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  1. Our Introduction to SW Radio Africa's 6-Part List 6 July 2011 Central Intelligence Organisation CIO names and details There supposedly is a six-part list. We provide the first two parts below.
  2. Part 1
    1. Our Introduction to Part 1 of SW Radio Africa's List Part 1 of the leaked CIO list Part 1 has a long introduction. We deleted some of the introduction. Part 1 also has the list. Central Intelligence Organisation CIO names and details Part One may have been provided to SW Radio Africa. We downloaded Part One as file CIOpart1.pdf from in 2011. We provide a copy of that file. ... SW Radio Africa statement on release of CIO names and details SW Radio Africa statement on release of CIO names and details Gerry Jackson Station Manager 1st July 2011 Part One of the leaked CIO list By Lance Guma 30 June 2011 Our list starts with Hamad Adam who we have been able to verify is deployed at the Zimbabwean embassy in Germany as a 'political councillor.' Sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Harare, unaware we knew he was CIO, confirmed his deployment as a councillor and told us Adam has been in Germany for over 5 years now and is due to finish his 'stint' next month. In the run-up to the violent June 2008 one-man presidential election run-off, Adam was temporarily deployed back in his home area of Mabvuku, Harare. This was the same area where MDC-T activist Tonderai Ndira was abducted by 10 armed state security agents. Sources we spoke to placed Adam in the area at the same time, with his presence there said to involve 'campaigning' for ZANU PF. The Director General of the CIO, Happton Bonyongwe, is number 8 on the list. His name is often spelled Happyton, but the correct spelling is Happton. Bonyongwe is a retired Brigadier in the Zimbabwe National Army and our sources say he bypasses State Security Minister Sidney Sekeramayi and reports directly to Robert Mugabe. Under his watch the CIO direct most of the abductions, torture and murder of opposition activists. At number 69 is Simon Chisorochengwe, listed as a Deputy Intelligence Officer. He shot to prominence via his well publicized attempts to destroy the Zimbabwe Liberators' Platform (ZLP), a rival war vets association which is independent of ZANU PF interference and manipulation. Although most media report refer to him as Samuel, his correct name on the list is Simon. Chisorochengwe engineered a trumped-up case in which then ZLP leader Wilfred Mhanda (Dzinashe Machingura) and former national programmes coordinator Wilson Nharingo, were jointly charged with theft by conversion. Using his influence Chisorochengwe ensured the case dragged on for more than 2 years. In June 2007 the presiding magistrate eventually threw out the case. At number 56 is Edward Chinoza, another 'Deputy Intelligence Officer'. Investigations have revealed that Chinoza is working in the newly autonomous country of South Sudan as the Consul General. Number 42 is Paul Chikawa, a Deputy Intelligence Officer at the time the list was leaked in 2001. Last year it was reported that the pensions of two retired soldiers were stolen in a well-orchestrated scam The Next Middle East War Get this Free Report from a Former Pentagon Official- Don't Miss it! 1 Trick to Relieve Joints See how you can relieve your joints with this fast and easy trick... 7/4/2011 6:36 AM involving bank officials and accomplices allegedly linked to the national registry office. Chikawa, one of the victims, was referred to as a retired soldier but from our list he actually works for the CIO and is believed to be currently deployed in Hong Kong. At number 34 is a notorious state security agent known as Maxwell Chidzamba (spelt Chidzambwa in some reports). In January 2008 he allegedly took part in the attempted murder of prominent MDC-T activist Shepherd Maisiri, a poor farmer in the Inyati Resettlement area. Chidzamba and his gang of seven, on the orders of then State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, bundled Maisiri into a jute bag, then into a truck and dumped him in the Rusape Dam. He was only saved by fishermen laying their nets that night. People in the area usually refer to Chidzamba as a war vet, but our list says he is a CIO operative. Link to CIO list Part 1 See SW Radio Africa statement on release of CIO names and details Next week Thursday we continue with our expose. Home - Archives - Schedule - Links - Feedback - Views - Reports 7/4/2011 6:36 AM Central Intelligence Organizaon (CIO) list part 1 of 6 Distributed by SW Radio Africa The Independent Voice of Zimbabwe Informaon correct as of April 2001 See related news story
