opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees



Raymond Hernandez briefly described some House members' office car leases in "What Would You Drive, if the Taxpayers Paid?", The New York Times, published 1 May 2008, NY Region, which on 2 May 2008 was at URL For example, representative Anthony D. Weiner, a Democrat from Brooklyn and Queens, drives a 2008 Chevrolet Impala leased for $219 monthly. Lease payments for these cars are an office expense paid by the federal government. Members seem to drive those cars or at least ride in them, so the presence of one of those cars may indicate the presence of the member associated with it.

If you're deciding which government officer's home to picket, we suggest that you consider whether (among many things):

  1. The potential site is easy to reach for pickets and reporters
  2. Whether the background (trees, houses, buildings, etc.) would look nice on TV
  3. To what extent the government officer, whose home will be picketed, is a leader of a movement or party
  4. Whether any of the pickets has a personal connection to the officer whose home will be picketed, especially if there is a human interest angle so simple a reporter can immediately grasp it.

      Please do not confuse us with Congress. We are expert and do not cause violence.

  1. Boxer

    Barbara Levy Boxer, Senator from California

    1. Introduction

      She was born Barbara Levy on 11 November 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. She married Stewart N. Boxer. She has two children, Douglas and Nicole. Douglas is on the Oakland Planning Commission.

      Nicole was married to Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother from 1994 to 2000.

      Barbara and Stewart live in Oakland.

    2. Husband and son
      court officers:  attorneys at law
      Stewart N Boxer - #37388
      Current Status: Active
      Bar Number 	37388
      Address 	Boxer Gerson LLP
      [not Boxer & Associates, Inc.]
      Rotunda Bldg
      300 Frank H Ogawa Plz #500
      Oakland, CA 94612 	Phone Number 	(510) 835-8870
      Fax Number 	(510) 835-0415
      District 	District 3 	
      Undergraduate School 	City Univ of New York - Brooklyn Coll; Brooklyn NY
      County 	Alameda 	
      Law School 	Fordham Univ SOL; New York NY
      Sections 	None
      Present 	Active
      1/11/1966 	Admitted to The State Bar of California
      Douglas Boxer - #154226
      Current Status: Active
      Bar Number
      Boxer & Associates, Inc.
      [not Boxer Gerson LLP]
      300 Frank H Ogawa Plz Ste 500
      Oakland, CA 94612-2040
      Phone Number
      (510) 286-2937
      Fax Number
      (510) 835-0415
      District 3
      Undergraduate School
      Univ of California Berkeley; Berkeley CA
      Law School
      U of San Francisco SOL; San Francisco CA
      Admitted to The State Bar of California
    3. Possible addresses
      1. San Francisco Bay Area

        Two of the addresses below are in the Marin County towns of Larkspur and Greenbrae. Marin County is liberal and rich. We will tell an anecdote as well as we know it. Roughly 25 years ago, a rich woman died leaving much money to be used to help poor people living in Marin County. The executor or administrator of the will did much research to find how many poor people lived in the county. We think that a poor person did not qualify as a resident if he lived on his employer's premises as a condition of employment (for example, a live-in maid). After diligent research, very few poor people were found in the county.

        STEWART N BOXER Born 1965, 286 ALMENAR DR, GREENBRAE, CA 94904. He seems to have been born in about 1939, not 1965.

        STEWART N BOXER 60 SIR FRANCIS DRAKE BLVD LARKSPUR, CA 94939 (415) 499-0568. This is not far from Greenbrae.

        STEWART N BOXER 171 12TH ST OAKLAND, Alameda County, CA 94607 (510) 835-8870. Oakland is on the east of San Francisco Bay.

        STEWART N BOXER 854 LONGRIDGE RD OAKLAND, Alameda County, CA 94610. (510) 763-3392, (510) 763-3615.

        STEWART N BOXER Born 1965, 60 WALTER ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94114 (415) 252-5987

      2. 305 C


        0305 C ST NE Unit
        Neighborhood: 	CAPITOL HILL 	Sub-Neighborhood: 	C
        Use Code: 	17  -  Residential-Condo-Vertical

      3. 223 C

        STEWART N BOXER Born Jan 1939, 223 C NE ST WASHINGTON, DC 20002.

        0223 C ST NE Unit
        Neighborhood: 	CAPITOL HILL 	Sub-Neighborhood: 	C
        Use Code: 	16  -  Residential-Condo-Horizontal 	Class 3 
        Exception: 	No
        Tax Type: 	TX Taxable 	
        Tax Class: 	001 -  Residential
        omestead Status: 	** Not receiving the Homestead Deduction
        [Owner does not live there.]
        Ward: 	6
      4. Note

        Barbara is an example of trying to find a person's home address by finding a close relative's home address.

    4. Noreen Marie Evans's Campaign

      We think that Barbara's campaign contributed to Noreen Marie Evans's 2004 campaign for the California state assembly, a campaign which paid Joel, Noreen's son, as a consultant. That payment is described on the second of our two pages about Noreen.) Joel was then living in his parents' home. He was a high school student (getting home schooling, perhaps from his parents) that year. We don't know if Barbara's campaign knew that Noreen's campaign was paying her son as a consultant. Noreen is not the only politiician whose campaign pays a relative although the relative is usually older than Joel was. We don't know if Barbara's campaigns have paid any of her relatives.

    U.S. Senate Chamber

    U.S. Senate Chamber
    Robert K. Bonine, photographer
    circa 1891

    source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, USA

  2. Clinton, Hillary

    2005 May 10

    Hillary Rodham CLINTON
    Former federal senator representing New York

    Hillary Rodham Clinton

    former secretary of state

    spouse is former president William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton

    fHillary was a relative of senator Barbara Boxer

    has daughter Chelsea

    born 26 October 1947 in Chicago

    Hillary lives in Chappaqua, NY. She lives south of Reader's Digest headquarters in Chappaqua.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton; Clinton, Hillary; 6/4/2004 $500.00; Washington, DC 20002; -[earmarked intermediary out] EXXONMOBIL CORPORATION POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (EXXONMOBIL PAC).
    If we correctly understand this contribution information, Hillary Clinton contributed to an Exxon PAC.

    HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, 58, 15 OLD HOUSE LN (on a dead end street, near North Bedford Road), CHAPPAQUA, NY 10514.

