Diustrict Attorney Brown, such as HDTV 2 CBS Broadcasting, NBC News in New York, and North Country Gazette in ). Delicioso supposedly is at 43-24 91st Place, in Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens. Maybe the club is in the NYPD's 110th precinct.

      On 14 March 2010, the only ABC (New York State Liquor Authority) licensee named Delicioso, in Queens, we could find on the Web is Delicioso Cafe & Restaurant Inc; 2314 36th Avenue, 23rd & 24th Streets, Long Island City, NY 11106; 341; RW; 08/31/2010; active license. On 14 March 2010, at the address of the supposed drug sale, we found on the Web: El Nuevo Estadio Restuarant, 4324 91st Place, Elmhurst, NY 11373, (718) 393-0253.

      As far as we know, the brothers seek money from the city government (not just from government officers) because the brothers claim that lie-based arrests are a policy or practice of the NYPD. The city government moved to be dismissed as a defendant. The judge seemed to like the brothers' policy-or-practice theory and he therefore denied the city government's dismissal motion. The city government is still a defendant.

      We read none of the court papers in the Colon cases. We may misunderstand what happened. The press often refers to the two, civil cases as one case. Maybe the two cases (in which Colons were plaintiffs) were consolidated into one. There is also a criminal case (in Queens County Supreme Court in Kew Gardens neighborhood) in which Detective Anderson and Police Officer Tavarez (two of the police officers who claim to have bought from the Colon brothers) are being prosecuted, we think. Summaries of the two, civil cases, which we got from, follow.

      Jose's Case
      Colon v. The City of New York et al
      Plaintiff:	Jose Colon
      Defendant:	The City of New York, Henry Tavarez, Steven Anderson, Alan Figueroa, Miguel Carvajal and John and Jane Doe #1-10
      Case Number:	1:2009cv00008
      Filed:	January 5, 2009
      Court:	New York Eastern District Court
      Office:	Civil Rights: Other Office 
      County:	Kings
      Presiding Judge:	Senior Judge Jack B. Weinstein
      Referring Judge:	Magistrate Judge Cheryl L. Pollak
      Nature of Suit:	Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
      Cause:	Federal Question
      Jurisdiction:	Federal Question
      Jury Demanded By:	42:1983 Civil Rights Act
      Maximo's Case
      Colon v. City of New York et al
      Plaintiff:	Maximo Colon
      Defendant:	City of New York, Henry Tavarez, Steven Anderson, Alan Figueroa, Miguel Carvajal and John and Jane Doe #1-10
      Case Number:	1:2009cv00009
      Filed:	January 5, 2009
      Court:	New York Eastern District Court
      Office:	Civil Rights: Other Office [ Court Info ]
      County:	Kings
      Presiding Judge:	Chief Judge Raymond J. Dearie
      Referring Judge:	Magistrate Judge Viktor V. Pohorelsky
      Nature of Suit:	Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
      Cause:	Federal Question
      Jurisdiction:	Federal Question
      Jury Demanded By:	42:1983 Civil Rights Act
      There has been much publicity about the two cases; for example, the judge's opinion of how common lie-based arrests are. Links to a few examples follow.
      1. "Federal Judge Criticizes NYPD For 'Widespread Falsification' of Arrest Reports", 2 December 2009.
      2. "Federal Judge Says NYPD Plagued by 'Widespread Falsification by Arresting Officers'", Radley Balko, 1 December 2009.
    2. Defendants Who Are People

      Some of the defendants named below may recently have been NYPD officers.

      1. Steven Anderson (in the above-cited, 15 January 2009, press release of D.A. Brown: Stephen Anderson, 33, of Long Island) STEPHEN M ANDERSON Born Jul 1976 4043 BURKE CT SEAFORD, NY 11783 (516) 409-5161 STEPHEN G ANDERSON Born Mar 1975 2 BURD ST NYACK, NY 10960
      2. Miguel Carvajal
      3. Figueroa Alan Figueroa ALAN J FIGUEROA Born May 1947 420 19TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10011 (646) 486-1422 ALAN J FIGUEROA Born May 1947 425 25TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10001 (646) 486-3608 ALAN FIGUEROA 11422 200TH ST SAINT ALBANS, NY 11412 ALAN J FIGUEROA 1947-05-30 New York NY
      4. Henry Tavarez, 27, of New York City HENRY TAVAREZ 13 WILSON AVE BROOKLYN, NY 11237 HENRY TAVAREZ Born 1980 904 WILLOUGHBY AVE BROOKLYN, NY 11221 (718) 443-3071 HENRY TAVAREZ Born 1980 6019 59TH AVE MASPETH, NY 11378 (718) 366-6865 HENRY TAVAREZ Born 1980 6131 65TH ST MIDDLE VILLAGE, NY 11379 (718) 366-6865 Someone with a similar name may have lived in Soledad, California.
    3. Suggestion

