opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees




    1. Preface


      See CUNY Oficers' Names, Positions, and Pay, which we made from the January 2009 CUNY payroll database.

    2. Early Test

      Early in a course, the teacher should give his students a test.

      One purpose of the test is to find out which students lack the education necessary to understand what he will teach in that course. The teacher needs to privately, tactfully tell those students that they are doomed to fail his course because they lack education indispensable to underestand what he'll teach. Also, the teacher should clearly explain to each doomed student what education he needs to qualify to take his course. It is educational malpractice, by the course's teacher and the school, not to early identify doomed students and appropriately advise them.

      Some students, by their excellent performance on the early test, may show that they already know what the teacher plans on teaching in his course. The teacher should tell those students that that they already know what he plans on teaching in his course.

      The early test shows the teacher which areas his students generally are strong and weak in. Often, this information will help the teacher teach the course better.

      For the reasons above, failure to give an early test in a course is evidence of the teacher's incompetence.

      There is a difference between teaching and trying to teach. If the student didn't learn, the teacher didn't teach (although the teacher may have tried to teach). Some teachers teach so incompetently that, at the end of a course, the students understand the subject worse than they did at the beginning of the course. The school needs to identify and fire those teachers. Thus, the school should compare students' early test results with results on a test given at the end of the course. If the school discovers that there is a teacher whose students often understand a subject (or crucial parts of a subject) worse after studying under under him, the school should fire him.

      To find out how well a teacher teaches, one must measure how much his students learn from him. To measure how much his students learn from him, they should be tested early in his course, not just at the end.


      RMT website provides students' ratings of teachers and campers' ratings of summer camps. On 4 April 2007, the five schools with the most ratings included two, government-operated schools in New York city: Brooklyn Tech and Bronx Science.

    4. Govrnment officers' names and addresses are below.

  2. photo of pupils sleeping in a school hallway in Orange, Texas

    Pupils Sleeping in a Hallway in Orange, Texas
    Extended School Day Program in the Public Schools


    1. Aldorasi

      Queens principal ANTHONY B ALDORASI 2008mar31

      ANTHONY B ALDORASI Born Jun 1954, 3441 VERNON BLVD 08/14/2002 ASTORIA, NY 11106. QUEENS block 323, lot 10. (718) 932-0174.

      QUEENS block 718, lot 8, DWELLING ONLY - 3 FAMILY, 24-65 45TH STREET.

      QUEENS block 532, lot 11, DWELLING ONLY - 1 FAMILY, 14-23 31ST DRIVE. He may have owed to JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., 1111 POLARIS PARKWAY COLUMBUS OH 43240 US.

    2. Black
      24 November 2010
      BLACK, CATHLEEN P "Cathie"
      She is a candidate for chancellor.
      Our article about her is on our page about Hearst Corporation
      and related entities, which page is one of our New York City pages.
    3. Cahill

      12 March 2004, NYC Board of Education acting deputy chancellor for teaching and learning MICHELE K CAHILL , age 55, 12 WEBSTER PL, BROOKLYN NY 11215, (718) 768-6198

    4. ARTHUR CORRADETTI 2008may4

      ARTHUR R CORRADETTI 1960-07-14 Roslyn Heights NY 11577.

      Assistant dean for academic affairs at Queensborough Community College of the City University of New York.

      ARTHUR L CORRADETTI Born 1960, 5 CRESCENT BEACH RD GLEN COVE, NY 11542 (516) 609-3207

      ARTHUR R CORRADETTI Born Jul 1960, 5 CRESCENT BEACH RD GLEN COVE, NY 11542 (516) 609-3207

      CORRADETTI, 94 PLYMPTON AVE ROSLYN HEIGHTS, NY 11577 (516) 621-1084

    5. Johnert

      18 March 2004, JOHNERT, WILLIAM. Queens NY 11421.

      employer NYC BD OF ED, 42 BROADWAY, NYC NY. Occupation COMPUTER SPECIALIST. political campaign contribution to city council member Dennis Galalgher's campaign finance commitee, 2003, $65, check. By the way, I think that Johnert unsuccessfully ran as a Republican against Democrat Anthony Seminerio for the state assembly.