    Street Address: (following data formerly at URL
    15 OLD HOUSE LN, OLD HOUSE LN, Community, Section: 092.020, Block: 0004, Lot: 012.000, Condo Unit: 0, SWIS(District): 553600, School District: 553604, Property Class: 210, Open Building Permit.
    Owner Name: CLINTON WILLIAM & HILLARY Street: P.O. BOX 937 CHAPPAQUA NY 10514
    - Account Number: 5081040
    Water Comm/public, Sewer Private [What's a private sewer? Is that a septic tank?], Utilities Electric.
    East long & North lat 212413 / 259398. [This is long and lat of the Clintons' house. Contrast this with lat and lon of neighbor nora mackenzie [sic], listed below. Maybe we or someone else made a clerical error.
    Seller (Grantor) DR JEFFREY A WEISBERG
    Mortgage Number 383
    Buyer (Grantee) WILLIAM J CLINTON
    Sale Price $1,700,000
    Bank Code 7703 [Are banks numbered by this assessor? Is this a bank's number?]
    Sale Date 10/20/1999
    Land Assess at Sale
    Deed Date 11/3/99
    Total Assess at Sale $345,000
    Deed Type
    Assessment Year 1999
    Liber/Page 12422: 221
    Commentary 1 22- 03- 283 -8.4

    When a house is listed for sale, the listing includes the seller's asking price. That's the price at which bargaining begins. Almost always, the sale price is much lower. Rarely, the sale price is the asking price. The Clintons bought for more than the asking price. The seller's asking price was $1.695 million and the sale price was $1.7 million.

    Recent neighbors include nora mackenzie (Records Manager, Westchester County; 122 castle rd, chappaqua, NY 10514; 41.16106, -73.76817). Contrast this lat and lon with the Clinton house's lat and lon supplied by the assessor, above. Maybe we or someone else made a mistake.

    Go to Cryptome website's Eyeball series for more information about the Clintons' Chappaqua home.

    The following address is not where former president William and senator Hillary Clinton seem to live. Maybe Chappaqua hamlet has more than one person named William J. Clinton.
    William J. Clinton, 1 GROVE MEWS (at Apple Hill Lane), CHAPPAQUA NY 10514-3709, (914).

  3. Cunningham
    24 October 2010
    California's former, federal representative Randall H. "Duke" Cunningham's Del Mar area home, Rancho Santa Fe home, and District of Columbia residential yacht
    fomer military officer born 8 December 1941
    RANDALL HAROLD CUNNINGHAM 94405-198 68-White-M  06-04-2013, United States Penitentiary (USP) - Tucson, 24 October 2010.
    13832 MERCADO DR
    DEL MAR, CA  92014
    RANCHO SANTA FE, CA  92091
  4. Tom DAVIS, 2005 March 17

    federal Representative Thomas M. "Tom" Davis III

    Virginia District: 11, spouse Margaret "Peggy", 3 kids (Carlton, Pamela, Shelley), born 5 January 1949 in Minot North Dakota, home Falls Church Virginia, JD law degree from University of Virginia Law School 1975.

    THOMAS M. DAVIS, age 56, 3304 JUNIPER Way, FALLS CHURCH VA 22044, (703) 533-37nn;
    THOMAS M. DAVIS, age 56, 6314 CROSSWOODS CIR, FALLS CHURCH VA 22044, (703) 914-03nn.

  5. Tom DELAY, 2005 March 17

    House of Representatives Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Representative Thomas Dale "Tom" DeLay, Texas District 22, spouse Christine, daughter Danielle. He was born 8 April 1947 in Laredo Texas, home Sugar Land TX.

    THOMAS D. DELAY, age 57, 2806 SAINT ANNES Drive, SUGAR LAND TX 77479, (281);
    THOMAS D. DELAY, age 57, 5300 HOLMES RUN Parkway, ALEXANDRIA VA 22304, (703).

  6. Floyd Harold FLAKE

    6 January 2005, Floyd Harold Flake, born in Los Angeles on 30 January 1945. He was a member of the House of Representatives until he resigned in mid-November 1997. He is or has been a director of the Fannie Mae Foundation, a member of the President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education, president of Edison Schools (which operates schools for goverbnment agencies), a director of the New York City Investment Fund Civic Capital Corporation, a director of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, and a member of the NYC 2012 Olympic Committee.

    Gregory Meeks replaced Flake in congress. New York (6th District): GREGORY W. MEEKS (D); Birthdate: September 25, 1953; Occupation: lawyer, state legislator; Religion: Baptis; (Sworn in February 5, 1998) Replaced the Rev. Floyd Flake (D), who resigned November 15, 1997. The New York city Board of Elections did not supply on 7 January 2005, on its web site, election results for 1997 or 1998 congressional elections, but the state's board does. According to the state board's web site, Meeks does not seem to have been elected to congress before November 1998. Therefore, he seems to have been appointed to congress by governor Pataki. At Meeks's first election by voters, which seems to have been in November 1998, he had no opponents, and he was unanimously elected by about 76,000 voters.

    Flake seems to no longer live in the district he once represented.

    FLOYD H. FLAKE, 1 LANGLEY Lane, OLD WESTBURY, Nassau county, NY 11568, (516) 334-????

  7. Vito John FOSSELLA, Jr.

    19 May 2004
    Born 9 March 1965 in Staten Island, NY. In 1994, he was elected (in a special election?) to the New York City Council, representing Staten Island's south shore and mid-island. Less than seven months later, he was reelected. He was the ambassador to the House of representatives of Staten Island political boss Guy Victor Molinari. (Fossella replaced Guy's daughter Susan as ambassador when she resigned from the House.) Fosella represents New York state's 13th district. For a while, Fossella openly wanted to run against mayor Michael Bloomberg to be the next Republican candidate for mayor of New York city, but Fossella's boss Molinari strongly disapproved, so Fossella abandonned (at least for a while) his anti-Bloomberg mayoral plan. He married Mary Patricia Rowan.  They have sons Dylan Michael and Griffin Thomas, and daughter Rowan Frances.
    VITO FOSSELLA, ARLINGTON VA 22201, (703) 845-5984.

    24 August 2004
    Guy Molinari may no longer be Fossella's boss. In the 2004 Republican primary campaign for the New York state senate's South Shore district in Staten Island borough of New York city, Vito J. Fossella backed Vincent Ignizio (who is chief of staff of city councilmember Andrew J. Lanza) but Guy V. Molinari backed Mario Bruno. This suggests that Fossella and Lanza no longer obey Molinari. Fossella's candidate Ignizio raised more money in the primary campaign.

    15 September 2004
    In the 14 September 2004 Republican primary election in Staten Island's South Shore state assembly district, Fossella's candidate (newcomer Ignizio) won, the incumbent came in second, and Molinari's candidate (Bruno) came in third. There are more Republicans than Democrats in that assembly district, so Ignizio probably will win the general election in November.

