opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees


  1. Introduction
    1. Date 2009mar31
    2. Attorneys

      Attorneys at law are court officers. Many attorneys at law are at the state bar's Web site.

    3. Judiciary and Legislature

      1 March 2012

      Just above, we link to a file listing names, job titles, and salaries of Hawaii state government judicial and legislative (Senate and House of Representatives) officers. The legislative officers include some members of the staffs of the two houses, not merely members elected by the public. We made that file from three PDF files.

      	HI 2009-10 Senator and Senate Staff Salary.pdf
      	Hawaii Judiciary Salary Report.pdf
      We found those files through the PI Buzz (Private Investigator Buzz) "Government Pay" page.
  2. Bennett

    8 February 2004, Hawaii Attorney General Mark J. Bennett, age 51, 2330 KAOLA WAY, HONOLULU HI 96813, (808) 536-8295

    Mr. Bennett has been married for 18 years to attorney Patricia Tomi Ohara, and they live in Honolulu.

  3. University of Hawaii System


    1. Salary List
      18 February 2012
      University of Hawaii Salary List has information about approximately 7400 people.
      We made the file from file "UH Employees and Salaries.pdf",
      which we found at PI Buzz (Private Investigator Buzz) Government Pay.
      Format of the linked-to file:
      monthly salary
    2. Political Contributors


      1. 2008feb26. Amefil Agbayani (given name first, surname last) Educator University of Hawaii. 2007, 2008. 3432 KALIHI ST (3432 B1 KALIHI) Honolulu, HI. 2008feb26. Agbayani, Amefil (surname first) Educator University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 3432 B1 KALIHI Honolulu, HI. AMEFIL R. AGBAYANI 08/2005 3432 KALIHI ST HONOLULU, HI 96819
      2. 2008feb26. Christine Akins Computer Sales Manager University of Hawaii. Q4/2007 1339 MOKU PL Honolulu, HI.
      3. Artemio C. Baxa, Regent ARTEMIO C BAXA Born Sep 1952 03/2004 393 AULII DR MAKAWAO, HI 96768 (808) 572-7724
      4. Byron W. Bender, Regent BYRON W BENDER Born 1929 06/2002 60 BERETANIA ST HONOLULU, HI 96817 BYRON W BENDER Born 1929 6710 HAWAII KAI DR HONOLULU, HI 96825 (808) 395-3269 BYRON W BENDER Born Nov 1929 04/2002 7268 KAUHAKO ST HONOLULU, HI 96825 (808) 395-3269
      5. 2008feb26. Jerry Bentley Professor University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 Barack Obama $2,300 3255 HUELANI DR Honolulu, HI.
      6. 2008feb26. Paul Brandon Professor University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 47-682 HUI KELU ST Kaneohe HI
      7. 2008feb26. Glenn Cannon Information Requested University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 Barack Obama $575 1448 YOUNG ST Honolulu, HI.
      8. Nancie Caraway Professor/researcher Univ of Hawaii. Q3/2007 Barack Obama $2,310. 2139 HAENA DR. Honolulu, HI.
      9. 2008feb26. Jeffrey Carroll Professor of English University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 7130 HAWAII KAI DR Honolulu, HI.
      10. 2008feb26. Susan Chandler Information Requested University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 1617 QUINCY PL Honolulu, HI.
      11. 2008feb26. Thom Curtis PROFESSOR University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 131 KULEANA LOOP Hilo HI
      12. 2008feb26. James Douglas Professor University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 870 KAAHUE ST Honolulu, HI.
      13. 2008feb26. Roxanne Fand Professor University of Hawaii. Q3/2007 46-318 HAIKU RD Kaneohe HI
      14. 2008feb26. Ayesha Genz Coastal Scientist, Researcher University of Hawaii. 2007, 2008. 2675 HILLSIDE AVE Honolulu, HI.
      15. 2008feb26. Peter Gorham Professor University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 1198 LUNALILO HOME RD Honolulu, HI.
      16. 2008feb26. Earl Hishinuma Professor University of Hawaii. Q4/2007 1026 KALO PL Honolulu, HI.
      17. 2008feb26. Claire Hitosugi Instructor University of Hawaii. Q4/2007 1348 ULUPUNI ST Kailua, HI.
      18. Michael Jones Physicist Univ of Hawaii. Q4/2007 Barack Obama $1,000. 47-682 HUI KELU ST. Kaneohe, HI.
      19. Allan R. Landon, Chair of the Regents 2008aug10 ALLAN R LANDON Born Feb 1948 10/2003 1045 KAPUNAPUNA WAY HONOLULU, HI 96825 (808) 396-2476 ALLAN R LANDON Born Feb 1948 11/2003 3647 DIAMOND HEAD RD HONOLULU, HI 96816 ALLAN R LANDON Born Feb 1948 12/2004 4621 AUKAI AVE HONOLULU, HI 96816 ALLAN R LANDON born 1948-02-27 may have lived in Beachwood OH 44122.
      20. 2008feb26. Christopher Lee Faculty University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 1237 KOLOA ST Honolulu, HI.
      21. 2008feb26. Robert Lipske Teacher University of Hawaii. Q4/2007 3067 MAIGRET Honolulu, HI.
      22. 2008feb26. David Lonborg Attorney University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 3074 KAHEWAI PL Honolulu, HI.
      23. David McClain president of the University DAVID S MCCLAIN 05/2003 1085 KALUANUI RD HONOLULU, HI 96825 (808) 395-1868, (808) 395-4118 DAVID S MCCLAIN 04/2005 2234 KAMEHAMEHA AVE HONOLULU, HI 96822 (808) 261-8275 DAVID S MCCLAIN (808) 254-0074 DAVID E MCCLAIN Born Sep 1954 10/2004 835 KALAHEO AVE KAILUA, HI 96734 DAVID S MCCLAIN 03/2005 84 LAIKI PL KAILUA, HI 96734 (808) 261-8275
      24. 2008feb26. Matthew Mcgranaghan PROFESSOR University of Hawaii. Q3/2007 2916 DATE ST Honolulu, HI.
      25. 2008feb26. Sherryll Mleynek Professor University of Hawaii. Q1/2007 1580 MONA LOOP Hilo HI
      26. Philip Page Geographer Univ. of Hawaii. Q3/2007 1821 IWI WAY Honolulu, HI.
      27. 2008feb26. Chris Peterson Data Manager University of Hawaii. Q4/2007 2359 SAINT LOUIS DR Honolulu, HI.
      28. 2008feb26. Martin Rayner Professor University of Hawaii. Q2/2007 3253 UILANI PL Honolulu, HI.
      29. 2008feb26. Robert Schacht Research Associate University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 1617 S BERETANIA ST Honolulu, HI.
      30. 2008feb26. Irwin Schatz Physician University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 Barack Obama $1,000 4983 KOLOHALA ST Honolulu, HI.
      31. 2008feb26. Sabina Swift Extension Specialist University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 1640 D OO LANE Honolulu, HI.
      32. 2008feb26. Theodore Taba LIBRARY ASSISTANT University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 45 HIALOA ST Honolulu, HI.
      33. 2008feb26. Jon Vandyke Professor University of Hawaii. Q3/2007 Barack Obama $2,300 4191 ROUND TOP DR Honolulu, HI.
      34. 2008feb26. Geoffrey White Professor University of Hawaii. Q1/2008 3009 LOOMIS ST Honolulu, HI.
    3. William S. Richardson School of Law of the University of Hawaii 2008feb26