      WILLIAM F JOHNERT, 8519 86TH AVE, WOODHAVEN NY 11421, (718) 849-0762

    6. 10 March 2004, Joel I. Klein, chancellor (CEO) of the NYC Board of Education, may possibly live at 118 OLD POST RD N, CROTON ON HUDSON NY 10520
    7. 18 March 2004, LOMBARDI, ANTHONY. QUEENS, NY 11385. Employer DEPARTMENT OF ED, 79-15 PENELOPE AVENUE, QUEENS NY. Occupation PRINCIPAL. Political campaign contributions 2002 and 2003, checks.

      2218 HARMON ST, RIDGEWOOD NY 11385, (718) 381-7107

    8. 18 March 2004, MANNARINO, PETER. QUEENS, NY 11385. Type: Ind NYC BOARD OF ED, 66-56 FOREST AVENUE, QUEENS, NY. Occupation: ASST PRINCIPAL. political campaign contribution, 11/13/2002, $70 check
    9. 10 March 2004, NYC Board of Education's top lawyer, Chad Vignola, CHAD A VIGNOLA, age 58, 41 CARMINE ST, NEW YORK NY 10014, (212) 243-6687

  3. Thomas Benjamin Kennington, The New Student, Painted 1882

    The New Student
    Thomas Benjamin Kennington, 1882


    1. Introduction

      Graduate Center, Graduate School, Graduate College
      25 September 2010

      We have a special page with information from CUNY.csv, a CUNY salary list we downloaded from

    2. 14 March 2004, Stephen Brier, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Affairs, STEPHEN B BRIER, age 57, 171 TIPPLE RD, HUDSON NY 12534, (518) 828-7989
    3. Dobrin
      8 August 2011
      Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer
      Allan H. Dobrin
      ALLAN H DOBRIN Born  Sep 1947
      3214 166TH
      FLUSHING, NY  11358   (718) 939-8644
      QUEENS block 4913   lot 11
      32-14 166TH STREET
      ALLAN H DOBRIN 1947-09-23 Flushing NY
      He may have owed to:
      wife Lynda Dobrin
      assistant principal in New York City's Department of Education
    4. 15 May 2004, GARAVENTA, EUGENE. home STATEN ISLAND, NY 10301, employer COLLEGE OF S.I., 2800 VICTORY BLVD., STATEN ISLAND, NY. Occupation PROFESSOR. political contribution 02/18/2003 $75 check.
    5. 14 March 2004, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Steven M. Gorelick, age 53, 321 Cato Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218
    6. 16 March 2004, CUNY Graduate School Vice President for Information Resources (runs the computer center, lies to his subordinates), James A. Haggard
    7. 13 March 2004, CUNY Graduate School Director of Special Events and Event Planning Joan Piper Harden, B.A., M.P.A., age 59, 2569 ADAM CLAYTON POWELL JR BLVD, NEW YORK NY 10039, (212) 283-0349
    8. 14 March 2004, Otis Hill Vice Chancellor for Student Development and Enrollment Management, BERNICE HILL , 55 CANTIAGUE LN, WESTBURY NY 11590, (516) 334-4641
    9. 12 March 2004, Frances Degen Horowitz, President of The Graduate Center (obedient, incompetent CEO of the graduate school), CUNY (City University of New York)

      age 71, 145 CENTRAL PARK W, NEW YORK NY 10023, (212) 769-9228. It is said by well informed people that CUNY pays for her housing at that address. She was chosen to be president because she was a female with impressive academic credentials, in disregard of her inability to lead and manage a graduate school.

    10. Gelb
      City College;$109,674.00;ANN;NYC-Manhattan;1-Feb-98
      Joyce Gelb
      Political $
      GELB, JOYCE 
      NEW YORK, NY 10024
      Type: Ind
      Intermediary: VITULLO-MARTIN, THOMAS A
      365 FIFTH AVENUE
      NEW YORK, NY
      Occupation: PROFESSOR
      Brewer, Gale (2001)
      City Council
      Filing:8(H) Sched:ABC	06/22/2001
      Ref No: R0001685	 $100
    11. Ellen F. Hartigan 2008may4

      Vice President for Student Affairs, Queensborough Community College, CUNY, (718) 631-6351

      ELLEN F HARTIGAN 174 BEACH 132ND ST ROCKAWAY PARK, NY 11694. (718) 634-1268

      ELLEN HARTIGAN 1953-07-23 Rockaway Park NY 11694

    12. 14 March 2004, Russell Hotzler, Vice Chancellor for Academic Program Planning, RUSSELL K HOTZLER, age 59, 76 CLINCH AVE, GARDEN CITY NY 11530, (516) 775-6915
    13. Eduardo J. Martí 2008may4

      President, Queensborough Community College; commissioner , New York State Commission on Higher Education; director, Board of Directors of the Queens Chamber of Commerce. He may have been born in Cuba.

