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  1. Slightly Relevant to What Follows
    1. Headquarters


      Treasury headquarters are next to the

    2. White House.
    3. Guessing About Precious Metals and Currencies

      25 November 2010

      This article was moved to a page in which we provide guesses about changes in price of precious metals and currencies.

    4. S.E.C.

      1. Introduction

        The SEC is not part of Treasury.

      2. Madoff

        "My story, by the mistress of Bernard Madoff", by Sheryl Weinstein, 23 August 2009, [London] Times Online Web site. He doesn't seem to have eaten kosher when he dined with her.

      3. Rakoff

        "SEC explanation on Merrill deal 'puzzling' [to Judge Rakoff]", by Joanna Chung and Francesco Guerrera, 26 August 2009, Financial Times Web site.

    5. Options trading: disguised lending

      There are people who buy and sell options contracts. This can be a way to lend money. The borrower seems to sell an option. The money he gets really is principal. Later, the lender (who seems to have bought the option) seems to profitably exercise the option. He really gets back his principal plus interest. Sometimes, the underlying security is an investment grade bond. Sharia forbids lending for interest. However, sharia does not forbid this option trading. The profit from this kind of trading is not the interest which sharia forbids. In the legal systems of predominantly Christian countries, seeming options trades often evade usury law. As far as we know, this old technique (using options to lend money) is widely known among experts in options.

    6. 2009jun3

      By 1 May 2014, the price of Brent crude oil will rise to at least $140.00.

    7. 2009may24

      On 1 May 2009, U.S. dollar price were: gold ($884.50 London p.m. fixing), crude oil ($51.98 Brent), the Euro (1.3264), Japanese yen (0.010073), Norwegian krone (0.1527), and the Swiss franc (0.8801).

      On 12 May 2009, U.S. dollar prices were: U.K. pound sterling (1.5269), crude oil (Brent $56.81), and natural gas (Henry Hub $4.370/MMbtu).

    8. 2009may12

      Between 12 May 2009 and 12 May 2014, the U.K. pound sterling will decline relative to LNG (liquified natural gas). In other words, it will take more pounds to buy LNG.

    9. 2009may1

      Between 1 May 2009 and 1 May 2014, the U.S. dollar will decline relative to gold (but not necessarily silver), crude oil, the Euro, Japanese yen, Norwegian currency (krone?), and the Swiss franc. In other words, it will take more dollars to buy those things.


    2005 August 26, Comptroller

    Eugene Ludwig was comptroller of the currency at the United States Treasury

    EUGENE A. LUDWIG, Born Apr 1946, 4545 DEXTER ST NW. WASHINGTON, DC. Assessor real estate parcel number SSL 1340 0032.

    EUGENE A. LUDWIG, 1260 CREST LN, MC LEAN town, Fairfax county, VA 22101-1839. Real estate assessor parcel number 0312 01 0022. This address happens to be near CIA headquarters.

  3. Machalek

    Sept. 2001, Special Agent-in-Charge of the INTERNAL Revenue Service (which is in Department of the Treasury)-Criminal Investigations in New York

    Paul L. Machalek age 53, 17 HUNTINGTON DR, ANNANDALE NJ 08801, (908) 713-0468).

  4. Secret Service
    1. Larry L. Cockell, 5 May 2004

      Cockell worked for the SECRET Service: deputy director, special agent, assistant director of an office, and special assistant to the Treasury secretary. He belongs to the Overseas Security Advisory Council of the State Department. He worked for the St. Louis Police Department. He has a degree from St. Louis University.
      LARRY L. COCKELL, age about 54, 200 RIVERSIDE BLVD, NEW YORK NY 10069, (212) 724-1713

    2. Nicol LIBERAL, 11 Oct 2004

      9/26/2003 $250.00
      2904 Beverley Road, Floor 2, BROOKLYN, NY 11226
      SECRET SERVICE -[Contribution]

      LIBERAL, NICOL 2904 Beverley Road, Floor 2
      11/11/2003 $500.00
      BROOKLYN, NY 11226
      SECRET SERVICE -[Contribution]

      1/29/2004 $1,000.00 BROOKLYN, NY 11226
      SECRET SERVICE -[Contribution]

      3/30/2004 $1,000.00
      BROOKLYN, NY 11226
      SECRET SERVICE -[Contribution]

      5/26/2004 $500.00
      BROOKLYN, NY 11226
      SECRET SERVICE -[Contribution]

