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German flag This page has opinion, analysis, and publicly available information, including home addresses, about DHL, which is part of the biggest German post office, which is controlled by the German government.

  1. Introduction

    Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn started DHL in 1969. There is a question of DHL's connection to the German government. Below is our understanding of that connection. The German government owns KfW (a development bank), which seems to own a controlling interest (maybe 45%) of Deutsche Post Ag (Frankfurt, DE:555200), which may also be known as Bonn-headquartered Deutsche Post World Net, which is listed on the German stock index DAX as AKTIE GELB). DHLWE (DHL Worldwide Network S.A./N.V.) may be the mother DHL corporation. The DHL mother corporation's world headquarters are in Belgium. The mother corporation owns subsidiaries and affiliates; for example, DHLHU (DHL Holdings (USA), Inc.). A recent address of DHLHU may be DHL Holdings USA Inc, 10001 N 92nd St. (east of Mountain View Park), Scottsdale, AZ 85258-4545; phone (480) 444-0086. DHLHU owns subsidiaries and affiliates; for example DHLEU (DHL Express (USA), Inc.). Airborne (Airborne Inc) was merged into one of the DHL corporations (maybe DHLEU). Not all of Airborne was merged into DHL. Some of Airborne became ABX. ABX is an independent corporation of which DHL is an important customer. Danzas was consolidated into DHL. DHL Worldwide Express, Inc. (DHLWE) was, and maybe still is, a Delaware corporation. DPWNU (Deutsche Post World Net USA, Inc.) has an office in the District of Columbia.

    According to a 15 January 2006 article (maybe by Bernadette) entitled "Rumors and More" in The Bernie Blog, DHL is trying to buy Watkins Motor Lines (which has headquarters in Lakeland, Florida). DHL and Deutsche Post World Net also have non-American subsidiaries and investments in closely related industries (especially courier, transport, logistics, and freight forwarder industries). For example, DHL owns Exel (Britain), about two thirds of Blue Dart (India), and some of Sinotrans (China).

    DHLS (DHL Systems, Inc.) is owned by DHL and provides computer service to DHL. For example, DHLS seems to operate DHL's computer centers in Scottsdale (Arizona) and the Chodov neighborhood of Prague. DHLS in Scottsdale may have: telephone (480) 636-2666; email; a server; address 8701 E. Hartford Dr. (slightly north of Tournament Players Club Desert [golf] Course, near East Bell Road and route 101), Scottsdale, AZ 85255-5484. Most descritions of DHL's worldwide computer activities name only three, main centers: Scottsdale (near Phoenix, Arizona), Prague (which may be operating at a lower level of quality than described by DHL), and Cyberjaya (near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). An advertsiement on a University of Adelaide Web page (former URL, advertisement entitled "DHL IT SERVICES CENTER CYBERJAYA - Graduate Development Program Ad") claimed that DHL has four computer centers, the fourth being in Bonn (the city with Deutsche Post World Net headquarters):

    "Established in 1998, DHL IT Services Center Cyberjaya (DHL ITSC Cyberjaya) is one of four strategic IT Services Centers worldwide; the other three are located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA; Prague, Czech Republic and Bonn, Germany, that support the DHL group's international network which links more than 220 countries and territories globally."

    The German government seems to intend to eventually reduce its ownership of, and therefore control over, DPWN (which owns all of DHL).

    Above is a brief sketch of our understanding of the German government's indirect control over DHL. Our understanding of that control is not necessarily perfect. In any event, many, crucial decisions about DHL in Ameria are made and announced by DPWN in Germany.