      EDUARDO J MARTI (607) 962-8864. Prefix 962 is in Corning, Steuben County, NY. Corning is in western New York State near Pennsylvania.

      EDUARDO J MARTI Born Dec 1941, 1775 YORK AVE NEW YORK, NY 10128 (212) 410-7991

      EDUARDO J MARTI 389 89TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10128 (212) 410-7991

    14. 14 March 2004, Louise Mirrer Executive Vice Chancellor and President, CUNY Economic Development Corporation, LOUISE B MIRRER, age 50, 439 E 51ST ST, NEW YORK NY 10022
    15. 14 March 2004, John Mogulescu, University Dean for Academic Affairs, Deputy to the Executive Vice Chancellor, Dean Professional Development School, JOHN M MOGULESCU, 396 W 9TH ST, BROOKLYN NY 11215, (718) 499-6821
    16. 2005 May 10, NYC CUNY MUZZIO
      Doug Muzzio of CUNY's Baruch College School of Public Affairs:
      DOUGLAS A MUZZIO, age 57, 41 POPLAR AVE, POMPTON PLAINS NJ 07444, (973).
    17. Paul Jean Pierre 2008may4

      Paul Jean Pierre, Acting Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Queensborough Community College, CUNY, (718) 631-6314.

      PAUL J PIERRE Born Sep 1956, 2114 PROSPECT AVE EAST MEADOW, NY 11554

      PAUL J PIERRE Born Sep 1978, 15 PASCACK RD NANUET, NY 10954

      PAUL J PIERRE Born 1967, 8 2ND PL ROOSEVELT, NY 11575 (516) 377-7726

    18. Professor Frances Fox "Fran" PIVEN
      1. Introduction FRANCES PIVEN 1932-10-10 lived in Millerton NY
      2. Address and Phone
        1. Manhattan FRANCES F. PIVEN Born 1932 35 CLAREMONT AVE. (between Columbia University and Riverside Park) NEW YORK, NY 10027-6815 . (212) 316-2027.
        2. Millerton FRANCES PIVEN 238 PEROTTI RD. (east and south of route 5, near Morse Hill Road) MILLERTON, Dutchess county, NY 12546-4456 FRANCES PIVEN 212 PEROTTI RD MILLERTON, NY 12546 FRANCES PIVEN 602 SMITHFIELD RD MILLERTON, NY 12546 FRANCIS [not Frances] F. PIVEN (518) 789-4302 [ (518) 789-4302 Francis Piven Millerton, NY 12546 Carrier: Landline from Taconic Telephone Corp.] (518) 359-7865 [ (518) 359-7865 City: Tupper Lake State: NY County: Franklin Timezone: Eastern Carrier: Verizon New York, Inc. Type: Landline] Prefix 789 serves Millerton, Dutchess county, NY. Prefix 359 serves Tupper Lake village, Altamont town, Franklin county, NY (in the Adirondacks). Frances F Piven Age 77 PO Box N Millerton, NY
        3. Source: Frances P Fox, 86 Known also: Frances F Piven Francis Piven [Notice "Frances" and "Francis".] Lived in Millerton, NY New York, NY Pine Plains, NY Related to Francis Piven Phone & Address
          1. Name Address Phone
          2. Frances F Piven 35 Claremont, New York, NY 10027 (212) 316-2027 [ (212) 316-2027 Frances Fox Piven 35 Claremont Ave Manhattan, NY 10027 Carrier: Landline from Verizon New York, Inc.]
          3. Frances Piven 212 Perotti Rd, Millerton, NY 12546
          4. Frances Piven 602 Smithfield Rd, Millerton, NY 12546
          5. Frances Piven 238 Perotti Rd, Millerton, NY 12546
      3. NYS Political $ PIVEN, FRAN 35 CLAREMONT AVE 5 NEW YORK, NY 10027 $500.00 20-FEB-04 WORKING FAMILIES PARTY, INC. 2004 July Periodic A N/A NA N/A N/A PIVEN, FRAN 35 CLAREMONT AVE 5 NEW YORK, NY 10027 $1,000.00 02-FEB-05 WORKING FAMILIES PARTY, INC. 2005 July Periodic A N/A NA N/A N/A
      4. for 2012
        1. Introduction She seems to have held two CUNY jobs in 2012.
        2. Dist Prof in Graduate College Frances-Piven Graduate College Agency CUNY Sub Agency Graduate College Position Dist Prof Year 2012 Pay Basis Annual Pay Rate $144,958 Salary $144,454 Related New York Employees NAME SALARY SUB AGENCY A Ramona Brown $170,183 College of Staten Island OTHER NEW YORK EMPLOYEES NAMED FRANCES PIVEN NAME BRANCH SUB AGENCY SALARY Frances Piven Executive School of Profsnal Studies Adj $11,914 Frances Piven School of Profsnal Studies Adj $16,250
        3. Adj Prof Hry in School of Profsnal Studies Frances Piven School of Profsnal Studies Adj Agency CUNY Sub Agency School of Profsnal Studies Adj Position Adj Prof Hry Location New York City - Manhattan Year 2012 Pay Basis Hourly Pay Rate $64 Salary $16,250 Related New York Employees NAME SALARY SUB AGENCY A A Brown $89,187 City College Lag OTHER NEW YORK EMPLOYEES NAMED FRANCES PIVEN NAME BRANCH SUB AGENCY SALARY Frances Piven Executive Graduate College $144,454 Frances Piven Executive School of Profsnal Studies Adj $11,914
    19. REESMAN 2008may4

