opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

FPS command post truck

FPS Command Post Truck
Near Emergency Operations Center, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Source: Louisiana State Police Web Site

  2. FPS was in GSA. After nine eleven, FPS was moved to DHS. FPS became one of the five divisions of Department of Homeland Security's ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). According to an ICE Web page on 28 February 2005, the Federal Protective Service has 1,500 special agents, police officers, and inspectors, and more than 10,000 contracted security personnel. They are not necessarily all full-time. FPS was moved out of ICE but still is in DHS. By the way, Arizona Republic supposedly wrote about FPS on 3 December 2004.

    1. Henry Acker

      Henry Acker may have owned or lived at BRONX block 2444, lot 54.

      HENRY J ACKER, 1087 SACKETT AVE, BRONX, NY 10461-1537, Bronx County, (718) 829-4077. near Amtrak Conrail railroad track. 2006jun6.

      BRONX block 4066, lot 27, DWELLING ONLY - 1 FAMILY, 1087 SACKETT AVENUE.

      HENRY J ACKER 1949-05-16 lived in Bronx NY 10462.

    2. AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees) Local 918

      1. Introduction

        As far as we know, this is the exclusive bargaining agent for all FPS workers, not just police. It's not literally, geographically a local. It's nationwide. We don't know where its headquarters are. Union president Wright seems to have lived in the Kansas City area. To lobby (for example, to lobby members of appropriate, Congressional subcommittees), we guess that headquarters should be in or near the District of Columbia but we were unable to find evidence of such a location. FPS is small. Furthermore, some of its employees are part-time, and part-time employees generally tend to be somewhat cooler toward unions than are full-time employees.

      2. Dimiceli
        Executive Vice-President
        Sal Dimiceli
        exec_vicepresident AT
        SAL D DIMICELI Born  Dec 1954
        3229 SMART AVE
        KANSAS CITY, MO  64124   (816) 483-9960
        SAL D DIMICELI Born  Dec 1954
        7603 74TH TER
        KANSAS CITY, MO  64158   (816) 792-0165
        206 MILE SQUARE RD
        YONKERS, NY  10701   (914) 968-0385
        217 GAILMORE DR
        YONKERS, NY  10710
        Yonkers is a town near and north of New York City.
      3. Officers
        1. Executive Board 2010may15 Some members are listed elsewhere in this section about local 918. Secretary James Ward [also Region 2 Acting VP?] secretary AT Treasurer Wesley Patterson Chief Steward Eric Wands chiefsteward AT
        2. Regional Vice Presidents Regional Vice-Presidents 1 New England (MA, VT, NH, ME, RI, CT) Mike Cherry Region1RVP AT 2 Northeast and Caribbean (NY, NJ, PR, VI) James Ward (Acting) [also secetary of the local?] Region2RVP AT 3 Mid-Atlantic (DE, MD, VA, PA, WV) Matt Peris Region3RVP AT 4 Southeast (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN) Ricardo Cardona Region4RVP AT 5 Great Lakes (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI) Joseph Paul Region5RVP AT 6 The Heartland (IA, KS, MI, NE) Lawrence Shipman Region6RVP AT 7 Greater Southwest (AR, LA, TX, NM, OK) Carlos Guardiola Region7RVP AT 8 Rocky Mountain (MT, ND, WY, SD, UT, CO) Jason Hohler Region8RVP AT 9 Pacific Rim (CA, NV, AZ, HI) Luis Fernandez Region9RVP AT ... 10 Northwest Arctic (AK, WA, OR, ID) Tom Keedy Region10RVP AT Eugene Oregon THOMAS C KEEDY Born Jul 1966 1130 7TH ST COTTAGE GROVE, OR 97424 THOMAS C KEEDY 78887 BRYSON SEARS RD COTTAGE GROVE, OR 97424 T KEEDY 78887 BRYSON SEARS RD COTTAGE GROVE, OR 97424 (541) 767-2907 THOMAS E KEEDY 1952-08-16 Lady Lake FL THOMAS J KEEDY 1950-06-16 Unionville MO THOMAS V KEEDY 1948-10-15 THOMAS C KEEDY 1927-08-10 Louisville CO ... 11 National Capital Region (DC, VA, MD ) John Childs III Region11RVP AT
        3. Other Vice-Presidents Vice-President, Special Agent Affairs Vacant/POC: David Wright VPSpecialAgents AT Vice-President, Administrative Employee Affairs [FPS people who are not police, we guess] Vacant/POC: David Wright VPAdministrative AT
      4. Whois

        Notice that the domain name was created in December 2007. This may be a young union.

        AFGELOCAL918.ORG - Domain Informationnew
        Domain 	AFGELOCAL918.ORG
        Registrar 	Melbourne IT, Ltd (R52-LROR)
        Whois server
        Created 	02-Dec-2007
        Updated 	11-Nov-2009
        Expires 	02-Dec-2010
        Time Left 	199 days 10 hours 25 minutes
        DNS servers 	YNS1.YAHOO.COM   YNS1.YAHOO.COM
        AFGELOCAL918.ORG - Geo Information
        IP Address
        Location 	US US, United States
        City 	Sunnyvale, CA 94089
        Organization 	AltaVista Company
        ISP 	AltaVista Company
        AS Number 	AS14779
        Latitude 	3742'49" North
        Longitude 	12200'74" West
      5. Wright
        Executive Board
        David Wright
        president AT
        an employee of FPS since July 1986
        David L. Wright      President, AFGE Local 918
        DAVID L WRIGHT Born  Oct 1947
        10012 83RD 04
        KANSAS CITY, MO  64138
        10012 83RD ST
        KANSAS CITY, MO  64138   (816) 737-3591
        DAVID L WRIGHT Born  1961
        4207 WINN RD
        KANSAS CITY, MO  64117
        DAVID L WRIGHT Born  1961
        4207 WINN RD
        KANSAS CITY, MO  64117   (816) 459-8505
        DAVID L WRIGHT Born  1961
        6736 HOLLY ST
        KANSAS CITY, MO  64118   (816) 468-6113