  8. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. 2005 March 18

    Senior senator from Tennessee, spouse Karyn McLaughlin Frist, kids (Harrison, Jonathan, Bryan), born 22 February 1952 in Nashville Tennessee, home Nashville, M.D. degree Harvard Medical School 1978.
    WILLIAM H. FRIST, age 53, 411 WESTVIEW Avenue, NASHVILLE TN 37205, (615)

  9. 25 September 2004, Former representative Porter J. GOSS (R-Fla.), the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and a former CIA officer (replacing Tenet, who left in July 2004; and preceding Hayden).
  10. William Herbert GRAY III, a former Representative from Pennsylvania's 2nd district, born in Baton Rouge, LA, USA, on 20 August 1941. Former member of the Appropriations Committee, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and majority whip. His wife is the former Andrea Dash.  Three sons: William H. Gray IV, Justin, Andrew.

    contributor: Gray, William H
    political contribution 9/27/2003 $1,000.00
    home Vienna, VA 22181
    Dell Inc./Board Member -[Contribution]

  11. Office of House Speaker J. Dennis HASTERT, 2005 March 17

    1. House Speaker John Dennis "Denny" HASTERT succeeded Newt Gingrich as speaker. Hastert represents Illinois district 14. Spouse Jean Kahl, 2 kids (Joshua, Ethan), born 2 January 1942 in Aurora Illinois, home Plano Illinois. He was a teacher in Yorkville High School, he coached football and wrestling, he was Illinois Coach of the Year. Hastert had been a high school and college wrestler.

      Possible former addresses:
      J.D. HASTERT, 733 3RD ST SW, WASHINGTON DC 20024, (202);
      DENNIS D HASTERT age 63, J. HASTERT, JACK J. HASTERT age 63, P.O. BOX 386, YORKVILLE IL 60560, (630);
      Vienna Virginia.

    2. Ron Bonjean, a Hastert spokesman. 2005 March 17

      Ron Bonjean may be Ronald D. Bonjean, age 35, of Arlington VA, phone area code (703).

  12. Jefferson

    William Jennings "Dollar Bill" JEFFERSON, former federal representative for Louisiana's 2nd congressional district, was born in Lake Providence, Louisiana, on 14 March 1947. 2006jul25.

    Stock and money were criminally, indirectly paid to Louisiana's federal representative William Jennings "Bill" Jefferson by paying a company owned by Jefferson's children and controlled by his wife (Andrea Green Jefferson is the corporation's manager). The corporation, The ANJ Group L.L.C. (Louisiana charter/organization ID 35029844K), has registered agent Jack Swetland. Swetland is an accountant who has worked for William Jefferson and some of his closest political allies (including some of his relatives). Jefferson also, indirectly got illicit payments through a similar, Ghanian company. Some of the bribery may have related to business opportunities for broadband communications.

    Brett M. Pfeffer, a former aide of Jefferson, was president of a McLean, Virginia, investment company. He and Jefferson agreed that Jefferson would help Nigerian company W2-IBBS (W2-International Broadband Services Ltd.) in exchange for bribes paid to Jefferson's daughters. One of Jefferson's daughters, a lawyer, may have helped create W2-IBBS (according to FBI special agent Timothy R. Thibault's 18 May 2006 affidavit in support of issuance of a search warrant for William Jefferson's Rayburn House Office Building room 2113; page 7, footnote 6, in District of Columbia federal court case 06-231 M-01.). Supposedly, the bribes were that Jefferson's daughter-lawyer would be on the payroll of Pfeffer's investment company (paid a monthly retainer of about $2500 to $5000), Jefferson's daughters would be given several percent of W2-IBBS, legal work would go to a member of Jefferson's family (a member other than the above-mentioned daughter-lawyer), and political contributions would be paid to William Jefferson's daughter (Louisiana state legislator Jalila Jefferson-Bullock). By the way, we think that the several percent would be held through the daughters' African company, GEES (Global Energy and Environmental Services LLC), which would be run by Jefferson's son-in-law.

    William has five daughters: Jamila, Jalila, Jelani, Nailah, and Akilah. Jamila is an Egyptian girl's name from Arabic meaning beauty. Jalila is an Arabic girl's name meaning great. Jelani is a girl's name (or it is an African boy's name meaning mighty). Nailah is an Egyptian girl's name meaning successful. Akilah is an Arabic girl's name meaning bright, intelligent. We guess that the Cub Scout Akila ("The Cub Scout follows Akila ....") may possibly come from Akila, leader of the wolf pack, in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. We guess that a former, American Cub Scout would not name his daughter Akilah. We guess that William Jefferson was not in the Cub Scouts.

    Three of the five daughtters seem to be lawyers: Jamila (lawyer with Jones Walker law firm, also supposedly a human resources manager at Harrah's New Orleans casino), Jalila (state legislator), and Jelani (judge's clerk in federal trial court in New Orleans).

    Here is a little information about each of the daughters.

    1. Jamila

      Jamila E. Jefferson: Harvard Law School 1997, born about 1974, William Jefferson's oldest daughter, a New Orleans lawyer who worked for Jones Walker law firm. She does not seem to have been a lawyer in Nigeria or Virginia (where Pfeffer's investment company has its headquarters). She has been on Louisiana's Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee. Supposedly, she now may be a human resources manager at Harrah's New Orleans casino. We don't know her expertise in human resources management or the casino industry. She is interested in inernational mergers and acquisitions.

      Supposedly, she, Vernon L. Jackson (a Kentuckian who bribed her father in conjunction with a Nigerian busines opportunity, and who contributed to her state legislator sister's campaign), and Herbert O. Orji (CEO of Summa Guaranty and Trust Company, in Nigeria) have been listed as board members and investors in GCC (Gridline Communications Corporation). On 24 July 2006, she and Orji were (according to former URL still on the GCC board. GCC, which has headquarters in Sugarland (Texas), wants to provide BPL (broadband over power line) technology to power companies. GCC offers to help power companies earn extra money by providing broadband communications to power customers.

      According to the Times-Picayune website, "According to a December 2004 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jamila Jefferson had 492,244 shares of stock in Gridline, while Jackson had 10.3 million shares." How much did Jamila and her father William pay for those shares?

      JAMILA E JEFFERSON, 201 SAINT CHARLES AVE (not to be confused with Saint Charles Place, which is in Monopoly), 03/01/2006, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70170-1000. (504) 582-8450. Near Gravier and Canal Streets. This is not a residential address. We guess that she does not live here.
      1 SQ 224 LOT P ST CHARLES AND, 2 GRAVIER 235X255 OVER 220.
      This property is owned by Owner Name LKBOC LLC, Address 521 FIFTH AVE., STE 2300, City / State / Zip NEW YORK NY 10175.

      JAMILA E JEFFERSON, 2424 CONSTANCE ST, 03/01/2005, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130. (504) 896-8946, (504) 899-2685.
      This is owned by her sister, Jelani F. Jefferson.