      In a felony complaint (accusatory pleading in a felony court case) signed by any police officer of any law enforcement agency, every factual allegation in that complaint should be supported by a statement made to a lie detection expert (we guess that police departments would use a polygrapher) by the officer signing the complaint. For example, officer Aaron signs a complaint in which he alleges that defendant Bob whistled on January first at 1234 Liberty Street. Aaron should say to a lie detection expert that he saw and heard (assuming that's how Aaron claims to know) Bob whistle on January first at 1234 Liberty Street, and the expert should conclude that Aaron believes what he said. There is too much lying in police complaints (accusatory pleadings filed by prosecutors in response to arrests by police). Police departments should be required to save the lie detection records for defendants (in this case, Bob) and for internal affairs detectives.

      These lie detection records should be inadmissible at trial. It should be possible to get a judge to order that a felony complaint be dismissed if either:

      1. The signing police officer did not seem to believe his factual statements in the accusatory pleading
      2. The lie detection procedure was not conducted in good faith.

      Incidentally, before a trial, the defendant does not ordinarily sign a statement alleging specific facts about his guilt or innocence.

      If "NYPD To Film Interrogations: Ray Kelly Wants To Record Suspect Interviews" (Tom Hays, 02/18/2010) is right, the proposed videotaping may reduce some kinds of falsification related to interviews and events which occur during interviews. Videotaping would not have prevented the Colon brothers' problem because that falsification was unrelated to an interview.

      Incidentally, this problem (widespread falsification by arresting officers) is not confined to the NYPD. According to " Detroit Police Admit Rape Arrest Stats Were Wrong" (By Mark Fazlollah, WEnews correspondent, 27 April 2001), Detroit's rape and homicide arrest statistics were remarkably high. Detroit PD homicide detectives routinely used to arrest many, mere suspects without probable cause. In many homicide cases, all suspects would be arrested because innocent arrestees would then tell everything they knew to get out of jail. These intentionally illegal arrests were a serious crime. The portrayal of this problem as merely a record-keeping or domputer problem (in other words, that many, seeming arrests were not the result of actual arrests) helps the victims of false arrests (who can then say that they really were not arrested, and that the seeming arrest is a clerical error). "Detroit Deputy Chief Bridges said last week that the problems in reporting homicide arrests were caused in part by the department's antiquated computer system, which also keeps statistics on rape and other crimes." The high homicide arrest statistics were not caused by anything having been antiquated. According to a 7 July 2009 article, "Detroit Police fail to meet terms of consent decree" (Doug Guthrie, The Detroit News), DPD still has arrest-related problems.

  7. 2000, Louis Delli-Pizzi (may live at 40 Chapel Road, Manhasset NY 11030, phone (516) 379-4150)
  8. Charles "Charlie" DeRienzo (maybe De Rienzo)

    As far as we know, he worked for the NYPD, then for the state government doing insurance-related work, then for the NYPD, and has recently left the NYPD.

    CHARLES D DERIENZO, 725 FOREST AVE , 09/01/2005, LARCHMONT, Westchester county, NY 10538

    CHARLES D DERIENZO Born May 1943, 19 PIPER PL, OLD BETHPAGE, Nassau county,NY 11804

    Leonard Levitt's 12 June 2006 article at, "No More Acting.", is about DeRienzo. DeRienzo worked for the NYPD. Kelly called New Jersey governor James McGreevey to get DeRienzo hired as superintendent of the Post Authority police. DeRienzo was hired as superintendent, then supposedly fired two years later. DeRienzo came back to the NYPD.