    3. Basye

      Central Office/Headquarters
      Security - Melvin Basye - (202) 501-0907

      home 2006jun5

      1. Melyvin L. Basye, 405 Fairhill Ct. (a dead end street off Hunt Meadow Drive)
        Annapolis town, Anne Arundel county, MD 21403-1649
        phone 410 263 -6795. Born Jan 1947. 3/2004.
      2. MELVIN L BASYE, 137 PETHERTON DR, 08/11/2003, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21403, (410) 541-0208. We cannot find this on a map.
      3. MELVIN L. BASYE, 137 PETHERTON DR (a dead end street which, when east of Coastal Highway, is called North 6th Street), BETHANY BEACH, Sussex county, DE 19930-9736. (302) 541-0208. A few blocks west of the Atlantic Ocean. This parcel may have a private waterfront on a lagoon.

        MELVIN L BASYE, born 1947-01-15, lived in Annapolis MD 21403.

    4. BELLEW, FPS, 2006may13

      Bellew, Steven. Vice Chairman, Fraternal Order of Police-Federal Protective Service Labor Committee

      In about 2000 or 2001, he said, "I am a Federal Protective Service Police Officer from Dallas, Texas, and Vice Chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police-FPS Labor Committee."

      STEVEN C BELLEW, Born May 1967, 6331 PARKDALE DR (southeast of Parkdale Park (02/01/2006), DALLAS, TX 75227-6108, Dallas County, (214) 381-0148.

      STEVEN C BELLEW, Born May 1967, 6827 TRAMMEL DR (07/21/2003), DALLAS, TX 75214, Dallas County, (214) 373-0575.

      STEVEN C BELLEW, Born May 1967, 8610 SOUTHWESTERN BLVD (05/17/2001), DALLAS, TX 75206, Dallas County, (214) 696-2799.

      STEVEN C. BELLEW, Born May 1967, 9536 HIGHEDGE DR, DALLAS, TX 75238-6108, (214) 503-0575.

      STEVEN C BELLEW 1967-05-11 lived in Dallas TX 75252.

    5. Kenny Benjamin

      Maybe he lives in Queens or Brooklyn. Maybe he was born in October 1945.

    6. Bou

      Rafael Bou

      RAFAEL BOU Born Jun 1951, 4601 39TH AVE LONG ISLAND CITY, NY 11104

      RAFAEL BOU Born May 1962, 34 RAKER RD POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 12603 (845) 462-0067

      RAFAEL O BOU Born Sep 1954, 34 RAKER RD POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 12603 (845) 462-0067

      RAFAEL BOU Born Jun 1951, 12903 107TH AVE SOUTH RICHMOND HILL, NY 11419 (718) 738-3202

      RAFAEL BOU Born 1951, 4132 44TH ST SUNNYSIDE, NY 11104

      RAFAEL BOU Born Jun 1951, 4601 39TH AVE SUNNYSIDE, NY 11104

      RAFAEL BOU Born Jun 1951, (718) 636-9121. See RAFAEL E BOU's telephone number.
      RAFAEL E BOU Born Jun 1977, 379 WASHINGTON AVE BROOKLYN, NY 11238 (718) 636-9121. See the phone number of RAFAEL BOU Born Jun 1951.

      RAFAEL O BOU Born 1954, 103 PATTON RD NEWBURGH, NY 12550

      RAFAEL E BOU 1977-06-07 lived in South Richmond Hill NY 11419.
      RAFAEL BOU 1951-06-30 lived in South Richmond Hill NY 11419.


      Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

      Paul Chochrek - (617) 565-5772 Boston. work.

      Paul R. Chochrek, 10 Franklin Ave (near Broadway), Somerville, Middlesex county, MA 02145-3255
      tel. 617 625 -9755. Born Feb 1948.

      PAUL CHOCHREK 1955-01-09 lived in Somerville MA 02145.

    8. CIOLINA

      Federal Protective Service, San Ysidro Port of Entry, Tony Ciolina, Security Officer. FPS, DHS. 2006may14.

      TONY CIOLINA, (619) 523-4886. Prefix 523 serves San Diego. San Ysidro is a neighborhood in San Diego. San Ysidro borders Mexico.

    9. Cox and Russell

      They have recently worked at the United States Post Office and Custom House (now a federal courthouse) just below the capitol in Richmond, VA. 2008oct24

      1. Federal Protective Service officers James A. Russell and Commander R. Cox
      2. R Cox

        R COX 10117 GRAND OAKS DR RICHMOND, VA 23233. (804) 747-0nnn, (804) 747-3nnn

        R COX 4017 CHIPPENDALE DR RICHMOND, VA 23234. (804) 675-0nnn, (804) 675-4nnn

        R E COX 4101 NINE MILE RD RICHMOND, VA 23223

        R COX Born Mar 1930, 4301 PRESTONWOOD AVE, RICHMOND, VA 23234 (804) 743-1nnn

      3. James A. Russell

        James A. Russell
        Police Officer
        Federal Protective Services
        U.S. Department of Homeland Security
        400 N 8th St.
        Richmond, Va 23219
        (804) 771-2206
        email  james.russell at
        JAMES A RUSSELL 4308 FAUQUIER AVE RICHMOND, VA 23227 (804) 264-8nnn

        JAMES A RUSSELL 9305 GREENFORD DR RICHMOND, VA 23294 (804) 273-0nnn

    10. Davis and others

      2005 February 28, Cheryl E. Davis, Matthew Pinardi, Edward "Ed" Ryan, William Schingler

      1. Cheryl E. Davis
        According to the ICE webpages for FPS: Cheryl E. Davis is an FPS criminal investigator and the acting regional intelligence agent for the Federal Protective Service. She went on an elementary school trip to the FBI. This Web site guesses that an elementary school trip to the FBI probably would be to one of the most important FBI buildings in DC or Virginia. According to the ICE website, Davis is an only child with four daughters and two granddaughters.
      2. Pinardi

        According to former URL, part of the ORM Web site:

        1. Pinardi, Matthew (Baltimore, MD)
          "[T]his corrupt Federal Protective Service sergeant [Pinardi] engaged in felony extortion in attempts to cover-up for the abusive treatment of disabled visitors by his personnel."

