opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

2009-07-17 Airport Baggage Claim Carousels U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OFFICERS' HOME ADDRESSES

Department of Transportation, DoT

  1. Introduction: Salary List of DoT in 2007

    4 August 2011

    Below are links to salary lists of officers of the Department of Transportation in 2007. We made the lists from file FedSalaryList2007-Transport.csv, which was originally written by the federal government's Office of Personnel Management. We found that file through the Internet Archive's "U.S. Executive Branch Salary List 2007" page.

    DoT Officers' Surnames

    1. A-E 1.6 MB
    2. F-L 1.6 MB
    3. M-R 2.6 MB
    4. S-Z 2.6 MB
  2. Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) 2006oct24.

    1. Introduction

      Amtrak nominally is a for-profit corporation. The federal Department of Transportation owns all Amtrak preferred stock, the federal government owns most Amtrak stock and heavily subsidizes Amtrak, and America's president appoints Amtrak's directors. In late June 2002, the Amtrak board of directors had only two members. There has been talk about whether the board had a quorum when it did not have five members.

    2. Biden

      Robert Hunter Biden, R. Hunter Biden

      He is a lobbyist-lawyer who was nominated to be on Amtrak's board in May 2006. His father is Delaware's former senator and America's vice president, Joseph Biden. "Hunter" is Robert's mother's maiden name.

      ROBERT H BIDEN Born Feb 1970, 1209 BARLEY MILL RD, 01/28/2002, WILMINGTON, DE 19807.

      We think that Delaware has only three counties.

    3. Chairman David M. Laney, a Bush Pioneer (minimum $100,000 contribution). He's a court officer (attorney at law).

      DAVID M LANEY Born Jan 1949, 10434 LENNOX LN, 09/01/2005, DALLAS, TX 75229, (214) 368-3499

      DAVID M LANEY Born Jan 1949, 1445 ROSS AVE, 05/17/2001, DALLAS, TX 75202, (214) 855-4345

      DAVID M LANEY, 3609 GILLON AVE, 05/17/2001, DALLAS, TX 75205

      DAVID M LANEY Born Jan 1949, 5343 WENONAH DR, 04/01/2006, DALLAS, TX 75209

    4. President and CEO Alexander Kummant replaced David Gunn, who was fired. We are not expert in why he was fired. We guess that Gunn was fired because he seems to have repeatedly, publicly said that Amtrak could not survive without federal subsidies. Some in government want to abolish those subsidies. Kummant was born in Ohio.

      ALEXANDER KUMMANT, 1216 ALTGELD ST, CHICAGO, IL 60614, (773) 665-5608. This address may be wrong. He may live in the District of Columbia area.

    5. DONNA R MCLEAN, nominated to be on board

      DONNA R MCLEAN Born Jul 1964, 308 A ST NE, WASHINGTON, DC 20002, (202) 547-9389.

    6. NORMAN Y MINETA, (former?) board member, former Secretary of D.O.T.

      NORMAN Y MINETA Born 1931, 1631 CLIFF DR, 10/06/2004, EDGEWATER, MD 21037, (410) 798-6978

    7. Mary E. Peters, secretary of D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) after Norman Y. Mineta, Amtrak board member

      She lives in Virginia with her husband, Terry.

      MARY E PETERS Born 1948, 6723 DOROTHY GILES CT, 06/01/2005, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22315, (703) 541-0058.

      MARY E PETERS Born 1948, 1515 JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY, 08/17/2003, ARLINGTON, VA 22202.

      DHS's BTS (DIRECTORATE of Border and Transportation Security) has employed Cecilia Barela, Auditor. Barela may have lived near an address which Peters may have lived at: CECILIA M. BARELA, age 27, 2111 JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. (a high-rise apartment building called CRYSTAL PLAZA, with RPC: 34020255), ARLINGTON VA 22202, (703).

    8. Jeffrey A. Rosen

      He lives in Virginia. General counsel of D.O.T. The secretary of D.O.T. is a board member. Rosen represents him on the Amtrak board.

      JEFFREY A ROSEN Born 1958, 1723 FOREST LN, 04/20/2003, MC LEAN, VA 22101 County (703) 534-2057.

    9. Sosa

      Enrique J. Sosa, recess appointee to Amtrak's board

      He lives in Florida and was about 57 in 1999.

      maybe ENRIQUE J SOSA Born Mar 1940, 430 GRAND BAY DR, KEY BISCAYNE, FL 33149, (305) 361-3373

    10. DR. Sheldon H. Werner, Amtrak police surgeon

      Deputy Chief Surgeon - FOP/Amtrak Police Department Lodge # 189, 308 Maloney Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

      SHELDON H WERNER Born Jun 1935, 15 OAKDALE AVE, NEW ROCHELLE, NY 10801, (914) 633-3220

      SHELDON H WERNER Born Jun 1935, 308 MALONEY RD, 04/01/2006, WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY 12590, (845) 462-0630

  3. MAGAW

    2006 February 23
    John W. Magaw was U.S. Under Secretary of Transportation for Security in April 2002. He may possibly have lived at the following addresses.

    JOHN W MAGAW, Born Aug 1935, 902 PERRY LANDING CT.; Recorded: 01/29/2002; ANNAPOLIS, Anne Arundel County, MD 21401-9300.
    Account Identifier District - 02, Subdivision - 892, Account Number - 90093311
    Deed Reference 7750/ 393
    ANNAPOLIS MD 21401-9300
    John W. Magaw owns this house.

    JOHN W MAGAW, Born 1935; 6877 OLD WATERLOO RD; Recorded: 03/12/2002; ELKRIDGE, Howard county, MD 21075

    JOHN W MAGAW, Born 1935; 227 LODESTONE CT; WESTMINSTER, Carroll county, MD 21158-9478.
    Account Identifier District - 07, Account Number - 141173.


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