opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


  1. Introduction


    1. Email and Phone

      State of Idaho Employee Email and Phone Search is provided on a page of the state government's Web site.

    2. Political Contributions

      The Idaho Secretary Of State, Election Division, Campaign Finance Web page permits a search by contributor's name.

    3. State of Idaho Payroll Database June 2008
      1. Carceration and Crime: for example, IDOC C.O.s

        Below on this page, under "Correction: IDOC (Idaho Department of Correction) Contact Information," we link to our IDOC contact information.

      2. All Other, 1.7 MB

      4 March 2012

      Our two files together have over 25,000 officers' names, annual salaries, titles, and agencies. The files cover the legislature, Eastern Idaho Technical College, Lewis and Clark State College, Boisie State University, Idaho State University, and the University of Idaho. The original data were supplied by the Idaho State Comptroller's Office. Those data seem to have been supplied to the Internet Archive. We downloaded the data as Idaho-state-payroll-2008-06-30.csv in March 2012 and edited it to make it easier for people to read.

      The format of our files, which we link to above, is: last name, first name, class desc, pay rate, pay rate ind, agency code = agency.

  2. Correction: Board of Correction


    1. Dwight Board

      14 January 2004

      State Board of Correction vice chairman Dwight Board (DWIGHT V BOARD, 702 W IDAHO ST, BOISE ID 83702, (208) 395-8500). Board's term expires January 1, 2007. Board is now an attorney for a Boise law firm.

    2. Meline

      14 January 2004

      State Board of CORRECTION secretary Carolyn Meline of Pocatello (CAROLYN B MELINE age 67, 655 S 10TH AVE, POCATELLO ID 83201, (208) 233-3211). Meline's term expires in 2009.

    3. Townsend

      14 January 2004

      State Board of Correction chairman Ralph Townsend of Boise (RALPH D TOWNSEND, age 65, 9977 SENECA DR, BOISE ID 83709, (208) 362-3329) is a former Assistant State Adjutant General and commander of the Idaho Air Guard. His term expires January 1, 2005.

  3. Correction: IDOC (Idaho Department of Correction) Contact Information


    IDOC names and contact information

    In the list we link to just above, we add possible, home addresses for a few officers surnamed "Audens."

    In the "Introduction" section at the top of this page, we link to our payroll information related to carceration and crime.

  4. Wasden

    8 February 2004

    Idaho ATTORNEY General Lawrence Wasden, LAWRENCE G WASDEN, age 47, 811 HEARTLAND DR, NAMPA ID 83686, (208) 466-5924

    Lawrence and Tracey Wasden have been married for 22 years. They live in Nampa, Idaho and are parents of four children: Sean, Ashley, Cassidy, and Blake.


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