  9. 15 December 2003, New York City

    Michael DiBenedetto, an NYPD cop who lives in Staten Island (Richmond county), may be:
    Michael Dibenedetto, 1053 Sinclair Avenue, Staten Island NY 10309, phone (718) 605-8922.

  10. Sept. 2001

    Thomas P. Doepfner is the commanding officer of the legal bureau. He is an assistant NYPD commissioner. He may possibly live at:

    21110 18th Av, 4F
    Flushing NY 11360
    tel.  718  225 -7357
  11. Doyle 2009apr2

    1. James Doyle, formerly of NYPD CITU NYPD

      retired NYPD

      NY--New York-- retired New York City Police Department, Detective Bureau-- James "Jim" Doyle

      James Doyle
      Detective Bureau
      New York City Police Department
      Computer Investigation and Technology Unit
      New York, New York
      We think that Lt. Malinowski supervised him.
    2. After the NYPD

      After the NYPD, he briefly was president, and we guess owner, of Internet Crimes, Inc., a Madison, Connecticut, business. Later, he started First Group Associates in New York City, another business. Later, he got a job with the title of Director, Professional Services Division for Guidance Software's New York office. He has a Fordham University B.A. Guidance Software (NASDAQ: GUID) has headquarters in Pasadena, California 91101. Exactly what does Doyle do for Guidance in New York? We think that one thing he sometimes does is go to a Guidance customer's computer, then retrieve deleted files.

      JAMES W DOYLE Born Jul 1961, 35 HIGH MDWS MARLBOROUGH, CT 06447 (860) 295-0425. He is not necessarily Guidance-NYPD Doyle. This address is near Madison, Connecticut.

      Guidance Software, 551 5th Avenue, # 400, New York, NY.

    3. Article

      Together with a graduate student (Robert "Rob" D'Ovidio), Doyle wrote an article published by the FBI.

    4. Congressional subcommittee testimony

      The ICFP (Institute of Computer Forensic Professionals) has a BDA (Board of Director Advisors). We guess that members of the BDA are available to give advice to the Board of Directors. In any event, ICFP's Web page about BDA said at 8:00 a.m. GMT on 20 April 2009, "He [Doyle] has testified before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security regarding Identity Theft over the Internet." We were unable to find the factual basis of ICFP's statement. For example, we don't know the words Doyle said or the date he spoke. As far as we know, ICFP possibly may have referred to a 22 May 2001 hearing during which detective Michael Fabozzi testified and Doyle was nearby, keeping him company. Doyle accompanied Fabozzi but did not testify, as far as we know.

  12. assistant commissioner for counterterrorism Jonathan A. Duecker 2007jan14

    JONATHAN A DUECKER Born Oct 1963, 11/28/2003, CHERRY HILL, Camden county, NJ 08002

    JONATHAN A DUECKER Born 1963, 1889 WHITE DEER TRL, MALVERN, PA 19355 Chester County (610) 644-1658

  13. Duncan
    4 November 2010
    Sergeant Kurt Duncan, Shield No. 2483
    KURT A DUNCAN Born  Aug 1971
    AMITYVILLE, NY  11701
    KURT A DUNCAN Born  1971
    FAR ROCKAWAY, NY  11691   (718) 868-1420
    KURT H DUNCAN Born  Feb 1939
    NORTHVILLE, NY  12134,   (518)
    KURT A DUNCAN Born  Aug 1971
    8716 134TH ST
    RICHMOND HILL, NY  11418   (718) 523-4922
  14. Mordecai "Morty" Dzikansky, an NYPD intelligence detective (also described as a homicide detective) near Tel Aviv (Israel). His work occasionally takes him to other countries (for example, Spain and Russia). 2006jun15.

    When in America, he may have lived at:
    MORDECAI Z. DZIKANSKY, Born Sep 1962, 58 DALTON ST, 01/25/2002, LONG BEACH, Nassau county, NY 11561.

    By the way, Kelly is especially proud of having NYPD officers work permanently in foreign countries. As far as we know, these officers' expenses are paid by private donations (for example, the New York City Police Foundation), not by city government funds.

    Recent neighbors may include Ms. Rhona Feigenbaum (Professor, Nassau Community College; 2 Richmond Rd, Lido Beach, NY 11561; 40.5855, -73.6374).


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