  2. DHL in America lost money in 2004 and 2005. Deutsche Post finance chief Edgar Ernst stated in Frankfurt (Germany) in late September 2004, reported by James Regan of Reuters at the website as "Deutsche Post Sees a Big DHL U.S. Loss", that DHL's U.S. business will not break even until 2006. In Bonn, according to a article entitled "UPDATE 3-D.Post sees flat 2006 profit as U.S. woes linger", 14 March 2006, by James Regan of Reuters, DPWN expects further loss for DHL in America, no profit for DHL in America in 2007, profit for DHL in America in 2009. In summary, DHL does not expect a profit for DHL in Ameria in 2006 or 2007, is silent about its profit expectation for 2008, and expects 2009 to be profitable.
  3. DHL American headquarters are in Plantation, Broward county, Florida 33324, telephone area code 954. DHLEU (DHL Express (USA), Inc.) headquarters may be at: DHL Express, 1200 South Pine Island Road (slightly east of the Jacaranda Golf Club, near interstate highway 595, in a building possibly named the Cornerstone Building), Suite 600, Plantation, FL 33324-4465. DHL is not the only tenant at the building, which seems to be owned by PG-PLANTATION CS ONE LLC (1980 POST OAK BLVD., STE. 1600, HOUSTON, TX 77056). DHL has other offices. According to "DHL Program Seeks to Hold on to IT Staff: Courier plans perks to reward, keep workers" by Thomas Hoffman of Computerworld, 17 January 2005, DHL had 1200 (in America?) computer employees ("IT workers"), and a 500-person national billing center in Houston. According to an article at ex-URL, "Tech-worker gap [subtitle:] Companies face shortages as demand for IT skills grows", by Jane Larson in The Arizona Republic on 13 November 2005, DHL's Scottsdale (Arizona) IT center employed 900 people.
  4. America forbids DHLEU from operating an intra-American airline. Therefore, DHL outsources its intra-American, cargo, air service.

    A few airlines seem to provide much of DHL's cargo transportation service. Some pilot unions of some of those airlines participate in GCPA (Global Cargo Pilots Alliance). The airlines and unions are ASTAR Air Cargo (formerly DHL Airways Inc.), represented by ALPA (Air Line Pilots Association); Lufthansa Cargo, represented by the German Airline Pilots Association; European Air Transport, represented by the BeCA; and ABX Air (formerly part of Airborne), represented by Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1224. According to a 29 June 2004 press release (of the Air Line Pilots Association and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters) entitled "DHL Pilots Meet in Washington, DC", GCPA repesents about two thousand pilots working for airlines which fly cargo for DHL. According to an SN&R 17 March 2005 article entitled "Union busting by proxy [subtitle:] DHL has Teamsters seeing red--and yellow" by Cosmo Garvin, most DHL drivers in America work for independent contractors, not for DHL. (By the way, that article explains a way that a DHL package can be stolen, although we express no opinion on the theft accusation in that article.)

    Teamster locals are trying to organize employees of DHL and its trucking contractors. As of 24 January 2006, DHL in America has three union contract, all with Teamster locals at gateway airports in New York city (JFK), Los Anglees (LAX), Miami (MIA), and maybe elsewhere. On 23 June 2005, Teamster local 705 briefly (according to former URL shut a DHL station down at Chicago's ORD airport, according to a 30 June 2005 Teamster article entitled "Local 705's Shut-Down of DHL Results in Victories [subtitle:] Workers' Message to Company: Take Care of Family".

    On 5 February 2006, website's listing 24613243 is for the sale of a northern California business which Bernie Kottlier is involved in selling: (formerly at URL "REPRESENT DHL IN S.F. BAY AREA; SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY". The seller's asking price is $35,000. Here is an excerpt from the seller's description of the business.

      "This is a great opportunity to acquire the rights to represent DHL Express shipping services in the San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, S. Sacramento and Stockton, California areas. Purchase the whole territory, or a portion of this highly desirable region, and own a very profitable, low risk sales business.
      "Your business is building an account base of shippers. You will be paid for every single package they ship for as long as they ship with DHL."
    The business seems to consist of getting customeres for DHL. By the way, someone named "Bernie Kottlier" has been p part of BT Commercial, which now is NAI BT Commercial.

    We do not know if ABN AMRO Mortgage Group is still a DHL customer. DHL may have lost some New Hampshire customers after the Christmas 2004 weekend. According to French reporters, Iraqi guerrilas on 22 November 2003 struck a DHL, Airbus 300 plane (which the guerrilas had thought was an American, military plane) with a Strela (SA-7) SAM (surface-to-air missile) after the plane took off from Baghdad, forcing the plane to quickly land. This attack may have caused collateral damage to DHL depending on the definition of "collateral damage" used.

