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BCDC staff roster Aptil 2022

San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

  1. Introduction updazed by BCDC April 2022 retrieved by us from source 2022may4 source San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission state government of California
  2. Executive Office Larry Goldzband, Executive Director 415-352-3653 larry.goldzband (at) Steven Goldbeck, Deputy Executive Director 415-352-3611 steve.goldbeck (at) Graciela Gomez, Executive Secretary 415-352-3608 grace.gomez (at)
  3. Legal Office Greg Scharff, General Counsel 415-352-3655 greg.scharff (at) Margie Malan, Legal Secretary 415-352-3675 margie.malan (at) Michael Ng, Senior Staff Attorney 415-352-3610 (at) Brent Plater, Lead Enforcement Attorney 415-352-3628 brent.plater (at) Administrative Services Peggy Atwell, Director of Admin & Technology 415-352-3638 peggy.atwell (at) Anusha Ragunathan, Human Resources Analyst 415-352-3639 anusha.ragunathan (at) Daisy Kaur, Budget Officer 415-352-3637 daisy.kaur (at) Reggie Abad, Business Services 415-352-3636 reggie.abad (at) Meichelle Liang, Accounting Officer 415-352-3659 meichelle.liang (at) Alex Ritchie, Contracts Manager 415-352-3604 alex.ritchie (at) Angela Noble, Records Manager 415-352-3617 angela.noble (at) Andrew Chin, IT Specialist Lead 415-352-3651 andrew.chin (at) Elsa Gomez, IT Associate 415-352-3630 elsa.gomez (at)
  4. Planning Jessica Fain, Director of Planning 415-352-3642 jessica.fain (at) Long Range Planning Program Erik Buehmann, Long Range Planning Manager 415-352-3645 erik.buehmann (at) Yuriko Jewett, Principal Waterfront Planner 415-352-3616 yuriko.jewett (at) Cory Mann, Planning Analyst 415-352-3649 cory.mann (at)
  5. Environmental Justice Nahal Ghoghaie, Environmental Justice Manager 415-352-3648 nahal.ghoghaie (at)
  6. Adapting To Rising Tides Program Dana Brechwald, Adapting to Rising Tides Program Manager 415-352-3656 dana.brechwald (at) Dan Hossfeld, Environmental Scientist 415-352-3632 daniel.hossfeld (at) Viktoria Kuehn, Research Data Analyst 415-352-3629 viktoria.kuehn (at) Jaclyn Mandoske, Environmental Scientist 415-352-3631 jaclyn.mandoske (at) Nicolas Sander, Environmental Scientist 415-352-3625 nicolas.sander (at) Anna Rasmussen, Sea Grant Fellow 415-352-3626 anna.rasmussen (at)
  7. Maritime Planning and Oil Spill Response Cody Aichele-Rothman, Coastal Planner 415-352-3641 cody.aichele (at)
  8. Geographic Information System Todd Hallenbeck, GIS Specialist 415-352-3667 todd.hallenbeck (at)
  9. Regulatory Affairs Reyna Amezcua, Regulatory Secretary 415-352-3621 reyna.amezcua (at)
  10. Bay Resources Anniken Lydon, Bay Resources Program Manager 415-352-3624 anniken.lydon (at) Schuyler Olsson, BCDC BRRIT Representative 415-352-3668 schuyler.olsson (at) Rowan Yelton, Bay Resources Analyst 415-352-3613 rowan.yelton (at) Sam Fielding, Bay Resources Analyst 415-352-3665 sam.fielding (at)
  11. Shoreline Development Ethan Lavine, Shoreline Development Program Manager 415-352-3618 ethan.lavine (at) Tony Daysog, Shoreline Development Analyst 415-352-3662 anthony.daysog (at) Katharine Pan, Principal Shoreline Development Analyst 415-352-3650 katharine.pan (at) Shruti Sinha, Shoreline Development Analyst 415-352-3654 shruti.sinha (at)
  12. Enforcement Matthew Trujillo, Enforcement Policy Manager 415-352-3633 matthew.trujillo (at) Adrienne Klein, Principal Enforcement Analyst 415-352-3609 adrienne.klein (at) John Creech, Enforcement Analyst I 415-352-3619 john.creech (at)
  13. Sediment Management Brenda Goeden, Sediment Program Manager 415-352-3623 brenda.goeden (at) Rachel Cohen, Secretary 415-352-3661 rachel.cohen (at) Pascale Soumoy, Sediment Program Analyst 415-352-3669 pascale.soumoy (at) Julia Kelly, Sediment Program Scientist 415-352-3646 jaime.lopez (at) Jaime Lopez, Sea Grant Fellow 415-352-3634 julia.kelly (at)
  14. Engineering and Design Rafael Montes, Senior Engineer 415-352-3670 rafael.montes (at) Andrea Gaffney, Senior Bay Development Design Analyst 415-352-3643 andrea.gaffney (at) Ashley Tomerlin, Associate Bay Development Design Analyst 415-352-3657 ashley.tomerlin (at)
  15. Comments Updated April 2022


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