    2. Jalila

      Jalila Esle Jefferson-Bullock: Harvard Law School 2001, member of Louisiana's state House of Represetatives representing New Orleans district 91, has been an attorney at New Orleans's Murray Law Firm. On 24 July 2006, we guess that she is not a lawyer in Nigeria or Virginia (where Pfeffer's investment company is headquartered). Read about her uncle (her mother's brother), judge Alan Green, below.

      JALILA JEFFERS ON, 717 PENISTON ST, 10/17/2004, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115. (504) 895-1928. This property is owned by William L. Walters.

      JALILA E JEFFERSON, 3313 SARATOGA ST, 03/11/2004, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115. (504) 896-8354.
      1 SQ 511 LOT S SARATOGA 86X105, 2 3313 S SARATOGA ST, 3 2-STY CON BLOCK-8 APTS, 4 FILE #89904 11/05.
      This property is owned by Owner Name B E P CONSULTINGSERVICES LLC, Address % 3313 S SARATOGA ST APT 3, City / State / Zip NEW ORLEANS LA 70115. This may be an 8-apartment building. The owner's telephone number may be (504) 899-1254.

      That address (3313 Saratoga) is also an address for a business of which Jalila's aunt, Brenda Jefferson (Brenda Foster) is agent: Louisiana company: 35875980K 02/11/2005; BACA SERVICES, LLC 3313 S. SARATOGA ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115; Agent: BRENDA JEFFERSON 3313 S. SARATOGA ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115.

      JALILA E JEFFERSON Born Jun 1975, 1922 MARENGO ST, 01/25/2002, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115. (504) 895-1339, (504) 899-3106. This is her parent's home. It is uptown.

    3. Jelani F.

      Jelani F. Jefferson: Harvard Law School 2004, clerk for New Orleans's U.S. District Judge Eldon E. Fallon. Search warrants related to William Jefferson were issued by the federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, not by the federal trial court in New Orleans. Usually, warrants are issued by a trial court, not an appellate court. Maybe the FBI avoided the federal trial court in New Orleans because Jelani (William Jefferson's daughter) works there. She seems to have married Kevin Sheppard on about 2 August 2004.

      JELANI JEFFERSON, 2424 CONSTANCE ST, 01/01/2006, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130. Orleans parish. (504) 891-9596, (504) 896-8946. She may own this. This property is a homestead. The owner claims to live here.

      1 SQ 111 LOT 3 CONSTANCE ST, 2 32X99 = 3168 SQ FT, 3 FILE #11551.

      JELANI JEFFERSON, Born Sep 1979, 1922 MARENGO ST, 01/14/2001, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115. (504) 899-3106, (504) 895-1339.

    4. Nailah

      Nailah was the 2005 queen of the 57th Washington [District of Columbia] Mardi Gras Celebration. Someone with that name may be a student at Boston University (near where Nailah's father and sisters went to school).

      NAILAH A JEFFERSON Born Dec 1981, 2424 CONSTANCE ST, 08/14/2002, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130, (504) 896-8946. This is owned by her sister, Jelani F. Jefferson.

    5. Akilah

      Akilah seems to be a Brown University alumna who attended an activity of the Brown Club of New Orleans. People with her name may be involved with Our Bodies Ourselves and may work at Gallagher Lab, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins University.

      AKILAH JEFFERSON, 416 BROOK ST, 09/01/2005, PROVIDENCE, RI 02906, (401) 270-5391.

      AKILAH L JEFFERSON, STATE COLLEGE, PA 16803, (814) 861-nnnn

    William Jefferson has other relatives, some involved in politics.

    1. New Orleans judge Alan Green, who is William Jefferson's brother-in-law (Alan's sister Andrea is William's wife), supposedly was video taped getting an eight hundred dollar, cash contribution for his niece (state legislator Jalila Jefferson, who is William Jefferson's daughter). The eight hundred dollars supposedly never got from judge Green to Jalila Jefferson's campaign. The cash payment was made in the judge's office by a lawyer wih a court case before the judge. Later, the judge decided the case for that lawyer's client, awarding that client even more money (1.82 million dollars) than his lawyer had requested (1.73 million dollars).
    2. William's parents are Mose Jefferson and Angeline Harris Jefferson, both dead. Do not confuse William's brother and dead father, both named Mose.
    3. Willaim's sister, Alice Jefferson Montgomery, was an administrator.
    4. William's brother, Archie L. Jefferson, became a lawyer in 1987 and was disbarred in 2004.
    5. William's sister, Barbara Jefferson Jackson, teaches in Louisiana.
    6. William's brother, Bennie Lee Jefferson, is married to civil district court Judge Carolyn Gill Jefferson. They have three children: Steven, Bennie II (why not "Bennie Jr."?), and Angeline (perhaps named after her paternal grandmother).

      She will resign, or has resigned, from her judgeship to spend more time with her children (which sounds dubious to us). It has been speculated that her resignation is related to her supposedly having signed off on a local scandal involving a Dodge Durango SUV (described in the below discussion of Mose Jefferson). The scandal involves former city councilwoman Renee Gill Pratt. We don't know if judge Carolyn Gill Jefferson is related to former councilwoman Renee Gill Pratt. For campaign finance disclosures, the two politicians use the same accountant, CPA Jack Swetland, who is also William Jefferson's accountant.

      Owner Name JEFFERSON BENNIE LEE ET AL, 3035 OCTAVIA ST, City / State / Zip NEW ORLEANS LA 70125. Homestead: the owner of that address claims to live there.

      1 SQ 714 LOT J OCTAVIA, 2 70/VARX120/VAR HILO-B, 3 S-B-W/OFFICE, 4 FILE #80280 1/98 SALF.

    7. William's sister, Betty Jefferson, is New Orleans 4th district assessor. Betty Jefferson, has been president of the Orleans Parish School Board.

      JEFFERSON BETTY, 936 JACKSON AVENUE, NEW ORLEANS LA 70115. This is a homestead. She claims to live here.
      1 SQ 109 LOT 9 JACKSON AVE, 2 32X120 = 3840 SQ FT, 3 FILE #15619.

      1725 VALMONT ST. This is not a homestead. The owner does not claim to live here.
      1 SQ 485 LOT W VALMONT
      2 VAR X VAR
      3 1725 VALMONT CONDO
      4 FILE #85873 7/03 TRANSFER
      Owner Name JEFFERSON BETTY, Address P O BOX 57762, City / State / Zip NEW ORLEANS LA 70157.

      Next door to Betty's house on Jackson Avenue, there was an illegally demolished house owned by a corporation run by her brother, Archie L. Jefferson. He was fined twenty-five thousand dollars for the demolition.