          Someone named MATT PINARDI recently may have lived in CHICOPEE, MA 01020. MATTHEW M PINARDI born in 1970 may have lived in Peabody MA 01960.

        2. Ryan

          Edward "Ed" Ryan (Philadelphia, PA)

          "This corrupt Federal Protective Service officer [Ed Ryan] engaged in felony extortion by threatening harm to a disabled lobbyist for sending petitions, press releases, and letters to Congress exposing a pattern of criminal fabrication against complainants of FPS abuse nationwide (as reported by two newspapers)." The preceding, quoted material is from the ORM Website.

          An American wrote about Philadelphia FPS Special Agent, Ed Ryan, to Web site in an email message of 29 October 2008 with subject "... lies and the mockery of justice.". That message appears on a Web page of 30 October 2008 entitled "GSA Vigilante Assaults Photographer Update". In the message, some words used to described Ryan and his conduct include: "inaccuracies", "obstruction of justice", and "He [Ryan] purposely misinterpreted ....".

          In conclusion, ORM and both provided statements about FPS's Special Agent Ed Ryan. ORM provided its own statement. Cryptome provided an email statement it had received.

          Ed Ryan
          Special Agent
          Federal Protective Service
          U.S. Department of Homeland Security
          701 Market St., Suite 4200
          Philadelphia, PA 19106
          email:  edryan at
          The two statements (at ORM and Web sites) about Ryan seem consistent with each other. We do not know how accurate those statements are.

          On about 31 July 2008, Edward "Ed" Ryan had worked for FPS for five years as a Special Agent. Before FPS, he had worked for BoP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) as a Senior Officer Specialist for thirteen years. He had worked as a Detention Enforcement Officer for the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) for one year. If we add the three numbers of years (5, 13, and 1), we get 19. He had worked over seventeen years as a sworn, law enforcement officer.

          By the way, notice that his email user name seems to be "edryan". Some people with names such as Andrew Ryan and Ann Ryan make "aryan" their user name. Some email hosts have blocked email with that user name as part of a policy of blocking user names which are offensive. The word "Aryan" is offensive to some people. Amanda Ryan sent an email message, got it bounce back, and figured out why. We think that blocking "aryan" is funny.

        3. Schingler

          William Schingler

    11. Durette
      1. Introduction 2010may19 FPS Deputy Director Paul Durette Paul R. Durette is the acting director of the Federal Protective Service.
      2. Addresses PAUL R DURETTE Born Jun 1964 3632 1ST ST BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33435 (561) 736-4926 PAUL R DURETTE Born Jun 1964 622 FOREST ST METHUEN, MA 01844 PAUL R DURETTE Born Jun 1964 1332 FORTY OAKS DR HERNDON, VA 20170 (See details below.)
      3. Herndon Address Details MAP #: 0054 04 0009 DURETTE PAUL R 1332 FORTY OAKS DR Owner Name DURETTE PAUL R, Mailing Address 1332 FORTY OAKS DR HERNDON VA 20170 2025 Book 14987 Page 1231 Additional Owners DURETTE TRACEY C She may possibly be Tracey Durette, in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. She ("Instructor: Tracey Durette, Studio Bleu", "our seasoned instructor") taught Coed Hip Hop/Jazz Dance in Oct-Nov 2009 in Before and After School at DES (Dranesville Elementary School?) of FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) in Virginia. One reason to take the course, which cost $55 plus $6 fee, is that "Dance instills ... self-respect.". FCPS is a government agenncy. Parcel Property Location 1332 FORTY OAKS DR Map # 0054 04 0009 Tax District 20000 District Name DRANESVILLE Land Use Code Single-family, Detached Land Area (acreage) Land Area (SQFT) 9,261 Zoning Description R-3(Residential 3 DU/AC) [zoned for a max of 3 dwelling units per acre?] Utilities WATER CONNECTED SEWER CONNECTED GAS NOT AVAILABLE [all electric heating and cooking?] County Historic Overlay District NO Street/Road PAVED Site Description BUILDABLE-AVERAGE LOT Legal Description Legal Description CRESTBROOK LT 9 SEC 4 MAP #: 0054 04 0009 DURETTE PAUL R 1332 FORTY OAKS DR Structure Size Above Grade Living Area Total Sq. Ft 2,350 Basement Garage # Cars Attached Accessory Structures Structure Size % Complete EP ENCLOSED PORCH 245 SQ. FT. 100% OP OPEN PORCH OR PORTICO 64 SQ. FT. 100% [There is an enclosed porch and an open porch.] BZ BREEZWAY 60 SQ. FT. 100% [A breezeway is a roofed, outdoor passage; for example, between a house and a garage.] Detached Accessory Structures Structure Size % Complete Garage - Detached 462 SQ. FT. 100% AP #: 0054 04 0009 DURETTE PAUL R 1332 FORTY OAKS DR Primary Building Building Use Single Dwelling or Patio House Style 2 Story Exterior Wall Material Vinyl Roof Composition Shingle Basement FULL Basement Rec Room Size (sq.ft) 306 Basement Type Dormers Year Built 1980 Effective Year Built Year Addition Year House Remodeled Model Name ALDEN Bedrooms 4 Full Baths 2 Half Baths 1 Number of Fireplaces 1 # Basement Bedrooms/Dens Heating Central A/C Construction Quality AVERAGE Physical Condition Average MAP #: 0054 04 0009 DURETTE PAUL R 1332 FORTY OAKS DR Values Current Land $155,000 Current Building $251,750 Current Assessed Total $406,750 Tax Exempt NO MAP #: 0054 04 0009 DURETTE PAUL R 1332 FORTY OAKS DR Sales History Date Amount Seller Buyer 08/20/2003 $395,000 ORG... DURETTE PAUL R 12/18/1986 $157,000 ORGR... 08/29/1980 $114,045 Sales 1 of 3 Date 08/20/2003 Amount $395,000 Seller ORG... Buyer DURETTE PAUL R Notes Valid and verified sale Deed Book and Page 14987-1231 Additional Notes