      1. Danielle Conway-Jones 2008feb26
        1. Background

          She is a court officer (specifically, an attorney at law), a University of Hawaii System professor, and a Hawaii Procurement Institute director. She has represented the U.S. government as an attorney. She has written about government contracts and procurement. She seems to be a delegate to the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues. She is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve.

          Name: 	Conway-Jones, Danielle Monique
          JD No.: 	008457
          Hawaii License Status: 	Active
          Firm: 	Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
          City: 	Honolulu
          Address: 	American Savings Bank Tower
          1001 Bishop St., Floor 18
          Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
          law firm contact
          	Phone: (808) 524-1800
          	Fax: (808) 524-5976
          law school contact
          	Phone: 	808-956-6403    U. off Hawaii School of Law
          	Fax: 	808-956-5569
          	E-mail:  (U. of Hawaii law faculty)
          Law School Attended: 	Howard U.
          Admitted HI Bar: 	03/31/2006
          BS (not BA), New York University, 1989; JD, cum laude, Howard University School of Law, 1992; LLM, George Washington University Law School, 1996

          DANIELLE M CONWAY born 1972-12-03 lived in San Diego CA.
          DANIELLE M JONES born 1972-04-03 lived in Suitland MD.

        2. Possible home addresses

          DANIELLE M. CONWAY, Born Apr 1968, 1540 MAGAZINE ST, 01/25/2002, HONOLULU, Honolulu County, HI 96822. Parcel number may be 24015039 1540.

          DANIELLE C. JONES, Born 1969, 3030 LOWREY AVE, 03/12/2002, HONOLULU, HI 96822

          DANIELLE M. CONWAY, Born Apr 1968, 3030 LOWREY AVE, 06/04/2002, HONOLULU, HI 96822. This may be a residential condo building on the north corner of an intersection. The entire buildign parcel may occupy about 2.3 acres.

        3. Phones

          DANIELLE M. CONWAY, (808) 523-2718

          DANIELLE C. JONES, (808) 523-2718

      2. Aviam Soifer


        1. Background

          He is the dean of the William S. Richardson School of Law of The University of Hawaii System, which is a state government university. He is a court officer; namely, atorney at law. He was a law clerk for a federal judge.

        2. Addresses

          AVIAM SOIFER (808) 734-0411.

          AVIAM SOIFER, Born Mar 1948, 2471 MANOA RD, 03/10/2004, HONOLULU, HI 96822.

          AVIAM SOIFER, Born Mar 1948, 2949 DOLE ST, 01/25/2002, HONOLULU, HI 96816. The law school is at 2515 Dole Street.

          AVIAM SOIFER 1948-03-18 lived in Cambridge MA 02138.


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