    2. List Surname FORENAME Rank/Posion PLACE TEL. Extension ID NO Adam Hamad Operative ext 232 Baloyi M Operative ext 279 or 792318 Banhamombe Operative ext 290 Bhenyu M Operative ext 279 Bizure M Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 325 Bodzo Operative 210323 ext 390 Bonde Felix Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-365930K70 Bonyongwe HAPPTON MABHUYA Operative 576097 ext 228 63-374707A13 Bosha INNOCENT Operative ext 305/211 07-085361D07 Bururu C Operative ext 305/211 Bvunzawabaya Operative ext 390 Bvuure Operative ext 333/223 Bwawa Operative Hatcliffe 882288 Chabaya A Operative RRB ext 268 Chabvonga Sign Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-315722L70 Chada P Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 324 or 734 152 Chademana F Operative ext 418 Chadyendiya E Operative ext 379 or 739 173 Chakanyuka N Operative ext 308 Chakanyuka W Operative ext 344 or 707 375 Chakavanda T Operative ext 333 Chamboko N Operative Hatcliffe ext 329 or 883166 Chamunorwa Operative ext 317 Changata George Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-450273M45 Charanga NYARADZAI Operative ext 392 54-036814R27 Charangwa C Operative ext 368 Charasika L Operative ext 215 Charasika J Operative 734748 ext 229 or 734 748 Charasika Josephine Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-327594Q50 Charuma C Operative ext 398 or 700967 Chama E Operative ext 288 Chatora Rachel Deputy Intelligence Officer Chaunoita E Operative 8959314 ext 388 or 790036 Chidzamba Maxwell Operative Chidzemwe B Operative ext 417 63-327594Q50 Chifura Operative ext 333 Chigaba Operative ext 337 Chigariro L Operative 666295 ext 289 or 725148 Chigutsa S Operative ext 389 Chigwata S Operative ext 238 63-022247R42 Chikadaya E Operative ext 380 Chikawa Paul Deputy Intelligence Officer Chikaza Z Operative ext 304/37 83-068111Z83 Chikoo A Operative 212690 ext 259 Chikuse S Operative ext 429 Chikwaka R Operative ext 274/289 or 725148 Chikwenhere I Operative 611671 ext 248/250 or 793 205 Chimanga D Operative ext 288 Chimanya L Operative ext 388 Chimboza P Operative ext 308 Chimhandamba B Operative ext 251 Chinaka L Operative ext 348 Chinakirwa S Operative Hatcliffe ext 245 22-048332C22 Chindito G Operative ext 426 702335 Chingwaro Edson Deputy Intelligence Officer Chinoza Edward Deputy Intelligence Officer Chinyanga Benjamin Deputy Intelligence Officer Chinyayi Phillip Operative ext 333 Chinyayi B Operative ext 378 Chinyoka F Operative ext 312 Chipungare T Operative Hatcliffe 882288 54-032495X54 Chirikure V Operative ext 315 or 729979 Chirima S Operative ext 305/211 Chirimba N Operative ext 253 Chirimuuta B Operative ext 396 Chisango J Operative ext 212 Chisenwa J Operative ext 212 Chisenwa John Deputy Intelligence Officer Chisorochengwe Simon Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-620343W66 Chitaka L Operative ext 209 Chitekwe A Operative ext 245 Chitemamuswe R Operative ext 303 7/4/2011 6:37 AM Chitohwa E Operative 210160 ext 253 Chitura B Operative RRB ext 208 Chitura C Operative ext 291 Chiunye T Operative ext 317 Chiunye B Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 326/372 Chivero R Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE728225 ext 205 Chiza M Operative ext 376 Chizanga N Operative ext 333 Chokuwamba A Operative ext 299 Choto Cleophas Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-426811K80 Chuma Issac Deputy Intelligence Officer
  3. Part 2 of SW Radio Africa's List
    1. Our Introduction to Part 2 11 August 2011 Part 2 comes from CIOpart2.pdf, which we downloaded from
    2. Part 2 of SW Radio Africa's List
      1. Introduction SW Radio Africa news - The Independent Voice of Zimbabwe Part 2 of the leaked CIO list By Lance Guma 07 July 2011 SW Radio Africa continues with Part 2 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of -operatives- working at that time. Some agents may have retired or passed away, many are still serving. The serialization of the 480+ names is being done alphabetically over six weeks. At number 42 on the list is Elias Kanengoni, in 2001 just an -operative-. He gained notoriety during the 1990 general elections when he shot the late former Gweru Mayor Patrick Kombayi. Kanengoni and a ZANU PF activist, Kizito Chivamba, pumped over six bullets into Kombayi-s groin. Kombayi-s only crime was to contest against Mugabe-s deputy, the