      Linda Reesman, faculty, English Department, Queensborough Community College, CUNY, Queens County, New York City. (718) 631-6302

      PSC (Professional Staff Congress), Queensborough Community College, Chapter officer-at-large Linda Reesman. PSC may be a kind of union.

      LINDA L REESMAN Born Jul 1950, 111 MORRIS AVE, ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY 11570. (516) 678-3231, (516) 764-2157

    20. Renshon, Stanley A.
      1. Introduction 2013aug31 coordinator (in the graduate center's political science department?) of the Interdisciplinary Program in the Psychology of Social and Political Behavior birthdatabase,com Stanley A Renshon 1943-07-01
      2. Stanley Renshon 168 W 86th St #14C New York, NY 10024 (212) 362-2889 (212) 724-6264 [ Both phone numbers are for this building but for Judith Beldner, PHD, not him.] Name : BELDNER JUDITH Address : NEW YORK NY Profession : PSYCHOLOGY License No: 005242 Date of Licensure : 03/18/77 Additional Qualification : Not applicable in this profession Status : REGISTERED Registered through last day of : 12/15 ..... Stanley Renshon 8704 Winchester Ave Margate City, NJ 08402 (609) 823-5990 [ (609) 823-5990 Stanley Renshon 8704 Winchester Ave Margate City, NJ 08402 Carrier: Landline from Verizon New Jersey, Inc.] [Real estate tax bills for the Margate property are mailed to him at West 86th, suggesting that he may spend more time at West 86th. We describe the Margate property in detail, below.]
      3. FEC Political $
        1. Introduction RENSHON, STANLEY DR. NEW YORK, NY 10024 STANLEY RENSHON BUSH, GEORGE W VIA BUSH-CHENEY '04 (PRIMARY) INC 03/15/2004 200.00 24962784323 04/28/2004
        2. Page with two links Each page links to a display about a Renshon contribution. There were two contributions.
          1. contribution 1 RENSHON, STANLEY DR. NEW YORK NY 10024 04/28/2004 200.00 STANLEY RENSHON 24962795486 168 W 86th St psychologist/management
          2. contribution 2 RENSHON, STANLEY DR. NEW YORK NY 10024 03/15/2004 200.00 STANLEY RENSHON 24962784323 168 W 86th St psychologist/management
      4. Stanley A Renshon, 70 in 2013 Margate City, NJ Known also: Stanley Renshon Lived in: Margate City, NJ New York, NY Trenton, NJ Brooklyn, NY Middletown, CT Bronx, NY Milton, MA Tucson, AZ Related to: Stanley Renshon, 70
      5. County Atlantic Class Residential (2) Municipality Margate Acres 0.0973 Address 8704 WINCHESTER AVE Description 2SF1G Block 00217 Size 53X80 Lot and qualifier 00010 Additional lots Owner RENSHON, STANLEY Bank code 00000 Deed book 05363 Mailing address 168 W 86 ST APT 14-C City, state & ZIP NEW YORK, NY 10024 Deed page 00230 [Real estate tax bills for this property are mailed to him in Manhattan.] Sale price $1 [Perhaps this property really was a gift or the tranaction which seems to have been a sale really was a change in the form of ownership.] Total assessment $519,800 Assessed sales price $277,400 Land assessment $402,100 Deed date 1991-06-09 Improvement assessment $117,700 2011 Estimated Property Tax Information and Tax Rate per $100 of Valuation* Municipal tax $3,130.82 Municipal tax rate $0.602 Open Space tax $0.00 Open space rate $0.000 Total municipal tax $3,325.44 Total municipal rate $0.640 School tax $1,796.79 School tax rate $0.346 County tax $2,010.56 County tax rate $0.387 Total tax rate $1.372 Total property tax $7,132.78
      6. Stanley A Renshon Lehman College Agency CUNY Sub Agency Lehman College Position Professor Year 2012 Pay Basis Annual Pay Rate $116,364 Salary $115,959 Related New York Employees NAME SALARY SUB AGENCY Aaron W Forbes $90,874 New York State Police A H White $99,082 Environmental Conservation Aaron N Vandyke Jr $4,086 Hudson Valley DDSO Aaron Randolph Daniel $1,437 Mil & Naval SAD Emergency Aaron M.W. Clark $185 NYS Department of Health
    21. Chairperson of the board of trustees of CUNY. 2006may2.