    12. Gauvin
      1. Introduction


        Raymond "Ray" Gauvin, CPP (Certified Protection Professional). Raymond Gauvin, District Director, DHS ICE Federal Protective Service. Raymond G. Gauvin, Department of Homeland Security (Past).

        Ray Gauvin handles New Jersey and Upstate New York (New York State north of New York City). HAZMAT Technician. FPS hired him in 1998. US Army, Military Police, 24 years.

      2. Possible Addresses
        RAYMOND G GAUVIN Born  May 1927
        110 TUCKER ST
        FALL RIVER, MA  02724
        RAYMOND G GAUVIN Born  Sep 1959
        497 DILLON LN
        SWANSEA, MA  02777   (508) 678-6702
        RAYMOND G GAUVIN 1959-06-24 Swansea MA
        16 GOSSELIN AVE
        FORT MONMOUTH, NJ  07703
        (732) 389-5331
        RAYMOND G GAUVIN Born  1953
        4 RIVER EDGE DR
        JACKSON, NJ  08527
        (732) 363-3361
        The New Jersey addresses above are not far from New York City.
      3. River Edge Address Details
        County 	Ocean 	Class 	Residential (2)
        Municipality 	Jackson 	Acres 	1.18
        Address 	4 RIVER EDGE DRIVE
        Description 	2SFL2AG 1991
        Block 	01101
        Size 	1.18 AC [big, more than an acre)
        Lot and qualifier 	00023  	Additional lots
        Owner 	GAUVIN, RAYMOND G & ...
        Bank code
        Mailing address 	4 RIVER EDGE DR 	Deed book 	05661
        City, state & ZIP 	JACKSON NJ  08527 	Deed page 	00815
        Sale price 	$183,750 	Total assessment 	$175,900
        Assessed sales price 	$25,000 	Land assessment 	$72,000
        Deed date 	1998-12-23 	Improvement assessment 	$103,900
        2008 Estimated Property Tax Information and Tax Rate per $100 of Valuation*
        Municipal tax 	$1,395.38 	Municipal tax rate 	$0.793
        Open Space tax 	$52.77 	Open space rate 	$0.030
        Total municipal tax 	$1,448.15 	Total municipal rate 	$0.823
        School tax 	$4,062.43 	School tax rate 	$2.310
        County tax 	$1,355.54 	County tax rate 	$0.771
        REAP credit 	$0.00 	Total tax rate 	$3.903
        Total property tax 	$6,866.10

    13. Gonzales

      Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
      Benjamin Gonzales - (303) 236-7931 Denver

    14. Jordan

      Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area
      Andre Jordan - (202) 690-9632

    15. KIPPES

      Franz Kippes

      FRANZ C KIPPES, Born 1970, 4225 HAMPTON ST (near Elmhurst and Whitney Avenues, 07/22/2003), ELMHURST, NY 11373-2668. Queens County (718) 205-5082, (718) 397-5913.

      FRANZ KIPPES, 5869 57TH RD, MASPETH, NY 11378, Queens County, a few blocks northeast of the Long Island Railroad track. He may have owed to WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. (P.O. BOX 10304, DES MOINES IA 50306).

      QUEENS block 2674, lot 21, DWELLING ONLY - 4 FAMILY, 5869 57TH ROA.

      KIPPES, FRANZ 58-56 MASPETH AVENUE, MASPETH NY 11378. He may have gotten this property in about 2000. He may have owed to JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NA (1111 POLARIS PARKWAY, COLUMBUS OH 43240).

      In about 2004 or 2005, Franz C. Kippes may have bought QUEENS block 3057, lot 23, DWELLING ONLY - 2 FAMILY, 72-43 METROPOLITAN AVENUE, Maspeth NY 11378.

      FRANZ C KIPPES 1970-05-20 lived in Maspeth NY 11378.

    16. Kistner

      Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
      Barbara Kistner - (816) 926-7027 Kansas City work

      BARBARA A KISTNER 1950-07-07 lived in Buckner MO 64016.

      BARBARA A KISTNER Born Jul 1950, 410 BAYVIEW DR (east of Silver Lake), RAYMORE, MO 64083. Cass County. (816) 322-9202.

    17. Donald Kornegay

      DONALD KORNEGAY, 28 HAWTHORNE ST, 03/25/2003, BROOKLYN, NY 11225 Kings County (718) 287-2979

      DONALD KORNEGAY, Born Mar 1978, 662 BELMONT AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11207 Kings County

      DONALD KORNEGAY, Born Mar 1978, 82 6TH AV, 08/16/2003, BROOKLYN, NY 11217 County

      DONALD KORNEGAY, 41 131ST ST, NEW YORK, NY 10037 New York County (212) 491-9975

    18. Manhattan, New York

      Our Manhattan article is at the bottom of this page.

    19. Martinez

      greater southwest area of USA (FPS)

    20. Richard Matos. 2206jun6 This office has area code 817. Area code 817 is for Fort Worth, Arlington, Grandview, Weatherford, and Rhome; and overlaps with area code 682.

