opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers or employees

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  1. Introduction


    1. Double Dippers

      List of people who simultaneously were state government officers and state government pensioners

    2. Directory: State Government Officers Directory

      Arkansas State Government Officers Searchable Database allows searches by name or part of a name.

      In early October 2011, we searched the database for all officers whose first name contains any of the following letters: a, e, i, o, u, y, s. We list those officers on two pages:

      1. a page for officers whose entry includes "correction" or "parole"
      2. a 2.2 megabyte page for all others.
    3. Fincial Disclosure

      The Secretary of State's financial disclosure search engine suppposedly provides information about lobbyists and powerful, government officers (for example, legisltors).

    4. Voter View

      Information about specific voters may be available through the Arkansas Secreatry of State's Voter View.

  2. State Government Officers: "Smi" in Last Names (Family Nmaes, Surnames)

    18 October 2011

    We searched Arkansas State Government Officers Searchable Database for "smi" in surname in November 2009. We used to provide the resulting list of officers with "smi" names here. That list is redundant, and therefore was removed, because of more recent, lists of Arkansas officers linked to above on this page.

  3. Troy ANDERSON, mayor of Waldron, candidate for Democratic nomination for county judge. 2006may24.

    TROY F ANDERSON, 1161 WASHINGTON ST (west of South Main Street), WALDRON, AR 72958-7478. Scott County (479) 637-2262.

    TROY F ANDERSON, Born Jul 1933, 955 WASHINGTON ST, WALDRON, AR 72958.

  4. Beebe

    8 February 2004, Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe.

    The Attorney General and his wife, the former Ginger Croom, have three adult children: David, Tammy, and Kyle. Beebe is an active member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Searcy.
    MICKEY D BEEBE, age 57, 48 COUNTRY CLUB CIR, SEARCY AR 72143, (501) 268-9452


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