    8. William's sister Brenda Jefferson (also known as Brenda Foster) is contact person for JEFF-CO CONTRACTORS INC, a New Orleans construction company specializing in highway, street, and bridge construction (a specialty in which government agencies often are customers). This is an SBA-certified company with SBA case number 107124.

      There is a Louisiana company: 35875980K 02/11/2005; BACA SERVICES, LLC 3313 S. SARATOGA ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115; Agent: BRENDA JEFFERSON 3313 S. SARATOGA ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115; Member/Manager AYANA JEFFERSON, 3313 S. SARATOGA ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115; Member/Manager CHRISTINA FOSTER, 3313 S. SARATOGA ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115; Member/Manager ANBREANNA FOSTER, 3313 S. SARATOGA ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115.
      We guess that the three members (Christina, Ayana, and Anbreanna) are Brenda's children or other relatives. Christina is a niece of William Jefferson. Someone in Louisiana named "Ayana Jefferson" lost a dog: "Germ Shep-'Lucky'- 11 mos. br/bl saddle back Call Ayana Jefferson @ 985-351-210 [sic]" (according to information which was at URL

      That address (3313 S. Saratoga) is listed for Brenda's niece: JALILA E JEFFERSON, 3313 SARATOGA ST, 03/11/2004, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115. (504) 896-8354

    9. William's sister, Delois Jefferson Tucker, teaches in Chicago, Illinois, public schools. By the way, in America, there once was an American brand of car called Tucker.
    10. William's brother Mose "Mos Jef" Jefferson has helped relatives (for example, his state legislator sister) campaign for office. Do not confuse him with his dead father, also named Mose. Mose Jefferson runs Orleans Metropolitan Housing and Community Development Inc. (a nonprofit organization which gets much help from government) and owns a company which is a landlord.

      By the way, Mose Jefferson is involved in an SUV scandal in New Orleans. There are somewhat different versions of the scandal. We'll tell you one version, no tnecessarily the most accurate. After Katrina, an auto dealer gave away some SUVs. The recipients were chosen after listening to the advice of William Jefferson and another, federal representative. The SUVs were supposed to be used for emerencies (police, fire, etc.) and other, serious, government business, not as fringe benefits for big shots. City councilwoman Renee Gill Pratt wrongly took one for rher own use. Just before the April 2006 primary election, she realized that she would lose the primary and therefore soon be out of a job. She gave (or arrnaged for the city to give) the city-owned car to a nonprofit organization (Care Unlimited) run by her boyfriend Mose Jefferson. After she stopped being a councilwoman, Care Unlimited hired her and told her she could drive the car she had earlier donated (or arranged for the city to donate). Thus, she had changed employers but was still driving the same, employer-owned car. When people asked her how this had happened, she said, "Sometimes God puts things in places for you.". Many people complained. Eventually, she arranged for Care Unlimitd to give the car back to New Orleans city. She and Mose both are part of William Jefferson's political faction. We don't necessarily understand this scandal perfectly.

      Owner Name PRATT RENEE' G, Address 1718 TOLEDANO ST, City / State / Zip NEW ORLEANS LA 70115. Homestead: owner Pratt claims to live here.

      Pratt Renee G, 3311 ANNUNCIATION ST. Owner Pratt does not claim to live here. The owner's correspondence address is on Toledano.

      MOSE O JEFFERSON Born Aug 1942, 11640 HAYNE BLVD, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70128, (504) 242-5792

      MOSE JEFFERSON, 2716 LOYOLA AVE, 10/15/2003 NEW ORLEANS, LA 70113, (504) 891-5904


    We may not have perfectly described how some of Jefferson's relatives were involved in his bribery and other activities. William Jefferson illustrates the need to legally find out about government officers' relatives and former employees.

    WILLIAM J JEFFERSON Born Mar 1947, 1922 MARENGO ST, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115. (504) 895-1339, (504) 899-3106. He may own this.

    1 SQ 474 LOTS 18 19 REAR LOT23, 2 24 MARENGO 60/30 X 120/180, 3 S-2 STY-W/APT POOL 93 PERMIT, 4 1922-22HF MARENGO, 5 FILE #49449.

    WILLIAM J JEFFERSON, 700 7TH ST SW (near G Street), 12/28/2000, WASHINGTON, DC 20024. This is roughly a mile's drive from the Capitol.

    Address: 0700 7TH ST SW Unit: 216, Washington DC
    SSL: 0468 2063
    Record Details
    Neighborhood: R.L.A. SW Sub-Neighborhood:
    Use Code: 17 -
    Class 3 Exception: No
    Tax Type: TX - Taxable
    Tax Class: 001 -
    Homestead Status: ** Not receiving the Homestead Deduction. The owner does not claim that this is his permanent, main home.
    Gross Building Area:
    Ward: 6
    Land Area: 332
    Triennial Group: 2
    Owner and Sales Information Owner Name: WILLIAM J JEFFERSON
    Mailing Address: PO BOX 844; TEMPLE HILLS MD20757-0844. This is the same address as for Travel Consultants Intl Incorporated; (301) 630-4970; Po Box 844, Temple Hills, MD. That corporation may be TRAVEL CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED; OXON HILL, MD 20745; Phone: (301) 630-4970.

  13. Congressional candidate Robert J. "Bob" Johnson, 2006 February 25

    He ran for the House of Representatives as the Democratic candidate against incumbent Republican representative John McHugh in New York state's 23rd congressional district in 2004. He was a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. In about January 2006 at Syracuse (New York) airport, he discoverd that his name was on the federal government's no-fly list (a list of people who are not allowed to fly as passengers on commercial airlines because those people are terror suspects). The list is made by the federal government's TSA (Transportation Security Administration, which is part of DHS). No one has told him why his name was put on the list. According to at The Nation website, Johnson is not a terror suspect and he said, "This [seemingly: the secrecy surrounding his name's addition to the no-fly list, and the prospect that his name might be there because of his anti-war views] is like McCarthyism in the 1950s.".

    Federal senator Ted Kennedy, who is discussed in this website, was also on the no-fly list.

    ROBERT J JOHNSON, Born Aug 1950, 432 BRADY RD. (Recorded: 11/19/2003), SACKETS HARBOR, NY 13685.

    ROBERT J JOHNSON, Born Aug 1950, 121 BARTLETT RD. (Recorded: 08/12/2003), SACKETS HARBOR, NY 13685.

  14. Kennedy

    Deceased, senior, Massachusetts senator Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy

    1. Introduction

      4 January 2011

      Born 22 February 1932 in Boston. Died in 2009. Widow Victoria Anne Reggie "Vicki" Kennedy, a government officer (attorney at law in the District of Columbia), born 26 February 1954 in Crowley, Louisiana. When in Massachusetts, they lived in Hyannisport, Barnstable County, Massachusetts (on Cape Cod).

