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Diver on Decommission job at Fort St. Vrain gas-cooled nuclear power plant, CO

Diver on Decommission Job
Fort Saint Vrain Nuclear Power Plant
Platteville, Weld County, Colorado
From NRC Web Site Photo Gallery

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  1. Introduction
    1. NRC members' photographs
    2. Salary List 392 KB

      19 August 2011

      Above we link to a file which lists thousands of NRC officers in 2007. We made that file from file FedSalaryList2007-Small2.csv, which we downloaded from, the Internet Archive.

  2. Bell

    17 February 2004, Hubert Bell, Inspector General, NUCLEAR Regulatory Commission, may possibly live at 1315 WEBSTER ST NE, WASHINGTON DC 20017


    PATRICE M BUBAR may work at Rockville, Maryland, for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as Deputy Director, Division of Intergovernmental Liaison and Rulemaking, Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs. 2007may22

    PATRICE M BUBAR, Born Apr 1956, 18736 BLUE VIOLET LN, GAITHERSBURG, Montgomery county, MD 20879 (301) 926-6868.

    Account Identifier: District - 09 Account Number - 01971126.
    She may own it and live there as her principal residence.
    Basement, 2 stories, 1/1/2006 assessed value $588,670.
    last sale Seller: ; Sale Date: 04/18/1986; Price: $134,000; Type: IMPROVED ARMS-LENGTH; Deed1: / 7086/ 610.

  4. 19 February 2004, Chairman Nils J. Diaz, Ph.D.
    Dr. Diaz was Professor at the University of Florida. Dr. Diaz holds a bachelor's of science egree from the University of Villanova, Havana. NILS J. DIAZ, age 65, 5802 NICHOLSON LN, ROCKVILLE MD 20852, (301) 770-0315
  5. Hughes
    21 March 2011
    THURMONT, MD 21788
    	09/12/2008 	250.00 	28992776890
    DANIEL E HUGHES Born  1948
    6510 PUTMAN RD
    THURMONT, MD  21788
    possible realty in Maryland
    Donna M. Hughes   born 1955
    government agency University of Rhode Island
  6. 19 February 2004, Commissioner Edward McGaffigan, Jr.,
    He was on the staff of Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM). Mr. McGaffigan grew up in Boston. Mr. McGaffigan resides in Arlington, VA, with his two children. 4818 37TH ST N, ARLINGTON VA 22207, (703) 534-6131. He lives in a one-family, split-level (five levels) house with brick veneer siding, an open frame porch, and an attached garage, built in 1955. RPC 03017031.
  7. 19 February 2004, Commissioner Jeffrey S. Merrifield
    Mr. Merrifield was on the staff of a Senate subcommittee under the chairmanship of a New Hampshire senator. Mr. Merrifield, a native of Antrim, N.H., went to Tufts University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1985. Mr. Merrifield is married and has two sons and one daughter. He is lawyer in New Hampshire and the District of Columbia.
    age 41, 3306 FALLEN TREE CT, ALEXANDRIA VA 22310, (703) 329-0534


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