      Trinidad Martinez Director Phone 817-978-3559

    21. Mount and Bartgis

      Area code 817 is in Texas in the Fort Worth area. Her email address:2005 February 27, Louis Michael Mount and Jerry Bartgis

      trinidad.martinez at gsa.govAccording to (at ex-URL

      ORM's website, Louis Michael Mount (who has worked for the Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, TexasPhiladelphia Police Department) and Jerry Bartgis have been
      FPS officers. Trinidad Martinez - (817) 978-3559 Ft. Worth

      1. Mount 2005

        Mount may be: LOUIS M. MOUNT, age 56, 8529 RIDGEWAY Street, PHILADELPHIA PA 19111, (610).

      2. Bartgis 2008nov12

        JERRY S BARTGIS 1959-11-09 lived in Frederick, Frederick County, MD 21701.

        JERRY BARTGIS, 2526 NAUTICAL CT, ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, MD 21005. APG (Aberdeen Proving Ground) is an army base near Aberdeen, Harford County, Maryland. Thus, he may have lived on an army base. Maybe Bartgis, or someone with whom he lived, was in the army.

        JERRY S BARTGIS Born Nov 1959, 112 CATOCTIN AVE FREDERICK, MD 21701

        JERRY S BARTGIS Born Nov 1959, 604 APPLE AVE FREDERICK, MD 21701

        JERRY S BARTGIS Born Nov 1959 804 MERRIDALE BLVD MOUNT AIRY, Carroll County, MD 21771 (301) 829-4579

        JERRY S BARTGIS Born Nov 1959, 5549 TALBOT DR, NEW MARKET, FREDERICK County, MD 21774. (301) 865-1438, (301) 865-1488.

    22. Moses

      Patrick D. Moses Chief of the Operational Support Branch
      Phone 817-978-3559 email address patrick.moses at

      Patrick Dewan Moses
      6513 Melwood Street - 2122
      Fort Worth, Texas 76112
      phone (817) 429-8309 about 39 years old in 2003

      PATRICK D MOSES, 7333 BRENTWOOD STAIR RD, 08/08/2003, ARLINGTON, TX 76001. (817) 446-0088, (817) 429-8309. Born Jan 1964.

      PATRICK D MOSES, 7678 COURTNEY OAKS DR, 05/21/2003, FORT WORTH, TX 76112.

      PATRICK D MOSES, 606 MANCHESTER DR, 03/10/2004, MANSFIELD, TX 76063. (817) 453-5010, (817) 477-9249.

      PATRICK D MOSES 1964-01-09 lived in Fort Worth TX 76112.

    23. Myers

      Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
      Charles Myers - (312) 353-1496 Chicago

    24. Napier

      20 March 2004, Federal Protective Service

      Napier, Bernard W.
      12/31/2003 $250.00 political contribution

      1211 Ann St. (west of route 69), Excelsior Springs, Clay county, MO 64024-9764.
      Police Officer/Federal Protective S -[Contribution] GRAVES FOR CONGRESS

      age 51, (816) 637-7013

      Parcel Number: 08914000400600
      Map Number: 35-53-30
      Situs: 1211 ANN AVE
      Current Owner: NAPIER, BERNARD W & xxx
      Address: 1211 ANN AVE
      City, State: EXCELSIOR
      Zipcode: 64024-
      current 2005 tax year total tax $1,714.26

      personal business
      Parcel Number: 00000000080745
      Current Owner: NAPIER BERNARD
      Address: 1211 ANN AVE
      Zipcode: 64024
      current tax year 2005 personal business tax $51.83

      Parcel Number: 00099009917321
      Current Owner: NAPIER, BERNARD W & DEBRA
      Address: 1211 ANN AVE
      Zipcode: 64024
      current tax year 2005 personal $541.80

      Street Avenue
      Federal political contribution records refer to his 1211 Ann Street address but county tax records refer to 1211 Ann Avenue.

      BERNARD W NAPIER 1953-03-12 lived in Excelsior Springs MO 64024.

      Recent neighbors may include Mr. George F Gilmore (Welder, Clarkson Constrution) and Mr. Robert G Pennington (President/C.E.O., Ecto Development Corporation).

    25. Carlos Ortiz. 2006jun6.
    26. Padula

      Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
      Paul Padula - (215) 656-6060 Philadelphia

      PAUL M PADULA 1950-11-28 lived in Vincentown NJ 08088.


      PAUL M PADULA Born Apr 1951, 479 ATSION RD VINCENTOWN, NJ 08088

    27. Patterson
      1. Introduction 24 December 2011 Director, Federal Protective Service L. Eric Patterson Deputy Director of the Defense Counterintelligence (CI) and HUMINT center (DCHC) at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) after Air Force Booz Allen Hamilton after Air Force Air Force career, brigadier general Washington, DC birth He was 59 in December 2011, which means that he was born in about 1952. B.S., Business Administration, Howard University, 1974, when he may have been about 22. M.A., Business and Public Administration, Webster University, St. Louis, MO, 1978, four years after his B.S. FPOs and FPS supervisors tend to be incompetent at legally investigating, detaining, and aresting civilians on cilvilian property. We don't know how much of this problem results from hiring retired, militarty officers to run FPS. Richard Yamamoto had been career Army.
      2. Address He lives in Maryland.
    28. Phelps 2008nov13
      1. Introduction

        Law Enforcement/Criminal Investigations - Larry Phelps - (202) 501-0907

        Special Agent-in-Charge
        Larry  Phelps
        1800 F St NW
        Washington,  DC 20405
           Phone: (202) 501-3398
           Fax: (202) 208-5866
           Email: larry.phelps at
        Maybe he no longer is a government officer.
      2. L Phelps of Accokeek, Prince George's County, MD 20607

        Supervisory Special Agent, GS 1811 Grade 14: Chief of the Information Security (INFOSEC) Branch, Federal Protective Service.

