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  1. Introduction 2023feb16 Our comments below are in approximately chronological order of the most recent events and conditions they describe. The oldest are on top.

  2. Consumer advice in Hamburg 2023feb16 Before 1997 in Hamburg city, we asked a taxi-driver to take us to a place at which we could find a prostitute. As he drove us, he warned that prostitutes pretend, after being paid for a fuck, that they understood "fuck" to merely mean tit-fuck. They pretend that they are not obligated to participate in a penis-vagina fuck. He brought us to a street with a barricade preventing vehicles from going further. We left the taxi. On the non-brothels side of the barricade, there was a sign about photographs. We walked to the brothels side of the barricade. We chose a brothel, entered, chose a prostitute, and went with her to a room with a bed. There was agreement on service and price, and she was paid. There was no mention of tit-fucking or of tits. Later, she said that she understood "fuck" to mean tit-fuck. Because of the great taxi-driver, we were ready. The price was fair for a tit-fuck. We told her that we agreed with her, and that we wanted to tit-fuck. She briefly had a strange look on her face. Perhaps it was a look of surprise in response to what we had said. There was a tit-fuck. We don't know if that fraudulent practice, pretending that payment was merely for a tit-fuck, persists today, or if the practice extends beyond that street.

  3. Oldenburg, Niedersachsen 2023mar28
    1. Introduction Some people in Oldenburg have been wonderful to us, and some have been terrible. Below, we whine about a little of of the extensive, persistent mistreatment we get in Oldenburg.
    2. Part One 2023apr3
      1. Fake web pages for us We occasionally reached fake web sites, or at least fake pages of real web sites (for example, fake home pages, fake log in pages, and fake pages with fake, detailed information about our accounts). Those fake pages are only at sites we have previously been at for either: three times, or a total duration of at least two hours. If we suspected that we were at a fake page, we sometimes went to that URL from a computer not at our place; for example, a xomputer at a cybercafe or library. We then saw the real, web page; not the fake we had seen from our own computer. Often, the fake page prevents us from logging in or provides false information to us about our account. When there is a fake page, it's usually gone in a month or so.
      2. Fake email 2023apr3 In response to real email we send, we get fake email (email from an imposter pretending to be the recipient of the email we had sent).
      3. A stranger's remark Our Oldenburg premises are bugged and have been bugged for many years. We guessed that this is a crime. We asked the Oldenburg police department for help. We asked while talking to a police officer in a police building. He said that we did not provide enough information to enable the police to investigate. Much time passed. One day, a total stranger, who happened briefly to be near us, said to us that we were lied to when the police said that we had not provide enough information to enable the police to investigate. How did that stranger know about the police had told us? Was the stranger right? Were the Oldenburg police protecting, or afraid of antagonizing, the bugger? Is the bugger tapping our telephone? If there is a telephone tap, did the tapper. cause the fake web pages problems which we describe above?
      4. Overheard planning for a prank There is a place in Oldenburg. We guess that many people don't know that there is a microphone there. We didn't put it there. Once, we held something close to one of our ears because we wanted to know what, if anything, we would hear. We heard sounds coming from that place. Two men talked with each other in a seemingly friendly way about a malicious prank they would soon do to us. It was astonishing, incredible luck that that conversation occurred when we listened. Soon after,they did the prank. We guess that the prank was a crime. It was not necessary for two people to that prank. One person could have done it alone. If a criminal does not want an accomplice to betray him to the police,, he does the crime alone. Why were there two men rather than just one? Were they close friends? Were they certain that the Oldenburg police would have no interest in their prank? Were they colleagues who had been assigned by their employer to do the prank together?
    3. Thank you
      1. Hamburg In the first few years we were in Oldenburg, Oldenburgers who were strangers who seemed to care about us occasionally suggested to ua that we should move to Hamburg. If Germany is wonderful except for Oldenburg, peopöe would have suggested that we leave Oldenburg, not necessarily that we go to Hamburg. We guess that the suggesters thought that Germany, except for Hamburg and perhapsa few other places, is bad for us. If Hamburg would be better for us than Oldenburg, why? Perhaps local or state government employees mistreat us in Oldenburg, and local and state government would not tolerate that mistreatment in Hanburg. We thank those who altruistically suggested that we move to Hamburg.
      2. America There are people in Oldenburg who, in a seemingly altruistic way, have suggested to us that we should leave Oldenburg. The reason for that compassionate message seems to be that we are doomed to be mistreated as long as we are in Oldenburg, and therefore it is best for us that we leave. Thank you very much for caring enough to tell us. The last time (or perhaps the second-to-kast time) we left America to return to Germany, a stranger said to us that no one could pay that person enough to take what we were going to get when we got back to Germany. The remark seemed to be a heartfelt warning to us that, for our own good, we should not return to Germany. Thank you very much.
      3. Leavimg without a trail Occasionally, strangers (mostly in Oldenburg but elsewhere in Germany also) have suggested to us (and, in one case, taught us) how to leave without any trail for those hostile to us to follow. Thank you.

  4. GIRO-IBAN, electronic payment 2023apr3


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