  5. DHL office locations are interesting for at least two reasons: separate and south.
    1. Separate

      In Europe, DHL headquarters are in Diegem (near Brussels airport; in Machelen municipality, Flemish Brabant province, Belgium) but the main computer center is in the Chodov neighborhood of Prague (Czech Republic). In America, DHL headquarters are in Plantation (Florida) but the main computer center is in Scottsdale (Arizona). In Asia, the main computer center is in Kuala Lumpur (Cyberjaya, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia). If DHL has a continental headquarters in Asia, we guess that it is not in Malaysia.

    2. South

      In America, unions are more popular in some places than others. To oversimplify, unions tend to be more popular in the north (near Canada, not Mexico or the Gulf of Mexico) and in big cities. It is not a coincidence that DHL's first union contract was at JFK airport, because New York city is both in the north and a big city. DHL American headquarters are in Plantation, a small Florida town near Fort Lauderdale. DHL's main computer center in America is in oxymoronic Koll Perimeter Center, in Scottsdale (a small Arizona town near Phoenix).

    map of Germany According to former URL, Ogilvy & Mather, of New York, created some advertising for DHL. According to former URL, G.S. Schwartz & Co. has handled press relations for DHL.

    Airports tend to be noisy. Cargo airports tend to be noisier at night than passenger airports. Some people have been concerned about possible or actual, DHL-caused noise; for example, at America's Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (according to a 3 July 2004 article, "DHL to ease flights, but noise study [to continue at] full throttle", by James Pilcher and Brenna R. Kelly of the Cincinnati Enquirer), at Brussels International airport (according to a 7 January 2000 article, "DHL threat fuels Brussels night flight row", by Robin Pomeroy of Reuters, which article was at, and at March Air Reserve Base (next to Riverside, California, USA). The March Air Reserve Base concern may be shown by supposed attempts to communicate with John Fellows, Guenter Rohrmann, and Hans Toggweiler.

    One of DHL's URLs is

  6. DHL news after 2007

    1. January 2008 FTD report

      According to FTD (Financial Times Deutschland), DPWN is talking with FedEx about selling assets of DHL's business in America to FedEx. According to an article (at former URL "DPWN dismisses DHL Express sale", 28 January 2008, in the Air Cargo News Web site, DPWN said that the sale of DHL Express US can be completely ruled out. Also, DHL Director of Corporate Communications Jonathan Baker said that any withdrawal of DHL Express in the U.S. market can be completely ruled out, according to an article, "DPWN may consider selling DHL Express U.S. operations, says recent news report", in the Logistics Management website. In conclusion, DPWN and DHL both denied the report.

      On 29 May 2008, ATW Daily News had an article, "DHL undertakes major US restructuring, shifts air lift to rival UPS", by Aaron Karp. DHL will shift its air lift capacity in the market to rival UPS. Parent Deutsche Post World Net can no longer tolerate massive annual losses in DHL's US business. DHL air hub activities presumably will be shifted from Wilmington, Ohio, to Louisville. Additionally, DHL will close 34 percent of its package-sorting facilities, particularly those in smaller markets, relinquishing blanket US coverage in favor of higher-yield, major markets.

      The May 2008 news about UPS should be considered in light of DHL's statements in response to the January 2008 article in FTD about FedEx. What DHS denied in January, it seems to have done in May.

  1. DHL Airways, 25 January 2006, Vicki W. Bretthauer

    Senior vice vresident of operations VICKI W BRETTHAUER, Born Jun 1957, 1167 S Hiddenbrook Trail (east of South Roselle Road), Palatine, IL 60067-9104, COOK COUNTY, (847) 202-8263. She has worked in Chicago.