      BENNO C. SCHMIDT, JR., is a court officer (attorney at law). He chaired mayor Giuliani's Task Force on The City University of New York.

      BENNO C SCHMIDT Born Sep 1942, 222 RIVERSIDE DR (near West 94th Street, 03/12/2002), NEW YORK, NY 10025-6809. (212) 866-6020.

      BENNO C SCHMIDT, 435 E 52ND ST (east of 1st Avenue, 10/06/2004), NEW YORK, NY 10022-6445. (212) 644-9862.

      He may have had an intreest in SCHMIDT, BENNO C.; 121 EAST 91ST STREET, NEW YORK NY 10128. He may have owed money to BALLSTON AERO TRUST SERVICES, L.C. (805 15TH STREET, NW; WASHINGTON DC 20005-2202) and FIRST NATIONAL BANKOF SANTA FE, THE (P.O. BOX 609, SANTA FE NM 87501).
      SCHMIDT, BENNO C.; MANHATTAN block 594, lot 1004; 3324/1666, ENTIRE LOT, 7/19/2001, MORTGAGE, 8; 462,000.

      He may have had an interest in 487 GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORK NY 10013.
      MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 594, lot 1004.

      He may have owed money to CONTINENTAL CASUALTYCOMPANY, CNA PLAZA, CHICAGO IL 60685.

    22. 13 March 2004, CUNY Graduate School Vice President for Student Affairs Matthew G. Schoengood, A.B., M.P.A., 76 DEHAVEN DR, YONKERS NY 10703
    23. 13 March 2004, CUNY Graduate School Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs Nanette G. Shaw, B.A., M.A., age 56, 310 E 12TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10003, (212) 505-7869
    24. Travis
      10 September 2010
      president, John Jay College
      Jeremy Travis
      JEREMY B TRAVIS Born  Mar 1978
      48 SEQUOIA WAY
      HOLBROOK, NY  11741
      JEREMY J TRAVIS Born  Jul 1979
      (518) 758-7537
      JEREMY TRAVIS Born  Jul 1948
      107 25TH ST
      NEW YORK, NY  10001
      (212) 627-2325
      JEREMY W TRAVIS Born  1948
      169 79TH ST
      NEW YORK, NY  10021
      BROOKLYN NY 11201 US
    25. Vinas
      10 September 2010
      John Jay College
      spokeswoman Doreen Vinas
      (631) 661-0143
      DOREEN L VINAS Born  1972
      325 COOPER RD
      NORTH BABYLON, NY  11703
      (631) 661-1944
      DOREEN VINAS 1975-01-30 New York NY


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