      3. Address

        LARRY D PHELPS Born Dec 1956, 1500 SHELLFORD LN, ACCOKEEK, Prince George's County, MD 20607.

        Account Identifier
        District - 05
        Account Number - 0333542
        Owner Information
        Owner Name:	PHELPS, LARRY D ...
        	Use:	RESIDENTIAL
        Principal Residence:	YES
        Mailing Address:	1500 SHELLFORD LN
        ACCOKEEK MD 20607-3270
        	Deed Reference:	1) /12035/ 159
        Location & Structure Information
        Premises Address		Legal Description
        1500 SHELLFORD LN
        ACCOKEEK 20607
        Map	Grid	Parcel	Sub District	Subdivision	Section	Block	Lot	Assessment Area	Plat No:	133030
        171	B1			8280		L	16	1
        Plat Ref:
        Special Tax Areas	Town
        Ad Valorem
        Tax Class	08
        Primary Structure Built	Enclosed Area	Property Land Area	County Use
        1998	2,580 SF 	10,247.00 SF 	001
        Stories	Basement	Type	Exterior
        Value Information
        	Base Value	Value	Phase-in Assessments
        		As Of
        01/01/2007	As Of
        07/01/2008	As Of
        Land	70,620	100,620
        Improvements:	220,940	416,650
        Total:	291,560	517,270	442,032	517,270
        Preferential Land:	0	0	0	0
        Transfer Information
        Seller:	MARRICK PROPERTIES INC	Date:	03/17/1998	Price:	$243,292
        Type:	IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH	Deed1:	/12035/ 159	Deed2:
        Seller:	SIMMONS ACRES LLC	Date:	11/25/1997	Price:	$25,000
        Type:	NOT ARMS-LENGTH	Deed1:	/11797/ 185	Deed2:
        Seller:	REALTY INVESTMENT ASSOCIATES III	Date:	11/16/1994	Price:	$2,000,000
        Type:	MULT ACCTS ARMS-LENGTH	Deed1:	/ 9891/ 1	Deed2:
        Exemption Information
        Partial Exempt Assessments	Class	07/01/2008	07/01/2009
        County	000	0	0
        State	000	0	0
        Municipal	000	0	0
        Tax Exempt:	NO	Special Tax Recapture:
        Exempt Class:		* NONE *
    29. Greg Ponomarev

      GREGORY PONOMAREV, Born Mar 1952, 1763 2ND AVE (near east 92nd Street), NEW YORK, NY 10128-5326, New York County, (212) 410-4077. 2006jun6.

      GREGORY PONOMAREV 1952-03-27 lived in New York NY 10128.

      Recent neighbors may include:

      1. MR. CHRISTOPHER FLANAGAN (FINANCIAL ANALYST, J. P. MORGAN; 1760 2ND AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10128; 40.77894, -73.95174),
      2. Bradley Delman (Radiologist, Mt. Sinai Medical Center; 170 E 87th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78009, -73.95271),
      3. Irving Kagan (teacher, Hunter College High School; 434 E 89th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78027, -73.95066),
      4. Ms. Karen Hammerlof (Teacher, Manhasset Public Sch; 434 E 89TH St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78027, -73.95066),
      5. Mr. James H Rubin (Faculty, SUNY Stony Brook; 455 E 86th St, New York, NY 10028; 40.77763, -73.95062),
      6. Emily Wurgaft (Finance, Dean for America; 201 E 87th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.77949, -73.95358);
      7. Ms. Lisa Anne Genova (Chief Investment Officer, Giuliani Partners, L.L.C.; George W. Bush $2,000; 200 E 89Th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78079, -73.95266),
      8. Evan Grayer (Time Warner Cable, Information Requested; 200 E 89th St, NY, NY 10128; 40.78079, -73.95266),
      9. Joseph Rux (Actor, AOL; 311 E 91st St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78127, -73.95202),
      10. Ms Victoria Ekwey (Registered Nurse, Mount Sinai Hospital; 417 E 90Th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78149, -73.9514),
      11. MS. GEORGIA M PALMIERI (COMMISSIONER, NYC LTC; 200 E 90TH St, NEW YORK, NY 10128; 40.78146, -73.9522),
      12. Shelley Goldman (MANAGER, CITY OF NEW YORK; 415 E 85th St, New York, NY 10028; 40.77829, -73.95404),
      13. Timothy Clifford (Corporate Communications Vice Pr, AOL Time Warner; 412 E 85th St, New York, NY 10028; 40.77836, -73.95418),
      14. Ms. Barbara Brenner (Director Comm. Relations, Mt. Sinai Med. Cen.; 400 E 89th St, New York, NY 10128; 40.78147, -73.95316),
      15. MR. DENNIS J DE LISLE (STATE GOVERNMENT, N.Y. STATE; 315 E 86TH St, NEW YORK, NY 10028; 40.77819, -73.95438),
      16. MR. ANTON SRDANOVIC (ANALYST, CITIGROUP; 352 E 91ST St, NEW YORK, NY 10128; 40.78194, -73.9521),
      17. MRS. STEPHANIE A WHITTIER (MANAGER, MORGAN STANLEY; George W. Bush $2,000; 1601 3rd Ave, NEW YORK, NY 10128; 40.7789, -73.95476),
      18. Gary A Deane (Government, NYC School Construction Authorit; 400 E 85th St, New York, NY 10028; 40.77876, -73.95504),
      19. DR. MARK LEBWOHL (CHAIRMAN/DERMATOLOGY, MOUNT SINAI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE; George W. Bush $2,000; 300 E 85TH St, NEW YORK, NY 10028; 40.77723, -73.95481),
      20. MR. VIKRAM S PANDIT (PRESIDENT & C.O.O. INSTIT. SECUR, MORGAN STANLEY; George W. Bush $2,000; 300 E 85TH St, NEW YORK, NY 10028; 40.77723, -73.95481).
    30. Russo

      Gilbert N. Russo Chief of the FPS's Security and Law Enforcement Branch
      Phone 817-334-5776 or 885-6981
      email address
      Gilbert "Gil" Nicholas Russo, born January 1951
      6103 Blueridge Court
      Arlington, Tarrant county, Texas 76016
      phone (817) 483-1803, (817) 483-6245, (817) 561-9299.