    Property Index Number: 02-28-115-004-0000
    Address : 1167 S Hiddenbrook Trl
    City : Palatine
    Township : Palatine
    Neighborhood : 110
    Taxcode : 29007
    Class: 2-78
    Description : Two or More Story Residence, Up to 62 Years, 2,001 to 3,800 Sq. Ft
    Residence Type Two Story
    Use Single Family
    Apartments None
    Exterior Construction Frame
    Full Baths 2
    Half Baths 1
    Basement1 Full and Unfinished
    Attic None
    Central Air Yes
    Number of Fireplaces 1
    Garage Size/Type2 2 car attached
    Building Square Footage: 2,946
    Land Square Footage 8,210
    Assessment Pass Assessor Certified
    Age: 14
    Land Square Footage: 8,210

    The seems to be a brick-paved driveway, a black mailbox on a post near the street, and an evergreen coniferous tree to the left of the house.

  2. 20005 December 20, DHL.
    Bandrowczak, Steven mr. 5/6/2004 $1,000.00 Scottsdale, AZ 85259
    political gift
    He is DHL's computer boss in America. DHL's American computer center is in Arizona (not at DHL's American headquarters, in Florida).
    STEVEN J. BANDROWCZAK Born Sep 1960.
    STEVEN J. BANDROWCZAK, 12136 E Laurel Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 85259-3348, MARICOPA COUNTY, (480) 661-1683.
  3. 2005 December 23, DHL, Fred BELJAARS.

    Fred Beljaars, executive vice president of operations.

    FREDERIK J.W. BELJAARS, 5230 WHISPER DR., CORAL SPRINGS, Broward county, FL , (954) 341-6977, August 2002 sale price $1,060,000.

    FRED J. BELJAARS, 35 BRIGHTWOOD LN E., DANVILLE, CA, (925) 831-89nn. This Danville address may be obsolete.

  4. DHL Global Mail, Director Marketing and Communications, Jane Bergos, 2008may30

    JANE M BERGOS Born Jun 1968, 11/2005, 1427 CAPRI LN, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33326 (954) 515-0667

    JANE M BERGOS Born Jun 1968, 16395 MALIBU DR, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33326 (954) 515-0667.

  5. 2006 January 15; DHL Systems, Germany; BEVALI

    Charles Bevali,, DHL Systems Inc, phone (650) 425 5240, North America. System: Linux. Kini may have been a colleague of Bevali.

    Notice that Bevali was on Linux. This does not necessarily mean that the entire DHL, or even the entire DHL Systems, used Linux.

    CHARLES BEVALI (415) 775-9454. Prefix 775 of area code 415 is in central San Francisco.
    CHARLES A. BEVALI, Born 1964, 559 43RD AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA (415) 668-9651.
    CHARLES A. BEVALI, Born 1964, 6334 KATHLEEN RD., SCOTTSDALE, AZ, (480) 998-8310.

    Parcel #: 215-38-323
    MCR #: 28604 , Lot #: 121
    Property Address: 6334 E KATHLEEN RD, SCOTTSDALE 85254
    Property Description: NORTH RANCH UNIT 3 MCR 286-4
    Section Township Range: 4 3N 4E
    Mailing Address: 6334 E KATHLEEN RD, SCOTTSDALE AZ 85254 USA
    Deed #: 020931680 , Sales Price: $315,000, Deed Date: 9/11/2002, Sales Date: 8/1/2002. Title insurance Capital Title Agency Inc. policy 02021286. 2006 real estate tax $2,333.00.

    Notice that on this deed, by which Bevali became owner, he did not sign. Only the seller signed. This is the most common American practice. Contrast this with Kini's deed, which buyer Kini signed. Bevali's deed does not seem to say "right of survivorship". Maybe that explains the different signing. Kathy Archambault (spelled right by us?) notarized.

  6. 2005 December 23, DHL, Lindsay BIRLEY

    Senior Vice President International Products and Services for DHL Express.

    40 ISLE OF VENICE, #14 and 15, FORT LAUDERDALE, Broward county, FL 33301. She seems to own 50% of two condos, numbers 14 and 15. The correspondence address for both is number 14. April 2005 total sale price for both condos may have been $685,000. Folio numbers 504201GE0140 and 504201GE0150.