    2. Addresses

      VICTORIA R KENNEDY, Born 1954, 2416 TRACY PL NW (near 24th street and Massachusetts Avenue; Recorded 09/13/2003), WASHINGTON, DC 20008-1627. Edward M. Kennedy has the same address, listed below.

      EDWARD M KENNEDY, Born 1932, 2416 TRACY PL NW. (Recorded 09/13/2003), WASHINGTON, DC 20008. Victoria R.. Kennedy has the same address, listed above.

      EDWARD M KENNEDY, Born 1932, 2610 31ST ST NW. (on a dead end street near Normanstone Park; Recorded 08/15/2003), WASHINGTON, DC 20008-3519. This may be a neighborhood with (according to former webpage expensive, one-family houses. This Edward M. Kennedy is not necessarily the famous senator.

    3. 2416 TRACY PL NW
      Address: 	2416 TRACY PL NW
      SSL: 	2505 0032
      Record Details
      Neighborhood: 	KALORAMA 	Sub-Neighborhood: 	A
      Use Code: 	12  -  Residential-Detached-Single-Fa 	Class 3 Exception: 	No
      Tax Type: 	TX  - Taxable 	Tax Class: 	001 -  Residential
      Homestead Status: 	** Not receiving the Homestead Deduction
      Assessor: 	HAROLD BROWN
      Gross Building Area: 	  	Ward: 	2
      Land Area: 	4,500 	Triennial Group: 	1
      Owner and Sales Information
      Owner Name: 	VICTORIA R KENNEDY  
      Mailing Address: 	2416 TRACY PL NW; WASHINGTON DC20008-1627
      Sale Price: 	Not Available
      Recordation Date: 	04/01/1998
      Instrument No.: 	023922
      Tax Year 2010 Preliminary Assessment Roll
        	Current Value 	Proposed New Value (2010)
      Land: 	$775,760 	$704,660
      Improvements: 	$4,061,700 	$4,001,010
      Total Value: 	$4,837,460 	$4,705,670
      Taxable Assessment: * 	$4,837,460 	$4,705,670
      Building Type 	Single
      Building Style 	2.5 Story Fin
      Living Area 	8,996
      Year Built 	1926
      Bed Rooms 	5
      Bath Rooms 	6
      1/2 Bath Rooms 	2
      Total Rooms 	16
      Wall 	Common Brick
      Floor 	Hardwood
      Heat 	Warm Cool
      Air Conditioning 	Yes
      Fireplace(s) 	5
      a semiannual real estae tax payment of $20,559.20
      7102397111002 	7102397111002 	2010 	08/27/2010 	$20,559.20 	$.00 	
    4. Victoria Reggie Kennedy, court officer (attorney at law in DC)
      Her Law Office Address
      	Victoria Reggie Kennedy
      	2416 Tracy Place (This is a home address, we think.)
      	Washington DC 20008
      Phone   202-265-7600
      Fax     202-462-5890
      Membership Status: Active
      Date of admission   February 2, 1984 
    5. TSA

      TSA (Transportation Security Administration), part of DHS (Department of Homeland Security), has a no-fly list and a selectee list of possible, air passengers. People on the no-fly list are not allowed to fly. People on the selectee list are examined much at the airport before they are allowed to fly. Both lists are for terrorist suspects: people who pose "... a risk of air piracy or terrorism or a threat to airline or passenger safety ...". Ted Kennedy was on the no-fly list and was stopped five times at airports in March 2004. The airline told him that it would not give him a boarding pass.

      Sometimes (not necessarily when Ted Kennedy flies), one pays for a ticket and is given a ticket. Later, ticket-holders gets a boarding pass. Is it a crime, tort, or breach of contract for an airline to accept payment for a ticket without first telling a passenger that the airline will not let him board? It seems that a non-criminal airline would check the two lists (or at least the no-fly list) before accepting the passenger's money. Maybe airlines don't have permission to check the lists when selling a ticket. Maybe airlines don't have permission to tell a listed passenger (that he won't be allowed to board) until he is at an airport asking an airline employee for a boarding pass. This analysis assumes, perhaps wrongly, that the airline got Kennedy's fare payment before telling him that the airline would not let him board.

      The airline eventually allowed Kennedy to board because a supervisor identified Kennedy and approved his boarding. Why would knowing that senator Kennedy is there matter? After all, Kennedy is linked to Sirhan Sirhan, whom Kennedy has tried to get out of prison on parole, and Kennedy criminally killed a woman. It is not inconceivable that someone in the federal government's executive branch decided that Kennedy meets the secret criteria for inclusion in the no-fly list. Maybe the no-fly list is intended for powerless people only, and it therefore is inconceivable that TSA would intentionally put a federal senator on the list. There is some evidence consistent with this guess. The name on the no-fly list was "T. Kennedy". Many people have names matching that; for example, Thomas Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Theodore Kennedy, Terrence Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, etc. Many passengers, not just the senator, must have been stopped becasue their name matched the no-fly list's "T. Kennedy". However, although DHS secretary Tom Ridge apologized to the senator, there is no report that Ridge ever apologized to anyone else harmed because his (or her?) name matched "T. Kennedy". Maybe the airline supervisor (who let senator Kennedy fly although his name was on the no-fly list) knew that TSA does not intend the no-fly list to include people so powerful that they get a cabinet-level apology.

      The senator and his staff needed over three weeks to get his name off the no-fly list. People normally do not get their names removed from the list. Powerless people sometimes get a letter to show to airline personnel. By the time the powerless passenger shows the letter, it is already too late, at least when the powerless person is David C. Fathi. He's just an ACLU lawyer, so he's not powerful enough to get his name removed from the no-fly list. Because he's merely an ACLU lawyer, not a federal senator, he once was lead from an airline counter by police, then questioned much. According to Fathi, airlines erratically enforce the no-fly list against him: sometimes leting him fly, sometines not. Perhaps wrongly, we think that, if Fathi became a federal senator, his name would be removed from the no-fly list (although perhaps put o the selectee list instead).

      Democratic congressional candidate Robert Johnson (of New York's 23rd congressional district), who is discussed in this website, was also on the no-fly list.