      GILBERT N RUSSO 1951-01-01 lived in Arlington TX 76016.

    31. Schenkel
      1. Introduction

        FPS is headed by its director: retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, Gary W, Schenkel, who worked for the CPD (Chicago Police Department) after USMC and before FPS. He replaced Wendell Shingler.

        GARY W SCHENKEL Born Jan 1951, 327 QUARTERS, QUANTICO, Prince William County, VA 22134. (703) 640-7879. A postal Web site said about that address, "The address you provided is not recognized by the US Postal Service as an address we serve. Mail sent to this address may be returned." The address is on Quantico Marine Corps Base, on Purvis Road near Berkeley Street.

        Director, Federal Protective Service, Gary W. Schenkel

      2. Addresses Far From the District of Columbia
        GARY W SCHENKEL      5500 SOUTH SHORE DR, CHICAGO, IL  60637

        GARY W SCHENKEL Born 1951, 9942 CLAREMONT AVE CHICAGO, IL 60643 (773) 779-1142

        GARY W SCHENKEL Born Jan 1951, 2926 ANDOVER DR SAINT LOUIS, MO 63121 (314) 261-5465

    32. Shingler


      He was replaced by Gary Schenkel. Former Director of the Office of Federal Protective Service, Wendell C. Shingler, used to work for, among other agencies, the U.S. Marshals Service. At former URL, an FPS press releases referred to him.

      WENDELL C SHINGLER 1952-09-29 lived at Stafford VA 22554.
      He may possibly have lived at the following addresses:
      WENDELL C. SHINGLER, age 52, 7 CRAFTSMAN CT., STAFFORD, Stafford county, VA 22554, (540) 659-6nnn.
      WENDELL C. SHINGLER, 4090 FALLWAY LN., WOODBRIDGE unincorporated area, Prince William County, VA 22193-1832, (703).
      5126 SPRING BRANCH BLVD., DUMFRIES town, Prince William County, VA 22026

    33. Sims

      Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina,Tennessee
      Sabina Sims - (404) 331-5132 Atlanta work

      SABINA A SIMS, Born Oct 1962, 160 WELFORD TRAC, ALPHARETTA, GA 30004. (678) 366-8047.


      SABINA A SIMS Born Oct 1962, 4301 CREIGHTON RD PENSACOLA, FL 32504

      SABINA A SIMS Born Oct 1962, 1108 MASTERS ROW, CHESAPEAKE, VA 23320 (757) 548-2737

      SABINA A SIMS 1962-10-29 lived in Pensacola FL 32526.

    34. Spitzer

      Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
      Kenneth Spitzer - (253) 931-7288 Auburn (Washington state)

    35. Susi

      Duane Susi

      DUANE SUSI 3 BRIARCLIFF DR S OSSINING, NY 10562 (914) 923-6336


      DUANE A SUSI Born 1901, 333 BRONX RIVER RD YONKERS, NY 10704 (914) 668-7546

      DUANE A SUSI 1972-04-19 lived in Mahopac NY 10541.

    36. Ulianko

      1. Introduction

        John Ulianko, CPP (certified protection professional) - (212) 264-4255 26 Federal Plaza, New York City. John Ulianko, regional director in New York.

        John A. Ulianko
        22 Wetherhill Way
        Dayton NJ 08810-1608
        telephone (732) 426 -2625, born 1952. West of U.S. highway 130, south of railroad track, north of what may be a pond. Details of the Wetherhill address follow.

        Wetherhill Address Details
        County 	Middlesex 	Class 	Residential (2)
        Municipality 	South Brunswick
        Acres 	0.67  [big. more than half an acre]
        Address 	22 WETHERHILL WAY
        Block 	00011 	Size 	.67 AC
        Lot and qualifier 	00050  	Additional lots 	KINGSTON II
        Owner 	ULIANKO, JOHN ... 	Bank code 	01602
        Mailing address 	22 WETHERHILL WAY 	Deed book 	03505
        City, state & ZIP 	DAYTON, NJ  08810 	Deed page 	00346
        Sale price 	$134,075 	Total assessment 	$208,500
        Assessed sales price 	$0 	Land assessment 	$72,000
        Deed date 	1986-02-28 	Improvement assessment 	$136,500
        2008 Estimated Property Tax Information and Tax Rate per $100 of Valuation
        Municipal tax 	$1,303.94 	Municipal tax rate 	$0.625
        Open Space tax 	$83.40 	Open space rate 	$0.040
        Total municipal tax 	$1,387.34 	Total municipal rate 	$0.665
        School tax 	$5,432.15 	School tax rate 	$2.605
        County tax 	$1,277.81 	County tax rate 	$0.613
        REAP credit 	$0.00 	Total tax rate 	$3.884
        Total property tax 	$8,097.31 	Reassessment (RA)/
        revaluation (RV)?
      2. Other, Possible Addresses

        JOHN ULIANKO, 3731 CRESCENT ST (a outhbound street near 24th Street, LONG ISLAND CITY, NY 11101-3522. Queens County (718) 786-4974.

        JOHN ULIANKO 1919-03-06 lived in Long Island City NY 11101.

        Recent neighbors of the Crescent address may include MR. ANTHONY H DIAMATARIS (EDITOR & PUBLISHER/OWNER NATIONAL HERALD).