  7. 20005 December 20, DHL
    Birnbaum, Linda 8/21/2004 $343.00 West Palm Beach, FL 33409
    political gift
    LINDA R BIRNBAUM Bor Jul 1951
    LINDA R. BIRNBAUM, 3906 TORRES CIR, WEST PALM BEACH, Palm Beach county, FL 33409 7860, (561) 471-0358. County real estate control number 74-42-43-12-21-000-2470. Apr-2003 sale in book 15227, page 1707, for $207,604. Total Square Feet (possibly just living area) 1681, acres 0.1263.
  8. 20005 December 20, DHL
    Bostdorff, Richard 4/7/2004 $250.00 Reno, NV 89509
    DHL Shipping/Senior Vice President
    political gift
    Bostdorff, Richard 6/9/2004 $250.00 Reno, NV 89509
    DHL Shipping/Senior Vice President
    political gift

    From Santa Barbara, California. Cal Poly college, San Luis Obispo, business degree, 1966; graduate sudent Pepperdine University.
    1966-97 Pacific Bell; 1997-2000 Nevada Bell; 2000-03 consulatant and teacher at U. of Nevada in Reno (this may possibly have been a period in which he seems not to have worked full-time); 2003-present: high-raanking executive, DHL Worldwide Express. Spouse, daughters, grandchildren.

    Reno town of Nevada is in Washoe county.
    RICHARD C. "Dick" BOSTDORFF Born 1944, 4630 ABERFELDY RD, RENO, NV 89509. County parcel number 041-601-03. This may be a former adddress.
    RICHARD C. "Dick" BOSTDORFF Born Sep 1946, 4455 STARWOOD CT., RENO, NV. Parcel number 009-704-07; 4455 STARWOOD CT; BOSTDORFF, RICHARD C TR; 4455 STARWOOD CT., RENO NV 89509, 06/25/2002. Richard C. Bostdorff may possibly own as a trustee, posibly for of a family trust. Another owner may be BOSTDORFF FAMT (Bostdorff Family Trust). On 25 June 2002, by document 02703297, owership changed from Richard and his wife (who became owners by document 02632129 of 12/24/2001) to the current, trust setup. Richard and his wife got the property from Richard: BOSTDORFF,RICHARD C. The parcel has area 0.53 Acre. Use code 020 (Single Family Residence); 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, no half bathrooms, stucco exterior walls, concrete tile roofs; Lot 122, Block C; house (not including basement or garage) area 3,778 square feet; garage area 1010 square feet; sub floor is wood; frame is stud framed; municipal water; paved street.

  9. DHL Danzas Air & Ocean, BOUCHARD, 2006 March 2

    She may have been a public relations or press relations officer. Candace BOUCHARD, work phone (203) 655 5792, Prefix 655 serves Darien, Connecticut, which has zip code 06820. There has been a DHL office in Darien: DHL, 120 Tokeneke Road, Darien, Connecticut 06820. Maybe she has worked at that office.

    CANDACE BOUCHARD, 8 BOULEVARD (Recorded 04/15/2001), NEWTOWN, CT 06470


    CANDACE BOUCHARD, 65 HIGH ROCK RD (Recorded 11/12/1999), SANDY HOOK, CT 06482. (203) 426-5629.

  10. Airborne DHL Germany, 2006 January 4

    Boyd, Robert C
    10/11/2004 $500.00; Phoenix, AZ 85048; Airborne Express/Pilot (political gift)

    ROBERT C BOYD Born (August?) 1952
    14202 S 2nd St. (a dead end street at East Desert Wind Drive), Phoenix, AZ 85048-1806, MARICOPA COUNTY. This may be a private real estate project which requires a key to pass an entry gate.

    Parcel 311-02-630. Deed 030889601, Sales Price $660,148; Warranty Deed Date 7/8/2003 (once at URL, Sales Date 7/1/2003. Real estate tax for 2005 is $5,663.16; already paid $2,831.58; therefore due $2,831.58. Boyd's purchase was insured by Chicago Title Insurance Company, maybe policy number 2303176 24. He bought the house, which may have been new, from T.W. Lewis Company (which also seems to have sold a house to DHL's Anthony "Tony" Treglia, who seems to work in Scottsdale, Arizona). Lot 57 WR. The deed was notarized by Joann Stevens.

  11. Clough

      Ian D. Clough, EVP and CFO
    1. Introduction

      Ian a more common name in some English-speaking places outside America (for example, England) than in America.