      The TSA's no-fly list raises a question of criminal enforcement. Airlines sometimes fly people whose names the airline knows are on the no-fly list. Former congressional candidate and military officer Johnson, federal senator Kennedy, and maybe lawyer Fathi are examples. How, if at all, are airlines punished for flying people despite knowing that their names are on the no-fly list? It is conceivable that defying the no-fly list is a crime. Furthermore, flying a person with a listed name might endanger people (other passengers on that plane, for example) and that endangerment might be a crime. In theory, criminal punishments might be imposed (arresting and prosecuting offending airline corporation, confiscating planes used in defiance of the list, etc.). Although tthe government treats the no-fly list as serious, we haven't heard of punishments for knowing violation. If the no-fly list exists solely to help airlines (as distinguished from their passengers, for example), then it seems reasonable that the government would not punish airlines who waive the list's intended benefits by flying people whose names are actually known to be on the list. In at least one case involving a passenger who wanted to be removed from the TSA's selectee list, the TSA notified that passenger that airlines are responsible for administration and directed that passenger to contact the airline to be removed from the list. The treatment given that passenger seems consistent with our guess that, because the purpose of the list is to help airlines, airlines may make exceptions the list at will. However, the best way to really help airlines is to allow them to say that they are required to obey the TSA's lists (no-fly and selectee). Therefore, complaining passengers are told to complain to the government (not to an airline) but, if a passenger does complain to an airline, the airline seems free to fly the passenger if the airline wants to. For example, we guess that there was no punishment for the airlines that flew Johnson and Kennedy although their names were actually known to match names on the non-fly list.

      This discussion is not intended to change laws, policies, or anything else.

  15. Kennedy

    Patrick Joseph KENNEDY, representative

    2005 October 9.
    Kennedy represents Rhode Island district 1 in the House of Representatives. He was born 14 July 1967 in Brighton town, Massachusetts. He is single, the son of senator Ted kennedy. Patrick's former cocaine use made him a hospital inpatient in 1986. Later, he got a bachelor's degree from Providence College. He may possibly be:
    PATRICK J. KENNEDY, born 1967, 29n CHURCH ST. (near Lodge Road), PASCOAG, RI, 02859-2629, (401) 567-nnnn.

    Supposedly, he used to drink in the Hawk 'n' Dove Restaurant, an Irish bar near the Capitol building.

  16. Massachusetts Senator John Forbes KERRY, unsuccessful Democrtic candidate for president in November 2004, born 11 December 1943. Wife Teresa Heinz (also known as Theresa Heinz Kerry).

    Kerry prays in Boston's Paulist Center, which is near his Beacon Hill home. Beacon Hill neighborhood is in downtown Boston. Some of the neighborhood seems to be in zip code 02114.

    JOHN F KERRY, age 60, may possibly live at 19 LOUISBURG Square, BOSTON MA 02108.

    Although the name "Kerry" is Irish, senator Kerry is not Irish. One of his ancestors changed his name to "Kerry", converted to Roman Catholicism, and moved to America.


    Frank Raleigh Lautenberg (born in Paterson, New Jersey, on 23 January 1924) was executive commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey from 1978 to 1982, and federal senator from New Jersey.

    10/13/2003 FRANK R LAUTENBERG
    VAIL, CO 81657. (970) 476-4065

    09/01/2005 FRANK R LAUTENBERG
    WASHINGTON, DC 20037. Maybe this is his DC home.

    FRANK R LAUTENBERG (508) 693-2296, (508) 693-2296. 508 is the area code for Worcester, New Bedford and Southeastern Massachusetts.
    FRANK R LAUTENBERG (802) 297-2246. 802 is the area code for Vermont.

    FRANK R LAUTENBERG Born Jan 1924
    CLIFFSIDE PARK, NJ 07010. Maybe this is his NJ home.

    03/12/2004 FRANK R LAUTENBERG
    NEWARK, NJ 07102 (973) 645-3030. Maybe this is his NJ office.

    10/14/2003 FRANK R LAUTENBERG
    ROCHELLE PARK, NJ 07662. (201) 909-0309.

    His wife has a Manhattan apartment. Maybe it's his Manhattan home.

    BONNIE S ENGLEBARDT Born May 1947, 555 PARK AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10021. NY County (212) 355-4684, (212) 838-1132, (212) 838-1138.

  18. Enrico Anthony "Rick" LAZIO, 2006apr18

    He was born 13 March 1958 in West Islip, Suffolk county, NY. He is a court officer (attorney at law) and represented New York's 2nd congressional district in the House of Reprsentatives.

    ENRICO A. LAZIO, Born 1958, 126 S. WINDSOR AVE (near Windsor Place, 10/06/2004), BRIGHTWATERS, Suffolk county, NY 11718-1506.

    He may have lived at 69 Holly Drive in Bay Shore, NY 11706.

  19. 2005 May 9, LYNCH
    U.S. Representative Stephen F. Lynch (Democrat, South Boston), Massachusetts district 9, spouse Margaret, daughter Victoria, born 31 March 1955 in Boston, lives in Boston.
    STEPHEN F LYNCH, age 50, 55 G ST, BOSTON MA 02127, (617) 268-nnnn.
  20. Federal senator Melquiades Rafael "Mel" MARTINEZ. 20005 March 17.

    Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, now Florida's federal senator Mel Martinez, spouse KATHRYN T. "Kitty" MARTINEZ, 3 kids (Andrew, John, Lauren), born 23 October 1946 in Sagua La Grande (Cuba), home Orlando Florida, JD law degree Florida State University 1973.

    MEL R. MARTINEZ, MELQUIADES R MARTINEZ, age 58, formerly (until about July 2003) 1127 RECTOR Lane, MCLEAN town, Fairfax county, VA 22102, (703);
    MELQUIADES R. MARTINEZ, age 58, formerly (until about April 2004) at 1004 WOBURN Court, MCLEAN town, Fairfax county, VA 22102, (703) 918-00nn;
    MELQUIADES R. MARTINEZ, formerly (until about July 2003) 1119 RECTOR Lane, MCLEAN town, Fairfax county, VA 22102, (703).

  21. 10 May 2004, MOLINARI, Susan (now Susan Molinari Paxon?), born 27 March 1958, nepotism.
    Daughter of Staten Island (New York city) political boss Guy Victor Molinari, wife of former congressman from New York L. William Paxon, former member New York city council, mother of Susan Ruby Paxon, owner of pet dog Labrador retriever George. She was Staten Island political boss Guy Victor Molinari's ambassador to the House of Representatives, nominally representing New York's 14th congressional district. Her father and political boss, who had been representing that district in the House, resigned from the House to create a vacant seat, then got her elected to it in a special election. After she was elected to the House, she got married and had a baby. Several weeks after the baby was born, she resigned from the House. The baby was born 11 May 1997. Mother Susan's resignation was effective 1 August 1997. The resignation was effective about 7 months into that Congressional term.
  22. NEW York: candidates for U.S. senate from New York state in September 2004 primary election
    19 September 2004


    DEMOCRATIC, CHARLES E SCHUMER (incumbent), 9 PROSPECT PARK WEST, BROOKLYN NY 11215. By the way in February 2005, this address seems to be the home address of New York city transportation commissioner Iris Weinshall, who is senator Schumer's wife. She is about age 50 in 2005, and is a Democrat.