late Vice-President Simon Muzenda, for a parliamentary seat in Gweru. Despite both Kanengoni and Chivamba being sentenced to serve a seven year jail sentence they were controversially pardoned by Mugabe, using his presidential powers. Not only was Kanengoni pardoned he has since been promoted, rising through the CIO ranks to Deputy Director General (internal). Last year he was appointed into the ZANU PF Central Committee, sparking protests from the MDC-T that a serving CIO chief should not be taking part in politics. In 2008 the CIO was rocked by serious infighting between Director General Happton Bonyongwe and his late deputy Maynard Muzariri. Bonyongwe was accused of supporting the presidential bid of Simba Makoni, while Muzariri backed Mugabe to stay in power. The rivalry was so intense it nearly paralysed the organization as the two CIO bosses spent time spying on each other. Showing how Mugabe rewards loyal operatives it was reported that the ZANU PF leader contemplated making Kanengoni the Director General of the CIO, to stop the infighting. Last year in June Kanengoni was doing the bidding of his masters again. He was reported to have assembled a hit squad that was responsible for -disciplining- villagers in Chiweshe who did not toe the ZANU PF line during the constitutional outreach meetings. At number 123 is Kizito Gweshe who is listed as a -Deputy Intelligence Officer-. Our investigations have shown that his stint in the CIO has seen him being richly rewarded. In addition to a plush home in the Pomona, Borrowdale suburb of Harare, he grabbed the Wanimo Farm in Chegutu from the Wolstenholme family. The seizure of this and many other farms in the Chegutu area was to be the backbone of a test case brought before the regional SADC Tribunal in which the affected farmers challenged the land grab. The farmers won the case, but Mugabe-s regime disregarded the ruling and recently the Tribunal was dissolved by SADC leaders to protect Mugabe. CIA - Intelligence Degree Earn an intelligence degree online at American Military University. Intelligence Degrees Advance Your Career in Intelligence Learn from Past Intelligence Agents 7/8/2011 7:15 AM At number 145 is Bruce Karimbika, listed as an -operative-. Karimbika enrolled at the Harare Polytechnic around 1994 to about 1996, studying what was believed to be either computers or business studies. Many believed he was there primarily to spy on student activists at the college. Around 2001 he was stationed at the Munhumutapa Buildings which house the offices of Robert Mugabe. He is still employed by the CIO, although his exact role at present is unknown. Since publication of Part 1 of our list we have received further information about some of the names. At number 15 was Sign Chabvonga. Our investigations have revealed that he spent quite some time in the United States before he went back to Zimbabwe recently. We are informed that, starting in 1999, he worked as a -political attache-- at the Zimbabwean Embassy in the US capital, Washington. He is one of many that show a consistent pattern within the CIO, where most -Deputy Intelligence Officers- have been promoted and sent abroad. Hamad Adam (1), Paul Chikawa (42) and Edward Chinoza (56) were all deployed to Zimbabwean embassies abroad. See CIO list of operatives 2001 Part 2 Home - Archives - Schedule - Links - Feedback - Views - Reports 7/8/2011 7:15 AM Central Intelligence Organiza-on (CIO) list part 2 of 6 Distributed by SW Radio Africa The Independent Voice of Zimbabwe Informa-on correct as of April 2001 See related news story
      2. List Surname FORENAME Rank/Posi-on PLACE Denga P Operative Dhliwayo Charles Deputy Intelligence Officer Dhube R Operative Dondo Operative Dopo O Operative Dozwa M Operative Dube A Operative Dube R Operative Dube C Operative Dzenga E Operative Dzenga B Operative RRB Dzivinayi Lilian Deputy Intelligence Officer Dzova F Operative Dzvinayi L Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE Engedzai J Operative Gande Operative Gera D Operative Gijima Operative Gohodzi Operative Gombarago Tamuka Operative Gomo I Operative Gondo S Operative Gondo F Operative Gono A Operative Gono V Operative Gono B Operative Gono L Operative Gororo L Operative Gudza S Operative Gudza Patson Deputy Intelligence Officer Gumi M Operative Hatcliffe Gunduza Operative Gurupira J Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE Gurupira E Operative RRB Gwanetsa O Operative CIOpart1 7/8/2011 7:15 AM


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