    2. IAN D CLOUGH 2449 GREENBRIER CT, Weston, Broaward County, FL 33327 (954) 660-0263
      Site Address 	610 W LAS OLAS BOULEVARD 1012N , FORT LAUDERDALE  
      Property Owner 	CLOUGH,IAN D ...
      Mailing Address 	2449 GREENBRIER CT WESTON FL 33327-1440
      ID # 	5042 10 BB 0680
      Millage 	0312 
      Use       	04 
      Legal Description 	SYMPHONY NORTH CONDO UNIT 1012-N
      Property Assessment Values  
      Year 	Land 	Building 	Just Value 	Assessed /
      SOH Value 	Tax
      2010 	$33,440   	$300,930   	$334,370   	$334,370   	 
      2009 	$33,440   	$300,930   	$334,370   	$334,370   	$6,776.32  
      2008 	$37,900   	$341,140   	$379,040   	$379,040   	$7,609.98
      IMPORTANT: The 2010 values currently shown are merely rollover values from 2009. The real 2010 assessments and portability values will not be finalized until June 1. Please check back here AFTER June 1, 2010, to see the actual proposed 2010 assessments and portability values.
      2010 Exemptions and Taxable Values by Taxing Authority
        	County  	School Board  	Municipal  	Independent 
      Just Value 	$334,370  	$334,370  	$334,370  	$334,370 
      Portability 	0  	0  	0  	0 
      Assessed/SOH 	$334,370  	$334,370  	$334,370  	$334,370 
      Homestead   	0  	0  	0  	0 
      Add. Homestead 	0  	0  	0  	0 
      Wid/Vet/Dis   	0  	0  	0  	0 
      Senior 	0  	0  	0  	0 
      Exempt Type   	0  	0  	0  	0 
      Taxable  	$334,370  	$334,370  	$334,370  	$334,370 
      Sales History -- Search Subdivision Sales
      Date 	Type 	Price 	Book 	Page
      1/20/2006   	WD   	$499,000   	41429   	725  
      1/20/2006   	SWD   	$312,000   	41324   	365  
      Land Calculations
      Price 	Factor 	Type
      Adj. Bldg. S.F. 	1298  
      Eff. Year Built 	2006  
      Special Assessments  
      Fire 	Garbage 	Light 	Drainage 	Improvement 	Safe
    3. Olas

      Site Address 610 W LAS OLAS BOULEVARD 1012N , FORT LAUDERDALE Property Owner CLOUGH,IAN D ... Mailing Address 2449 GREENBRIER CT WESTON FL 33327-1440 ID # 5042 10 BB 0680 Millage 0312 Use 04 Legal Description SYMPHONY NORTH CONDO UNIT 1012-N Property Assessment Values Year Land Building Just Value Assessed / SOH Value Tax 2010 $33,440 $300,930 $334,370 $334,370 2009 $33,440 $300,930 $334,370 $334,370 $6,776.32 2008 $37,900 $341,140 $379,040 $379,040 $7,609.98 IMPORTANT: The 2010 values currently shown are merely rollover values from 2009. The real 2010 assessments and portability values will not be finalized until June 1. Please check back here AFTER June 1, 2010, to see the actual proposed 2010 assessments and portability values. 2010 Exemptions and Taxable Values by Taxing Authority County School Board Municipal Independent Just Value $334,370 $334,370 $334,370 $334,370 Portability 0 0 0 0 Assessed/SOH $334,370 $334,370 $334,370 $334,370 Homestead 0 0 0 0 Add. Homestead 0 0 0 0 Wid/Vet/Dis 0 0 0 0 Senior 0 0 0 0 Exempt Type 0 0 0 0 Taxable $334,370 $334,370 $334,370 $334,370 Sales History -- Search Subdivision Sales Date Type Price Book Page 1/20/2006 WD $499,000 41429 725 1/20/2006 SWD $312,000 41324 365 Land Calculations Price Factor Type Adj. Bldg. S.F. 1298 Eff. Year Built 2006 Special Assessments Fire Garbage Light Drainage Improvement Safe 03 R 1


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