  23. 10 May 2004, PAXON, Bill (also known as L. William Paxon), former congressman from New York, husband of former congresswoman Susan Molinari (now Susan Molinari Paxon?), son-in-law of Staten Island (New York city) political boss Guy Victor Molinari:
  24. Nancy P. PELOSI, repersentative for California district 8, 30 October 2005.

    She is a leader of America's Democratic party. Spouse Paul, five kids (Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, Alexandra), born in Baltimore on 26 March 1940. She has widely publicized the names of her spouse and kids, and her place and date of birth. More PAC money seems to come to her from business than from labor. In our opinion, she sincerely believes that free speech is kind of a nuisance.

    She may possibly have lived at:
    NANCY P. PELOSI, 1 BUSH ST. (near Market Street), SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94104-4425.
    N. PELOSI, (202) 872-0172.

    PAUL F. PELOSI, born April 1940, 2640 BROADWAY ST. (near Divisadero Street), SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94115-1116, (415) 346-6nnn.
    PAUL F. PELOSI, 4622 FOXHALL CRES NW. (north of Mount Vernon College), WASHINGTON, DC 20007-1061. SSL: 1397 0875. Value in 2005 about $1,016,660. This property does not have a homestead deduction (suggesting that it is not the owner's permanent home). Building Type Single, Building Style 2 Story, Living Area 3700 sq ft, Year Built 1985, Bed Rooms 3, Bath Rooms 2, 1/2 Bath Rooms 2, Total Rooms 10, Wall Common Brick, Floor Hardwood, Heat Warm Cool, Air Conditioning Yes, Fireplace(s) 2.
    In 2005, according to former URL, almost ten thousand dollars were paid in real estate tax for this property.

    PAUL F. PELOSI, 2555 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. (near L Street) NW., WASHINGTON, DC 20037-1613, (202) 872-0nnn. This seems to be a cooperative or condominium building. Most units are worth more than $300k but less than $800k. The building was built in 1978.

  25. Office of senator Charles "Chuck" SCHUMER
    1. LOESER, 2005 January 16
      Stuart "Stu" Loeser was repeatedly described in the press as a spokesman of federal senator Charles "Chuck" Schumer.

      Josh Isay, of the Andrew Cuomo for Governor campaign, made an (according to former webpage accusation in about July 2002 to the New York State Board of Elections that money was illegally paid to Loeser in his capacity as dirdector of opposition research for the Democratic, Carl Mccall campaign. This web site does not know if the accusation was true.


  26. 2004 December 15, federal senator from Alabama Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" SESSIONS III, born 24 December 1946 (Christmas eve) in Hybert Alabama, wife Mary Blackshear, daughters and a son, home city Mobile Alabama.
  27. 2004 December 14, Alabama senator Richard SHELBY (R), wife Annette Nevin, sons Richard C. Jr. and Claude Nevin, born 6 May 1934 in Birmingham Alabama, home city Tuscaloosa: RICHARD C. SHELBY, age 70, 1414 HIGH FOREST DR, N TUSCALOOSA AL 35406, (205) 752-0543

  28. Stevens 2009apr9

    Born in Indianapolis Indiana, wife Catherine Ann, sons and daughters, home town Girdwood.
    NORTHLAND Drive (not Road), GIRDWOOD AK 99587, (907) 783-2132.

    Former U.S. senator Theodore Fulton Stevens, born 18 November 1923, had been a court officer (attorney at law), state legislator, and federal prosecutor. He was indicted by a grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the Dustrict of Columbia on about 29 July 2008 and convicted after jury trial on 27 October 2008. His conviction was set aside on about 6 April 2009 because of improper, possibly criminal conduct by federal prosecutors in the federal Department of Justice's Public Integrity Section.

    US v Stevens Case Docket 10-15-08, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan

    Criminal No.
    COUNTS ONE THROUGH SEVEN: (False Statements)

    The essence of the accusation against Stevens, as well as we understand it based on skimming Internet articles, follows. Bill Allen, CEO and a founder of VECO Corporation, an oil business, paid construction companies to improve senator Stevens's house, much increasing its value. This was a bribe, a kind of income. Stevens, because he was a federal senator, had a duty to report his income to the federal senate, which is in the District of Columbia, but did not do so. He filed reports which were false because they were incomplete. This was a felony done in the District of Columbia. Allen, Veco, and the house were in Alaska. The house is in Girdwood neighborhood of Anchorage. Stevens was convicted by a jury. Allen pled guilty to bribery. This form of corruption (in which the briber pays a construction company to improve realty owned by a government officer) was also supposedly done, in the opinion of some people, to improve realty owned by former correction commissioner Bernard Kerik of New York City. This is a common kind of corruption. To try to impede or discover this kind of corruption, it is useful to have detailed records of realty of government officers; for example: how many bedrooms and fireplaces, what floors are covered with (for example, rubber tile or marble), and whether walls are painted plasterboard or pannelled with expensive wood). This Web site provides some records for some government officers.

    We don't know how the Stevens case came to the attention of the FBI and IRS, investigation by which led to prosecution.

    Stevens's conviction was set aside by the trial judge because of prosecutors' misconduct. Now, the prosecutors are about to be investigated by a special prosecutor appointed by the Stevens trial judge. We guess that Stevens is guilty and that the prosecutors are guilty.

    99587 GIRDWOOD

    THEODORE STEVENS (907) 478-7520

    His wife's name is Catherine Ann Chandler.
    CATHERINE STEVENS (907) 783-2132. Prefix 783 is in Girdwood, AK.

    TED F STEVENS 222 7TH AVE ANCHORAGE, AK 99513 (907) 271-5915

    TED F STEVENS 8745 GLACIER HWY JUNEAU, AK 99801 (907) 790-3016

    Parcel ID	076 021 21 000 1 9
    Legal Description
    	ALYESKA #1
    	BLK 18 LT 9
    Site Address
    	138 NORTHLAND RD (not Drive)
    Tax District
    Account Name
    Mailing Address
    	PO BOX 100879
    	ANCHORAGE AK 99510 0879
    Tax Information
    	First Half Tax Amount   1,427.32    Due   June 15, 2008
    	Second Half Tax Amount	1,427.32  	Due August 15, 2008
    We couldn't find 138 Northland Road on a map or in the USPS zip code lookuo page but we did find [2-8] Northland Rd, Girdwood, AK 99587, on a map. Northland Road intersects Lower Terrace. Girdwood is in southern Anchorage. The house seems to be northeast of central Girdwood, north of Highway 1 (Seward Highway), near Alyeska.


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