    3. Pierson
      1. Introduction 2013apr19 Julia Ann Pierson, born July 1959 in Orlando As far as we know she has other names. For example, we think that she is: Jerry Alan Pierson Juli A Pearson (not "Pierson") Std Julia Pierson Julia A. Csson. We provide her names below. 4638 Lambert Drive, Alexandria, VA 22311 north of Interstate 395, east of Braddock Road
      2. Miscellaneous Julia Pierson, 53 [in April 2013] Alexandria, VA Places Lived: Alexandria, VA Boone, NC Phone(703) 845-nnnn Julia Ann Pierson was born in 1959. lives in Alexandria, Virginia lived in Boone, NC 2008-2011 lived in Boone, NC in 2012 ... Julia Pierson Director, Secret Service Born Orlando Alma mater University of Central Florida University of Central Florida, 1981 bachelor's degree in criminal justice Orlando Police Department Secret Service start 1983 Miami Field Office 1983-1985 Orlando Field Office 1985-1988 ... Julia A Pierson, 53 in April 2013 Falls Church, VA Known also Jerry A Pierson Julia Pearson [not "Pierson"] Julia Pierson Julia Ann Pierson Julia E [not "A"] Pierson Juli A Pearson [not "Pierson"] Julie [not "Julia"] Ann Pierson Julie A Pierson On Julia Css Std Julia Pierson Lived in Falls Church, VA Alexandria, VA Valrico, FL Tampa, FL Orlando, FL Boone, NC Related to Jerry Pierson, 34 [See above where aliases are listed.] Name City, State Address Zip Phone Born Julia E Pierson Alexandria, VA 4638 Lambert 22311 (703) 845-8221 Julia A Pierson Alexandria, VA 4638 Lambert Dr 22311 (703) 845-8221 Julia A Pierson Alexandria, VA 4638 Lambert 22311 (703) 845-8221 Jul 1959 Julia A Pierson Tampa, FL 4611 Ferdinand 33611 (813) 839-7564 ... Julia Ann Pierson Age 53 [in April 2013] Alexandria, VA Relatives: Jerry Alan Pierson [see aliases below] E Pierson Previous Residences: Boone, NC Orlando, FL Tampa, FL Falls Church, VA Valrico, FL Also Known As: Julia A Csson Julia Pearson Jerry A Pierson Julie A Pierson Std Julia Pierson
      3. 4638 LAMBERT DR, ALEXANDRIA 4638 LAMBERT DR ALEXANDRIA, VA Account Number: 50647640 Map-Block-Lot Number: 020.02-01-24 Primary Property Class: ROW (TOWNHOUSE) (120) Study Group: 0117 General Information & Description Owner Name: Mailing Address: PIERSON JULIA ANN 4638 LAMBERT DR ALEXANDRIA VA 22311 [Mail to the house's owner is sent to the house.] Census Tract: 2001.98 Census Block: 116 Legal Description: LOT 125 STONEGATE (D209) Land Description Lot Size (Sq. Ft.): 1,987 Zoning: CDD#5 Building Description Year Built: 1999 Construction Quality: GOOD PLUS Building Condition: VERY GOOD HVAC: CENTRAL AIR TO AIR Building Type: TOWNHOUSE 3 STORY Ext. Wall Construction: MASONRY COMMON BRICK Above Grade Living Area (Sq. Ft.): 2,398 Total Basement Area (Sq. Ft.): 418 Finished Basement Area (Sq. Ft.): 0 Full Baths: 3 Half Baths: 1 Fireplace Description: DIRECT VENTED GAS - GOOD FP Units: 2
    4. REICHLE 2006oct5

      Secret Service agent Virgil D. "Gus" Reichle, Jr., has worked in Colorado.

      VIRGIL D REICHLE Born Dec 1963, 13742 MILWAUKEE CT, 07/24/2003, BRIGHTON, CO 80602

      VIRGIL D REICHLE Born Dec 1963, 19555 MITCHELL DR, 02/26/2003, DENVER, CO 80249, (303) 375-9413

    5. John TWOMEY, 11 Oct 2004

      Twomey, John Mr
      10/6/2003 $250.00
      1811 37th Street NW
      Washington, DC 20007
      Secret Service/Photographer -[Contribution]

  5. SECRETARY of the Treasury
    1. 2005 June 30, Secretary of Treasury Robert Edward Rubin

      Robert Edward "Bob" Rubin, former treasury secretary under Clinton, born in New York city on 29 August 1938, lawyer, wife (Judith Oxenberg Rubin) was New York city Commissioner of Protocol when David Dinkins was mayor.

      RUBIN, ROBERT E.; 9/10/2004; $2,000.00
      911 Park Ave. (near 79th Street), Apt. 14A, NEW YORK, NY 10043[Sic. His true zip code is 10021-0337.]

      There may have been a public phone with number (212) 650-1890 in the lobby of his building (911 PARK AVE APTS LOBBY). The builing may occupy Manhattan block 1508, lot 72, and be owned by NINE ELEVEN PARK INC.

    2. 29 February 2004, SECRETARY of Treasury John William Snow was born in Toledo, Ohio, on August 2, 1939, and graduated in 1962 from the University of Toledo. Snow lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife Carolyn. He has three children.


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