    37. Jaime Valentin


    38. Voll

      Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Guam, US Trust Territory of the Pacific
      Daniel Voll - (415) 522-3440 San Francisco
      Daniel B. Voll
      111 Lombardy Ln (near Irving Lane)
      Orinda, Contra Costa county, CA 94563-1110
      (925) 254-2719, (925) 254-9785.

      DANIEL B VOLL 1944-11-05 lived in Orinda CA 94563.
      DANIEL B VOLL 1944-11-05 lived in Seattle WA 98102.

    39. Yamamoto


      Richard Yamamoto, Former Assistant Commissioner (Acting). He is not with FPS now, we think.

      1. Introduction

        Leading the Federal Protective Service in 2001 was Acting Assistant Commissioner Richard Yamamoto. He has over 20 years' law enforcement experience in the Army. He may possibly be Richard Y. Yamamoto, who may have lived in Fairfax or Fairfax Station. FPOs and FPS supervisors tend to be incompetent at legally investigating, detaining, and aresting civilians on cilvilian property. We don't know how much of this problem results from hiring retired, militarty officers to run FPS. L. Eric Patterson had been career Air Force.

      2. Address

        RICHARD Y. YAMAMOTO, 3929 FAIRFAX SQ (a dead end street north of route 236), 09/01/2005, FAIRFAX, VA 22031, (703) 273-5528.

        We guess that Parcel ID 58 3 02 018 is for a group of addresses: 3851 through 3999 FAIRFAX SQ. This may be State Code 3.0 Multi-Family.
        Account # 003865
        Appraiser JD
        Neighborhood A100
        Garden Apartments
        Acreage 5.908
        Owner (Jan 1) FAIRFAX SQUARE LTD PTRN
        Zip 22015

        RICHARD Y YAMAMOTO, 9848 FAIRFAX SQ, 11/17/2004, FAIRFAX, VA 22031, (703) 273-5528.

        We guess that Parcel ID 58 3 02 013 is for a group of addresses: 9820 through 9932 FAIRFAX SQ.
        Account # 003843
        Appraiser JD
        Neighborhood A100 Garden Apartments
        Acreage 0.000
        Owner (Jan 1) FAIRFAX SQUARE LTD PTRN
        Owner (Cur) FAIRFAX
        Zip 22015

        Richard Y. Yamamoto, 8404 Crosslake Dr (northwest of Crosspointe Lake), Fairfax Station VA 22039-2668, telephone (703) 690-0853
        He may own that address.

        One-family Yamamoto house in Fairfax Station. Open porch or portico, wooden deck, attached garage, 2 stories, exterior half aluminum and half brick, built 1989, roof of cedar or wood shakes, parcel 0973 09 0007.
        Book 07302
        Page 0916
        Land Area (SQFT) 16,653
        Zoning Description PDH-1(Residential 1 DU/AC)
        Street/Road PAVED
        Site Description BUILDABLE-GOOD LOT
        0973 09 0007
        8404 CROSSLAKE DR
        Date 04/06/1989
        Sale Type
        Amount $421,195
        Deed Book and Page 07302-0916
        Notes Valid and verified sale Bedrooms 5
        Full Baths 3
        Half Baths 1
        Number of Fireplaces 1
        # Basement Bedrooms/Dens 0
        Heating Central A/C
        Construction Quality GOOD
        Physical Condition

      3. Neighbors

        Recent neighbors of the Yamamoto house in Fairfax Station may include:

        1. Mr. John JR Reskovac (Lobbyist, Capitol Decisions, Inc.; George W. Bush $2,000; 9403 Crosspointe Drive, Fairfax Station, VA 22039; 38.72783, -77.26972) and
        2. MR. DENNIS W. BOCHANTIN (LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL [maybe Diplomatic Security Service], US GOVERNMENT; 8301 ARGENT CIRCLE, FAIRFAX STATION, VA 22039; 38.73171, -77.26784).

  4. color photo of main entrance to 26 Federal Plaza (Jacob K. Javits Federal Building), New York City, 2010

    Manhattan, New York, May 2010
    26 Federal Plaza (Jacob K. Javits Federal Building)
    Site of an FPS Station


  5. FPOs (FPS Officers), Manhattan Courthouse of Southern District of New York

    20 June 2000, Tuesday

    In the Pearl Street federal district courthouse for the Southern District of New York (which is a short walk from the building pictured at right), there is a waiting room for defendants waiting for an offense hearing. The waiting room is on about the 4th floor of the courthouse. The waiting room is next to a court clerk room for clerical work related to offense hearings.

    The FPO coordinator in the Pearl Street federal courthouse is officer Graziano. Has a Japanese motorcycle and ordered a Harley, which he hopes to ride home in January 2001. Graziano is short, white, gun-wearing, with big tattoos on both shoulders, extremely short hair, clean-shaven. His tattoos have feathers, lines, and "USMC". (Big, elaborate tatts designed to conceal earlier tatts?) His uniform has striped pants, decorative braid. His handgun has decorative braid connected to it (suggesting no intent to use the gun, further suggesting that the gun is not loaded?).

    FPO Potts is white, tall, brown hair medium length, hair falls over forehead.

    FPO Kippes is short, Oriental?, average length hair, clean-shaven, swarthy skin as if possibly Hispanic, black hair

    FPO Amnio? has gold and black hair, glasses, swarthy skin.

    BoP (federal Bureau of Prisons) C.O. (corrections officer) Robert Hahn may work in or near the federal house of detention jail at corner of Park and Pearl in the evening.

    federal officer (FPO?) Varega (spelling might be wrong), officer #1402, may park his car on the north side of Pearl Street near the federal House of Detention jail (main public entrance of the jail is at corner of Pearl and Park).

    Patrol officer S. Ahmad (maybe AHMND or AHMN). officer #41. He works in the evening.

    Dave Olson, chief of Metro Branch of FPS.

    J.H. Dawes and Sgt. Paul Naylitt are approximate names of FPS supervisors who work in Manhattan.


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